San Diego, CA - Student Testimonials

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“I was feeling a little overwhelmed at first. But being hands on, entering orders and going step by step with the class and instructor, was great! I am excited to start trading! Thank you Keith, class was fun! - Alicia J. Naylor”

“This is one of the best program out there to learn all the different asset classes. Exceptional instructors and staff.”

“I am humbled but yet very excited from what I have learned in this class. This was a "pivot for an explosive rally in my way of looking at the markets.” The intimate size of the classroom was compatible with my style of learning. I felt very comfortable asking questions and getting hands on guidance from Kyle (instructor). I also like the ability to go back and learn from the XLT classes at my own pace because as a business owner, my days never end.”

“Online Trading Academy has been absolutely incredible. Their instructors, especially Kyle, are top quality and take extremely daunting subject matter and break it down so that you can understand it with no experience in trading. Their emphasis on risk management and smart trading is admirable and clearly sets them apart from other trading educational institutions.”

“I was skeptical at first, but after much research, if you want to be a trader, you need a system. The OTA system is great, time tested and certainly worth the training.”


“I came to this program as a novice, not knowing anything about trading and investing. Now I can truly say it's worth the time and sacrifice. I sacrifice my sleep and time. I had to rearrange my work schedule to attend and still go to work after I was done. So, no excuses.”

“I am very pleased with the level of education you get here at OTA. The staff and instructors are top notch. I look forward to my next class so I can bump up my bottom line the correct way.”

“This academy is truly looking out for the well-being of the student. Just knowing that they use a lot of the input from the students to improve the program means a lot. That is a win-win for both sides.”

“OTA hospitality is second to none. The class curriculum has given me the confidence to establish my own self-directed portfolio.”

“OTA has exceeded my expectations. The instructors are professional and, more importantly, vetted, successful traders. I couldn't ask for a better financial education.”

“I have been a financial adviser for many years, and I had no idea what I was missing in terms of the gaps in my knowledge. This program opened my eyes to how the financial markets actually work and how to capitalize on market movements with limited risk. Anyone wanting to build and maintain a nest egg needs to take advantage of this educational opportunity.”

“Online Trading Academy is a class act, and I'm so thankful I found this venue doing a Google search for live trading instruction in San Diego. Everyone I've met thus far, from the Education Counselors to the instructors and even the franchise owner, has been nothing less than professional and top-notch. Having attended the free 4-hour training with zero trading knowledge, and now several weeks later graduating from the Core Strategy course, I feel confident that this is a path I wish to pursue and I’m excited about the possibilities.”

“This class not only changed my life, but the way I see life. It will impact you in ways you never thought possible. I find myself singing the Timbuk 3 song, "The Future’s so Bright (I Gotta Wear Shades),” and I feel happier than I have felt in a long time. Thanks OTA!”

“Takes the emotions out of trading and gives financial education instead!”

“OTA cares deeply about ensuring they provide a top quality education for their students. Our enrollment experience was one of full transparency of the asset class pricing without pressure to enroll in courses we weren't ready for. OTA's approach is much appreciated, and we've become knowledgeable and skilled traders and investors.”

“The educational yield of this experience has been without measure. Having had only one class, I am unable to make comparisons or contrasts with respect to other experiences at OTA; however, Core Strategy class with Kyle S. and Kelly B. was taught with passion, expertise, and mastery. The instructors created a learning environment that remained fresh and engaging throughout an intense week, using real-life stories and examples from their own experience. They were patient in trying circumstances typically present in teaching a classroom of students with varied previous experiences and managed to address each student's concerns with quality, personal attention. It is evident that they are driven by a desire to see each student achieve personal success in comprehension and demonstration of Core Strategy skills and steps. I recommend OTA to friends and family with this caveat… OTA is probably not the place for a casual learner, and I suspect that many who are "sold" into the programs are not prepared for the work and time necessary to realize the success that would otherwise await them. So, I would not recommend this to someone whom I would assess to not have a very strong or well-defined why.”

“This class was a retake for me. I took the original class two years ago. OMG! This was a great review for me, especially since I learned new stuff. I can't wait for CliK to be available for trading.”

“I am truly a believer in this strategy for learning to trade. As a newbie to trading I really feel like I have a good support system to take me to next steps. The staff and instructors really care about my progress and are willing to help move me to the next level. This system truly is setup for a student... introduction, learning, moving up as skills improve... all the while giving a great platform to learn and trade on. The tools involving practice, simulated trades and continued education before, during and after are excellent.”

“I started with a blank zombie-like stare on my face, I ended the class thinking like a trader.”

“Greatest ever! Now I feel I have the tools to identify, execute and manage trades with confidence. I feel this is the beginning of a great future.”

