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“OTA is exactly what I was hoping it would be, and it is exactly not what my extremely skeptical mind had me anticipating it to be. It is a true "bricks and mortar" operation with all the breadth it needs, and they have not forgotten anything a student of investing or speculating needs in order to be successful.”

“Initially, I delayed into jumping right in, practicing and getting to know the platform and process. I would HIGHLY suggest to EVERYONE that if you have 1 hour of something that you can eliminate out of your schedule each day, for at least 5 days, DO IT! Do not delay your success, your success will be delayed... Listen to your instructors. Follow the process and GET STARTED! HAPPY TRADING!”

“One of the best learning experiences I have encountered. Great materials, approach to teaching and reinforcement with practice. We have an excellent instructor supporting us as we learn, who was able to answer our questions with their experience and examples.”


“This program is extremely engaging and makes you want to actively pursue your financial goals.”

“I came to the 3 day class not knowing anything about the stock market and managing money. I signed up for the class and got very nervous about my ability to learn something new at my age. The staff at OTA have been very supportive, and willing to work with me on an individual basis. I am so happy having signed up for the training. Thank you OTA, you all have changed my stars.”

“I can say that Online Trading Academy is not only a place to learn but a family that is there to welcome anyone that has interest in trading, to show him or her the right way to do it. I love their way of teaching and making students to be part of the family.”

“The class was a constant learning experience. I think this class is beneficial for anyone that wants to help their financial situation. ”

“OTA is definitely an advanced education for the person that wants to increase their knowledge and depth of investing in a very professional atmosphere.”

“The instruction was a beginners' guide to setting up trades and making them low risk to high reward. The instructor was a seasoned veteran with great insight into how to succeed in the investment world. The team providing support was very helpful. Entered the program with great hope of learning how to protect and grow my financial assets. I am prepared to begin my own financial odyssey with a community behind me to help when I need it. A lifetime's worth of financial information lies ahead.”

“This program for someone like me has really taught me a lot of things I didn't know. I am brand new to the world of trading and I feel I am on the right path to success after taking this class. Scott Chrisan is a very good teacher in the sense of keeping it simple, being very direct and down to earth. Sydney Ralston is great as well. She is with you every step of the way and helps get a lot of questions answered. ”

“I am looking forward to a long career day trading multiple assets. I have a few more classes with OTA. So far the classes have been wonderful and enlightening. I would recommend OTA to all new traders as my experience with other instruction, formal and self paced, OTA is head and shoulders above the rest. Dante”

“The class was fun and informative. Gave me a better understanding of the way the market works and how to find low risk trades. Everybody at the center is always willing to help and answer questions. And you cannot go hungry, lunch is great with plenty of health snacks all day.”

“I found myself struggling to learn the OANDA platform on my own. Thanks to OTA's amazing teacher Keith Gibson, I finally have the confidence to open a "live" account and begin my new adventure as a professional trader! OTA in King of Prussia, is simply the best! You'll always be welcomed and encouraged every step of the way. The teachers and staff really care about you and want you to succeed!”

“very organized center, helpful attendants and instructors including Sydney, Mario, Sam, and the rest of the gang. Easy to access area, excellent material and computer stations, friendly environment, and lets not forget the free world class food they feed ya!”

“The OTA office, King of Prussia where I attended my class, was first class. The personnel were friendly and on a first name personal level of interaction with each of us. They were always available and asking if we were okay, needed anything: help, questions, special accommodations, rescheduling, retakes.”

“Online Trading Academy never ceases to amaze me! Every time I spend time in one of the classes I am reminded that I made the right decision to invest in my education before I invest in the market. A tutorial on how to use a trading platform was perfect for me! And I was amazed that even the more experienced students in the class were very impressed. I loved this class and remain very confident in my educational investment. Love the Center! Love the people! Love the food! Love the atmosphere! Don't change a thing!”

“The staff at OTA truly cares about each student's progress. They take the time to fully explain the platform and answer all of our questions with courtesy and professionalism. Easy parking, very clean, everyone is professional and friendly. Easy to get to from 202 or PA Turnpike or 422. Plenty of snacks and refreshments available in center. Classrooms are set up well - easy to hear and see what is going on.”

“Great family atmosphere at the Center. Convenient location, ample parking, and great lunches and snacks every day adds to the fun factor of attending class at the Center.”

“The center was nothing short of what I expected. Our instructor, Scott McCormick is extremely knowledgeable and presented a whole lot of material in a very adept manner. The center was clean and well equipped. Staff was extremely helpful and food wasn't bad either.”

“OTA is the best trading school! for the risk-reward emphasis in the trade setup. The education here makes up for all the stupid losses I made in the past.”

