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Online Trading Academy Atlanta is here for each step of your education journey.

We offer a variety of courses across multiple assets classes including: stocks, forex, options, futures, real estate and more. Our education counselors will work with you to understand your needs and create an education path right for you. We teach in small classrooms in order for personalized instruction and our instructors are professional traders. At Online Trading Academy we also offer free unlimited class retakes for any of our on-location courses. Students are encouraged to return and repeat their on-location course at any of our worldwide centers. This allows you to retain and fully understand the variety of concepts and skills taught in class. We have also partnered with a number of leading broker/dealers to rebate your tuition costs through discounted commissions; virtually making your trading education investment free.

We invite you to join us for an upcoming course or workshop. Our experienced instructors and staff are here to help you achieve your financial goals. As an Online Trading Academy student, you’ll become part of a community of traders and investors committed to success.

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August 21

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August 21

Free Half-Day Class

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August 24

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What Our Students Are Saying

“My name is Deborah and I have been attending OTA for almost a year. I'm enrolled in Forex and Futures and the education here is on point. The Instructors and support staff are awesome. The resources are endless, all you have to do is use them. They don't pull punches with you; they give you real life teaching about life and learning including the psychology of trading. They don't give you a lot of BS about get rich quick stuff to pull you in. This is a school of true education and how to make the best of your financial future and how to manage your trades and the money you will gain in learning. Also, everyone here is so positive and strong in keeping you in a positive frame of mind. AND, it's for a lifetime. Learn til you drop.”

, June 2019

“I was introduced to Forex about three years ago. I found that trying to learn Forex through YouTube videos and on my own was extremely tough; so tough that I gave up on it. Coming to OTA has changed all of that for me. I still have work to do before I can become a really good trader, but OTA has given me the tools and knowledge that I have been seeking for years.”

, June 2019

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