Toronto, Canada - Student Testimonials

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“Sure. This program is a rigid program with good supportive resources. It serves my original target to learn about the trading. This is a door opener for me to kick up a new skill. ”

“The program is well designed for my needs. The supportive videos and materials are definitely helpful.”

“This is a great environment to learn something new such as the Core Strategy and Assets classes. The atmosphere is conducive to learning. The center opens early and the classroom and the computers are available and ready to use. There is always breakfast, coffee and little eatables to snack on throughout the day. The lunches are great and there’s enough time to eat and enjoy a conversation with a new classmate. The instructor(s) was great and humble and willing to answer my elementary questions. There is a lot of practice time and the class always ends with a summary of the day's work.”


“OTA provides a huge database of information that is designed to really educate students, whatever their individual learning style or pace may be. I'm so impressed with the tools provided and feel equipped and confident to take the next steps on my professional trading journey!”

“When you learn in OTA you are learning from the best in the world. The instructor was highly skilled and also helps you in the trading psychology and teaching you proper trade management to help manage your trade and let the winners ride.”

“It was an amazing journey with the academy, very knowledgeable instructors and friendly staff. They teach you, expand your horizon, reliable support system in place, and they feed you well :-). Very satisfied.”

“OTA provides a real classroom educational experience. The instructors are very attentive and give you the feeling that asking questions is a good thing. It's an environment of "no student left behind!"”

“Excellent core trading strategy combined with a friendly community and great lifetime support. I can't wait to start trading and keep on learning!”

“If you want to be successful and know how to trade properly and professionally--this is for you.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Core Strategy course with OTA. My advice for anyone considering this course would be to not give up on yourself if you are feeling frustrated the first few days of the class. On about day three or four, everything started to click, and my confidence went up considerably. This is not a 'get rich quick scheme' and you need to be prepared to do the work to get yourself to where you want to be. But OTA will give you the skills you need to become confident enough that you will actually be excited to push yourself forward when the class is done. The resources available after the seven days in class are amazing. There are so many tools you can use to keep yourself going and to ensure you stay on the right path.”

“Dan, thank you so much for your guidance with the new documents and CliK platform. Also, the support was excellent. Also want to thank OTA for helping us in our trading journey.”

“Vast course on trading is covered in a very systematic and organized way to learn quickly and better. It is even easy to understand for a novice trader or one who has not yet started trading.”

“Incredibly informative class! Core Strategy provides a very systematic approach to identifying high quality and high probability trades. Considering I came into the course with barely any trading experience, within days, I was able to read charts and identify trades that stack the odds in my favor. There are also endless resources available online, in addition to your instructor and education counselor. You have the ability to stretch your education as far as you'd like.”

“The Online Trading Academy is the most awesome experience ever! As someone who has never traded and didn't even understand the terminology or the industry, the classes and the resources that are available are the perfect way to learn and build a foundation. I heard about them on the radio and I'm really grateful that I came here first. Every one of their staff employees are approachable and eager to help.”

“For anyone that has little or no experience when it comes to the market, this is an ideal way of understanding the charts and the background workings of the trading world. You want the confidence to trade the way you are supposed to? Enroll in the program, you won’t be disappointed.”

“OTA is a great start to all those who are curious and interested in learning about all things regarding the basic to advanced techniques of trading. OTA is suited for everyone of all ages of multiple learning preferences. The team and support are truly there for your success. The students within the classes are attentive and more than happy to share personal experiences and stories of their trading backgrounds. All in all, my initial experience with OTA was very positive. From the looks of things, the completion of my first course, Core Strategy, will be a life changing experience.”

“I came into the course an absolute novice with 10 years trading under my belt. I was very lucky to have entered the markets at a time when the sky was the limit up. It carried me along nicely. However, after suffering near account crippling losses spanning 3 months to spite using two other online advisory services, I resorted to paper trading for a month. I have written off the significant fees associated with these services. I do not blame them, I blame myself. I made the trades, I made the mistakes. I won't be fooled again. Unable to clearly find with certainty where I absolutely was failing, I came to OTA via a Wikipedia link. I have been so impressed with the entire organization and quality of instructors, and hopefully one day mentors. I have enrolled for core, futures and options. Now that I have been through core strategy and begun to dig into the almost countless resources available for me to utilize, I am moving in a straight defined line towards a trade plan that will allow me to accomplish my goals. I now clearly see why the losses of the past happened, and I know how to shift probability to my side while limiting losses (risk) to a defined and palatable level. I know how to evaluate my losing and winning past trades. I know how to learn from my trade log. And, I sleep at night.”

