A Relentless Commitment to Student Support with Mike Richardson

Nothing is more important to us than supporting our students.  We have a relentless commitment to facilitate our students on their learning journey towards confident trading and investing.

Many years ago, we formalized our purpose statement for the academy: “To empower people to define, believe and achieve their WHY”.  Students tell us that they want to learn to trade and invest as a way to help them have better control of their financial future for many different reasons.  

No matter what their reason for exploring our education, their WHY is our WHY.

We provide education designed to help empower people to define, believe and achieve their individual WHY.  Read more:  Our 5 WHYS 

The Student Journey

The learning journey towards confident trading and investing is no different than the journey to learning of anything complex. We have all experienced some learning journey in our lives.  Whether it is in a job or a profession, a sport like golf or football, a language, a martial art like Karate, or driving a car or flying a plane.  Any endeavor to master something complex involves a progressive journey of preparation, practice and support.

Inevitably, we always experience some ups and downs along the way. These test our resolve and resilience to stay the course and go the distance.  It’s the same with the journey to confident trading and investing and the more we can anticipate that journey the more equipped we are for it.  A determining factor is how invested students are in their WHY.

We Call It WHY-Intelligence: “YQ”

First came “IQ” (Intelligence Quotient) which we have all heard of.  We will help students develop their “IQ” for trading and investing through the Instructional Track, providing students the instructions to help them fully acquire the knowledge they need.

Then came “EQ” (Emotional Quotient or often called Emotional Intelligence) which is the capability to manage one’s emotions, which we call “The Mental Game.  We can help willing students to develop an “EQ” for trading and investing by providing insights into “The Mental Game”.

Now comes what we call “YQ” (WHY Intelligence).  We can help willing students to develop their “YQ” for trading and investing through the Inspirational Track providing them the inspirations to help them keep going on their journey.  

An Integration & Alignment of IQ, EQ and YQ

We believe that the learning process requires an integration and alignment of IQ, EQ and YQ.  IQ alone is not enough.  EQ alone is not enough. One without the other doesn’t work. Even both together doesn’t work if insufficiently driven by YQ … a student’s WHY for wanting to develop the skills to confidently trade and invest, the WHY for wanting to put in the work to practice, practice and practice and the WHY for wanting to stay the course and go the distance, no matter what. No matter what ups and downs they encounter. Being prepared, continuing to practice, practice and practice, acquiring and adopting the knowledge, participating in and leveraging the support community, building and honing their skills, no matter what. Preparation, practice and support, no matter what. All evolving their self-confidence, no matter what.


That’s the bottom-line of the journey to proficiency of anything complex. It’s a journey of self-confidence. Whether you are swinging a golf-club, driving a car or trading and investing. How confident are you that you know-what to do, that you know-how to do it and that you know-why you are doing it. These all add up to the Know-who, knowing yourself at a deeper level. Helping our students on those kinds of journeys towards confident trading and investing is our relentless commitment.


Trading is risky and you can lose money