Washington DC - Student Testimonials

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“I learned lots of information during this intensive 7 day course. I definitely recommend the program to everyone who is planning on participating in the market. The on-demand videos are highly recommended because it teaches you very important concepts within 3-5 minutes. The quizzes are highly recommended to ensure your understanding of various concepts. Overall, everyone including the student support, the teacher and everyone in class were very supportive of your success. ”


“I truly enjoy taking classes at OTA. All the people at Online Trading Academy are great and really want you to succeed. They do everything they can to help in that regard. I look forward to taking more classes.”

“OTA is highly recommended for students from ones that are totally new to trading to the ones that only need refinement to reach their goals.”

“I enjoy all the resources OTA provides. When I don't understand a concept, there is really no excuse not to learn it. There are videos, YouTube, XLT labs, e-books, and a community of people willing to help.”

“OTA is the only school which actually teaches someone, step-by-step, the ABC's of trading. This is something you won't get from reading books or attending seminars. It's like learning to drive a car: You're taught what to do, and then in real time, you have to actually do it with the driving instructor there the whole time. The ability to retake classes is a priceless asset. If someone thinks the course is expensive, how much more will they lose on their own by trial-and-error?”

“There are very professional instructors working with OTA. They all seem to particularly be interested in our "getting it." That was the encouragement that I needed to work through any issues that I had, gaining confidence that I was indeed doing the right thing.”

“The program is very comprehensive, and the instructors, personnel, and course are a great investment.”

“I have a large family, and getting some of my kids to study at Online Trading Academy is the best legacy to them. Instead of a bank account, I will give them the perfect tool to become self-sufficient money makers.”

“There was a lot of good information, and I did learn how to trade and the science of being a trader. There was a great step-by-step process. They truly have a refined process, and all their trainers are active traders. The best part about the program is the support they have for you to continue learning. Keep access to their expert staff until you get it right.”

“OTA has the best instructors that individuals with limited experience could ask for. They will take a concept and explain it in real world terms for a student to fully understand. I feel I am more prepared and getting closer to my goals.”

“The curriculum is excellent, and the instructors are very knowledgeable. Staff is extremely helpful.”

“A great learning tool for investing in the future for your family and most importantly, YOURSELF!”

“This Signature Series is a rare opportunity to learn in a classroom (where you can ask questions and not be hindered by typing in chat), directly from one of the most experienced and knowledgeable instructors at Online Trading Academy. Brandon is a great instructor and his advanced strategies are well worth the time and monetary cost of attending. I highly recommend this Signature Series to every OTA student.”

“The overall experience of a Core Strategy class is great. I definitely feel like OTA is the best place to be for me as I further my professional career in the financial world. Being exposed to the intricacies of the financial markets (the why/how of market moves, as well as the mechanics behind structuring your own moves in response) is a beneficial experience for anyone. The tools I can access in order to continue my learning, as well as the support of various staff members at this center, will aid me in becoming a successful day trader.”

“Online Trading Academy is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The knowledge of the instructors and help from the Academy team is excellent.”

“The quality of the facilities, instructors and support staff are top notch. I learned so much about options trading that I can apply immediately. Loren Newman did a great job of balancing the instruction material with his real-world experience. As always, the OTA support staff in the Tyson's office were extremely friendly and helpful.”

“OTA provides an exceptional opportunity for developing a business that's within your full control to ensure success. Their staff at the Washington DC center is fantastic, and always endeavoring to help the student be successful.”

“The training that OTA provides is thorough and insightful to give you the edge to put the odds in your favor to mitigate mistakes that cost people real money. The emphasis on returns based on risk mitigation strategies fits my conservative approach.”

“OTA Has Excellent Training And A Great Support Staff!!!”

“Unparalleled exposure to REAL-WORLD TRADING EXPERIENCE!!!”