“The Online Trading Academy was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Very informative and positive. I never thought that I could enter the world of trading. Being an uneducated female, this was so foreign to me. However, my view has made a complete 360 turn around. I am now in the market. Thank you OTA!!!”

“No one can start a business without learning how to do it and how to avoid or mitigate risks that comes with it; having a plan and more. OTA provides the knowledge and support that we need to become a trader and provides life support to become a professional trader. OTA is not just an Academy, it's the foundation of our new business. If you are trading without proper knowledge, then it's gambling.”

“Life changing experience. Very friendly, stress free education environment and it's for life time. Will definitely come back for asset classes.”

“OTA helped me to understand that having a trading plan and learning to follow it is one of the keys to being successful. The instructors teach in a clear & concise manner, making the lessons understandable to the students. I spent many hours on the internet researching for the best trading school and I can assure you I'm not disappointed that I chose OTA. The education program taught is amazing. This has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made. I would definitely recommend OTA to family and friends both in Canada and elsewhere.”

“Prior to attending the course I had been teaching myself several different techniques used by retail traders. I now have a totally different perspective on how to read the charts with confidence and accuracy. Using this strategy has allowed me to follow one consistent plan compared to the several inconsistent strategies I was using.”

“My fervent search for a reputed Trading School with a proven record led me to Online Trading Academy. At the onset I was rather skeptical after looking into so many other programmes. The cost of training was another dithering factor. Looking a little further into this by attending their 1/2 day free class, I realized the truth in the simple adage: "When you pay peanuts, you get monkeys", and decided to go for it. This has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made. Now from the inside, I can honestly say that it is worth every penny and more. They have been around for 20 years, are internationally established and has a reputation and track record of success that is proven across the globe. What I admire most is their lifelong commitment to their student, by means of various programmes and the ability to retake any course any number of times should you need to without having to incur additional cost. They have a very friendly Student Support that go out of their way to help you understand and imply what is thought. The Student Support Team is also made up of successful OTA students, who can understand your difficulties, since they have been through the path themselves, and that in and of itself is priceless. Risk management is thought in detail so learn how not to manage your capital in the first place It is by no means a walk in the park, you put in the hard work and you will be rewarded. Before long one can entering the live market with a confidence that comes from knowledge and not from luck. Isn't that what a good education does. I will confidently recommend OTA to family and friends both in Canada and elsewhere.”

“OTA introduced a very intuitive trade building program that helps each student practice step-by-step the core strategy, called Clik. This is innovative and truly an indicator they have the student's learning in mind. The curriculum provides me with all the tools and resources to set up any trader, novice or experienced, for success of their financial future. There is no way to go but up!”

“The Online Trading Academy is the real deal! Look no further for the very best in first class training and support to learn how to trade. I would highly recommend!”

“i am very impressed with the teaching and the caring attitudes of all the ota people!”

“The program builds slowly starting with basic skills and then using them in concert to begin to make sense of the charts. The process builds confidence as well, and as confidence builds fear diminishes.”

“The biggest challenge to starting into trading is the overwhelming amount of knowledge, jargon and what seems like conflicting advice in the marketplace. OTA's approach to teaching specific skills is focused and provides an objective, repeatable, checklist/process based methodology for identifying good trades (or move on to next opportunity). Highly recommend anyone to enroll who is letting fear of not knowing how keep them from moving forward to control your own financial portfolio. Liken this to medical students learning their skills on live patients under the supervision of world class doctors.”

“As a current mutual funds license holder for the last 7 years, I was amazed by how much more info I did not know about trading. I feel that I have been resurrected into a new and more advanced segment of my financial well-being and financial education.”

“I entered the OTA as a novice trader. I had to lose a lot of money in the markets before realizing that something needed to change. OTA was the step in the right direction for me. The instruction during core strategy exceeded my expectations in terms of content, pace, practical application and support. I have come out of core strategy with more confidence than ever to enter back into the markets with a structured, rules based approach to trading. Furthermore, I'm surrounded by a community of successful traders that will help me grow in my journey. Thank you so much OTA! I love being a part of this community.”

“OTA is committed to ensure students are supported all the way through. It doesn't grab your money and let you hang in there alone. Excellent study plan.”