“For 11 years, I read, studied, and invested in books, software and tools that were designed to teach successful trading and chart understanding. I concluded that the books and software ARE a joke. Don't spend years learning from books or even pro traders that only want to hear themselves talk while giving you one secret in a year. OTA is adamant on making sure every student is equipped with the tools, plan and training for success. I wish I found OTA years ago.”

“Though I've been a trader for more than 30 years, this is my first formal trading education program. I have been very pleased with what OTA has provided me in terms of education, tools and the community in which to expand my knowledge and effectiveness as a trader. Thanks OTA! Thanks Steve Moses for a fantastic options course! ”

“A total game changer! A great and fun environment with an amazing community! ”

“The Online Trading Academy program is extremely thorough and provides all of the support that anyone could possibly need to be successful at trading. I highly recommend the program to anyone who is interested in becoming a successful trader. ”

“Online class was very engaging and informative with the instructor providing real world examples and accounting his past experiences regarding the subject matter.”

“If you like the idea of trading but lack the confidence needed to succeed, then OTA is a place you can learn the necessary skills to be a successful trader.”

“It is indeed a great program. Employees are great, compassionate, very knowledgeable and great teachers. Recommend highly.”

“I Love! Love! OTA”

“Online Trading Academy is like a novel. When you first hear about it or see it, you experience a sense of skepticism & optimism at the same time. It isn't until the pages start to turn that you realize something great has been discovered. My biggest regret in life was that I didn't discover OTA sooner. I finally found my niche.”

“Entire program provides you with all the tools that are needed to minimize your risk and succeed in trading, from instructors, online tools, recordings, tax information, to a house psychologist to assist you with the emotional side of trading. Very complete program.”

“I have found that the OTA community in San Diego (as well as all instructors) are extremely supportive and willing to share their knowledge. This is a great learning experience.”

“If you're looking to understand the market for Forex, Stocks, Options and Futures, I highly recommend that you should attend an OTA class. As long as you utilize the instructors and resources, you will not regret the decision to attend OTA.”

“I would recommend this course to anyone interested in taking their life back and getting out of the rat race. It is a life altering experience!”

“San Diego OTA with its friendly and supportive staff and experienced and engaging instructors provides a perfect environment for learning and to start applying core technology for lifelong success.”

“For years I always understood that there were answers in the charts. The training with OTA really made the charts come alive and finally make sense in what they were trying to tell me the whole time.”

“Online Trading Academy is one of the best training programs I have seen. Their classroom instructors and online tools are fantastic. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn how to trade and make money in the market. The San Diego campus makes you feel like home.”


“I have thoroughly enjoyed this life long experience of learning with the help and guidance from OTA.”

“My wife and I are doing this class together. This has given us a whole new outlook on trading and our future. There are a variety of ways to get some excellent ongoing support once you have completed the courses. To us that was KEY to becoming successful in the trading world. We came away with this...once you are part of OTA you are never alone and if you feel like you are that is your own choice.”

“Excellent course work presented by a fantastic instructor. I've traded stocks and ETFs for about 15 years; this is the first time I've had a feeling of 'confidence and success' with a trade. The OTA strategy and process to trade and invest in the financial market is truly unique and outstanding. And I believe that our class was truly blessed to have a such a dedicated and experienced instructor as Kelly Boycks. He is a natural-born leader, a great speaker and motivator, and has the patience of a saint. I am really looking forward to my upcoming OTA classes and sessions. Thank you Kelly and OTA. -Mark Witzel ”

“Thanks OTA for teaching me the vehicle to set me FREE!”

“My experience at Online Trading Academy was fantastic. The instructors and staff gave me the knowledge I need to start trading and develop my investment plan.”

“OTA has enabled me to fulfill a dream I have had for 20 years of being a professional investor. After many years of searching and trying other education, I found OTA and they have offered the tools and education I never knew was out there. I have learned so much in 7 days and am very grateful for all of the tools, classes and staff that OTA has.”

“Great class!! Emphasized the basic concepts, and great encouragement! I feel better prepared to take the next step in my trading career knowing that resources are available to help and encourage me.”

“The effort to teach, clarify and explain was excellent. The program material was better than I expected. Overall a great experience.”

“The teacher was very knowledgeable and kind, as are all of the people at OTA. Got an issue? Just talk with them and it will be solved.... awesome!!!!”

“Instructor and classes were exceptional! Educational material and presentation were extraordinary. The instructor and staff have the 'Patience of Job.'”

“My name is Steve Smith, former licensed broker. I have learned more through these classes than I did in over a year of training with Shearson Lehman Brothers brokerage. I highly recommend this training format, and Online Trading Academy.”

