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“The education is very thorough and well thought out. Chris is an excellent and patient teacher, able to stay focused, and with much needed levity. Very knowledgeable.”

“This course was an eye opener to how much support there is with Online Trading Academy. The staff is awesome, beginning with the sales process. Ron was very skilled in his presentation without applying any form of pressure. Chris is an all-star instructor; take it from someone who works at the college level and has seen awesome professors. Personally, the college or university could not afford to have an instructor like Chris.”

“I loved the class, my only disappointment was that I was not able to bring my daughter to the class. I am hopeful that when I take a retake, which I probably will, I hope to bring my children to learn this valuable skill that Jody has shared with so many. Thank You!!!”

“If "Positive Attitude" is any indication of how much I can get out of OTA classes, the staff here has instilled in me a desire to succeed as a Trader. Without promising success, each member of the staff has reinforced the need to apply oneself to the learning the processes taught and staying the course when trading. I am looking forward to the rest of my education at OTA and becoming a successful Securities Trader.”


“This is great. So much more than I thought. If you want to learn and understand trading, this is the place to do it, especially if you are new to it like me. Thanks to everyone at OTA for everything.”

“I love what I am learning. All the instructors I have done classes with are very good. Love them especially Jodi Wong and Chris Muldoon. OTA is a great place to be to change lives. I would recomend it to all who are looking to change their lives.”

“Before taking the training at OTA I was very skeptical that I could be successful as a Trader for daily income. After taking the FOREX class with Jody Wong as the instructor, I am confident I will be successful. He made the OTA Rules for trading make sense. Thank you Jody and Thank you OTA for this life changing program. Michael Dempsey, an OTA/Jody Wong Student for Life.”

“I have been attempting to trade successfully for 20 years. I came into the OTA program looking for a better understanding of where I was missing trading opportunities and what I was doing wrong that was limiting my success. OTA has met and exceeded my expectations. I have a much better understanding of the markets, how to trade them and how to manage my risk!! Dan Sugar did an awesome job with the class and making sure everyone understood the material and No trader was left behind. I recommend the program to anyone who wants to succeed in trading.”

“Being a total novice, I took the class 6 years ago. The company promised if you took the course, you could re-take the course at any time. My original course 6 years ago was with an extraordinary instructor, Chris Muldoon, who made learning fun and made sure each student in the class was understanding the complete concept before moving on. It was beyond my expectation. The second time I returned, I was given the same teacher for the first course, which shows the company has stability with its instructors. We were exposed to another teacher for Core Strategy 2, and he also was extremely knowledgeable. We feel confident that our next course will leave us just as satisfied. The Online Trading Academy has it all together with instruction, student support and tech support. They are an excellent company.”

“I recommend OTA. If you want to learn the process of trading assets online, this is the place to come. I was previously educated by another trading school and I could tell the difference in the depth of thought and consideration that went into developing the curriculum of OTA. From the process, the steps taken before determining whether to enter a trade, to managing the trade, to considering which assets to trade in light of your means and the time you have to trade, OTA can give you the tools to succeed.”

“This is the best inside information you'll never get!! If you want to make money trading and you're not working for a large institution this is the only way to learn and get in the market!! I've been looking and incorrectly investing for years. I've never received this information till now!! Awesome!!”

“Always clean and serviced properly. The center had clean bathrooms and there were always snacks, and a few days we got lunch served for free. Every person is polite and the attention is tops. I will certainly recommend OTA to all my friends. I am extremely pleased with the course and all the people in OTA.”

“These classes are really good at demystifying trading. If you follow Core Strategy step by step it is actually a little monotonous, but then when you start trading forex it becomes dynamic. This is an awesome course, taught by an awesome instructor! Keith Gibson! Jeannie is terrific as our student support liasion, always very willing to help and get us on the right track.”

“The Futures class was very informative and exciting! I learned so much in this class! Brandon is a fun instructor. He is very knowledgeable and willingly shares his knowledge and experience. I am looking forward to sim trading, watching XLTs, and formulating my own personal trading plan. My dream is to use the skills I am learning here to create a new way of life for me and my family. I feel very comfortable with the support system I have here at OTA, and I am confident that they will help me to achieve my dreams!”

“Having spent thirty years as an elementary school educator, 20 of them as an ESOL teacher, I greatly appreciated the variety of teaching strategies used so that all of us, even those from non-finance backgrounds, could understand the concepts and engage in supervised practice. The collegiality is palpable and observable among and between teachers and students. Thank you very much for a very positive beginning!”

“I wanted to learn how to read charts and make good quality trades based the charts. Great information and great presentation of the material.”

“I am truly pleased with the new curriculum. Everything is laid out from A to Z in regards to entering a trade, thus someone who is brand new to trading can be succesful. ”

“I strongly recommend this program to anyone that wants to learn how to invest in the stock market and/or learn how to preserve an existing investment account without paying all the high fees to the broker. The center is very clean, plenty of parking and all the personnel extremely friendly and willing to help.”

“I enjoyed the friendliness and personal way everyone at OTA demonstrated. Accommodating, and the flexible approach to our needs shown was refreshing. The centers were clean and comfortable. Ample parking was always available. The food was o.k., but could be better, I thought.”

“Though skeptical at the beginning there is no organization I have seen that is so generous and supportive of its students. I would gladly recommend this to anyone seeking financial freedom”

“Being that we started the class on Saturday and went thru the weekend, I am very impressed with the whole experience. The staff is friendly and helpful, instructors are easy to understand, breaks are very comfortable with great snacks and lounge to meet other students and get to know everyone at OTA. Me being completely new at this, never traded or been exposed to it, I can say that the process of OTA's system to teach someone that has never been exposed to trading is phenomenal. Every step of the learning curve is detail oriented in a way that I am learning in a comfortable pace and get a lot, but yet not overwhelming, amount of information and opportunity to have hands on practice. I see that each day is structured just perfect to learn so much but not get tired. I am very excited to continue my path. Thank you all for providing the opportunity to learn from you all, and for sharing and spreading your knowledge and experience.”


“I was very impressed with my counselor, Frank Vella, because of the questions he asked about myself and goals which makes you feel OTA is concerned about their students' outcome. I was also extremely impressed with Chris Muldoon, our teacher; he kept the class laughing and interested in what he was teaching and explained everything in detail which was great, but I still had some problems keeping up with the computer. Everyone overly nice. Thank you.”

“I am very happy with the knowledge I am gaining from this training, because this something I wanted to do for a long time but was not able to find the right place and people to teach what it is that I need to know. One day my husband and I were going to Coral Springs, FL while listening to the radio. He said, "Listen! Here is someone talking about what you have always wanted to do. Why don't you give them a call?" I did not hesitate; I made the call right there. Someone answered me and I told him I was on my way to church. He said, "Ok, I will give you a call back in the week." He did call and offered me a free three day class at the West Palm Beach office. I set the schedule for me and I made the time to attend. I have no regrets because I found what I was looking for, for many years. I am now enrolled and taking classes and looking forward to a change in my financial status.”

“OTA is an excellent course that gave me valuable information that I can use to maintain and improve my long term financial goals. All the staff here are very knowledgeable and helpful. ”

“Dan is an excellent teacher and I found that everyone at Online Trading Academy is sincerely concerned about your learning and your success.”

“I highly recommend OTA to anyone who is willing to get involved in the trading business, or to any trader who is looking for some improvements in this rewarding adventure.”

“I am 70 and feel like such an idiot having invested the way I did for 40 years. I am constantly amazed at the stories the charts tell and how every market continues to behave the way OTA expects it too. I wish I was younger. I would have done this all of my life.”

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