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“Online Trading Academy not only provides invaluable information about the financial world and how to navigate it via trading, but it also provides a community in which everyone is supported and encouraged to realize their full potential, no matter where they are in their trading journey.”

“The program content & the apps (tools) together make a very impressive education on trading.”


“I highly recommend Online Trading Academy; excellent material and everyone is so helpful and encouraging.”

“I truly enjoyed my learning with OTA. Their instructors share their life experience in the world of financials in a commonsense sort of way and are always available to provide individual help if asked.”

“This is the best investment a person can make to increase their wealth management skills and increase their financial knowledge.”

“…Nikki was a vibrant, inspirational instructor who instilled in me the "do whatever it takes" attitude in doing trades… The whole staff was bankable in showing us the path in managing our trading world.”

“It was very hard for me to commit to signing up for the OTA program. It's not that I didn't believe that the program was valuable, but it was a lot of money for myself and my family to sacrifice to be able to make it happen. MAN! Am I ever glad I took the leap of faith and went for it. The resources to get started are so VAST that regardless of your computer skills, learning style, learning pace or any other reason or excuse you can think of-- they WILL make you into a trader...a SUCCESSFUL trader.”

“The level of training is high caliber and really helps students focus on the important elements.”

“Learn the fundamentals of trading in a friendly, team environment where practice through repetition is offered to solidify the concepts. I feel ready to trade after this course.”

“Thank you, Online Trading Academy Vancouver! The knowledge I gained by enrolling here was more than worth the money. Without you guys I would be lost in the dark when it comes to trading and investing, but now I see it in a whole new light, and I am excited to continue using what I learned in the market!”

“Everyone at OTA Vancouver is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. The Core Strategy class was excellent, and a nice lunch was provided each day, which is a bonus. Doing actual live trades in the last couple days was so much fun!”

“OTA teaches you the correct way to trade in the Market with clear instructions and with reliable student support from the well experienced Instructors at OTA.”

“I was most impressed with the quality and expertise of the people involved and the amazing support we received. ”

“I have enjoyed the high level of education at OTA and appreciate all the energy and enthusiasm put into the classes by the instructors. Thank you OTA for opening new horizons for me!”

“OTA was great, can't recommend enough, simple as that.”

“The training program has been well researched and developed, obviously, no fly by night operation. The trainers have been knowledgeable, patient, and nurturing for a craggy neophyte like myself, and the other class members. This initial christening to the business should be a positive start to further planned training, and the opportunity to be our own boss. Well done OTA!!”

“Started off going to the free half-day session. My eyes were opened to all the possibilities that trading or investing could do for me. I then took the Market timing orientation. It was in that 3 day class that I was truly blown away. All the staff and instructors were extremely friendly and could really explain in great detail all the benefits to being able put your own money in your own hands with minimizing risk. I enrolled in the program and have been happy ever since.”

“I would truly recommend this program to anyone wishing to become a part-time trader or Pro Trader as a new career. The culture at Online Trading Academy is one of caring about you and your future. Ongoing support is critical and OTA has set the bar high with their elaborate opportunities to continue learning until you become a "Mastermind". Thank you OTA! ”

“If you want to learn how to trade like the Online Trading Academy and take the fast track to successful trading!”

“My OTA is a great place to learn about trading the right way. You also get amazing support from teachers and staff that want you to succeed.”

“I am extremely pleased with my experience at OTA, setting me up for a successful future full of freedom and joy. The support staff is one of a kind and I am blessed to have had them on my journey so far.”

“Online Trading Academy teaches a proven concept of market analysis, very helpful for those interested in online trading. The program requires a significant fee and time investment, but it is definitely a good program for those who are serious about trading. (Core Strategy course attendant)”

“The OTA program provided a very good understanding of chart reading and how the market timing works. The level of support has been outstanding and they are really committed to student success. Any questions or confusion is addressed before leaving and the group has been more than willing to help. The expectations are realistic and I wish I had this education 20 years ago! ”

“I have learned more in the past 10 days since coming to OTA than I have in 30 years of trading.”