“I am consistently blown away by the instructors in OTA. They are so excited to teach you the things that they know... and they know a lot.”

“If you follow and obey the rules you will be successful. I do well each time I follow and obey the rules.”

“Having a professional teaching background at community college and university levels, I can confidently say OTA professionally operates at the highest level of teaching standards. They have accounted for different learning styles and train their instructors to break down material to digestible levels. It's easy to pace oneself to move forward faster if that suits you. I love the idea of lifetime ability to repeat live, in person classes, view recorded classes, take live online classes or a combination of these as learning options. It accommodates personal schedule, learning style, and individual drive. This is truly an exceptional program and opportunity. I wouldn't hesitate. I'm very happy about OTA and look forward to continuing my trading information with them. I feel a lot more secure now than I ever have with the information that I've gained. Don't hesitate to join OTA.”

“Everyone at the Academy is helpful and friendly. I am so lucky to have found this awesome opportunity.”

“Facilities, equipment and instructors are all first class. Course material is very will presented and reinforced through class discussion and personal help by instructors. A hearty thumbs up!!!”

“OTA provides a financial education program par excellence. Learning to trade these markets is an education experience in itself. It opens up a whole new world.”

“The program was fantastic. I felt the instruction was very informative and relevant to the practical application we were able to practice during the rest of the program. I feel very confident that I am fully equipped to employ these strategies in my own trading.”

“This is my second time in the Core Strategy class and I picked up a lot more understanding of the steps to be used in trading this second time around. Recommend taking this class twice to get the full scope of the process.”

“Learning stock trading with OTA is the direction to go. They are continually updating their classes and you are offered to come and retake them. In this world, protecting your future and money is the highest priority, or should be. Doing it with OTA is the absolute best way to do that.”

“I am so impressed with the education that I'm getting through Online Trading Academy. I have had a strong interest in the field for many years and now I'm able to utilize my new skills to catapult me toward success. I know that I will have the support of the numerous experts to guide me in my journey. Thank you for your amazing work and dedication to your students!”

“I would highly recommend this course to my son & daughter so they can be more independent and learn about the real world of investing in their future.”

“OTA has continued to expand on their ability to support students after they attend classes. The retakes, the XLTs, and the fantastic support make OTA the key educational institute for learning how to trade.”

“Outstanding program! Cutting edge trading school!”

“OTA is a brilliant program that will allow the student to become a very well rounded, informed, and successful trader. ”

“Very good program and very informative. We were hit with a fire hose of information, but now have the resources to move forward.”

“This is the right class for all kinds of investors/traders, long/short term... here is a community for traders, here you can learn knowledge which you cannot get from books, here you can meet professional traders and learn from them.”


“Started out like a world wind, but if you just stay focused and hold on, follow the steps exactly, it will slow down and eventually it's like taming a wild horse. Don't be afraid to ask stupid questions, it helps.”

“OTA really wants to help its students to succeed. It offers so many ways to learn from different instructors.”

“After Core & Futures course work, I'm enthusiastic & optimistic about jumping into the "Waters". The student support is outstanding.”

“Online Trading Academy is an organization dedicated to student learning. The amount of material available to the students is overwhelming, but fabulous as a reference. It offers terrific instruction, followed by outstanding continuous learning opportunities. It wants its students to succeed.”

“I have spent years preparing to enter the markets and actively control my financial future. OTA and specifically the Core Strategy course has given me the last final kick out the door to see my way into a more profitable future. Regardless of your background or skill level, this class provides new skill sets that will protect you as you journey out into any of the financial markets.”

“I found the tools for my financial freedom at Online Academy.”

“Before Online Trading Academy, I would basically make decisions based on emotion and would lose most of the time. OTA has taught me how to mix positive emotions with proper market analysis to be able to keep my losses small and my winners big.”

“Coming into OTA, I knew completely nothing on trading. Not only has OTA given me the knowledge to become a successful trader, but also different tools and resources to make everything a no-brainer. Of course, you have to apply and practice that knowledge to be successful. Thanks OTA! ”

“Thanks to OTA for the discipline and knowledge it has provided in the Art of Trading allowing us to take our financial futures in our own hands. This is one of the places where you get your money's worth more than ten fold while making great connections and friendships along the way. Unique approach in the Core Strategy, helps one see the big picture and intricacies.”

“The Teachers and Staff are great and you have support online to continue practicing what you learned in the classroom. Personally, I would definitely recommend it if you're serious about learning a new skill that will take your trading to a New Level!!! OTA is Awesome!!!”

