Tampa Bay, FL - Student Testimonials

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“Complicated technical analysis becomes simple process. Profound knowledge was explained with easy-to-understand approach. Super enjoyable class environment and teaching style. Lots of lab simulation practice. ”

“ I came in with previous experience in trading multiple markets but had been burned so badly that I avoided them for years. I had heard good things about OTA and thought I'd give them a shot. After the first meeting I truly saw the value and potential with this system. And it is even really more than just a system. It is absolutely an ongoing learning process with unbelievable support and encouragement. This gives me faith in myself again that I can achieve what I've always wanted to do with the markets. I am excited about the future and all the opportunities that lie ahead. ”

“I had NO prior knowledge coming into this class. German did an amazing job teaching and taking his time to ensure that every student had the full grasp of what was being taught at the moment. You can definitely tell that OTA instructors care about your future success. I gained so much from coming to this class that will last me the rest of my life. I'll always remember and practice core strategy. -Sydnei & Matthew”

“I enjoyed the program and it will be great to continue my education.”

“Even if you don't want to trade full time, you should take this class. Learning the pattern recognition and the psychology of trading translates into so many other aspects of life.”


“My husband and I looked into trading years ago and the company we went through was nothing compared to Online Trading Academy. The way they break down concepts and have a way for you to practice, practice, practice, while getting feedback from a professional is extremely helpful. My husband and I wish we had heard of this company years ago when we originally wanted to start trading.”

“OTA (the Forex class in particular) was very rewarding, both emotionally and financially. I think anyone who wants to be their own boss should take a look at Online Trading Academy.”

“Everyone at the Academy is positive and always willing to help. Our Professor Scott was a genius at his trade and giving tips. Matt the student rep was very helpful.”

“This class has been engineered to focus your learning on years of precision trading techniques used by professional traders. I completed the class with the utmost confidence that I can open a live, personally funded trading account with a broad understanding of how NOT to make the common mistakes feared by those who just understand. Outlined the critical do's and don'ts for being a successful trading career.”

“Great class. Lots of stuff to learn. Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions till I understood.”

“I was looking for something that would give me purpose and provide incremental achievements after I retire. Trading is definitely something that I can grow with while filling a need for accomplishment, while also sustaining a sense of security by offering something to replace the paycheck I'll be giving up.”

“I have tried multiple learning platforms to try and figure out how to make me a better trader and OTA is the first training system that makes sense.”

“My goal was not only to try and learn a new skill, but to try and gauge if trading was a viable new skill for me to try and learn, considering my lack of knowledge and experience within such a specialized field. The curriculum at the school, combined with the dedication of the staff, built my confidence and allowed me to become excited about learning more and more. It offered me the realization that I actually could do it.”

“OTA offers very flexible online and live programs. But more important are the fantastic instructors who are extremely experienced traders and make every effort to help the students learn.”

“Before walking into OTA, I didn't know the first thing about trading. After going to the workshop, then attending the Market Time Orientation and Core Strategy Parts 1 & 2, I feel that I am well on my way to becoming a successful trader! The patented Core Strategy process is fantastic, and all OTA staff is super friendly & helpful.”

“This is the best education platform for life. Incidentally, it turned out to be the best gift for my son, before he turned 16. I consider OTA to be a very meaningful "investment." Everyone here at the center was kind and courteous. The instructor, Scott Maragioglio, is extremely knowledgeable and a great instructor who could translate his knowledge into action for the students.”

“I enjoyed the program very much. It was a lot to take in in such a short time. Our facilitator, Scott, was wonderful. I like his style of teaching. Scott was aware of the stress and provided breaks when needed.”

“When I started this program I had zero experience; I now know how to set my curves, trends, and zones. I can't wait to start my XLT classes. Laura Perla”

“I am amazed at how much I have learned from OTA. I am someone who knew NOTHING about trading or stocks. Now I am confident I will reach my goals. The staff at OTA is so welcoming and helpful!!”