“OTA taught me how to make money from home, and gave me the ability to live my life the way I want to.”

“Love trading and love the instruction with OTA.”

“If you believe in mirroring success then OTA is worth looking into. I've learned more in a week than two years of researching on my own. I wish I found this earlier. ”

“Thank you very much, OTA for the top notch education and removing my fear of the markets.”

“Everyone is telling you about the Mistakes (Not to do) you do, but at OTA I got the Solution(s) (What to do).”

“I think if one is serious about being successful in trading, one should seriously consider taking courses with OTA.”

“As a student with dyslexia, I found that the format of the program was suitable for my particular learning style. The staff and instructors are very patient, and the online courses are very easy to navigate - increasing the likelihood for a successful outcome.”

“I have enjoyed my experience here at OTA. I absolutely can see how this knowledge will change my life. If anyone is willing to follow some rules and do the work, this program can lead to success financially!!”

“The OTA is an excellent place to learn how to make money in the market to having a better life style. The beauty of that is that you are allowed to retake the courses as much as you want and need it. it is worth the money you pay. I recommend the student courses one by one, not all together because they need time to practice.”

“OTA is a great asset in understanding the financial markets, and can be very beneficial for short or long term gains.”

“If you are serious about managing your own money, OTA is a great option for students who are beginner to intermediate in trading knowledge. The PAI course specifically, is best for investors with a decent sized nest egg and looking for a very low risk tolerance. The instructor and support team are probably the highlight of these course as they are knowledgeable, patient and extremely supportive.”

“Highly recommend to new comers, as OTA offers the platform to not just learn a new skillset, but has the access to mentors and peers for further understanding.”

“I have only had better and better experiences at OTA since I started. I did the half-day class, then the 3-day class with Darek Zelek, then core strategy with Sean Reed, and then futures with Gabe Velazquez, ALL at the Vancouver office. I haven't traded live money yet, but I feel like I finally have the confidence to start doing that after this futures class.”

“In 7 days I went from knowing absolutely nothing about trading to trading at home and analyzing charts in detail! Excellent Course!”

“To those who have come across OTA: while the name may suggest that this is an "online" program, you have access to a large number of in-person locations and you will not be able to find an organization that can provide as accurate and well structured of a program as these people. You gain access to online and in person resources such as trading coaches and a customer support team that will make your learning process a breeze. I had done my fair bit of research before joining (3 months to be exact) and I can confidently say that no other place will offer you the same as what OTA does! I am extremely happy with my decision to join the academy!”

“I was looking for a life changing experience. I needed to find something that would help me make a living and also help me have more time to spend with my children. I found that at OTA. My wife and I are both doing the program and are loving the experience. I will recommend it to everyone who wants a better life and can benefit from the challenging experience. Thanks OTA. ”

“The course is geared towards your own learning curve.. The practical trading and constant analyzing and planning the charts helps so much when done in group activities.”

“My Husband and I have been trading just about a year on our own, but since we took the class at the Academy, we realize that this is the right way to go. You learn the proper steps.”

“Identifying a winning trade strategy is like finding a needle in a haystack. Thanks to OTA I've found my needle!!”

“Well, when I joined this organization I had some apprehensions. However, having a little time and online courses with people associated with this institution, my worries are fading away and I am confident that with their teachings and help I will achieve my goals.”

“I had a bottleblock to trade stocks. Now, after taking this class, it solved my problem. I learned how to use a new way to trade stocks and how to set up stop-loss. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”

“I didn't think trading was for me because of how foreign it was. In the short term I've been here I was able to enjoy and learn something new. This program has changed how I view my life.”

“After seven days, I already have a better understanding of what it means to trade and be a trader. This is life-long skill that can't be taken for granted. It doesn't matter where you come from or what educational background you have - anyone can do this with enough dedication, patience, and perseverance.”