“Scot was absolutely phenomenal! The program itself was fully rewarding. They gave you all the information you need to make successful trades plus some. I really appreciated how they were up front and said that you will lose trades but your wins will offset your losses. The whole week I was filled with wisdom, truth, knowledge, and support. Thanks!”

“Before coming to OTA, a chart to me is just like a picture, full of fear and uncertainty. I couldn't see how the market is moving or doing. Three days into the class, I can see a story in the chart. I can explain why and how the market moves. It is an amazing feeling. ”

“Prior to enrolling into the program, I had little to no experience in trading. After a week of taking the course, If I have to choose one word to described my experience, it would be enlighten. This program has given me the skills set and confidence to move forward with my trading career. So I would like to extend this gift of oppurtunity to you and invite you to be curious and see what possiblies are in store for you. In the mean time, enjoy life and happy trading. Bang Bang”

“I'm very impressed with the quality and content of the program, and the instructors are immensely knowledgeable. I would gladly recommend this program to anyone interested in learning how to trade and invest.”

“This program is very beneficial to anyone that wants to become either an investor or a trader. Classroom was comfortable, the instructor most knowledgeable and the personnel most helpful.”

“Online Trading Academy is a top rate financial education company. The staff and instructors have years and years of valuable hands-on trading and financial industry experience.”

“My wife and I have learned strategies the will help our trading experiences for the rest of our lives. The personnel at the center are always pleasant, friendly, professional and helpful. The center is always clean and well stocked from the classrooms, to the kitchen, to the bathrooms. There has always been adequate parking. An overall great environment.”

“I would highly recommend OTA to anyone looking to build their overall financial knowledge and make money in the process. It's not easy! However, if you're coachable, disciplined, and committed, the skills and lessons you gain here are invaluable. I just wish I took this class years ago. The center is clean, parking is easy, location is optimal, and the staff are friendly.”

“Always a pleasure to attend a class at OTA San Diego. Staff is always very helpful and courteous. Facility is very clean and well organized. Very straight forward on how to trade a market. I enjoyed the class very much and the instructor (Sean) gave us insights from his own experiences, which helped to solidify how things work.”

“Online Trading Academy is a place where you learn the skill of trading much like you would learn any other profession at a university or college. They have a high-class environment, friendly staff and awesome instructors! But moreover - they genuinely want their students to succeed.”

“Online Trading Academy promised to teach me what trading is all about, how traders think and how to be successful if I make the commitment to practicing what I have learned. They came through with flying colors. All of the instructors at OTA are excellent and completely committed to the student's success.”

“My experience in the OTA program is that they took away the fear and obscurity of trading in the open markets while introducing new opportunities to earn and protect your income and wealth. This experience is definitely a high impact event in my life.”

“For anyone considering a different way to take control of the financial aspects of your life, this is a program you should consider. Although the concepts are "foreign" to the average person off the street, the way the material is presented, the patience and knowledge of the Instructors, and especially the continual on-going instructions even after class has "ended", truly set OTA apart for all others. With the XLTs, Pro-picks and Mastermind Community, you might be trading your own portfolio, but you are never "alone".”

“I have really enjoyed the classes. They have opened up my eyes to how trading for a retail investor really should look and work. It has been enlightening and enjoyable. It has made me regret waiting so long to learn how to trade. The people, instructors, staff are just an amazing group of individuals. They all put forth their best efforts and really go above and beyond to teach and help with the art of trading. They have all been very thoughtful and genuinely sincere in their sharing of trading knowledge.”

“Pro Trader for me has been a springboard for understanding core principles of investing in financial markets. The instructor and text materials have addressed my personal questions regarding deciding which aspects of the marketplace may be best suited for my style and background, for entry into managing my personal finances.”

“I went from a skeptic to a believer when we went from the theory to analyzing live trades and actually seeing how to recognize where institutions are trading. When I made my first live trade and watched the price come into the zone, buy or sell short, then go to profitability, I was really excited at how that system worked.”

“This truly was a well thought out way to teach their strategy... I was a complete novice going in and now feel so much confidence moving forward with my trading future... OTA strategy really works ...OTA has great support team and great instructors... also, after graduating the support continues... very pleased with OTA. Money well spent.”

“I truly enjoyed the Forex trading course. This was a good addition to Pro-Trader. I'm glad I personally went the Forex direction. Everything was really a fun and educational positive experience. I will return again for a refresher at another time. All the staff and office was top notch. Thank you for enriching our lives.”

