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“I originally came to the Online Trading Academy fearful that the economy would one day overpower me. After attending the free workshop I felt more secure how I could cope with my financial future. I was motivate to sign up to learn more. With free retakes of the courses, online trading group, and supplemental course videos, I can really see that they are committed to the success of their students I'm looking forward to learning all I can here.”

“the core strategy class is great. I am a retake student and the new curriculum with clik is easier to understand. The program keeps being improved to better help the students understand trading.”

“Solid introduction to trading. Well presented with many real life examples. Provided a depth of understanding to financial markets which helped me greatly.”


“Initially, I had a sense if uncertainty about my ability to learn the concepts of Core Strategy. As the class progressed throughout the week, my uncertainty grew to a respectable level of confidence. Learning investment strategies is a must in today's society, and Online Trading Academy is an excellent road map to achieving those goals.”

“I would recommend OTA for anyone looking to get into trading stocks, options, futures or forex. I truly believe that OTA has got the training process so simplified that anyone with a little to no prior trading experience in stocks will be able to learn in the most efficient way possible.”

“Usually, an instructor won't have real experience on what he/she is teaching. There are academicians and there are practitioners, and a majority percent won't fall under both. So, students end up getting only textbook knowledge and struggle in real life. But instructors like Sean, with 20+yrs of experience in trading and having run a trading floor, add huge value to the already wonderful content. I learned a lot from his real life situations and examples. Thank you.”

“The staff at OTA helped to alleviate some of my worries and misunderstandings about the program. They also were insightful regarding the material that we were covering and always gave complete and thorough answers to the questions I had.”

“I am so thankful that in this center, we have Student Support like Hassan and Wesley whom we can always ask for help, and they are always available. They are so helpful that they cater to our needs and requests. With the center's renovation, learning here is so conducive. The place looks very helpful with our studies.”

“OTA provides intensive five day hands-on training that requires our commitment and desire to motivate absorbing the large amount of information. There is both theoretical information about the mechanics of the Forex market and about how trades work. Most importantly, we are coached through—actually using the trading platforms connected to a simulated brokerage to see how trades develop during the day or overnight. I needed this hand-holding to believe I could succeed in the future.”

“Great academy for financial education, particularly if you haven't had any professional personal experience.”

“At the start of class, which began on Saturday, I didn't know anything about trading. After taking the course, I have grown to understand how to invest (demand and supply zone). I'm really happy that I signed up for this. Online Trading Academy has shown me how to take control of my finances, and they have a great support team to help you along the way. Thank you!”

“Everyone is flexible and open minded. I'm not uncomfortable asking questions. Had fun in class and I’m enjoying what I am learning and definitely made new friends. Can't wait to start trading.”

“This is very useful/valuable information and training.”

“I enjoyed Core Strategy class. Staff is very helpful and we got fed during lunch. After the 7-day class, we became a family. If you aspire to be a novice investor and want to be successful, you must attend and learn the proper way of investing to increase your reward and minimize your risk. I highly recommend Online Trading Academy to everyone that would like to invest or trade in different kinds of investments.”

“The Core Strategy program was well organized and logically structured. That made concepts easy to understand and straightforward, especially if you are new to trading. This class would be very useful for trading any asset class. The instructor and support staff were very helpful and provided valuable insight into trading and the resources available to me to learn this as a business. Thanks OTA so much for all your help!!!! It was a pleasure being involved with your community!!”

“Attending OTA has given me the tools to take control of my financial future and equipped me to thrive in a future world, rife with unknown financial challenges. I highly recommend people take control of their financial future by attending OTA.”

“Being a retired U.S. Army officer, I have been looking for inside background, understanding, and systems for trading, using the techniques institutions use to invest in the markets. This course is probably the most comprehensive trading course anywhere in the world. The course is organized well, using top, experienced instructors as well as user-friendly programs that allow the student to apply the processes and techniques used by the most sophisticated traders. The instructors have years of first-hand experience trading and present the trading techniques thoroughly. I will be recommending the Online Trading Academy to other active duty military men and women as well as veterans and their family members. My daughter and son will also be using the Online Trading Academy lessons to begin trading in the markets along with me.”