“I am 74 years old. It is almost like the course was custom made for my current situation. I can't wait to start implementing it. Thank you, OTA and Russ Allen.”

“Having a well informed instructor provided me with the opportunity to ask questions and know that the response would help me learn the materials better and make better trades.”

“Online Trading Academy teaches us the principles to be a professional Trader. I enjoyed the friendly class environment and support staff. We can always come back to retake courses.”

“I think this is the best decision I've made since my last best decision. I enjoyed the course. I like the fact that I can retake in person or online as much as I want, it made me feel very supported and have my peace of mind to learn and to create wealth. Somehow, all the students here are very nice too. I think it may be attraction of master minds. Thanks to all instructors and staffs!”


“Really enjoyed these classes. it helped me understand the reasons behind the market movements and the importance of having and following a good trade plan. These classes have given me a new confidence in the methods taught and that with practice I will be able to succeed too.”

“This is my first class ever and I have never traded in my life. Coming out of the core strategy class my base of knowledge and execution has improved to the point where I believe I can do this well and make great profits and see my self becoming a professional trader. The steps for me were very easy to follow and clear as day. Now that I have my base under me learning the basic steps, I'm ready to learn more advanced trading strategies, techniques and pattern recognition. I can see myself doing this for the rest of my life and learning so much along the way.”

“Its been a privilege spontaneously walking into the world of trading. This was uncharted territory for me. I'm grateful to take part in this phenomenal skill building program where the potential is so open ended and the rewards could potentially match my enthusiasm going in. ”

“As usual, I learn something new every time I take a class.”

“My experience at Online Trading Academy was extremely good and the teachers are helpful and easy to understand. OTA has so many resources available, and more than enough value to justify the costs. If you want to have an edge as a trader/investor, I highly recommend OTA.”

“Every class I take, whether online or in-class, has been an amazing experience. If you listen closely, you'll find the basic principles are the same for any instructor - supply and demand. The fun part about OTA is that each instructor has created their own style on top of the core strategy and you therefore have many opportunities to find the one that will fit your style and risk tolerance similarly. These instructors are very successful at what they do - being able to take notes, being shown that we don't need over-complicate things (because it's really not that complicated - or at least it doesn't have to be in order for you to be successful) and having the opportunities we have as OTA students with the abundance of online resources aside from the classes makes me feel awesome about my investment - Lindsay Clunes.”

“OTA is definitely a life changing experience. I never in my wildest dreams thought I could trade futures, now I'm looking forward to it. Forex will probably be my home for now. 6 months ago I had no clue.”

“Loved my experience here. Can't quite believe how hard I worked, how much info got crammed into my head, how much I understood...fantastic teacher Sean Reed, totally took the time to answer each question in detail with great stories to illustrate. And fantastic coach Craig Kulch was wonderful and reassuring, speaking quietly and positively to get us through all of those "stupid" questions we had.”

“I am very impressed with the course instructor, Sean Reed, and the course content. I feel that I am well on my way to a successful trading career. Everyone is very helpful and friendly. They are all clearly happy to be a part of OTA. The facilities are top drawer with a good location and convenient parking.”

“OTA courses and instructors improve with each year. OTA education ensures traders improve the outcome of trades. Keep up the good experiences for the students!”

“I guarantee there isn't a better trading school out there!”

“yevgen yakovenko OTA is a great place to learn about trading on the market. gives you ability to experience the proper way of trading and help to build a successful strategy to apply outside of the school ”

“It is my belief that if anybody wants to truly make money in the market they have to go to school to learn the right way to trade to increase the chances of making money, not losing it. I think that OTA is the right vehicle for this learning curve. So far I have enjoyed all the instructors who are truly dedicated to everyone's success. They are all successful in their own trading and are passionate about teaching the core strategies needed so that all of their students have the tools to succeed.”

“Every time I take a class at OTA it is very informative, also adds to and reinforces my knowledge of trading.”