“The 3-day market timing course made me excited to take core strategy, but I never expected it to be as fun and educational as it turned out to be. Having learned about the core strategy has made me even more excited to take the asset classes and really begin my trading journey!”

“I came into this school with no experience, I am leaving with a lifetime of knowledge, I would say that that is a perfect score.”

“OTA is a fantastic school. I enjoyed my experience tremendously in core strategy and forex. World class instructors and staff.”

“I was very impressed by the passion of the instructors and their belief in your Core Strategy teachings. It was great to see the instructors use the Basic Core Strategy and to actually make their own personal trades. ”


“I recommend to any person that really wants to succeed in trading to apply themselves as much as they can; don't shy away from the close to limitless amount of info on MyOTA and really learn from the pros. All in all, enjoy the ride.”

“If you're looking to learn how to make additional income from anywhere in the world at any time, OTA is the place. The instructors are all very knowledgeable and helpful, along with the education counselors and student support staff. They take you from learning the basics to applying the theory in the markets in just a matter of days, and they guide you through the entire process. Most importantly, once you're a student, the website provides you with a wealth of knowledge and resources so that you can keep learning and improving your skills.”

“OTA has been instrumental in helping me become a full time professional trader. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and the support system provided is uncanny. I couldn't recommend it enough”

“The class was very warm & friendly. A pleasure to learn in this environment. The support from the instructor & fellow students was fantastic. I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve themselves. ”

“I am blessed to have been able to take this course with OTA and I am confident that I made the right decision.”

“This program teaches people how to become a professional trader. They teach the basic and several techniques. After paying the initial cost of the education you can always come back for free if you ever get confused or if you don't fully comprehend the lesson. There are also online lessons so you can learn wherever you are as long as you have internet. You are practically set for life!”

“I read many books on charts in the past but it was looking like speculation to me and was a push back to step forward for my passion to enter the trading world. It is turned around now after the class and I feel comfortable to read the charts and be sure where it goes.”

“Great experience dealing with the people at OTA. They make it fun and easy on something that is not always easy.”

“OTA's trading process is very simple but very effective. I am blown away by how quickly I was able to learn how to read the markets and begin to make profitable trades. The attention to detail, the resources and support and the knowledgeable instructors are top-notch. I have no regrets. ”

“I came to the OTA with absolutely no idea how trading works, and now I feel that I know way more than all my friends around me who have been trading for many, many years. And I know that I'll be way more successful than most of them!”

“Best program to attend to develop your trading skills and become a successful trader and/or investor. Great support resources are available so you can develop your skills further and stay connected with OTA school and the community.”

“The core strategy program was and is very excellent in terms of guidance and support. As long as I was coach-able it made the process much easier and I feel very confident moving forward on my journey knowing that I'm in great hands. I want to become a very successful trader/investor and I have no doubt that through OTA it's beyond possible.”

“OTA has shown me the door to financial freedom, now I just need to walk through and enjoy.”

“The courses offered by OTA are very good, and the quality of the instructors is outstanding - but in the end it is the depth of support offered through re-takes and online classes that make the real difference. You just can't master this stuff overnight.”

“First time trading anything, learned the basic fundamentals and was showing some results by the time we were trading live. Would recommend if anyone is interested in learning trading.”

“I am so happy I joined OTA and I recommend it to anyone interested in Trading. Customer service and the instructors do a great job at what they do. I never thought I could ever succeed in Trading and now I am Trading and getting better at it every day because of OTA.”

“I came into this program without an idea of how to trade, and now I feel confident enough to do this on my own, even though I know I still have a long way to go. OTA has taken something that can seem really complicated or intimating and simplified it, making it easy to comprehend. You cannot make it any more simple than this.”

“Very informative and the best place to come for trading education. Very friendly atmosphere with great support, BUT a lot of information. I like the idea that l can get help any time.”

“Online Trading Academy gives me the edge and confidence how to trade properly with great confidence and patience. I thank God that I made the right decision to enroll in the courses, "Core Strategy" and "Professional Forex Trading". More power to OTA and staff, and most especially to our instructor in Forex Trading, Sunil Mangwani. He is awesome with great knowledge and experience.”

“I was hesitant and somewhat skeptical before I took the initial plunge. After CORE and now Futures, I am overwhelmed with optimism and the unlimited possibilities.”