“There is so much material to absorb, but the instructor showed such energy and brought up our energy level to learn. As has been told in all our classes, practice, practice, practice! To be able to see how we do on our own without anyone looking over our shoulder is most rewarding, especially when the light bulb comes on!”

“Understanding the markets from an objective, non-emotional means is the purpose of OTA's curriculum. It may be a struggle, but through practice, we can all aspire to a better financial future and increase our freedom.”

“Online Trading Academy brings instructors/facilitators with tons of real-life experience in market trading. They are the subject matter experts and you can never go wrong in attending any of the offered asset classes. You will come out confident and ready to trade like the big institutions! Bill Henner is the man!!”

“I had zero experience with trading before I came to Online Trading Academy. My understanding of markets and asset classes were foggy concepts and didn't make sense. Online Trading Academy helped to set the foundation to be able to objectively analyze and execute trades with confidence using the Online Trading Academy way.”

“The instructor, John McHugh, and the rest of the OTA staff were professional, helpful, and friendly. There is a lot of information to take in very quickly, but it is broken down into easy to understand bits of information with a lot of time given to practice the skills.”

“OTA Core Strategy & Futures course has been extremely helpful in understanding the basic concepts, terminology, charting and overall trading process and rules to be a Trader. Recommend the course for anyone who wants to SUCCESSFULLY trade the various markets.”

“Learning trading the OTA way has been very fruitful. They literally hold your hand and guide you through every step. As we take our baby steps into the world of trading, they stand right behind us as pillars of support and ensure assurance. Their support structure is rock solid and I hope to make good use of it as I go about trading live.”

“The quality and content of this class and our instructor reminded me why I spent the $$ to join OTA. The fact that OTA also provides after-class tools that are first-rate is also worth the $$, too. You just can't get this material and instruction anywhere else. Many Thanks!”

“OTA truly empowers its students to trade profitably and is well worth the money and time spent.”

“OTA is a wonderful program that would help you learn to trade successfully. The program has many resources and a wonderful staff. You will only fail if you give up. OTA is set up for success.”

“The system makes so much sense and is very innovative! Looking forward to great success in the future.”

“The level of professionalism and course content is outstanding and well thought out. Course instructor is also outstanding, both for professional knowledge of the subject and also for ability to teach well.”

“For 2 years I ignored the opportunity to sign up and participate in the OTA education and experience. I can now say that I unequivocally enjoy what I have learned and I am extremely eager and excited to continue the journey of becoming not only an exceptional student but an advocate for the program.”

“OTA is a great resource to educate and empower yourself. In these capricious times, it's an imperative. I highly recommend considering OTA as an educational source for your future.”

“OTA gives you hands on experience with trading all markets. All based on a propriety core strategy and group of principles. Most importantly, this builds a community of students helping students and instructors helping students. Having access to this expertise combined with this depth of experience in the instructors gives the student the best environment for learning.”

“I previously was actively involved in Options Trading, but the market procedures have changed since the time I actively traded. I enrolled into OTA to advance my knowledge and skills to better survive in the markets of today. Now, after completing the OTA Professional Options Trader courses, I feel I have far better knowledge of options trading than I have had with my previous training in the early 2000's. OTA gives a student vast resources and support to make the journey to mastering the financial markets a far easier task and will prevent costly mistakes a novice trader can easily make if learning on their own. OTA is not about just generating profits, it is a global community of active successful traders combining their knowledge to give a novice aspiring trader a vast wealth of resources to conquer the Financial Markets.”


“I have been trading stock for years, but this school's method of technical analysis fits my way of thinking. The way people on TV explain, trading looks like superstition. My trading has improved a lot and I have a ways to go, but it just gets better after each class.”

“I really liked the program, the contents, the instructor and most especially the fact that you can practice on the Oanda demo account @ the privacy of your home on your own computer. I enjoyed learning more about the global economy & since I travel and use different currencies, it was amazing that I'm able to trade them & make money..........eventually.”

“All of my education at OTA has been positive. The educators that OTA has are very easy to understand and approachable for questions. I would not hesitate to recommend OTA to any of my friends or family.”

