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“OTA took away the fear of investing my own money. Each class has been a step up in my skills and confidence. Gary Rozak does great job of interactive teaching.”

“Only you can best manage your own money. Online Trading Academy can show you how!”

“The Core Strategy course is a great introduction to trading! It teaches one the elementary steps to trade effectively against the novice traders and trade smart like the big institutions. The system is tested and builds in numerous risk safety factors. I had been looking for a program like this and I am very satisfied to find Online Trading Academy as a valued resource and continual training program. ”

“My experience with Online Trading Academy has been extremely positive both from the standpoint of education and support.... with an emphasis on support. These guys really go above and beyond to provide a positive and readily available learning environment.”

“I have been very fortunate to have been included in on the OTA school and their atmosphere and I have established a network with many other students here that only enhances my experience... Learning forex here with probably the best teacher I have had here so far, hands down, has been very exciting. I feel as though the center is top notch with excellent accommodations, very clean and very well thought out.. Very simple to access from the parking lot and very comfortable.”

“There is a vast amount of information available to learn from, for all levels of trading knowledge and proficiency. Anyone that can read, listen and follow instructions could be successful at trading with this program.”

“Online Trading Academy Core Strategy Live Class brings it all together in a concise and understandable manner. Every aspect that I understood prior to the class was reinforced and everything that I was confused with came into the light brightly. ”

“If you have ever entertained the thought about changing your life where you were in complete control of your finances and your time and have the courage to take that first step to begin the journey to your new life, then you have found the place to begin the adventure. This is an incredible learning environment with very qualified instructors. I am very pleased to have made the decision to move forward with the life changing education.”

“I fully enjoy the pace and classroom experience. The interacting with not only the instructor but other students has given me the confidence to know that I can make this work for me. Great location! It's only 5 minutes from my home. That was a huge factor when I looked into joining. The cleanliness is impeccable. Along with the food catering and exciting paint job on the walls, lol. It makes for a fun atmosphere.”


“VERY professional and knowledgeable. Tried another program and this by FAR is what I was looking for. I need to do A LOT of work to get disciplined and focussed. Will be an uphill climb for a while to grow my neural connections/synapses. I want to pass this knowledge along to my grand/great grandchildren.”

“One of the things I appreciate about OTA instructors and staff is they focus on practical and proven techniques. The real world experience they bring into the classroom, combined with a desire to help students succeed is apparent in everything they do. Thank You.”

“OTA is fun. Like building blocks in a playroom. I learn bits and pieces and then I learn how to fit them together. After my first class, my brain hurt. But every class and video has built my confidence and skill, layer by layer. Linda T.”

“OTA offers solid and systematic education on all aspects of trading. Anyone who is considering trading should educate themselves through OTA. Sacramento center was very satisfactory for our class; clean, quiet, close to highway. Staffs were helpful and friendly. Onsite breakfasts and lunches were much appreciated.”

“After attending my OTA classes with David Fong, I have a much keener understanding of the stock market and related asset classes. OTA provides a wonderful learning environment and excellent, well created study materials. I would highly recommend OTA to anyone who wishes to take back control of their retirement accounts or just wants to be a more educated investor. The OTA Sacramento facility is in a great location with plentiful and easy access parking. The facility is clean with very nice restrooms and comfortable work stations. The multi-media system is easy to see, hear and use. Just need pepper in the kitchen and we're all good!”

“Awesome training! The core system is brilliance on top of vast experience on top of good solid common sense, and fortified with instructors who were there for the love of sharing it.”

“I appreciate all the support that Online Trading Academy provides for my education and success. In addition, I feel pretty good about OTA's openness toward improving support. I found the facilities very professional and very conducive to learning. Thank You Online Trading Academy. The core strategy allowed me to identify where the unfilled orders remain in the market and how they affect prices with a fair degree of accuracy.”

“I am thankful for such friendly staff and instructors who know their "stuff". Thank you for the squeaky clean facility and plentiful parking.”

“The OTA program has shed a new light on trading and the technique that is involved with trading. When I first saw the commercial on TV I thought this was a scam. But after deciding to go forward with the program, I'm so glad I did. This is like nothing I ever imagined. I'm totally happy with the experience and specialized training that I'm receiving.”

“The setting and support for these classes is industry leading. Scot was a fantastic trainer and really helped us along the core path. I feel so much more confident that I can be successful as a trader going forward.”

“The staff were very friendly, food was good, environment clean and quiet; a good environment to learn. Don't ever go in trading stock if you have not attended this training because you will have yourself to blame. Moreover, you will remain a novice that I was before today.”

“This center is very clean, personnel very nice and plenty of parking space available. Very informative on what options are and how to trade options correctly. Once you've learned how to trade options, you may never buy stocks again!”

“This class provides solid information to grow your investments. There is a lot of information to digest and the instructor feeds you the information in a comfortable and fun way. I wish I had taken this course 10 years ago. The center is very nice, clean, and personnel are extremely friendly and make you feel at home.”


“I like the Trading Academy for two reasons. 1. You get extremely valuable knowledge about all aspects of market from the instructors with many years of successful trading. 2. You get knowledge of the very important things of how to execute trades. These are your two components of success. The best instructors share everything they know to your benefit. I would highly recommend OTA to everybody who considers trading or is already trying to make his way on this path. You can be sure that none of your questions will be left unanswered. My personal experience: I am very happy with OTA.”

“The center is great! The entire faculty is very friendly and are willing to help in any way they can. And they have pretty good food!”

“I believe that the results I have in trading will be directly up to me. The support and training is always going to be there; it's up to me to take advantage.”

“Retaking OTA's classes is the best thing to attain full mastery of trading. Every OTA instructor is well experienced and different from each other. I learned many new things from each one of them and it makes my knowledge much more solid. Thanks OTA.”

“OTA's system of learning and performance is unlike any other. You can be a person who has absolutely no knowledge of how the financial markets work and you can walk out being a pro!”

“I'm very impressed with Online Trading Academy's training classes and the use of online labs that allow students to practice the concepts taught in each class. The instructors have years of trading experience and willingly share that experience and guidance to those of us that are beginning our journey as traders. This is a great way to learn how to successfully trade!”

“The instructors are excellent, the staff are truly concerned that we are completely taken care of during on-site instruction and the opportunity to re-take any class is definitely a big PLUS, especially if trading scares you. I was so afraid to trade but this program has definitely made me a believer in trading, and trading Forex has been made easy due to my instructor's (Jody) teaching.”


“OTA has opened my eyes to a whole new world of opportunities by trading the financial markets. It's truly amazing how much we really don't understand. Yet, we continue to put our hard earned money into 401(k)'s and IRA's that keep costing us money while making the institutions richer.”

“I believe the info that was presented will be very valuable in making more money and making better risk management decisions.”

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