“Truly impressed with the fact that instructors are not only very knowledgeable but that they have an extreme amount of patience & a strong passion for what they are teaching. My view of trading has gone from night to day, cannot stress enough how grateful I am to Scott, Matt & Braden for the amount of effort they put in each and every day. Keep Up The Great Work Guys!”

“My experience with OTA and the Core class has been exceptional. I am looking forward to practicing the information that was taught and continuing my education with OTA into their Mastermind series. My reason for enrolling with OTA was to protect my retirement, but in learning how to do so I also discovered an additional income stream. The instructors and staff are very helpful. I highly recommend OTA!”

“My experiences over the last year of training in the assets I have chosen has been truly worthwhile. The education this organization is offering is valuable, and extremely accessible at home, while traveling, and in class. My journey is just starting, gonna be a great ride. Thanks to all the teachers and office crews for your help in starting out.”

“All the instructors I've learned with have been highly qualified. This is very helpful in the learning process. Thanks to all those dedicated teachers here I feel confident in my future in learning every aspect of every asset class. Thanks O.T.A.”

“Instructors are the key to having a good program. OTA does a great job in having highly qualified instructors to teach the different programs they offer. The fact that they allow retakes on location or online is an awesome benefit to being able to grasp the material and be successful in using the methods taught.”

“OTA classes are top notch instruction. My skills as a trader increase exponentially with each block of training.”

“Given my lack of understanding the financial markets, I entered the OTA door with great trepidation. Fortunately I was greeted by a most friendly and compassionate staff, all of whom, at one time, stood in my shoes. I quickly came to know that I would never get left behind because the mission of OTA is to see to the success of every student, one at the time!”

“Trading is not a talent. It is knowledge of a process that works and the Online Trading Academy has the instructors to take you to the knowledge level necessary to succeed.”

“For a beginner, the OTA environment makes you feel that support is available whenever you need it. Instructors are very knowledgeable. It is a non-threatening environment, and people are friendly and helpful. Students who already have an experience are more than willing to help and share their experiences.”

“I have learning limitations, and the instructors worked very hard to teach me my way. I have the basic skills to move forward. It is a lot of material to learn but the instructor did a great job at presenting all of the various aspects. The rest is up to me. I still have a lot of work to do but I feel that I will be ready for my FOREX class in the near future. This place changes lives.”

“Core Strategy is like pulling the curtain back to expose the mechanics of what's REALLY happening.....AND why it's happening. When you can see the what & the why, you can see there is a road map waiting for you!”

“OTA not only explains the how, but also the why, giving me as a student the mindset to think through my next trade. It's reassuring to feel confident about knowing your next steps.”

“ Definitely all my expectations were exceeded!!!”


“If want you to Succeed in making money, education is the key. No pain, no gain; and you don't have to blow up your Bank account. I would recommend these courses. Thanks for the Learning Opportunity.”

“I recommend this school to anyone who wants to better their life and surround themselves with very knowledgeable staff.”

“When you live from paycheck to paycheck grinding out 60 to 70 hrs a week, there is no forward motion. If you see yourself doing that until you retire-if you retire- and a stagnant 401K you won't feel comfortable with. OTA is offering me the tools to proceed toward a comfortable retirement and a stable family. I'll never be able to thank you guys enough....”

“User friendly, lots of time to execute what we learned, very pleasant easy atmosphere.”

“The class was a non-stop learning experience. I never realized how little I knew and now am eager to learn more. And why wouldn't I? It's my money here!”

“My OTA Core Class was much more than learning how to trade. It is a life changing opportunity to grow not only in financial education, but learning how to be in control of your life. I am motivated to continue learning.”

“OTA is one of a few places where you can get this kind of in-depth training in all the different asset classes. You learn the what and how to trade which is very beneficial.”

“I was very skeptical initially -I did lots of research and found there was nothing else that offered the hands on/hand holding that OTA offers. Once I jumped in - I was pleasantly surprised. The amount of classes, tools and support is tremendous. I can view/review hundreds if not thousands of additional education... Wish I would have found this school years ago!!”