“I already have recommended it to a family member. It is really helpful to spend time with people who are trained and experienced in the science of trading, not just the art. ”

““I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I’m glad I decided to take the leap. It’s really great how easy your course schedule is written and the ease in following (If you do your assignments prior to attending. For someone with a little knowledge in the field this add on piece can make the difference between success in trading or not. The additional bonus of retakes is an additional bonus and shows your intent for our success . Thanks to everyone at the B.C.C office. ”

“Online Trading Academy's program makes me feel as part of the big family; everyone in here is very nice. The overall experience for the whole program was pleasant. absolutely will recommend family, friends to be part of the big family.”

“The OTA strategy really helps to identify trading opportunities that otherwise may be overlooked. The blueprint and odds enhancers also help to identify the likelihood of a positive trade outcome. The atmosphere for learning is comfortable and relaxed. A good experience overall. The personnel are quite friendly and open to questions about trading. Parking is readily available. No major problems with my experience with OTA so far.”

“Online Trading Academy provided me with an essential learning experience that has given me the clarity and understanding I've long needed to start becoming a successful trader. Too many times I have made bad trades that I have either had to take a loss on or wait substantial periods of time just to break even or eke out a tiny profit. With the knowledge I've gained I can become more confident in my trades and also have the discipline to exit poor trades early.”

“I learned much more than expected. Extremely knowledgeable instructors. Everyone involved in my experience at Online Trading Academy has helped me to build confidence and ensure my future success as a trader. I highly value the coaching in terms of start small, protect your investments and visualize your higher goals as you continually progress as a professional trader. ”

“I had such a great time in this class. I wish it wasn't over yet. Super excited about moving forward with my learning. OTA is not like any other training I have experienced.”

“Before attending OTA core strategy course I was sure the financial world was completely unreachable by me. Now I know the real and simple truth, and even better, I reached new levels of self-confidence and achievement. This has been one of my best learning experiences ever.”

“I have now the skills and knowledge to trade and make money all life long.”

“Best learning environment I've ever been a part of. The combination of having the teacher and student helper is a tremendous asset. This combined with the small classroom size, additional training with your web based products and continuing support certainly seems to be leading me toward a successful entry into the markets.”

“I joined this program several months ago. I have learned so much about the world stock market. I want everyone to know, if you are interested about the market, just call Online Trading Academy. THANKS.”

“Not having traded online prior to attending OTA, this overview has been very helpful for me as I wish to hit the ground running when the Professional Trading course starts. There are lots of navigation buttons on the trading platform that are there to assist us in arriving at our trading decisions. Thanks for showing us around, Craig.”

“This program will do 2 things for you: 1) sober up your greedy dreams, and 2) empower you with the tools and knowledge that should enable positive realistic ambitions.”

“All the instructors are successful traders who are more than willing to share their knowledge and passion for the investments.”

“OTA class is a must for people who want to trade seriously. It is the university for traders. It is well organized and planned with an excellent curriculum. The instructors are professional, caring pleasant and approachable. The actual trading daily helps with self confidence and assurance. Even the lunches and breakfast are varied and yummy!”

“Everyone is happy to share their time & experience. I felt welcomed and immediately comfortable in the Centre environment. Personnel were open, friendly and helpful.”

“Online Trading Academy's first concern is to make sure you understand the basics from the platform being used to your trading strategies, and that you have continuous support. I am looking forward to a long and enjoyable association with OTA.”


“Overall, very good. Learned a lot about how important rules and discipline are to trading... and the realities of professional trading. A great experience and great base to build a future trading career from!!!”

“Worth the investment. As you can amortize it over years and you can go back and learn anytime.”

“If you have been trading for a while and things have not gone the way you planned, this program can actually help you get back on track provided you religiously follow their concepts.”

“I truly enjoyed the program. Initially I had the fear that I would not understand the Strategy, but the teachers, Chris and Craig, and my classmates were so helpful to me. It was wonderful.”