“I think OTA is a very solid, high integrity school that truly seeks to make sure students are learning and being successful. Of course the student must make the effort too, but the resources of the school and their willingness to continually help are overwhelmingly good...”

“Online Trading Academy is the true financial academy that deals with the very tiny details. In the extreme volatile market, it teaches us how to approach the market with rules based strategy... The other fundamental thing is reward to risk ratio. Even if I lose a couple of trades and win one trade, still I will generate the profit or will be in the break even point. That's a magnificent strategy.”

“The Core Strategy class provides fundamentals ideas for trading with any class of assets. It is well structured to combine a theory and a practice with real trading tool in the live trade market. It is also very inspirational. You leave the class with a desire to start the real trading on your own and as soon as possible.”

“GREAT COURSE!! It gives me a lot of confidence to be learning from professional traders and Not from a "get rich quick" scam artist. There are lots of good resources to reinforce the material out of class. The staff is really supportive and willing to answer all your questions and provide all the tools to help you become successful as a trader or investor.”

“I attended OTA classes about 3 years ago but have never been serious about learning. In the back of my mind I used the buyer's remorse by blaming OTA, its teachers, staff etc. for my trade losses. By taking this new Core Strategy and being serious about learning, I realized that OTA provides probably the best education, tools and resources for my level and probably most of other students. I simply did not utilize the privileges that were provided to me. I want to thank all the stuff and operating members of OTA for providing such a great system and services.”

“I have a greater understanding of how markets work. It is a different type of education focused on the reality of a situation, As they say, charts don't lie.”

“Even if you think you are a successful, experienced trader, this class opens up your eyes to the many levels of opportunities and excellent rules to follow for greater success.”

“OTA has amassed a veritable plethora of relevant and useful data, boiled it down to a repeatable., predictable process that the enthusiastic trader can use to generate meaningful returns.”

“The quality of instruction and content far exceeded my expectations. I look forward to continuing my education and appreciate the stellar faculty and support staff.”

“They deliver what they promise to do. Invest in Your Why. You invest by paying upfront and continue to invest through your personal time to learn new skills. But OTA continues to invest in You through countless online expert lifetime learning and education, explaining the specific circumstances of the markets to guide you to adapt your strategy.”

“There is a wealth of information to take in, and the instructors as well as office personal are very helpful. I believe this is a must for someone that is truly interested in doing investing. There is no other learning center more helpful than OTA.”

“If you are looking for a conventional Economic class on supply and demand, this is not it. This course surpassed all of my expectations on so many levels. The teaching approach is very conceptual, delivered by master level traders. The tool allowed me to visually analyze my trade from start to finish using concepts taught at the labs. Great approach to managing trades. The Core Strategy course allowed me to quickly apply what I learned by placing "live" trades using the academy's money. Imagine how much more open you will be to learn when the fear of loss is removed from the equation!”

“I can say that this was a life changing experience and that it can only benefit my future. I'm looking forward to mastering the skills I learned here and putting them to work for myself. Great experience and staff!”

“As a novice in trading I was worried that I would not come away with anything from the class. The instructor was very knowledgeable and patient with the class. I did not feel overwhelmed with information. I did not feel "left behind" because of my lack of knowledge. All of our questions were answered and the lessons were given in layman's terms so that someone like me could follow the content, lessons and conversation that were being had in the class.”

“OTA has given me the knowledge and confidence to move forward with my trading. The education plan and format make learning fun, meaningful, and productive. Everyone is very helpful and knowledgeable and the resources going forward are amazing.”

“OTA San Jose offers the best and most qualified instructors. Slow process to really understand and navigate the Financial web, so the model of unlimited class retakes works very well for me!”

“The education that I have from OTA changes my life and I love the community that OTA created for my trading path, it's the best investment that I have ever had.”

“OTA is for folks who are serious about managing income and wealth with confidence. I am getting what I paid for so far; it will be up to me to use this education successfully, but OTA has been providing all the tools.”


“Just taste and see how good the program is.”