“OTA and its instructors go way beyond just delivering a standard textbook approach. They, mostly Scott, give you the background and the why things work the way they always do. I always get something new out of every day.”

“I found the presentation of the Core Strategy course to be thorough and the instructor very willing to answer questions. By the end of class, I felt comfortable with my use and understanding of the information presented. ”

“This has been an excellent experience in learning how the markets work. As a beginner to the world of trading, I have gained a level of confidence that I am quite sure will support my future adventures in the markets . All of the folks Involved in this professional Academy are some of the nicest and most knowledgeable folks I have ever met.”

“I liked the hands on approach teaching method! Also, actually putting trades in and then learning how to manage the trade once it gets executed. Our class was very helpful with each other and then confirming different points with the teacher.”

“The instructors are awesome and the facility is topnotch.”

“Every member of the team shared my goal to gain a foothold in this new discipline. Their encouragement, as well as the well-defined technical approach, inspired a level of confidence in the program that validated my decision to enroll. Working with such qualified and talented instructors made the week tremendously worthwhile. Patricia DeVerna - This is now Ed DeVerna: What do I say ! Instructor was well prepared and energetic. Core Strategy is a challenge to be pursued. It will not reveal its secret without study and dedication. The team at OTA and my fellow students are up to the challenge. I, for one, am glad I brought my wife. Something we can do together.”

“My advice is: Don't start trading till you've checked out Online Trading Academy, unless you don't mind losing money! ("Learn the Rules" enjoy the Gains)!!!”

“Online Trading Academy has been an enlightening experience that I wish I had done years ago. I have learned so much, and am still learning the art of trading. For me, it will take more practice, more education; and to think I have access to everything I learned and more right on the OTA site. This learning trail is so exciting for me as I can log on to my computer anytime and read or experience live recordings and even simulated trades. The Education teachers and counselors are wonderful, patient and friendly, ready to help with any problem. I still have a lot to learn but with this education and help, I feel sure to succeed.”

“Learning how to trade at OTA has opened up the possibilities to be very successful in the markets using proven and patented strategies. Very positive learning environment with professional instructors who care about your learning experience.”

“If you have any interest in trading the market, you would be just spinning your wheels without the proper education at OTA. You're given the tools you need to understand the Heartbeat of the stock market.”

“Very rewarding class, educational, and it can make you self reliant. It's all there for you to take advantage of. You must have the discipline, stamina, patience and the commitment, but you will get there.”


“If you are not making money trading, I now know why. You did not come to the Online Trading Academy to learn how to trade. Stop! Seriously, if you are losing money, stop what you are doing and get a clue. I understand it is your money, this is America, and you are free to throw it away if you wish. By the same token you are also free to learn better. Come in, listen to the offerings and invest in yourself. Do Better! You will thank me later. ”

“Online Trading Academy simplified the process of learning how to trade professionally. Anyone with the willingness to learn and succeed in the world of trading can do so with the excellent support of the staff at Online Trading Academy.”

“I traded on my own prior to attending OTA. After taking the options class, I learned why I made money and why I lost money in the market. I was a foolish trader ”

“I have always been convinced of the programs merits and came back to learn discipline. TimPesut was very methodical in his approach to the process and this allowed me to create a habit pattern that proved successful. Roy Thomas”

“Forex Trading was my third class taken with OTA. The organization continues to be professional, well organized, and attentive to students' needs. Being a product of many educational systems, I know OTA is focused on educating students to participate in the financial markets. OTA St. Petersburg is staffed by fabulous individuals and continues to be an enjoyable experience for me.”

“The instructors at the academy provide life lessons for managing your risk so as a student you don't have to make the same mistakes. They are so nice and open and take their time to hone your skills and fix historic trading mistakes you've made so you can become a trader that takes small losses but big gains.”