“This has been and will be my next career. It is good that I have met the greatest group of professional, friendly and helpful people. Everyone at OTA was always willing to help me with any problem or, if they couldn't resolve my issue, find someone that could. One reassuring fact, the classes that I took will be available to retake in the future should I feel I need to.”

“I came into this class a total NOVICE in every sense of the word. I knew nothing about finances. I didn't even know what a broker was or what the market was. I was skeptical (but hopeful) that my instructor Todd McClean could ACTUALLY have me learn about trading within just a week. By DAY 5 out of 7, this was accomplished. I now know what the market is, how it works, how to read charts, and how to place a trade. I can barely believe it. I'm so excited to continue to learn and increase in knowledge. If I could clone this instructor to do other classes I would, but it's given me overall confidence in the academy because I was skeptical about the whole school to begin with (just being honest).”

“I signed up for the CORE retake to be able to garner the nuances of the updated CORE and was in for a wonderful surprise in two aspects; my level of comprehension overall for OTA's strategy; but also in Prof. Craig Schaffer's method of teaching which brought me to this new level of confidence. I am so grateful for OTA's customer service and depth of teaching materials together with opportunity for hands on experience. I am excited to go forward now.”

“OTA provides a great foundation for a trader's journey ahead. They give the tools needed to be successful if used correctly, and as long as the student is mentally ready. They set the right expectation for students at the start, and it's a journey, not a get rich quick. The Market is brutal to retail traders. Trade with a purpose and process, not by hope.”

“This program is highly informative and filled with an abundance of resources for you to succeed. The staff is wonderful and helpful. OTA truly cares to see the students that come through their program have success and accomplish their goals and reach their dreams. Anyone looking to learn trading and how to be successful at it, I would send them here ASAP!!!”

“OTA is a great academy with excellent instructors, like Keith Gibson. I love how that material is broken down so easily so that all levels can understand what to do.”

“Coming in to this I was nervous as I have never really taken any risks as I have always played a safe game, but I realized that is not going to take me to where I need to be. The core strategy class helped release some tension and build a little confidence to start practicing more. I am glad I made the decision to come here and will be even happier once I am able to start actively trading.”

“OTA core strategy is an excellent way to begin educating yourself on how to trade and make money in the financial markets.”

“After OTA, I go to bed Friday night looking forward to Monday morning. This never happened before.”

“I signed up for a class and discovered that I am also getting a community in which I can grow making money while sharing thoughts and experience and being mentored for life, not only by the school but also by the community. I think wellbeing is here. That is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you OTA.”

“I have gained great confidence in the financial ability that OTA education has provided so I may pursue financial stability, freedom, and future security. I am grateful for all the teachers who sacrificed time to teach and for Chris who brought this opportunity to the DC area. Chris, all coaches, and instructors have been willing to share valuable financial wisdom that is way beyond tuition cost. They are to be commended for a sincere desire to help people thrive in our dynamically changing economy.”

“I've had a great experience with OTA for someone who doesn't have a background in trading. The support team is super encouraging and willing to help us succeed. ”

“OTA training is literally guaranteed to bring success to the student IF he puts in the time and effort to learn and apply. Well worth the work it takes to become consistently successful!!”

“Individuals considering trading as a means of generating extra income should consider taking a program with OTA. OTA prepares students a solid foundation before taking their first real world trades.”

“I love my OTA family!!!! From the owner to the whole community! The knowledge I have gained and the experience, omg is amazing! Unlike anything I have gained as far as real time knowledge that can and will help you achieve your WHY!! It's worth it!!!”


“The OTA experience is life changing and worth wide investment.”

“OTA has the top instructors who have been successful in their own trading. They know their material and how to teach. As a student of OTA you have access to so much information in real time as well recorded instructors' workshops. The staff at OTA VA office is extremely helpful.”