“Our Online Trading Academy experience was better than we expected! Not only did we receive very high quality instruction and a detailed process that can be used to be successful at trading, we also received ongoing mentorship. There is definitely a community feel here and we definitely feel comfortable. We especially appreciated our counselor, Grisel Saez, and instructor, Brock Pierce, who were both very patient and kind with us both.”

“I signed up for the OTA program not knowing exactly what to expect during the course. I am glad I did not procrastinate with this decision. Just in few days I learned how to identify [on a chart] where Big Money is placing bets and how to play their game! If anyone truly wants to understand markets and how to be on a winning side, OTA is your answer.”

“Core Strategy was the training I'd hoped it would be. I gained confidence each day on my proficiency of the 5 core steps. It is amazing to see the core strategy principles at work as trades unfold. Even more amazing when I build the zones myself!”

“I have researched and even taken some trading courses. OTA courses and teachers are light years ahead of whats available in the marketplace today. ”

“OTA is an excellent program for learning to trade the markets for someone who doesn't have prior experience. The curriculum is logical and includes many examples and practice trading in live markets. The reinforcement of the OTA's Core Strategy and advanced trading techniques through classroom discussions and XLT sessions is excellent. The instructors are patient and understanding, as are the other students.”

“Learning to invest is not the easiest thing in the world. I took the course because I lacked the confidence to execute a trade on my own. Now, with the help of great instructors and a big support team, I am confident in performing a trade. Thanks to All at OTA. The Academy performs a great service to those willing to invest in themselves.”

“Prior to OTA I had no idea how to read charts or how to make trades. I not only know how to do it but I feel confident enough to explain it as well. The system is simple and systematic. They provided everything I need to get started at home. The only thing left is to practice and have patience & fun.”

“I cannot be more impressed than to give it all thumbs up if anybody has doubts about taking courses at OTA.”

“Online Trading Academy is an A+ teaching facility for learning relevant, useful and precise methods for understanding the markets and making wise and profitable income and investment choices with minimal risk. I have learned so many tools for protecting and growing my retirement portfolio, and am now working towards becoming a full time trader for income and wealth. My goal is to leave my current profession and become a full time trader within the next two years. Thanks, OTA!”

“A life changing opportunity to be trained by and have a dialogue with the most successful traders in the financial markets today.”

“I have traded stocks for 45 years, but I learned a great deal about limiting losses, protecting my capital and "trading with the pros" instead of with the novices. The concept of only taking trades with a minimum of a 3:1 Risk to Reward makes so much sense.”

“This class was all that I anticipated and more. There is so much information to communicate that I am impressed with Kelly's ability to manage all the different skill levels within the group. While this is only the 5th day, I honestly believe this is giving me the basis on which to build a real opportunity to make money in the markets. The center was well kept, clean and met all the requirements of a class meeting such as this. All personnel were friendly and helpful.”

“OTA offers a very unique peek behind the wall street curtain. There is a lot of noise out there and multiple traps that the average person can fall victim to if they are not careful. The OTA approach to the material, their calculated methods in teaching the material, and their overall experience with trading is second to none. You can tell that everyone who works with the organization thoroughly enjoys what they do. I can't wait to take more classes!”

“Everything was well organized, clean and coffee was always available. Personnel was extremely friendly and helpful. The course material is extensive and well designed to give anyone taking these courses an excellent education. I especially appreciated the hands-on experiential learning design which really builds a firm foundation for our future profession. I will recommend these course to friends and family I believe will benefit from this excellent education.”

“Really loved the training. The instructor's make it so easy to learn and are committed to everyone's success! I never considered trading but now I'm excited about the possibilities this opens up for me and my family.”

“It was really great to learn this information. I feel that what I got was different from any other information from any other source.”

“OTA continues to add value to their programs and stay 100% in step with the changing markets and environment that affect trading the market successfully. They are always looking for "the best way." All instructors have truly walked the walk and want to help students become successful traders. They all do it a bit differently through their own life and experience filters which is added value to the foundation of OTA's methodology. Pro Trader 2 is the foundation, and having instructors such as Jeff Manson get you off to a very good start.”