“I was one to always slip through cracks in education. OTA takes you step by step as a group, and as an individual. This is a life learning course and OTA is with you all the way. I want to thank my coaches, Jonathan Girard and Jesse Paterson, for all your help, and I will continue to seek your advice.”

“Today, I opened a trade where I was trained to, watched it go to where I expected it to go, and then I watched it reverse as expected. It feels like I've been stumbling around blind in the market, and now someone has just handed me glasses.”

“This stuff actually works! JUST DO IT!”

“The program opened my mind to a broader range of markets that you could possibly trade in, and showed me unconventional ways to profit that I never would have been able to figure out on my own. I highly recommend this institution to anyone who might be interested.”

“In this current economic scenario, one should always try to get a skill for your survival; and yes, this education does work and people can replace their income and pursue their dream without all the compromises one has to do to be in the 9 to 5 job.”

“OTA is not a simple trading academy, it is a place that is helping to change lives in a positive way.”

“I am more than satisfied for taking the Core Strategy class. The instructor, Jon, has a unique and effective way of teaching and I learned more than I expected. The week was intense but it was worth it. I now feel that I have the necessary skills to move forward as a new trader. I would recommend OTA to anyone who wants to learn how to trade.”

“Before attending Online Trading Academy, I thought I could learn from the internet how to trade on my own. But attending OTA's in class program and discovering the vast resources they have to offer, helped me build and reinforce pro trading habits I would have never picked up on from the internet or learned on my own.”

“Online Trading Academy was the best decision I ever made.”

“I heard of Online Trading Academy on the radio many times. I finally got a chance to attend a class and sign up for more courses. I do not regret making the decision. The value provided by the instructors is timeless.”

“To start on your road to success, here's an education system that guides, supports and delivers. As long as you are open minded, have patience and apply the knowledge provided, you will move forward to your goals.”

“I had no idea how much was actually involved in training. The instructors, the support team, the self-paced learning is at your finger tips to get you up, running and on your life long journey to enriching your life.”

“OTA provides a new trader with the knowledge to engage the financial market like a professional. It does not stop there. It has a lifelong commitment to provide its members with materials and resources that would continue to make them successful. ”


“For all people who are starting on building a new career and life, it is critical to manage your finances and retirement early in life. The compounding effects of proper investing and protection of capital is one of the most important things in your life. OTA provides the solid foundation for this now and for your lifetime.”

“Both the Core Strategy program as well as the instructor were fantastic. After taking the course, I am a lot more confident with trading. The program has not only solidified fundamentals essential to become a successful trader but also equipped me with tools that I can directly apply to my trading. I am happy with what I gained from the program. Thank you OTA!”

“Sometimes in life you are surprised by the amount of value that an opportunity delivers. My expectation of the potential value of the OTA courses was exceeded. I am excited and optimistic. The ability to have CONTINUED education and support throughout the learning process, well into the future and having a community of people all working together to help each other is unique. The biggest part of the way I learn is through repetition and this course makes this an emphasis. To have the library of videos at my disposal on demand makes this especially powerful. Allan Leppik”

“OTA gives you the tools you need to succeed. Tools you won't find anywhere else. Everything you do is what you make of it. Great team of professionals. ”

“This program truly has enabled me to see the potential of my drive to become a more advanced and smarter investor/trader. I now feel I have the true base of the building block I need to advance. Not to mention the theory alone is very beneficial above and beyond learning the tools and step by step methodology.”

“Everyone at OTA is very friendly, professional, courteous and helpful. Top-notch in every way! I thoroughly enjoyed the program, and learned many new aspects of successful options trading. The instructors are all of the highest caliber.”

“I'm so glad that I decided to become a student of the Online Trading Academy.”

“Online trading academy is a great institution with knowledgeable, kind and supportive individuals.. They have a passion to change the lives of individuals through trading.”

“I am self employed and have been worrying about my future savings and retirement; but now I am able to earn income from home at any time of my life. It means this class gave me a tremendous confidence.”

“Before enrolling in the course I had an experience trading, but the concepts, the core strategy particularly, gave me a clearer, better and another perspective of trading. I will use the strategy as my road map in trading. They also provided assignments and support after the class to reinforce what was learned in the classroom. As a whole, it provided me what I was looking for and more.”

“OTA is a great place if you want to learn how to do trading.”