“I have seen for years the commercials for Online Trading Academy but never made the phone call. I did finally and now wish I had done it years ago. Let’s start with the first exposure to the San Diego office. Comfortable and inviting is how I would describe the offices. The representatives are knowledgeable and friendly. Towards the end of the 3 day course, Daniel gave me the information about the next step. He was down to earth, matter of fact and no pressure. I made arrangements for the next course. The next course was great. Scot Stokes is the instructor and he is awesome. He has decades of trading experience. The personality of Scot is great for teaching. He is patient with all of us and through the 7 days reinforced the concepts repeatedly. The course material and videos are presented in a clear, concise and methodical manner. I was impressed by the camaraderie shown by our instructor to another instructor. Without hesitation, they genuinely hugged upon greeting each other. I knew I was in the right place. The entire staff at OTA San Diego is warm and friendly to work with. Time will tell how well I use the material from Online Trading Academy. This is my task, I am prepared now with the tools to successfully use the new knowledge for positive results.”

“Online Trading Academy's Professional Trader- Part 2 Course (San Diego) contains valuable information for anyone wishing to trade successfully in the markets. The simulated and live trading sessions experienced during the course were great learning tools. The classroom setup, training materials, and the OTA San Diego location, managed by Scott Boyer and his staff are top notch. I was very impressed with the high level of instruction provided. Scot Stokes, the course instructor, was a former professional floor trader on a major exchange. The course was absolutely priceless!”

“We have been With OTA for 4 years and the fact that there is so much support is wonderful. Always someone there to help and extremely professional.”


“I highly recommend Online Trading Academy to anyone who is looking into learning how to manage and invest their money on their own. I came to OTA with zero knowledge about the market. At first the amount of information was a bit overwhelming, but by Friday of my first Core Strategies course I felt more confident and had a strong sense of how to map out my training and education from that point on. The staff at OTA are incredibly supportive and give you all the resources you need to be successful. A special thanks to Kyle and Kelly for making my first course such a success!!”

“If your goal is to become financially independent and you have the drive to learn and practice, you owe it to yourself to take the Market Timing course at the very minimum; it'll be the best investment you'll ever make.”

“As the saying goes, "what you do in one area of life, you do in others." Trading most definitely takes skill and much experience, and Online Trading Academy has taught me both working with their excellent instructors. MOST important though is the psychology of trading, which says whether I will follow my trading rules and business plan. Staying disciplined in my psychology of trading will ultimately lead to success! ”

“OTA classes will expand your knowledge and trading skills to very high levels. But it is not free. The learner will have to spend the time and practice to truly realize the potential that is being unlocked. If the learner applies themselves and takes advantage of the rich resources OTA provides, the world will become different for them.”

“I'm your average hourly employee/tradesman in a large construction company. I know the value of hard work and the dedication it takes to go through years of schooling to learn a trade that is both valuable and enriching. To everyone out there who is on the fence about either financing this education or the time constraints it might require of you... DO IT! This is a valuable TRADE, it's a SKILL set. Like all skills it's only as valuable as the TIME and EFFORT that you put in. If I hadn't put in the 4 years to be an electrician I wouldn't have the job I currently have. With the brief amount of time I've spent in this school, I'm now willing to put in the rest of my time on this earth to learn this skill and change my life. It's worth every penny!”

“The class is so unusually interesting and it's due mainly to Roger Best, a maestro of a teacher! There's enough new information to warrant at least another week, if not more, of learning! Otherwise, I'll be recommending your institution to all who'll listen!!!”

“This class was all that it was promised to be! The "Core Strategy" is sound and worked before my very eyes! I was not only able to learn the strategy but employ it successfully! Our instructor was great! The class was fun as well as effective.”

“OTA has very inspirational people associated with them. During my class, I was motivated by everyone here, but most of all, I became hopeful for an exciting future. Let me say that again, an EXCITING future. The instruction I received was not only informative but the Instructor was humorous and a joy to listen to. Without him, Tre', I would not have gotten as far as I am now. I will forever be thankful of him.”

“Online Trading Academy is one of the best trading educations I have seen. It is an Ivy league of trading schools; instructors are professionals. And support staff are great, friendly and take part in helping you be successful.”

“OTA has given me the confidence to begin my trading journey and beyond! They offered me a variety of learning resources designed for my particular mode of learning. I also had an intensive week of in-seat lectures by an expert trader and I love the fact that we received the additional online support of watching educational video recordings and live trading sessions.”

“I had a great learning experience at The Online Trading Academy. They teach a lot of valuable information in a very short amount of time. I am looking forward to taking more classes at OTA and using these skills to make money trading.”

“The class has been very enlightening. In a short 5-days, I was able to grasp the FOREX market basics. I still have more to learn but this is a start to a new venture. I'm grateful I had Scott Greer as an instructor. He's very knowledgeable with the FOREX market. The overall experience is very satisfying and professional. Great staff. Great Location with ample parking and excellent refreshments.”