“The OTA Core Strategy class provided an excellent, consistent method for identifying opportunities to trade securities with minimal risk and high probability of significant reward over time. The instructor was not merely knowledgeable, but like all of the instructors I have encountered at OTA, is an active trader himself, applying the strategies we learned to generate significant profit in his own life. I have no doubt the strategies we learned will benefit me significantly in my own life and look forward to applying them as well as expanding my knowledge through an upcoming OTA course focusing on the specific asset class I have elected to begin trading.”

“I am retired from my 9:00-5:00 jobs in this point in my life. The Online Trading Academy Program of courses is exactly what I need, it's what The Doctor ordered... it is truly the best solution for retirement. If you are retired or are close to retirement and are sincerely seeking to make these years meaningful and productive, I would strongly urge you to look into and take some courses at The Online Trading Academy. It would be time wisely spent and well worth your while.”

“Life-changing experience that rewards you many times over.”

“The instructors don't just teach the classes, they are actually very active, succesful traders themselves. What's even better is that the instructors and support staff really want you to learn and be successful at trading.”

“Online Trading Academy is the premier school for novices to learn trading. No matter how little you know about trading or how skeptical of your own ability you may be, it is by far the best option. There is every kind of support you could ask for from online resources to in-person classes, to personal coaches - all included in your tuition cost. No excuse not to succeed!”

“Online Trading Academy provides a top notch training program for those interested in learning about trading stocks, futures or options. I regularly recommend this program to everyone that I meet that shows an interest in trading. The in-house staff, including mentors and office administration are all very helpful and interested in our success. Instructors are highly effective educators; and the written material is outstanding. Thank you, OTA, for making the cost of this program worthwhile!”

“The whole OTA experience is amazing. It makes you want to learn more. You have all the support you need. I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to start trading. The only other thing you need is motivation to learn. ”

“There are such a variety of classes and teachers that you can learn from. This is SO important because maybe you don't learn from one person, but you do with someone else. Keep up with the change of Instructors to this DC location; and the Educators (Patricia) are awesome!”

“Great instruction from amazing instructors. OTA actively and purposely creates a community of traders rather than simply providing instruction. This provides an amazing learning environment, which coupled with great instruction, produces results.”

“I've been a financial planner and CFO for most of my professional life and am mad that I didn't know or understand the financial markets and investing. Now armed with this new knowledge and a support network, my personal financial success will be much greater now.”

“I'm glad to finally have an example of how to take control of my finances. I definitely feel less concerned about my financial future and am looking forward to passing on what I've learned to others. -P.G.”

“I did a bit of research on trading education opportunities prior to joining OTA. It seemed to have the best overall mix of initial training, ongoing mentoring and trading tools. After taking the Core Strategy course, I am convinced that I made the right decision. There is an overwhelming sense that the Washington DC/Baltimore OTA staff is sincerely interested in helping students meet their objectives.”

“Even with several years of trading experience, this class has increased my trading knowledge and confidence exponentially...”

“I am a returning OTA student from 2008, and I must say... 10 years later the evolution of OTA is remarkable. I am very impressed by the technology and communication tools OTA is incorporating into its program and am very confident that I will be a productive trader in the near future. Thank you, Team OTA!!!”

“If you want to learn how to trade, let the Online Trading Academy be your guide. I walked into class with little to no knowledge of how to read the market and how to place an order, and I walked out making money (on a simulated program). The Academy has developed a program that breaks down the process of analyzing the market and placing strategic orders into bite size pieces. There's a lot of information, but the instructors teach the lessons incrementally with some repetition, and they are always available for questions. I will highly recommend them to my friends and family. ”

“My learning experience was fabulous! Not only was the instructor informative, the staff was exceptionally helpful and supportive. I have not experienced anything like this before, which surprised me due to the fact that I have been in the corporate world for over twenty-five years.”

“I was in a stock investment club for years studying stock fundamentals. The account always managed to break even. I understand the stock market so much better and can better predict my outcomes by just attending OTA's 1 week Core Strategy class.”