“I highly recommend that anyone who is interested in learning about trading, educate yourself properly and use a proper plan. The OTA education is worth it.”

“I have been studying and trading futures since Fall 2016. Attending the course with different instructors has given me a broad range of knowledge and helps me to develop and perfect the skills I need to be consistently achieving my goals.”

“I came into OTA being the most skeptical and not knowing anything, I found out that it was the best thing I could have done because it has taught me soo much and I'm ready to take on the market. The center is soo family oriented that it makes you feel like you're right at home. It's amazing how much they care about your success; they help out a lot.”

“Online Trading Academy is life changing.”

“The program is unique, different from other schools or self-help books on trading. It reflects the approach of trading used by winners in the real world.”

“OTA is great. They give the students all the formulas to succeed. The instructors are professional traders themselves with a lot of experience in the industry. The teaching style is also at a rate new learners can understand. There is an abundance of resources when you're a student and all the staff and instructors are always available to help.”

“OTA provides honest education with a clear and genuine interest in student success. I couldn't be happier with OTA Toronto as both a learning center and a community. I could easily write 1000 words or more on the incredible instructors I've experienced here in the pro trader and futures class, but suffice to say John Rowland scores a literal 12/10. His ability to teach dynamically and offer interesting learning opportunities around every corner of discussion was absolutely invaluable to me as a novice trader, and overall my ability to access brilliant minds like Dan Sugar and John Rowland is what has given me the assurance that my tuition was well spent.”

“I found what I never believed that any school or company can offer. Complex education that is reinforced with videos, live online classes and much more.”

“OTA is doing an excellent job of educating people about financial instruments and safe trading methods. Great Center, good parking facilities and very friendly staff. Above all, the food is excellent.”

“Before the course, I had been trading in the market for 10 years, but, the course has opened a new vision of trading for me. It is a true professional trading experience. I definitely will recommend it to my friends, family and looking forward to come back to Online Trading Academy to reinforce my skill.”

“Online Trading Academy has provided me a very pleasant and great learning experience. The management staff and instructors are super informative, accommodating and friendly. I highly recommend Online Trading Academy to anyone wanting to learn financial success in trading the markets of any sector of industries to acquire wealth and how to manage the same successfully.”

“Every time I attend OTA I always feel welcomed in a warm and nourishing learning environment, that has great course content.”

“An MBA in Finance did not teach me any practical ways to trade successfully. The education at OTA pays for itself.”

“As I learn more, and trade more, I realize what a great decision I made signing up with OTA. Truly a great place to be in to learn how to Trade. Great instructors and very friendly environment to be in.”

“The OTA program is the most interactive and educational program we have ever encountered in financial field. We are extremely happy with the content and instructors and support staff and the way they conduct business and take care of us.”

“Great team of individuals who are truly passionate about passing on their knowledge and improving the lives of others.”

“If you are serious about your commitment to trading success, come to OTA. I've met the best educators here who actually care about your success. Learning the right knowledge in the classroom is important, having the continued support after the class is even more so. ”

“Great facility, very clean and professional looking. I have the luxury of being able to compare OTA to the days when they were located in the Xerox tower at Yonge and Finch back in 2007. They have come a very long way from being shoehorned into a small corner room to now operating from the entire 11th floor of their new location. Great staff, very friendly and knowledgeable. Parking is awesome once I realized one can park for free in the large empty lot on the other side of the street”


“This is Vijaykumar and I attended the Pro Trader class at Toronto and found it extremely helpful. First of all, I would like to mention that I have very short trading experience during which I made some money initially but lost it finally which brought me to the door steps of Online Trading Academy. I never had any thoughts on risk management, which is so important and I realized it after coming for this class. After attending this Pro traders class, I can say that with all the tools provide like Odd Enhancers, Risk management, etc., I am more confident of becoming a successful trader.”

“I've been part of other financial training organizations and I have this to say: Online Trading Academy is fiercely dedicated to our success - way more than we even realize. The manner in which we are taken care of is a testimony to that. If you can't find success through here, then it's not too rosy out there.”

“WOW! I honestly couldn't be more impressed. I took this course 7 years ago under different management and couldn't have been more dissatisfied. I came into this week trying to be optimistic but expecting very little, Sunil knocked it out of the park!! Content was fantastic, presentation was clear and concise, speed and progress was perfect and accommodating to all participants (which was not easy due to the great variance of levels).”