“All I can say is that: I have been experiencing a lot of blessings lately!!!!! I can never be thankful enough to have OTA invite people of passion and excellent hearts to give back to humanity, just like Sam Seiden did for this venture to educate people to give them the ALTERNATIVE!!!! JODY WONG is in a league of his own trying to make a difference and at the same time enjoying and having fun teaching!!”

“OTA Education is the best tool we are missing in the financial market. I wish I could have known 20 yrs. ago. Very friendly/caring and knowledgeable staff. Excellent training center. Mr. Craig was very helpful.”

“I really enjoyed the program, Every day I'm learning something new and as the days go by I'm getting better and better. It really helps me a lot to become a better trader and manage my risk and have a good profit. Everything is good and staff and personnel were really friendly and helpful. The only downside is that you have to pay for parking.”

“I'm currently taking Pro Trader 1 and 2 with Chris Manson. I have never been in any market ever so to say I am green would be an understatement. I feel lucky to have landed Chris Manson as an instructor. I feel with his instruction I am beginning to understand and become very excited about my future as a trader. I know it will take some time as I plan on this becoming only a second source of income. However, you never know what the future holds. I feel blessed to have found this incredible family of entrepreneurs and look forward to soaking up the knowledge provided for years to come. Bye for now”

“Honesty and authenticity of staff and instructors. A genuine willingness to help students structure their own specific needs and plans.”

“The instructors are highly skilled at teaching to diverse classrooms and consistent in teaching core strategies. They invite your questions and help you to choose a trading style that fits your goals and trading style. I left every class knowing I was in good hands with OTA.”

“Once again OTA has helped me to continually have a better understanding of trading. It has always been a great experience at the Vancouver OTA center. Great instructions as well as great students and environment. Everyone is very helpful.”

“OTA's trading system is great. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable. You won't retain all the information with one class, but having the XLTs online or being able to retake the class is priceless as there is so much that you can learn. The support staff is always available to assist with any questions you have. Great learning experience.”

“More than I ever imagined it would be; very knowledgeable instructor with yrs. of experience,not some fly by night company.They really care about your success. The centre and staff were helpful at every turn; went out of their way to help anybody regardless of experience in trading and even provided 2 meals a day. Tell me the last time you were at a conference and they fed you.”

“I love how Online Trading Academy tries to meet everyone's needs, no matter how frustrating that must get at times.”

“David Fong is a great instructor. His teaching approach is systematic, clear and easy to follow. The center staff are friendly. The environment is great for learning. Would like to learn more from him and all other great instructors, as well as learning companions.”

“3 months ago I started to trade looking to complement my actual income. The process became a painful experience as I started losing money instead of achieving my goals, so I decided to enroll in a school looking to get some formal education regarding stock trading. OTA was the best choice I found in the market. As soon as the classes began, I realized about all the terrible mistakes I was making during my trading sessions. With the help and support of instructors like Gabe Velazquez, everything started to take shape and make sense. Uriel Navarro”

“I came into the course eager to learn all about the 'markets' and how world events influence our economy. My goal was to learn a new skill and gain some insight into how to better protect my wealth for the future. The sheer amount of information presented was overwhelming at first but intriguing nevertheless. I came away with a whole new appreciation of how interconnected our world is with respect to various markets. All the 'moving parts' of our economy are fascinating to watch and, although it will take time, I am determined to learn the skills necessary to become a participant in the trading world. This course is just the beginning of an exciting journey for me and I am eager to continue!”

“I highly recommend these classes to anyone looking to better their future in trading the markets.”

“Ed is a good teacher. I like the different styles the teachers have to learn from, which helps you pick up some of their tips to help you trade.”

“Due to an unworkable schedule I took Pro Trader 2 online first. Not sure what to expect, the in class course was a total surprise. Even though it was Pro Trader 2 it seemed like I had taken two courses that covered the same material... it was awesome. Online, all course material was covered... in class, some course material but a lot of time in front of the computer trading in sim and real time. Take both, a huge benefit.”


“It's an extremely educational program with a fun yet professional atmosphere.”