“The course gives you very clear guidelines on how to place your trades so you have maximum probability of success in trading stocks. I have been in the stocks and bonds for 40 years; still I learned a lot. This course will help me minimize my losses and increase my odds in making money whether the market is going up or down.”

“The in-person delivery of the information, in conjunction with the specific direction of where to find content for review, is allowing me to put the pieces of this complex asset class together. I'm glad I took this most difficult asset class first. It will make processing through the others a breeze.”

“I think that the Online Trading Academy is amazing. The staff, the resources and the information provided are all extremely helpful. I look forward to continuing and building my relationship with them.”

“The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and follow a well-designed structure. I look forward to taking many more classes.”

“Plenty of information and well informed Instructors. I love the online trading sym practice to test what we are learning while the Instructor is present to ask questions.”

“The OTA Core Strategy program was incredibly valuable. I've been investing and swing trading for several years with modest success. However, I learned more useful information and strategy than I had in years of self study. The instructor's decades of real life experience was invaluable. There is nowhere else I would have received this quality of direct (in person) training from such successful trading professionals. I'd highly recommend OTA!”

“I was not fully committed to this program when we signed up for it. However, after attending this class, I feel that I have a much better grasp of what I need to do to avoid the mistakes that, over the years, have cost me a great deal of money. Rationally, protecting our assets from market loss and my own mistakes would more than cover the fee for the course. I would recommend it to anyone who manages, or wishes to manage, their own investments.”

“I truly appreciate this program that I am able to use for my future investments and wealth. Without this knowledge, I believe that my investments would not be able to accumulate in the future. Thanks to OTA for all the hard work putting this program together.”

“The Core Strategy truly provides the mechanical and subject skills necessary to be successful. The real life information about failure in the beginning, but experience making you successful is a refreshing perspective.”

“OTA offers exceptional instruction. The methodology is very clear and systematic. ”

“This is an essential program for every trader to ensure you reduce your risk while increasing your probability of making money, and in a very safe environment and enjoyable setting.”

“The program is a very structured approach to understand the core strategy of trading. The course provided opportunity to do exercises that reinforce the concepts. Next in the process is to practice and master the steps that were taught.”


“Online Trading Academy (OTA) training is the best when it comes to training traders online especially its Core Strategy course. Core Strategy course by OTA instructors enlightened me in a very special way, they have been so patient with all the learners. They do not leave anyone without fully understanding the basic concept of trading whether one trades stocks, futures, options of Forex. I highly recommend OTA classes to everyone, as instructors gave me understanding of the markets and how to trade online without losing, as I have no trading background at all. The XLT Forex Trading course further enhanced my understanding of supply and demand zones and how to minimize losses when trading. OTA has good instructors who speak from experience and most of them are graduates of OTA and let alone the hospitality learners receive during the training period. (DOLLY, SOUTH AFRICA) ”

“0TA is serious and professional in their approach to educating me. All the tools are provided for you to be well trained. The course, 6 days, is intensive. You have the ability to review courses online. Ryan Watkins is an excellent example of the professional instructors that teach the courses at OTA.”

“The education we have received in this Core Strategy class is truly the basis to the understanding of how trading works and how powerful it can be. I'm looking forward to taking the next classes we have signed up for. I'm so glad to have chosen the Mastermind course. I'm sure it will be worth it!”

“OTA is the best trading resource. You get a lot of bang for your buck with instructor experiences, on-hands training, lecture, as well as the MY OTA set up. This program is perfect for both novice and pro traders.”

“OTA is one of the best educational programs I attended. Awesome instructors, easy to follow curriculum and manual / books!”

“Overall, I experienced an atmosphere conducive to learning an effective and strategic form of online stock market investing. The program provides you with the tools and technique to develop a sustainable and profitable home based business.”