“Online Trading Academy has been worth every penny of my investment. My only regret is that I did not find the Academy sooner, and would have gladly spent more on the education instead of losing it on the market. I was really impressed with the Academy's desire to continually upgrade their courses and materials as changes become relevant. I hope that this effort continues and that all students are made aware of these changes when they happen.”

“I refuse to let the social/political/financial systems continue to fail me. The academy gives me the opportunity to dream big knowing that my dreams can become true. All it takes is you willing to change your life's direction by following the core strategy. Don't wait for tomorrow. Your tomorrow is now. If all I learned here was just the "stop loss", I am 10 times better than when I came here. The center is clean, the personnel are friendly and helpful, easy to find a spot to park. It is a true family environment for me as student. I feel I'm in the company of family members that I didn't know.”

“I came to OTA with an open mind, having ZERO background knowledge in business markets, trading, and not knowing the difference between "a stock from a rock" (a borrowed quote from Blake). I am very grateful for the assistance I received from Ray, Michael, Jose, Alex, Chris, and my first instructor, Scott McCormick, teaching me Core Strategy. My observations regarding all these individuals is that they all share a common and sincere, honest, heartfelt generosity rarely seen anymore these days. They also all possess an exceptional gift of high intelligence and expertise in this field. I recognize that being associated with all their influence would directly attribute to any and all of my future success. Pun intended, I am in Futures, LOL. I have complete faith in this program because I trust in the content knowledge these individuals possess and generously share with others. I believe they are all great assets to this campus and will definitely lead me to succeed. Thank you to all.”

“This OTA Core Strategy Course will change the way I look at investments for the rest of my retirement. The facility and instructors were all professional and extremely knowledgeable, a new adventure in financial education. Thank You.”

“I am very happy that OTA and the company's instructors never teach the information as a high probability get rich scheme. Quality education is never free or cheap. The markets are challenging and competitive. OTA gives you the pathway to achieve success. I do believe I will be profitable as long as I continue my education with OTA and work hard at what they teach. OTA will continue to be part of my arsenal. I am glad I am part of the OTA family.”

“OTA is unique in that it provides a comprehensive educational program in how to effectively trade and invest in the stock market. Staff at Tampa/St Petersburg are great to work with.”

“I already sent in a testimonial today on the website regarding David Fong, who was excellent. Regarding OTA specifically, it is a very well-run, top-notch, professional organization with a family atmosphere. I can tell that if I stay for the long haul, I will have the knowledge AND SUPPORT to become successful. In addition to having the education resources I need, OTA appears to be all about support for it's students.”

“The OTA classes provide a wealth of information to master the art of trading. However, each individual gets out what they put in. Learning the craft of trading is challenging but the reward will be worth my effort once I elevate to the level I want to reach. The capacity and level of each student will determine the length of retakes, and different instructors we have the opportunity to hear; and that's not a negative outlook because each instructor brings positive learning avenues for most of us. The Online Trading Academy is a costly investment of resources that are required to be successful. In my opinion, the OTA prices are worth the resources it provides because they always offer many outlets of information to help and refresh our skill we've learned throughout the lifetime of our trading ability. That, in my opinion, is a five star.”

“I am currently 13 years old and have always been interested in making money. Yes, trading isn't for everyone but I felt right away it was for me. Online Trading Academy helped me greatly to learn more about the markets, how to deal with good things and bad things.”


“I have taken many stock market training courses over the past thirty years and learned to be a great "Retail" trader. I learned how to use Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages, Etc., Etc., Etc. and how to make NO money. Online Trading Academy teaches Demand and Supply, rather than Support and Resistance, and how to actually profit by trading all the markets, utilizing their unique "Core Strategy" approach. I am very thankful that I joined their team. My instructor, Tim Pesut, is Fantastic! Why? Because he brings forth knowledge about "The Art of the Deal" to the classroom. Tre' and Scot Stokes, also two fantastic instructors who bring the skill of the mechanics of the Core Strategy, as does Tim; but Tim is uniquely capable of sharing his vast experience of the marketplace and actually explaining the internal workings and significance of each individual candlestick. This enabled me to gain a better interpretation of "White Space", and the difference between a wick and tail and the essence of the body. A wick meaning unidentified number of potential sellers, a tail meaning some potential buyers and a candle body (wall) meaning happy satisfied buyers and sellers i.e. fulfilled orders. This shows me the high caliber of OTA instructors and I am thankful I joined the team.”