“After receiving all the mailers and watching all the infomercials on local network TV and the major cable channels (they are everywhere and you can't help but notice them), I finally decided to take the plunge. I am very glad I did. For about 20 years, I have been casually involved in the markets (futures and options) with mixed results, so I wanted to learn a better way to trade. So far, what I have learned after the 7 day course has given me not only confidence, but (more importantly) the knowledge and tools needed to be more successful. I am very pleased with the staff, including the class instructor Gabe Velazquez, education counselor Daniel Gasparini and student support specialist Kyle Sandburg, who all provided excellent service and support. I look forward to my future with the markets and my time with OTA.”

“I made the correct decision coming here and taking this class. Before I came here I traded stocks. I made money, then lost money, then made money. It was frustrating because my account would only grow slowly. Furthermore, I did not fully understand why I would lose. To that end, I did not know I was trading the wrong investment vehicle. My account was barely 30K. I was undercapitalized. Aside from that I would take swing trades which left me great risk to gap exposure. I would win with gaps and lose with gaps. Lastly, my trader IQ was not up to par.”

“I am very satisfied that I made the decision to enroll with OTA. The learning environment and instructor were very helpful in making learning easy to a novice like myself. I am also looking forward to utilizing the available material online to help strengthen my learning. Very happy that every aspect is convenient, breakfast, lunch, and snacks were provided daily. The personnel were outstanding, always available.”

“OTA provides the potential trader with the key tools and info necessary to become an online trader based on asset class. It provides a mix of core work along with real world practical info that we'll need to become successful traders.”

“I was skeptical about this program initially, but once I started learning all they had to offer I was very impressed with the quality of the material and the overall level of knowledge of the instructor. I enjoyed it so much I may have found my calling!”

“Online Trading Academy has provided me with the knowledge, tools, confidence and community to take control of my earnings and live the life I want to live.”

“The content of the lessons are concise and I have learned a lot in a week. Had profited from the live trading and surely enjoyed the lectures by well competent instructors. Staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Facility is clean, good parking and good food. No complaints.”

“The instructors at the Academy have been a step beyond excellent, using their knowledge and life experiences to present material that is both practical and technical in way that makes it not only very learnable but also very retainable and useable. The Center's teaching staff and administration staff are very caring and helpful! Likewise, the Center is also well organized and functional allowing one to readily achieve their educational goals.”

“I'm consistently appreciative of the instructor's knowledge of the industry and their ability to communicate that with both theoretical and real life examples. It's the highest quality and most effective education I've ever experienced!”

“The center in San Diego is a great environment to focus on the information. I appreciate the available student assistance and the comfortable interaction with all the staff. Knowing that there was a lot I didn't know was very scary. The step by step process of the curriculum makes all the information manageable. The instructor was very patient and knowledgeable. I feel safer about actually putting at risk my hard earned retirement funds knowing that the program will give me the best method to minimize risk and maximize potential profit. I will tell anyone I meet that wants to trade or invest that learning the OTA program is the first thing to invest in.”

“I have interviewed countless CPAs, CFPs, financial advisers, attorneys, estate planners, whatever, and it seems they all have a solution to my problem. And... what a coincidence! It just happens to be what they are selling... life insurance, annuities, social security adjustment... whatever. OTA is also selling something... they want me to take more classes. But along the way I get absolute truth to my questions. And wonderfully, they are NOT afraid of the market. These are not Buy and Hold, "Don't worry, your tanking stock is sure to come back... some day." people. If it's not performing pretty quick they are out of it. And they will trade ANYTHING... Euro, Gold, Soybeans, stock, Diagonal Bear Put Spreads on futures on the S&P, etc., etc.”

“The class was fantastic!!!! I knew there was going to be a lot of stuff I didn't know or experience before and my normal behavior would be to analyze the reasons behind the steps being taught. I made a conscious decision to just absorb the information, listen to the professor and just do the steps asked; I DO NOT ask a lot of questions. What an amazing process - it helped me learn so much better with a subject that is so foreign.”

“I started class clueless and a skeptic and am leaving the class ENLIGHTENED, educated and inspired. For anyone who reads and takes into consideration any negative reviews about OTA ask yourself, "Did that review come from someone who ACTUALLY completed the class or was it just simply an un-educated review?". This class is the real deal!! I am genuinely impressed with the teachers and staff and the hospitality of the entire OTA team. Thank You for sharing this opportunity!!!”

“Watching OTA professionals do successful trades in the classroom proves what they teach.”


“After the initial Market Timer weekend class, my husband and I excitedly signed up for classes. What happened next was amazing. We started attending classes and thought we would just be students in a paid classroom. The teachers have all been extremely helpful and cordial to us. Walking down the halls, I feel like I'm at home with all the smiling faces. Even the students were very friendly with each other and we exchanged emails. Thanks OTA.”