“The learning experience at the OTA Washington DC facility is exceptional. Students are made to feel welcome in every way possible. Outside stress is minimized thanks to the center's consideration for their students. This really helps to improve the learning process. Anyone truly interested in taking their financial future into their own hands is well advised to learn the OTA Core Strategy and XLT program approach and methods.”

“OTA offers a perspective that is rare in any market. Their adult education is second to none and their support of the student is exceptional at any level of measurement. If a student does not excel after enrolling at OTA, the problem is 100% on that student's back, not OTA. They offer a level of support that could place any person into a successful position.”

“The instructor (Scott) was very knowledgeable and was very personable and effective in his teaching. When I needed extra help I was given a question and answer review by another staff member, to my delight, several of the other students joined the review session. Again, the staff member (Rick) was knowledgeable and very personable in his teaching. And then Scott was more than happy to review the entire class.”

“I can't wait until my son takes this course and we can collaborate together on trading. This is truly a fantastic course, and I have recommended it to a number of friends already.”

“The community of fellow students was great and the quality of the instructor is very high. All the staff are great!!!”

“As this information is totally out of my profession, OTA allows me to acquire this new material in as simple a format as possible. Class time and supporting materials are organized in a methodical way that aids in mastering these skills. Really appreciate all the help from Rick and Chris and our instructor, Alex. Thanks!”

“It amazes me how so much information is organized so well so that it is able to fit into 5 days. Even the activities prior to the classes are so useful and necessary to fully prepare yourself for the first level of understanding. Alex is an incredibly thorough and very patient and kind teacher. He has a real understanding of what it was like to be a beginner.”

“At first when I came to OTA, I thought it is another of those scam schools who claim to teach you the secret sauce of trading and after they take your money they will leave you out to dry. However, I found to my surprise that OTA is a different type of school. They want their students to succeed so bad that they will do everything in their power to help you become a successful trader. So far, I am very much impressed with everyone at the DC staff as well as all the instructors. Coming from the financial world myself, their instructors and services are one of the top I have seen.”

“I am glad I found this family. OTA is my new family now :) all the instructors/counselors are awesome, loaded with knowledge and experience. I am like a sponge now, just suck it all in. Can't wait till I place my first trade. I wish I knew this school before I got my ME engineering degree because the only thing I used my degree for is to build someone's dream. TIME TO BUILD MINE!”

“The staff is completely focused on the students' success. They are in constant contact with the students answering questions and are quick to offer anecdotal stories of their experiences, in order to ease the concerns of the students. The center is neat and organized. With as many people as run through the area in a given day, the scheduling of everything is tight. They seem to run a pretty tight ship.”

“I was amazed at the depth and breadth of the training. I learned more in 5 days about trading and money than I have learned in my whole life combined.”

“OTA is the real deal - the instructors are outstanding and the ability to take 'retakes' is phenomenal. Everything OTA promised has been kept and more so.”

“I love it that I can bring my 18 year old son to join me at OTA. It is never too late to learn to trade whether you are young or old, and where else but Online Trading Academy. Friendly, clean and most of all they make it fun and they make you feel you are part of a community.”

“Online Trading Academy has helped me increase my personal wealth by making me a skilled and smart trader. OTA does this by hiring the most experienced and dedicated instructors who teach students how to be confident in their approach to trading according to a tried and true set of trading rules. Trading is hard work. OTA teaches its students in a way that makes the hard work pay off. ”

“Been a great learning experience! Everyone was great and helpful and Tom Joyce was just outstanding! What great knowledge and patience. Rick was great as well and very understanding and helpful. Much more than I could ever have imagined. Looking forward to the next steps and classes with OTA and especially with Tom.”


“Online Trading Academy is the school I wish I found and attended 20 years ago! However, I was fortunate enough to recently locate the school and start the classes. The center has it all! Starting with the staff experience, coordination, skills in the education field and ending with the beautiful and well maintained property all over. Feels very comfortable and is a true high education environment. I can honestly say that it fits the way I always wanted to make money! It has proven to me already that in one day I will be able to say I am in charge of my destiny and have the financial freedom I always looked for. It's like a dream coming true. Thank you all for giving me the chance!”