“I am a beginner in the trading industry; read books before taking the free class and 3 day course and wanted to start trading real money but something was holding me back. I felt like I was not ready yet. I found OTA's ads online and decided to sign up, the 3-day course made me realize that there's a lot more to learn than I thought. After taking the Pro-trader class part 2, I became more knowledgeable about how professional traders trade. In class, there was a trader who used to work for Merrill Lynch and he said, he was never taught to use Stop Loss and Target Limits and he lost a lot of money. That made me realized that I made a good decision to invest in my education before trading with real money. Also, the education counselors advised me not to trade real money until I am ready. I truly recommend OTA if you are thinking of trading financial assets.”

“This is a good way to start, especially for novices like me. One does not need to have an economics or financial management background; in fact it is better to come with an open mind and without prior knowledge. The personnel are very friendly, everything is neat and clean; the food is good and the atmosphere is conducive for learning. It is always exciting to meet like-minded people.”

“OTA has figured out where everyone starts and goes by baby steps to get you up to speed and comfortable. Everyone starts from different spots in knowledge, but like the Marines, no one gets left behind! The future looks bright and makes sense. Kudos OTA.”

“The Toronto campus of Online Trading Academy has been a positive experience. The staff, the environment and the resources have made this an enjoyable and rewarding experience. I look forward to future classes with the exceptional trainers.”

“Trading academy offers the best experienced instructors that add a lot of insight into the trading industry! It is very rule based, methodical and the instructors do a good job of teaching it in a way everyone can understand!”

“When I read the initial reviews on OTA they were mixed between outstanding and the equivalent of time share salesmen. Having now experienced the initial 3 hour, 3 day and attended my 1st Pro Trader course, I can only concur with the "outstanding" comments regarding the program they provide. It's 1st class in every way. Their instructors are true professionals in their field and are committed to making the students successful including a willingness to remain in contact after the course program. The content of the course is no doubt overwhelming as their process is a completely unique way of approaching the trading process. They provide a wealth of information, both verbal and hard copy, with an extensive library of support videos to reinforce the classroom experience. As well, their in house staff are available for further support. Perhaps the greatest benefit of their program is that you are able to repeat any course in the future as many times as you need at no additional cost. This is the equivalent of a lifetime guarantee + the courses are constantly updated. I have yet to put into action their trading program, but am confident that I will be successful.”

“There are so many sources on the web which you can easily get lost. OTA is a right place where you can find authentic and useful knowledge for trading.”

“Online Trading Academy is the only the place where one comes to know how the real market actually works. Before enrolling in the academy, I didn't know abc (nothing) of the market, and now I'm at the position that I can jump into the real market and go for the trading. OTA really helps me a lot in overcoming my fear of markets and setting up my goals.”

“The empathy shown by Steve was incredible. Everyone seemed to get a lot out of the week. This class is rated as the best or tied for the best I've taken so far. Everything was top shelf, to the highest standards.”

“The procedure for parking now works well. Thank you for fixing it. Also, I am pleased that you have returned to providing protein content breakfasts; they work much better from the point of view of attention, and taste much better too.”

“OTA's learning environment is the perfect place to start in the markets. Our coach helped focus our direction, and provided a learning plan based on our goals and needs. Thank you!!”

“Learning to trade is a great skill I have learnt which would not have been possible without OTA. I did not know anything about trading before I walked thru their doors. Best decision I have made. ”

“I have looked at many trading programmes and the only one I am really impressed with is Online Trading Academy. The time I spent was very pleasant. The instructor was very knowledgeable and knew how to present the programme. The personnel is the best I have to work with; they make the atmosphere a family affair each and every day. Friendly and well organised.”

“I am pleased to have attended the OTA classes. OTA classes opened my eyes to the new frontiers in online trading and helped me set new learning goals for myself. I also learned a lot during the one week of training, but the realization of what I don't know is much more valuable take away for me. ”

“Online Trading Academy has taught me a skill that allows me to make a living virtually anywhere, and changed my future for the better.”

“Learning is so much fun and effective when the information presented is organized and understandable. What Online Trading Academy has done is combined their presentation with individuals who live and breathe the OTA Core Strategy. This combination of theory and real world experience from the presenters was very powerful and effective.”

