Whole LOTA Love

Our 5 WHYs: The Root of Who We Are

It is said that you can get to the root of anything by asking why 5 times.  Here are our 5 WHYs:

#1 WHY:  our Passionate Purpose:

  • “Empowering People to Define, Believe and Achieve their WHY”

Yes, our 1st WHY is their WHY!  We help people pursue their dreams and change their lives.

#2 WHY:  our Mission and Vision:

  • Our Mission: “Enriching Lives World Wide Through Exceptional Financial Education”
  • Our Vision: “We Will be the Premier Financial Education Community for People Anywhere in the World Who Seek an Enriched Lifestyle”

Our 2nd WHY is because we believe that financial education is an essential ingredient in people pursuing their dreams, changing their lives and enriching their lifestyle.  Yet it is in very short supply.  It is hard to come by.  That’s why we built a comprehensive OTAcademy full of free financial education.

#3 WHY:  our Core Focus:

  • Trading & Investing Education

Our 3rd WHY is because we believe that trading and investing education allows more people to participate in the financial markets with confidence, where they have the financial resources to do so, as a pathway with the potential of an enriched lifestyle. That’s why we offer life-long education, support and community, to walk the pathway with them, hand in hand.

#4 WHY:  our Core-Values:

  • Our core values of Love, Passion, Collaboration, Innovation, Respect and Trust are backbone of our vision, mission and purpose of enriching lives.

Our 4th WHY is because we believe a culture of clear core values trumps everything and, even more so, we believe that love conquers everything. That is why our #1 core is love. Our love for our passionate-purpose and core-values. Our love for our employees, franchisees and associates and the working environment we provide; our love for our students and their success; our love for the environment and being good stewards; our love for our community and giving back. That is why we sought and obtained certification as a Benefits Corporation (B Corp).

# 5 WHY: a relentless commitment to:

  • Student Success

Our 5th WHY is because nothing is more important to us than the success of our students. That’s at the root of everything we do, driven by our relentless commitment to help our students be successful. To help them progress to success and mastery of trading and investing, as a core focus of their financial education, as a potential pathway to an enriched lifestyle and achieving their WHY. 

That’s why we invest relentlessly in our education, services, products, technologies, support and community to help our students be successful. Not least of all, we are introducing new on-demand modalities, new support community features and, most excitingly, our own proprietary education, analysis and trading platform, called CliK, integrating our education and Core-Strategy methodology.  For the first time ever, our students will progressively be able to have a seamless experience, embedding their education, their community and their analysis, from classroom to home, for all asset classes, internationally. 

Nothing is more important to us than the success of our students. 

So there we have it, asking why 5 times brought us to the root of who we are.