“If a person is really serious about trading for a living... they absolutely need to take classes from OTA. The support and follow-up they offer is outstanding!!!”

“If you're looking to trade, OTA is the answer! Their instructors are top notch, and the books break it down into layman's terms and you have the books to refer to, forever!!! The staff here at the Tampa center are great and very friendly. They guide you into the direction you want to go, giving you the tools to help you succeed. The center is always neat and tidy, and I love the inspirational posters placed throughout the center. Positive, is what I become, when I walk through the doors at the OTA Center, knowing they'll help me in becoming a successful Trader!! Thanks again!!!”

“I am very happy with the class and the instructor and also happy that I made Online Trading Academy the school of choice. I would recommend anyone to OTA because the instructors are great and answer all your questions.”

“It is well worth the time and money. The center is well managed and maintained. Very clean and organized. Conducive to learning. Great food for breakfast and lunch. Personnel are very helpful.”

“This has been the very best trading course that I have ever taken. The basics of options are taught and then techniques to appropriately plan and implement the trades. The implementation is all about putting the probabilities in our favor. Russ Allen is a tremendous teacher. He has a vast fund of knowledge and is thoughtful, patient, and thorough. His demonstrations on TradeStation are superb. I could not have asked for a better experience throughout the entire course. Thanks so much!”

“This program has been very informative and meaningful; I was able to develop two major strategies for high probability trades. Thanks to the instructor and program coordinator.”

“I enjoyed this program. They taught me a lot. They put the students first... student counselor, teachers, staff, excellent. Thanks.”

“Trading well is a long process; strongly feel that this program prepares anyone to be a good trader, but only with a LOT of hard work and continuing education. The instructors are very competent and enthusiastic about what they do.”

“The center is well kept, clean and well run. Haydee Ayala, the administrator, is on top of everything. My impression is that she takes pride of her job. She has fresh coffee, tea and snacks for all throughout the day. Breakfast and lunch The teachers are very attentive, courteous, friendly and experienced. The chairs in the trading rooms are very comfortable. Parking is not an issue in St Petersburg.”

“Whatever the challenge is you feel as you step in any of their introductory seminars, that fear or doubt will slowly diminish when you choose to be in control of your financial life. OTA provides caring, professional and experienced mentors. The school has a platform for the success of everyone who commits themselves to OTA's trading system or process; and I feel that they, too, are fully committed to seeing you and me attain that financial freedom from those who think they have you and me under their thumbs.”

“OTA has a way of explaining their core strategy that is simple to understand. Their training focuses on proper technical analysis and trade execution. In my opinion, their methodical process is the best way to become a confident and profitable trader.”

“I have taken other program courses in the past, this one is by far more valuable in helping me learn concisely what is needed to be able to apply it immediately. A huge benefit and a great way to begin life as a trader. I have the desire and ability to get started.”


“I would recommend OTA courses to anyone.”

“Everything about the center is positive. Everyone is friendly and helpful. The support is first class. Bradley is always available to answer questions. Thank you, Bradley!”

“I highly recommend the institution based on the complete support package from beginning to end. The fact that you can re-take the classes is not only a necessary function of the learning process, I believe, but one that is encouraged by the staff. That in it of itself speaks of their commitement to my success.”

“I have had a wonderful experience, and a reaffirmation of the competence and experience of OTA and its high level instructors. The support and structure will ensure, if I put in the work, that I have a high probability of getting my desired outcomes with OTA's patented concepts. I had a great time! & Thanks to Jeff Manson! YODA!”