“After taking the Pro Trader course at OTA I began to see the world of trading in an entirely different light. Once you learn the way the investing world really works, you can never go back to the old beliefs that have been drummed into your head by financial institutions, governments, and the media. It is a truly life changing education. OTA is a very professional environment that promotes a culture of nurturing the student as an individual. The staff is truly friendly, welcoming, engaging, and they work hard to ensure a quality experience. The material and knowledge offered are first rate and mind opening. The instructors are absolutely outstanding in both their expertise and their willingness to share their knowledge and wisdom.”

“Great experience, OTA is the best place for learning about various asset classes and how to profit from them. Excellent instructor who made the week an invaluable tool for my future.”

“OTA has outstanding instructors; and it always impresses me to see their ability to improve every aspect of their business.”

“Excellent place for learning and networking. Everything - from the staff to the classrooms and the parking is efficiently organized and pleasant. No recommendations. Keep up the great work guys! Great atmosphere - extremely valuable learning experience!”

“Every new class provides a new epiphany for me. The instructor quality continues to go from excellent to excellent.”

“Total Professionals! Fantastic Teachers, especially for the beginner Traders!”

“I have been doing my own trading for about 15 years. I'm amazed at what I have learned and can't wait to use my new skills. After a week of simulated trading at OTA, I can see that OTA's trading rules really work. ”

“OTA has developed a program of instruction that takes the student from beginning to intermediate to expert, with support at every step of the journey. With the lifetime retakes, and access to Pro Picks and Mastermind Community, there is always an opportunity to learn and share. I have now taken the futures class twice with John Rowland, and highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to trade the futures market. He combines many years of experience with the ability to see what the newcomer needs and address that. Thank you OTA!”

“I personally like everything about the academy, and the staff are really polite also. The instructors are great persons and teach you a lot in a short a period of time.”

“OTA truly wants every student to succeed. They have an amazing support structure, either through the comprehensive personalized website, phone support and, of course, the staff at the Toronto Center are exceptional. I have attended 3 classes to date of which all were taught by industry professionals that have been trading for more than 20 years. Two of the instructors had 30 years including actual time in the trading pits. Very interesting stories that enhanced my learning experience. All instructors had very different teaching techniques but shared a passion for the success of each student that confirmed my decision about joining OTA. I look forward to my upcoming class in 3 weeks.”

“I enjoyed the program, lots of important information which added to my learning experience. I feel this journey has just started and I look forward to continuing the process to my personal success in the future.”

“Online Trading Academy is very good at putting together their course contents and they give hands on training as the course is progressing.”

“We are very pleased with the quality of the learning experience, the caliber of the trainers, the ongoing support and the encouragement of the staff. We are novices but expect to be in the trading game very soon.”

“if you are looking for a strong foundation for stock market trading, OTA is the place to be as it has help me go from guessing on making trades to making informed and highly probable trades.”

“OTA has an excellent core of support and instructional staff. They do a good job tailoring to individual levels of knowledge and comfort.”


“Amazing new center that makes learning so enjoyable. The staff members go above and beyond to ensure you are successful and listen to you when you need assistance.”

“OTA takes a complex subject area and breaks it down to a logical, step by step process. As a new investor with no experience, I find that this process is pragmatic, logical and a great way to learn. I look forward to the rest of the week and other courses by OTA.”

“Strong, positive energy in the location. Staff and students were happy and positive. Great learning environment to be in.”

“This is an excellent program with a lifetime repeat guarantee to ensure total success for any dedicated beginner to Master any Asset class he/she chooses to do. The entire environment is a friendly one, creating a homely atmosphere. Jamie has always been exceptional in giving good service from day one to me. The Director is a warm and friendly individual and so is the rest of the staff.”

“I have never traded before and was terrified of the idea of learning. Online Trading Academy has given me the excitement and some knowledge that I can do it successfully if I use all the tools that are provided to me. The staff here in Toronto is very nice and helpful. The center is clean, they provide parking and I have to say I am impressed with the quality of the food and the amount of food.”

“Being taught from an experienced trader is the best value to learning.”

“My eyes were opened. I thought I could read charts before joining OTA, but I was wrong. The system and disciplines are what I was lacking.”

“This was a fantastic experience. The instructor was very passionate and enthusiastic which made learning a fun experience. The members and staff of the OTA were very friendly and helpful at all times. I wish my university years were this beneficial. ”

“Really enjoyed the program. Excellent tools to keep you within your personal investment discipline.”