“Online Trading Academy provided me a great education to learn low risk but high reward trading. It teaches me how to trade and manage my emotion. The in person classes are great. I learned a lot from Kelly Boycks and Bill Henner. The free life retake is great and I used it. The continuous education through the live weekly trading sessions and updated trading strategy are key to improve and take my skill to next level. ”

“I thought I had been an investor (and a trader) for 17 years, prior to becoming aware of OTA and taking the core strategy course. Now I realize I was gambling with my savings and retirement accounts. Through the course I am actually developing investing and trading skills for the first time. The instructors have opened my eyes and shown me that there are solid methods to trading that one can learn and master. They have done it before me. I am grateful that OTA has found me through direct mail to my home. I was not looking and was not aware that these skills are available to the average person. I had incorrectly assumed that one gains these skills only by becoming a stock broker or an investment banker. Thank you for finding me and giving me the opportunity to learn to grow my savings & retirement accounts. Thank you also for the opportunity to learn to become an independent earner. Our society is less of a community now and I cannot count on it to support me during my retirement and old age. Since OTA has been around for almost 20 years, I wish I knew about it earlier. I am sure it would have helped me to get through 2001 and 2008 recessions in one piece!”

“If you are doing any kind of trading on your own I would highly recommend taking the Online Trading Academy as an ongoing learning opportunity to better your outcome. You will be exposed to a different way of trading than the average novice, learning a more probable method.”


“I had absolutely no knowledge and never had any experience in the world of trading. I honestly felt a little nervous coming into the academy and starting classes because I thought I would be so lost. After attending ProTrader 1, and then especially taking ProTrader 2, I am now coming out of the class totally renewed and much, much more confident than I had expected. Brock Pierce, our instructor was so amazing! So helpful and so very detailed in teaching us and answering all of our questions. He was essential to me being confident and expanding my knowledge in trading. I truly enjoyed the program and am excited to continue being and learning in the academy.”

“OTA provides a blueprint to achieve success trading in any asset market. The instruction is clear, specific, practical, and consistent. The Instructor, Bill Henner, is extremely knowledgeable and provides ample examples of the tools necessary for making successful trades.”

“Wow, where do I begin? I learned so much this week it's almost contagious. It's almost like the more I learned, the more I wanna learn more. Really awesome, awesome stuff. What can I tell ya??”

“The class was challenging for me. That is part of what made it excellent! Bryan and his quality staff run a classy organization. They are attentive and most helpful. If they are unable to resolve your issue they always seem to have a referral, e.g. a contact at TradeStation or an accountant.”

“The skill to trade, no matter what type of trading one's focus is on, is dynamic! Our Instructor, Bill Henner is great!!!! His background, his stories and life as a trader in Chicago was very captivating to me. I came into this program with a focus on trading weekly to monthly. They start you trading on a daily time frame. Brilliant! I can trade any time frame now! The education on the financial industry they share is also "Key" to everyone's financial future and education! If you do not walk out of this program trading, you will for sure leave with a good sense who to trust when managing your assets! The Financial world is not what you think. And if the majority is doing it, think twice about how you should go about it!”

“OTA makes the art of buying and selling in the market in a very logical way. Using the charts to identify zones to enter trades and locations to exit the position. They also make it possible to identify the institutions and trade with them.”

“I've always wanted to get educated about trading the market. Now I have a solid understanding of how the whole system works. I have a lot to learn, but I'm not completely lost now. I know enough to actually make some trades.”

“I really like the way OTA presents the information and explains what's going on and why it happens; and the simplicity of the illustrations to show you exactly what they are talking about.”

“This program is great because it is a life time skill set. No worry for my life after being retired from an actual job. With this skill I will still be making money and will pass on the skill to my children and grandchildren. In Jesus name. Amen.”

“It was very informative, an eye opener that has literally changed my life. I'm excited to take more classes, and most of all be around these people.”

“You gain a lot of useful information very quick. Pro Trader builds a foundation for a future without limits. With plenty of effort and experience I am positive I will be thrilled with the results.”