“I have been VERY Happy with OTA overall. It is clear that their instructors truly care about students' education and ultimate success, from the person at the front desk to the instructors.”

“Friendly environment, staff very courteous and helpful. Me being in a wheelchair, I found it very comforting that staff and fellow students all pitched in to help with everything from opening doors to helping with meals. Parking was abundant and environment was very learning friendly. Before I enrolled in this class I had no idea the concept and how important supply and demand levels were/are; and with simple following of the rules you can fairly easily chart... Life changing experience!!!!!!!!”

“I really love this academy. All the instructors and office staffs are super nice and kind, but the most helpful and important thing is I have learned a lot of interesting and beneficial information for my trading life.”

“They present the material in a way that is easy to understand, and they answer your questions along with being very patient and understanding. Also, they make sure you understand what they are teaching because they want to make sure that you become successful traders. This is important to them. They make sure you get what you are paying for; it was money well spent.”

“I was very skeptical of this program. I truly am walking away with more than just knowledge, but with a new life style of living. An investment into myself and an endless opportunity of awesomeness. ”

“OTA's methods & style of teaching make understanding how the markets actually work easy to grasp & with the core curriculum, position sizing, risk management, etc. make profitable trading an actuality. Tom Kemp”

“I have seen tremendous improvement in the way I make my trades and enter them. The Online Trading Academy could not make it any easier to understand how to trade for the novice to the pro. I am looking forward to continued education and support with them. Thanks.”

“The center was great! Very happy with all accommodations and staff.”

“I am completely satisfied with the learning experience and am energized about getting out there and working my plan, while continuing my education. I would not recommend this program to just anyone. The candidates for this program need to be eager about learning, self-disciplined and self-motivated. I am much more confident about my understanding and "plan", when it comes to the market. This class has provided me with a number of great tools to add to my tool bag. BUT, it has also made me realize what a wealth of knowledge exists within the OTA community and how much MORE I can learn. I always felt that I couldn't trade, because I didn't know enough to understand my risk, so I stayed a long time frame investor. It seemed to me that you had to be an expert in both fundamental and technical analysis, and I knew this was too much for me to learn while running my current corporation. BUT OTA has provided the broader knowledge required to understand the concepts, while providing a trading plan/strategy that does not require me to sit in front of a computer endlessly researching commodities and industries. OTA boils it down to how to successfully manage your trading. Love it!!!”

“Online Trading Academy cares that you succeed in investing.”

“As a non-trader coming into OTA, I have been stretched outside of my comfort zone. While this has been uncomfortable, it has been temporary. I have grown exponentially as a result of the instruction, support and tools available to me. OTA has provided me with the skills necessary to create the lifestyle of my dreams.”

“I believe that anyone involved in the financial world; banking, trading, general business, real estate, mortgage should invest their money in this program. I am looking forward with enthusiasm to continue to take additional classes in both investments and the Real Estate program. I wish I had the opportunity to do this in my 20's; and I recommend to ALL ages!”

“I came into this program not knowing a single thing about trading or even if I liked it; and came out of the course not only enjoying it but knowing all I need to know about the basics of effectively placing a trade and being confident in doing so, which speaks volumes about the effectiveness of the program. Love it!”

“It is a comprehensive learning experience. For the first time I feel I am on my way to becoming a successful trader.”

“This program is outstanding and without nonsense. I like it!”

“As a busy financial and Pension planner mainly for Doctors (and a dentist myself) for over 20 years, I came into OTA a bit skeptical, and left with a clear appreciation for expectations that were exceeded in every way, every aspect. I am most grateful for OTA's tremendous ability to teach complex topics to those such as myself, stuck in old ways...and I look forward to implementing what I learned right away. Thank you, OTA!”

“Feel more comfortable in the terminology and execution of a trade. Has opened new options.”

“OTA provides a foundation to trading with a plan and also risk management, which I truly will incorporate into my future trading strategies that was lacking as a novice trader.”


“Anxiety from the markets running away from me no more! Instead, calm confidence about executing a trading plan best suited for my personality, lifestyle and goals!”

“Open yourself to a new way of living through more freedom and advancement of income.”

“I have never been excited like this before going to a class. I'm always looking forward to the next day and what I will be learning. I know I made the right choice switching my career from an employed accountant working for somebody else to a full time business owner as a professional trader with the help of OTA.”

“There is a lot put into this education program and I admire the instructors, and the program and Sam for doing such a great job.”