“After making the leap of faith into the unknown world of investing, I was extremely comforted by the care taken to welcome me into the "OTA" experience. The education aspect is laid out in a manner that allows everyone the opportunity to excel with real time learning opportunities as well as fast paced yet thorough textbook presentation and review. The OTA team is well versed in all aspects of the learning experience and the support is beyond belief!”

“If there is anybody who is looking for a challenging yet extremely profitable learning experience, then this is for you. The tools that are available for students are so vast, you never feel left out in the cold and student support is only an email away.”

“Learning at the OTA center has been great and it's just getting better as time moves forward. Surrounding myself with like-minded people is totally awesome and it's good and absolutely amazing for any new trader.”

“I recommend to anyone contemplating to enter the trading business to come to the OTA first. It is the only way to understand the risks that are going to be taken and how to manage them successfully. ”

“I am very, very pleased to have joined OTA. I realised after two to three days of classes that the money I spent for this training was not going to be waste. It has potential to change my life and I am very motivated to work towards that.”

“One of the things I decided I wanted to do in 2015 was stock trading. I knew absolutely nothing about the Stock market. I enrolled for Online Trading Academy's 3 day seminar, not only were they professionally presented but the information was broken down into sections that enabled a novice like me to follow. I enjoyed the sessions and the educator's humour. Sometimes it was just nice listening to his accent. Like anything worth doing, it is going to take time and money. I enrolled in the full course after the seminar and it's worth every dollar so far. The course is giving me a deep understanding of how the stock market works and that will make me a better trader. "I will see you on the floor.”

“Online Trading Academy's approach and methodology to online trading is a must for any novice or experienced trader at any level. If you are truly interested in developing the right foundation to go on and have a successful career in trading, Online Trading Academy is the institution to start that new journey. Long term success in trading with OTA as a partner has increased your percentages of success significantly; do not look elsewhere or spend money on books at the store! Adrian Madden - Dundas, ON Canada”

“When I first came to the introductory course I was really interested, and then went to the weekend course and it confirmed it for me. I am so excited about starting a new career and having freedom that I haven't had in the past. I am looking forward to a very bright future and I owe it all to Online Trading Academy. Thank you very much!”

“Everyone needs to learn to manage their money effectively. It doesn't matter if you are a high school student or a retired person. Online Trading Academy teaches you to do it with experienced traders and excellent support. Sooner or later everybody must invest the money. Are you going to do it blindly or with some knowledge?”


“I always love coming to OTA. It is very inspiring to be a part of a very energetic group of people that truly enjoy trading. ”

“Everyone was friendly and great!”

“In this age where knowledge has exponentially become the most important asset to possess, this course addresses one of the greatest priorities that individuals should consider: do I try to "make more money," or should I "make more with my money?" There is no doubt that if a person has the inclination, the conviction and the perseverance, they will succeed using the knowledge received from these courses. Finding out how little you know about something so important is definitely a humbling experience that everyone should muster up the courage to take on.”

“I wish I had realized about you guys sooner!”

“A good introduction to essential concepts for everyone looking to trade the markets.”

“If you ever get the opportunity to meet the guys in Toronto Online Trading Academy you will undoubtedly be a lucky person. From the GM Ron to Coach Mike to Instructor Dale, these are some of the smartest most helpful and well put people I have ever met. From Day 1, they have made me feel part of the team and family and I can't thank them enough for teaching me how to be a better and more knowledgeable trader and person.”

“Learning at the Online Trading Academy center for the past several years, I have learned so much with all you have to offer. At this point I feel better with strongly moving forward in the Options market. Ted is a great options instructor.”

“I've always heard the quote "let your money work hard for you, not the other way around." I believed the latter spoke to me, up until my initiation to Online trading Academy. I now know the former is within reach with hard work, focus, and discipline.”

“Online Trading Academy has changed the way I look at the market and manage my money. Since I've taken my first course in pro-trader over a year ago I've quit my job and trade full time intra-day. After taking the options course, I now have a tool to trade my longer term positions without worrying about gap losses.”


“Great location! Completely changed my psychology, how I view the markets and how I trade.”

“An intensive, understandable education in trading by proven, knowledgeable people who stand by their product. The course is well worth the cost, especially with the feature of being able to repeat the course when one needs to/wants to refresh understanding and skills.”

“I love coming back here from time to time to help charge my batteries.”

“Everyone should take the time to learn about the markets, even if they don't invest themselves.”

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