“Modern facility. Easy to get to. All staff members are helpful and personable. This class reinforced my research that the institution is legitimate, that the instruction is first rate, and that, if I put in the time and effort, I will be successful as a trader.”

“I was trained in an MBA program, that technical analysis had no proven predictive value. Looks like OTA has shown the folly of that statement... - Just look at the success record of their graduates! Everything was pre-arranged and well organized. This made the rigorous class experience much easier, mentally and physically. Everything was made as thorough and simple as possible.”

“Well organized class with extremely knowledgeable, professional instruction. All the staff at the DC location is superb. Tim was an excellent instructor. His stories from the front line of professional trading gave us comic relief and context. Natalie is friendly, efficient and always helpful. Rick is everywhere making sure things are running smoothly. Dawn is everybody's cheerleader. I would recommend creating a smoother transition from the "theory" classroom portion to the "practical" online portion of the class. More time for learning the platform would help.”

“It is so cool to be in the same room with instructors that have been on the floor or in banks or institutions trading. Being able to access their view of the market first hand is truly the best tool for a new trader. Thank you”

“I started off not even knowing how to turn on a computer, but with the constant guidance of the education counsellors and instructors, I am able to trade with confidence. OTA has been a blessing and retirement never looked so good!”

“The Online Trading Academy is foremost among the many educational facilities one could attend to learn effective trading in Stocks, Options, Futures and Forex. The classrooms are clean and learning stations up to date. The instructors are very knowledgeable on their subject and friendly as is the staff.”

“This program is essential for anyone who wants to get ahead in the financial markets.”

“As a relative "newbie" to OTA, I've encountered only professionals who choose to deal with me in only a professional manner as they impart to me the ways to professionally look upon trading to get nothing but professional results! This is not a program for the "faint at heart", only serious committed people need apply! You must be committed, decisive and disciplined. This is all about making money the old fashion way, "you earn it...".”

“Teachers make sure you understand the material, usually by breaking down complex concepts with graphics and elementary examples that are quite easy to comprehend. They would not leave the classroom until they have all your questions answered.”

“The center's administrative and student support staff are very accommodating and dedicated to helping the students. They deserve frequent thanks and praise.”

“The support staff is very engaged in helping you along your journey. They go out of their way to show you all of the options that you have at your disposal for learning. Our education counselor is there to greet us with a positive attitude every day. Our professional trader instructor, Craig Weil, was very knowledgeable and helped us to understand the things we needed to do to be successful traders.”

“Staff is very helpful and the facility is comfortable.”

“OTA taught me the skills to manage my investment portfolio and build personal wealth. Their program allows students to sign up for classes and retake the class as often as needed, which is essential. Mastering a skill takes repetition and lifelong learning. OTA's techniques continue to improve, which means my trading continues to improve. And I am now part of a community of traders who share my passion for trading.”

“This type of education is vital if you are to survive in a world of investment misinformation.”


“The Washington and Baltimore OTA campuses are superb in every respect.”

“I really enjoyed the program and I have a lot of confidence in core strategy and the potential to do very well using it. The courses I have taken so far with Online Trading Academy have really been worth the money and changed my life in a big way.”

“I really appreciate the sense of community that OTA encourages and creates and the wonderful level of instruction in the courses that I have enrolled in.”

“OTA has a wonderful staff and is really most excellent at providing you with different ways to learn various asset classes and how to trade profitably. The education process is ongoing and very personal with access to a wide range of extremely knowledgeable instructors and classes both live, recorded, onsite and offsite. You can't ask for more than that if you are trying to become a successful trader.”

“Having always wanted to enter this field but not having any confidence in the hit and run techniques, I decided to take a leap of faith and enroll. I now find myself kicking my butt for not doing this 15 years ago. Best decision I've made in a very long time.”