“Learning experience at OTA was life changing. OTA delivers an incredible amount of material as in the -in-class as well as online setting. This system allows not only for continued reinforcement of already covered material but for lifelong continued education at student's personal pace. The most important part of that experience is dedicated and inspiring instructors giving students everything they know. Learning process includes didactic lectures as well as hands-on trading opportunities that allow development of self-confidence and confirmation in reliability of "core strategy" as successful method of trading.”

“OTA has a very unique approach to trading. The strategy and trade plans are objective and provide a way to plan trades ahead of time. I feel this class has given me, as a new student in trading, a solid foundation. I also appreciate learning from experienced traders with track records of success.”

“OTA opened a world that I was unaware of. I've been participating in classes and events since July 2015 and have learned new skills that will allow me to enjoy and prosper in my retirement. ”

“The staff at the academy is truly some of the best I've ever seen. Not only do they teach you complex ideas in a clear and intelligible manner, but they go above and beyond to make your experience at the academy truly wonderful. I can't wait to go back and learn more. Thank you!”

“Following core strategy taught by Online Trade Academy will help you achieve your dreams.”

“If anyone has interest in trading or wants to bring their trading skills to the next level, this is the place to go. They have professional instructors who want to teach you and help you to reach your goal. They want you to be successful and do well.”


“OTA is the best alternative to learn and start trading.”

“I would recommend to anyone who is serious about making money in trading the markets to enroll in this course. I look forward to continuing my education with the support of students and instructors.”

“I was surprised to learn that the OTA truly cares about its students and each individual's welfare on the most basic of human levels. The part about changing lives is not just rhetoric to collect tuition. When you join the OTA you join a larger community of traders, and those traders welcome everyone regardless of experience. The OTA embraces those students who are motivated to learn the core principles and become professional traders. It's a great adventure and I recommend it to all. If you sign up you will be encouraged (and challenged) to grow in ways few people ever experience. You'll make some new friends too!”

“The camaraderie of the students and teacher plus center staff makes this a warm and welcoming environment. The extra session last evening for MasterMinds was so valuable. Thank you Jeff, Brian and Dale and Karen for arranging this. Jeff is an outstanding professor and clearly loves what he does and is excellent at this. It showed as much in that evening session. Earning a little as you learn is soooo important. He has made the transition from classroom to knowing what action to begin to take on Monday easy. Also, so many different levels in the class. I had to be ok to be in confusion but it had me step up my game. Always good to play with people much better than you are at what you aspire to.”

“It is worth learning what Trading Academy has to offer if you have the time and are willing to focus on a new career opportunity.”

“What an exciting class opening so many opportunities to grow and develop as an investor!! This is my ticket to retirement. And it was fun along the way. Great instructors with long term experience in the financial markets. The learning community and camaraderie in class made the week a learning experience I was looking forward to every morning. ”

“I would recommend the instructional class for anyone getting into trading because we all need guidance in anything we do. Whether it be sports or a new career, if we want to be successful we need to first walk in a successful person's shoes.”

“This has been a great learning experience for me because as a long time equities trader, I have learned new skills and gained insight that I am confident will allow me to improve my trading skills and take it up a notch. The staff and personnel is great and the instructors are very knowledgeable and obviously successful at what they do. ”

“It is an excellent program where I really got to understand the fact that there is more to this than buying stocks and IRAs and fund management. You really get into the nuts and bolts of what this industry is all about. What also adds to your knowledge is the support the teachers and support staff provide, online and access to many different publications and web based programs.”


“Every interaction I have with OTA is better than the last. I'm very happy with the high level of training provided by OTA.”

“The information presented was greatly prepared and very easy to understand. The instructor was very positive in engaging the student to be aware of what it will be like to be a trader! Shared comments among the students and instructor about their fears, challenges, and rewards as a trader. Since I am new to this field I learned from my classmates, so much information.”

“The OTA courses are priceless. OTA is my Guru for trading and investments. Last but not least, OTA is the best and the name we can trust to improve and grow our wealth.”

“I learned so much trading live and not with simulation. This is helpful to get over the FEAR of trading.”

