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Digital Dollar Summit
September 21st, 2023 @ 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET
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Our experts are sounding the alarm. They will show you how potentially dire our situation is. The facts behind the dollar’s demise. Why your retirement savings and future are in danger. Hanging in the balance as forces beyond your control may begin taking over. Unless you do something to protect your hard-earned money now. 

Join us and discover:

  • How central banks (including our own FED) may be waging war against the dollar.
  • The colossal amount of debt our country racks up every year and the massive negative impact it unleashes on every dollar you’ve saved for retirement. 
  • “Unthinkable”: What our former President believes could topple the US as the world’s superpower. (He’s not making a prediction, either. Foreign countries are already putting this “economic warfare” plan to work against us.)
  • A New and Frightening Reality Coming to the US: Frozen bank accounts, asset seizures, negative interest rates, and programmable money monitored by unelected government officials. (And this could be just the beginning!) 
  • Death of the Dollar: Why your money may be losing value and purchasing power while becoming less relevant in global financial affairs at the same time. 

Do not feel complacent during this “calm before the storm.” 

Find out for yourself what’s really going on. 

So, you can arm yourself against what could be the most diabolical plan in history to control the masses and “steal” your retirement wealth right from under your nose. This engineered destruction of our rights and liberties may only get worse before it ever gets better. 

Attend this event and discover the truth and the real solution…

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