“Over a 7 day period I learned more about the financial market than I have learned over the past 11 years. During those 11 years I was totally immersed in the market but until this class I did not realize how little I knew. TA instructors have all been of the highest quality. Lloyd was extremely qualified and presented the material in a manner that a novice would understand the concepts. I plan to take the course again and I hope Lloyd returns to teach the class.”

“Online Trading Academy provides the best stock and futures training in the business. I have taken other courses, but this one is superior.”

“Everyone very friendly. I feel so comfortable and have more confidence in the future. I'm really happy I did find the class, I have been looking for a long time. I believe everyone will be successful after take these classes, whatever you like to learn.”

“Excellent resources and education, I highly recommend it if you want to be successful!”

“Class is very informative. ALL staff members at San Diego office are polite and extremely professional, make you feel right at home.”

“I am truly enjoying my experience at Online Trading Academy! I have taken options courses through Charles Schwab and, for the money, they were definitely overrated! I love the help I get here, especially the XLT's for life!!!!! That is a great value that I will definitely take advantage of to become a successful Trader. Looking forward to a lifetime of learning and gains with you! Thanks so much.”

“For any traders thinking about entering the market place, Online Trading Academy is the place to start.”

“I feel ready to dive into the deep end and get started with my career in trading. I am starting from a clean slate without all the destructions of previous contradictory teaching that has so far only made me to lose money in the market. So thanks!”

“Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Great experience.”

“The center is beautiful and the staff members are really nice.”

“The ability to repeat classes is great. Trading is like learning a new language and one needs to keep repeating the lessons to become fluent. All of my instructors have been great and have brought different methods and opinions to the table. ”

“I am a 21 year old college drop out, yet this course has "lit the fire" inside me and has given me something to strive for. Words can't express the excitement and optimism I have gained for my future thanks to this class and the instructors I have had, Scott and Jon. If you are on the fence about starting your student career with Online Trading Academy, get off the fence and do it!! You WILL NOT regret it!”

“Learning about futures makes me think about life: we begin it with ideas, goals and hopes, but most of the time no real written plan. When we learn to trade at Online Trading Academy, we need to write and define every step that we are going to take. We measure our risks, we estimate our potential target, we know exactly where we need to exit. By practicing regularly, we know if we missed a point in our plan and we can correct it immediately. Success can become reality!”

“Exceptional learning experience!”

“Online Trading Academy is a top notch educational company. True experts teaching both theory and practical perspectives. I am extremely pleased with my decision to train with them.”

“I am a 21 year old guy who for the longest time had no idea what type of studies or career I wanted to pursue. I was introduced to trading in general by my mother, and opened a paper money account in futures, followed by a real money account in Forex. After going through several different educational institutions I have decided to call Online Trading Academy my "home campus" and plan to further my financial education through them. This was an easy choice to make after the first two days of the Pro Trader Class taught by Mr. Jon Arginteanu, a professional trader whose experience, insight, and genuine interest in helping his students succeed was continuously apparent several times a day and from day one! I look forward to building my community of investors here and look forward to one day giving back to this institution in the same way they helped me to grow. Thank You Online Trading Academy and SPECIAL THANKS TO MR. JON ARGINTEANU!!”

“I enjoy the learning environment of eager students who all want to learn and better their trading skill; the positive attitude of assisting each other makes learning faster!”

“I like the center very much. Great facility and location. I look forward to taking a number of future classes here. The food was VERY good.”

“Online Trading Academy education is complete and scalable. The best aspect is that you can take the Professional Trader course, practice until you are consistently profitable in what you learned (retaking if necessary), then go on to more advanced strategies or other markets... All courses are repeatable for free in case you stray from or forget your discipline!”

“Please do NOT take Online Trading Academy classes. That way your money will transfer to our accounts. Thank You.”

“Coming from absolutely NO experience, after 7 days I feel fully immersed into the stock market world. ”


“The instructor and support staff were fantastic. You are constantly surrounded with highly enthusiastic, professional, and well disciplined individuals who have quality educational resources at their disposal, with the goal of creating a solid foundation for us students to build our future on. The best part of this experience is that you know you can succeed if you are willing to be as disciplined at home as you were taught here in the classroom. You gain skill, confidence, and knowledge that are paramount to making successful supply and demand trades.”

“If you've ever lost money in the market, such as a major downturn, and were holding stocks because your broker told you to stay in the market. Then he's either truly ignorant or lying. Why do the Goldman Sachs have such large trading departments? There is a time to get out, and a time to get in.”

“A real trader instructing us using a free form, interactive environment with an actual live trading platform and teaching a very structured method. We were given an honest, real world demonstration of how hard, diligent one has to be to achieve success down the road. Clearly advised how to achieve success using Online Trading Academy resources.”

“The staff was very friendly and helpful.”

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