“This was the education I had been seeking... previously I had been looking into MBA programs with focused finance and investing curricula, but those programs seemed to focus more on theory and less on actual investment strategies. OTA is enabling me to start applying my education NOW, not in a few years. Thank you!”

“My Oh My, so sad that this class is over! I really enjoyed my time here, meeting the faculty and learning how to trade like a professional. I am not there yet, but the knowledge is growing and I feel confident that I will be taking future steps with the awesome staff by my side to help me learn the REAL fundamentals of trading the OTA way!”

“I would recommend OTA to anyone who wants to learn how to trade. OTA provides invaluable information.”

“Even though I've been trading for over 30 years, the OTA core strategy opened my eyes to a completely new way of looking at the markets.”


“I didn't know anything, well not much, about trading; this course gave me a great foundation and starting point. I enjoy the way OTA sets up the courses and the way the staff takes their time to explain any concerns. I look forward to future courses.”

“The instructors are usually the best of the lot and the staff here is terrific.”

“If you are thinking about trading for short term income or long term wealth, or simply better managing those who manage your savings, take OTA's classes first, then apply what you learn in simulated exercises and under live conditions.”

“This class was more informative than I expected. Trading live is the best way to learn and it gave me a good sense of what to expect when I start to use my own account.”

“Enjoyed everything I got out of OTA, from the psychological aspects of trading to the VERY effective supply and demand techniques. ”

“THANK YOU very much. You have given me the tools to make my dreams come true!!!!!!!”

“This was an in depth introduction to the world of trading and the complexities involved.”

“I repeated Professional Trader, for health reasons (knee replacement surgeries). But it seems like it was a different course altogether when I attended the second time. Excellent Online Trading Academy Program.”

“While the online training is certainly doable, I truly appreciate the interaction and additional exposure you get when attending at a physical location. Further solidifying the concepts during a retake class is key for me. I highly recommend it.”

“After 46 years of trading, I can state categorically and without qualification that the Online Trading Academy has "the Best" instructional content and Trading Strategies that I have found at any school! If you don't take full advantage of this extraordinary opportunity, you are just wasting time and losing money.”

“This was a great start to my education to become a pro trader. Tremendous experience.”

“This will help me improve my Trading Plan and Business Plan.”

“This is my first time to learn about trading. These two parts of trainings opened the trading door for me. Both teachers are not only teaching the skills of trading, they also shared a lot of their experience with us. We have learned a lot. ”

“I don't think I could have gotten my feet wet in a better place than Online Trading Academy.”

“Simulated training is essential as it reinforces the legitimacy of the core strategies and odds enhancers that Online Trading Academy instructs. Whenever I depart from these in order to test my own theories, my failures reinforce the need for discipline and adherence to the core strategies.”

“Great overall experience, gives a great understanding of how the markets actually work.”

“The Washington staff offers an excellent and positive environment to learn. My thanks to them as always.”


“The problem with online courses in general is that one does not have the community to provide the learning experience. This is not only completely solved by Online Trading Academy, but one learns so much of the reason "why" for doing each thing. There are some things in life where it is completely necessary to know the "why's," as well as the "how's" and "what's," trading is one of those things. Oh, and by the way, many of the "why's" that you learn at Online Trading Academy are things not available to most others, except for professionals such as floor traders. One can search all day on the web and it is not found.”

“Beautiful offices, very helpful staff. Each person here seemed genuinely invested in seeing me succeed.”

“I have traded for 4 years without understanding the value of a stop. Online Trading Academy has saved me a lot of money! Now, by using the Demand and Supply Zone strategies, I expect clarity in my next trade.”

“I have taken other so called training for trading in the market and Online Trading Academy is literally the BEST thing going in the finance industry! As an accountant by trade, I know that this information is not being taught in any school. This should be taught in universities across the country.”

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