“My experience at Online Trading Academy continues to be excellent. I appreciate the clear, concise and conservative approach to trading the markets. The staff, teachers and environment are best in class. With each class and course, my trading performance is improved and my choice to trade the markets is supported by the process.”

“Good training for moving from a novice to a professional stage in trading. ”

“Online Trading Academy taught how to trade, the benefits of having a trading plan, the entry, target and stop, focusing on the risk/reward of every trade. I gained knowledge of what it takes to trade and will further my knowledge with continuous practice and listening to professionals.”

“Staff is awesome; family atmosphere. Education I got is well worth it, looking forward to using what I learn.”

“I can't thank you enough for allowing retakes. When I first took the class 2 years ago I couldn't work with TradeStation and, because it was way too confusing, I didn't think I could follow your system. Now with the retake I actually understand it!!! And NOW I fully plan on actually doing it and continuing with my XLT. So in short, Online Trading Academy is nothing like all the other courses I have tried in the past and lost money. You give me great hope and I am looking forward to a better future!!!!!!”

“The Online Trading Academy learning experience is the best in terms of quality and results. Online Trading Academy rocks!”

“Online Trading Academy really removes the mystery about trading. Provided a very systematic approach to becoming a professional trader with confidence.”

“I have been trading for 30 years and using bad trading habits and not understanding the correct way the market trades. With Online Trading Academy and with my retake of Pro Trader with my excellent instructor Jeff Mason, I now have the tools to excel in my trading ability to now trade right the first time and be profitable.”

“Online Trading Academy is a serious organization and really cares about the students.”

“I would recommend to anyone who is interested in learning to trade the futures market, come to San Jose Online Trading Academy classroom. Join the power trader workshop to experience for yourselves the method of analyzing the market and the methodology to trade the market. They have a fully organized program...”

“Great class and instructor! You will be learning while you trade in the class! The instructor is very helpful and always there for you when you have any question. The knowledge you learn from this class will benefit you for the rest of your life!”

“If you want a quality trading education from professional instructors who have extensive experience, OTA is the place to be! Being able to incorporate a re-take into a vacation is next on my to-do list! London anyone?”

“A very good school and good methods. The supply/demand analysis helps to place winning trades. It makes a lot of sense. Since recognizing price patterns is difficult one certainly needs to take this class.”


“Coming into this late at retirement felt a bit scary, but the professionalism and scope of the curriculum has made it easy for me to commit to going further with Online Trading Academy! I am mentally and financially stimulated to reach new levels of achievement in this new endeavor. Peace and blessings!”

“I did not think I would ever have this kind of opportunity, to learn such life changing knowledge and skills in such a friendly and intimate setting from true professionals as I have at Online Trading Academy. I feel confident that what I have learned here at Online Trading Academy are the keys to real world trading success. And I will be attending more classes to further my education and trading success. I highly recommend Online Trading Academy to anyone who is interested in taking control of their own financial future.”

“The atmosphere was good and clean. The Futures class with Rick Wright was very helpful and informative. The attention to having a discipline plan and reward to risk was enforced so that I can become a successful trader in the future.”

“I've explored many wealth building strategies, but learning to trade in the market with an Online Trading Academy education (especially with their lifetime retake for coursework and simulated trading practice on the platform) has left me feeling that I will succeed in time with their help.”

“The more classes I take in Online Trading Academy, the more the more confident I FEEL about trading.”

“I have more to learn and Online Trading Academy is where I can find the support and the resources to add to my trading discipline and my success.”

“The instructor was great. The facility ambiance was also very acceptable. There was lots that I like about this. Plus more to learn and observe.”

“Joining OTA has been the best thing I have done to improve my life, start a new career and spend more time doing the important things such as family. ”

“Tillie Allison is a great instructor with what I understand to be a superb command of the subject matter. I have retaken the coarse instruction from a few different instructors and have found that I learn new "pearls of wisdom" from each one of them, Tillie did a great job of adding to my knowledge wealth bucket with a few more pearls of wisdom I did not have before. My thanks to Tillie Allison and the S.J. O.T.A. campus and staff for a great Pro Trader P1 retake experience.”

“Superb learning experience in a safe, supportive, friendly environment.”

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