“I can honestly say that I was/am impressed by the attention to details given through this whole process thus far. Many organizations give a fraction of what Online Trading Academy has given me in terms of information and follow through as well as the many resources available. Last, the teachers and representatives involved really stay in touch with your progress and make the ultimate effort to help you stay motivated, not that I need it but they are committed. Thanks.”

“My confidence level as a trader has improved 100%.”

“Well before I joined the class, I had in mind that this is just like every other school out there trying take profit on your hard earning money. But having Ron, Scott and Ray at the 3 day session really impressed me. That's why I joined, but I still didn't know how I was going to draw zones like them, neither did I believe I could do it as fast as them. But Irfan and Brad made sure that I got this and they were so patient in the process of me understanding it. I said that I would talk to everyone I know about OTA because they are the real deal. After all, the money spent was worth every cent despite having to take my asset class.”

“I am very pleased with my learning experience. I look forward to trading now that I have had this fun experience which not only gave the foundational tools but a support to call on when needed. Thank you, Irfan. I will forever hear your voice of wisdom in my head.”

“With the tools and information taught at OTA, you are truly shown how to take hold of your financial future. The information I have learned in such a short time is invaluable. Tim Pesut's approach to teaching about the market was broad, yet extremely detailed. His methods are simple and methodical. We learned not only how to trade, but how the market works and all of the world market intricacies that will affect your trading. Tim taught me more about the financial market in 1 week than I have learned in the past 35 years. - Tearnan Cossa”

“This is an incredible means to change your life; though it requires serious determination. The instructors are terrific, and serve as superb role models. I look forward to becoming a long term student. ”

“This course gives power to the people. We are learning how the market works, as well as how to take advantage of supply and demand zones.”

“I remember when I came into the free class and did not know stocks from futures, forex and options, but even in such a small time frame I came away with a little more understanding on how to secure my financial future. In the 3 day class I learned so much about what 401k investment plans do with my money, and that if I learned the core trading strategy that OTA provides I could increase my returns on my 401k funds exponentially. Now, I am in the last hours of the Pro Trader course and already feel like I can make a positive lifestyle change. I can now spot supply and demand levels with no problem using my odds enhancers, so on and so forth. In the live trading sessions I experienced losses and gains. However, the losses in no way add up to the gains thanks to the risk management strategies that are so greatly reinforced in these courses. I would recommend this class to anyone who ever thought they could not have full control of their financial destiny. Thanks, OTA and Scott Maragioglio for being an awesome and inspiring instructor.”

“It's great. My fellow students are an asset to me as part of a community of traders.”

“Wow! It's amazing how much you learn about stocks, and how much more there is to learn about trading them!”

“The OTA Tampa Bay has a friendly and encouraging atmosphere where the support education counselors are offering additional assistance to make sure you take away what you need to get started in your trading goals. I will most definitely take OTA up on their offer to assist me as I grow more deeply into my skills as a trader.”


“I came into the class as a newby and was shown every consideration, both by the instructor, the computer whiz (Bradley), and by the other students who were retaking the course or those that already knew how to trade.”

“I learned things that I could not find anywhere else.”

“Had a great learning experience with OTA. The instructor and staff are great and I definitely feel confident to enter the market and be efficient.”

“There's a young man in this class who decided to invest his education money into OTA rather than college. I totally agree with him. Here you'll learn something useful that can benefit you all of your life instead of a bunch of worthless college courses. I have a four year degree.”

“I have always enjoyed OTA and the staff. They are always friendly and professional. I believe that OTA teaches the best concept for learning to trade any market in the real world.”

“Online Trading Academy does an exceptional job in teaching you how to trade professionally on your own. They give you ideas to best work your process in trading.”

“I have been at this Online Trading Academy locations several times. I think it is just an awesome place for this trading.”

“Having dived into 3 asset classes this far without prior research or recommendation I am astounded at the continued amount of help, resources and willingness of all those involved at this centre. This contributes extensively in my journey to become a home based professional trader with an edge.”