“As an ex stockbroker/investment banker/licensed option trader, I would highly recommend Online Trading Academy to both industry professionals and non investment industry persons as an educational tool to have a high probability of success in their investment activities.”

“After one has acquired the technical skills of trading, it is all about the mind game. OTA has given me great help to bridge that gap. I have gained a lot of confidence through my training with OTA. Great programs to learn trading in its simplest way with huge consistency potential and minimize the fear factor. Great team. Thank you.”

“I am really happy with all the information being taught. Very useful knowledge. I recommend anyone that is considering to trade to learn from OTA.”

“I would like to tell that ONLINE TRADING ACADEMY has been changing my life. The strategy is great, the information is great, the support is amazing; I highly recommended.”

“Good course, good instructors, and a huge amount of resources and support from everyone at OTA. We would highly recommend this course. The staff are very friendly and helpful, the center very clean. I loved it and look forward to my next class.”

“Don't waste your time with any other schooling. Online Trading Academy does it right. From pro instructors to life time enrollment, they will teach you to succeed.”

“The education that OTA is offering is one that ranks top on integrity.”

“I know now how the markets behave and why. I am more informed and better prepared to face the challenges of the markets. I can say that it is a course for all of us so as that we can protect our savings and help them to grow with the knowledge we get.”

“OTA provides a very unique learning environment. There is nothing out there like it. Very satisfied with the content they offer.”

“I have enjoyed the wealth of knowledge and information shared at the OTA with its students, and the abundance of support that is made available through the website. I feel much better prepared to take on investing now that I have confidence and that I have learned how to manage risk.”

“I was very skeptical that it is possible to teach the program, but as you do it in baby steps, it all makes sense in the end.”

“I learned more in the five day options course than I could ever hope to learn on my own from the brokerages or online, plus I was able to trust the information I was being given as an unbiased attempt to increase my ability to trade profitably. A real bonus was having Matt Gildea as the instructor. He made it very interesting, at least for me.”

“OTA has been a great learning experience. To learn all of this on my own would have taken a lot more time and been a LOT more expensive. OTA brings in very skilled instructors that make the learning experience fun, while giving you the knowledge to create an income for yourself no matter what the economy happens to throw at you.”

“I'm so glad that I finally found an online program with onsite courses provided that is targeted to learners of all ages and stages of learning and ability. The instructors are knowledgeable in teaching and experience, being traders themselves. The Trading Academy also provides ongoing support through connecting students to a local coach and to phone and online support. Expectations are realistic and truthful.”


“This was a premium experience for me -- with terrific value provided! ”

“Outstanding! If you are truly serious about trading this is the only logical place to start. It's no magic pill, you will have to the work, all things worthwhile require it.”

“It is always helpful to attend classes at Online Trading Academy.”

“This was the first time having had a female instructor. There is no doubt men and women see the world differently so it was good to see things from a female perspective. My own opinion is that men tend to be more aggressive vs. women, who may be more conservative. Good to have and see both sides. Also, good to have different instructors teaching the same class at the centers as each new instructor brings their own style and has their own view/tricks of the trade. Very happy with the Vancouver Online Trading Academy staff and am looking forward to becoming a more successful trader as a result of these classes. Will be back soon for the next level and course in my overall plan.”

“After years of very expensive failures I can now approach the market again with confidence. The most valuable information was how to reduce risk, and timing the entry. And, of course, it sure helps to finally understand the reasons behind my previous failures. Thanks to all at Online Trading Academy.”

“Of the three previous trading courses I took with other companies, Online Trading Academy was far superior in every way - understanding how the stock market works, etc.”


“Before coming to this course I had listened to many radio and TV programs on the stock market, but had only a vague idea of how the whole industry works. I now have an excellent working knowledge of the macro-economic picture, as well as how individual traders work, and now have a solid foundation from which to start my new trading career. The course experience surpassed my expectations and was a very positive event that will, no doubt, become life changing for my family and me.”

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