“I have been contacted by other trading schools in the past, but I am glad I selected Online Trading Academy because of the proximity to where I live, and I found out that the staff are all friendly, accommodating, and seem to be interested in making me a successful trader in the future. (Am a novice and never traded before, except through local brokerage). All the instructors I have so far are excellent and enthusiastic. Their energy is inspiring.”

“Everything about Online Trading Academy has helped me with all of trading and life.”

“Being fed everyday was amazing! The staff is very helpful and friendly!”

“My counselor, Brian, was very honest and helpful. Seeing how the markets work actually makes sense. I think anyone can trade if they are serious about it. It is just like any other profession, once you learn the techniques you can be great!!!”

“Attending a live class at Online Trading Academy exceeded my expectations. The quality of course materials, individual attention and lecturing was top notch. Having the opportunity to interact with other students who are at/near my level of development was also very helpful. I recommend attending the Tampa, FL Online Trading Academy facility for those looking for a great place to visit in the off hours.”

“I came into this class knowing next to nothing about trading, but when I walked out of this class I can now call myself a confident trader. At first we started out slow, not really making much money in the simulators, but in no time at all we were identifying good trades on our own that worked. The tools they teach you here work and are a good investment for anyone who even has a small interest in trading. I would like to thank my instructor, Chris, and the rest of the staff at my center for the amount of dedication and kindness they showed.”

“From day one I've felt that I've gotten my money's worth. It's helped me to dream again and see more clearly how and when I will be freed from my j-o-b.”

“The attitude of the instructors and all office personal is great. ”

“Online Trading Academy is top to learn how to trade. I have learned a lot from attending.”

“We were provided many new processes and tools to become a successful trader. Along with future support I hope to become successful.”

“Good educational experience.”

“I would tell anyone who is interested in trading that Online Trading Academy is the way to go.”

“The Online Trading Academy seems to be an answer to my prayers in terms of growing my retirement account. I have limited experience in trading and did not know what to expect when I signed up for the classes. I was so pleasantly surprised to learn about the specific strategy taught by the facility; and I know that if I use what I have been taught I can be successful in this endeavor. The presentation of the material was terrific and the ability to learn while doing real trades was, I believe, immeasurable. I cannot wait to report back in the future about my success as a trader, and I am so looking forward to the next class. I can't wait to learn more!”

“Staff made you feel like you are part of the family.”

“I am looking forward to putting my new skills to use, improving my lifestyle, and better securing my family's future.”

“All the courses at Online Trading Academy seem to be very helpful in developing a structured plan to help improve our results.”

“Very good hospitality.”


“Prior to Online Trading Academy, instructors I came across never took the time and effort to explain money management and adopting a structured approach to trading. This is key to staying in this game for the long haul. Perhaps they never knew it themselves. The emphasis on keeping trading simple as possible is a main idea conveyed. The professional approach of the instructor lends credibility to the entire process. In retrospect, had I learnt trading from Online Trading Academy from the onset, my success in trading Forex would have been much further along than it currently is. Learn it right the first time!!!”

“Great experience, good instructor, good service, I'm excited to start trading!”

“You guys are doing a great job. Thanks!”

“I have been investing in the market for about 50 years and until now I didn't know how ignorant I was. I've done reasonably well but did miss out on a wealth of opprtunities in my research style.”

“I've experienced 4 consecutive positive trading days. This has been a great confidence booster and I'm now considering going live next week.”

“I have been very pleased with the education I have received at Online Trading Academy and would recommend it to anyone who wants to trade the markets. I only wish I had know about Online Trading Academy years ago. The knowledge I have received would have saved me major money.”

“I am very new to trading and had considered the market much too risky to be part of. These classes have completely changed my mind and have given me the confidence not only to enter the market, but to consider it as my full time job! I am very excited by the content of the class as well as what I learned from the instructor and am looking forward to starting to trade.”

“The Online Trading Academy is one of the best courses that I have taken through my trading education experience. I would highly recommend this organization to anyone even slightly considering to get education in this field”

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