“The OTA trading techniques are absolutely remarkable. I can now trade with more confidence in every trade. The course instruction and materials are very easy to understand, and best of all I don't need to learn every little thing about a company or wait for quarterly reports to make my trades.”

“Online Trading Academy gives you a perspective on the market like no other. The instructors are knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend looking into their classes.”

“I have taken the Pro Trader program and have already seen positive results. l can't wait to put the materials learned for this Forex class to use. Mr. Ringgold, keep up the Excellent Work and Thank You!!!”

“Perfect! Every time I come here I learn way more than I expected. Center is great, people very friendly and helpful. Stress free, all I need. Anybody here is there for you, always. Any question you have, if they don't know the answer they will find who does. I feel this center really takes care of their students. I am confident and would recommend.”

“The entire OTA Philly staff is tremendously professional, helpful, and friendly. Thanks to Bruce, Sydney, Kristy and, of course, this week's most excellent Pro Futures Trader Instructor - Don Dawson. It's been another fantastic learning experience at OTA Philly. Greatly appreciated. Well done!”

“It was a wonderful and fulfilling experience. You couldn't possibly get it better than this. No scam here. All facts and encouragement. Everything is beautiful with a lot of comfort built into the facility. Parking space is more than adequate, bathrooms exceptionally clean. Very friendly and amenable personnel. I felt very comfortable and relaxed within the facility all through the period of training.”

“The staff is not only professional, but knowledgeable and can answer, and will take the time to answer any and all questions. The instructors are extremely willing to make sure you understand the topic and will spend time outside of class to help you.”

“The Education at OTA has been the best education in trading the financial markets I have ever come across. ”

“If you want to learn how to trade, OTA is the only place to go. They truly want you to succeed and will guide you every step of the way. Not only that, but you will have lifetime support! I've never heard of that from any other school. OTA is the only one.”

“For anyone truly willing to dedicate serious time to learning from experienced professionals, and then applying the acquired knowledge on a precise rules limiting basis, the Online Trading Academy experience can lead to a whole new level of income.”

“This particular class: Pro Trader, Part 1, has been excellent and only affirms my interest and desire to continue with OTA and with my career as a trader. I credit Jon Arginteanu for his great skill and ability to communicate information effectively. I feel like it's a great privilege to learn from his years of experience and knowledge. All faculty and staff at OTA have been highly professional, helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. I have studied with Darek Zelek, Ryan Watkins, and Jon Arginteanu and all three have been skilled, successful traders and excellent at communicating the information. Also approachable and willing to answer questions.”


“Online Trading Academy is truly committed to helping a person achieve their financial goals. The staff will invest a great deal of time working with each student to ensure that they are successful at being great traders.”

“Everything about the Philly OTA is top notch. The staff here is amazing as they'll go out of their way to make sure your experience is awesome. I'm happy to be a part of this financial family!”

“OTA has taught me so much. When I first started my classes I heard someone say "You never look at money the same again." This is so true! I have a much greater awareness of global economies and correlations. It is all very fascinating to me. The OTA center I take my classes in is always clean and neat and the staff is friendly, helpful and accommodating.”

“This was an extremely enjoyable experience. I was impressed by the effort made by OTA to accommodate its students; whether it was the amount of attention given by the instructor or the learning tools provided. The class atmosphere is somewhat informal and relaxed, diminishing any existing anxiety regarding the student's experience regarding trading. This, along with the amount of sincere support and guidance provided by OTA's entire staff made me feel that I had not wasted my time. Overall, a valuable and necessary experience for those serious about becoming an online trader.”

“Online Trading Academy is a one of a kind experience. So much fun stuff to learn. The people you meet are extraordinary. Learning to trade the correct way is very interesting.”

“I've always wanted to get into the stock market, and I think I have made the best decision in using Trading Academy to get me started. Sam is truly an excellent instructor and I think that having him during the 3-day orientation helped me in making the decision to start my trading career. I hope that the other instructors are at least half as good as he is.”

“After years of trial and error, the Online Trading Academy taught me a process by which I could become a successful trader.”

“The Staff at OTA at King of Prussia are TOP NOTCH. They are very upfront on what they expect from you if you decide to sign up. They DEF are invested in making you a successful trader and SHOW it. The professors are all top notch traders with proof to show. Can't stress enough how great the staff is here. Working with the staff is a pleasure!”

“Everyone at OTA that I have dealt with was friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Although I have only completed the first part of my training, I have learned a lot. I am excited and looking forward to the rest of my scheduled training so that I can start applying it to become a professional trader. Thank you OTA!”

“This program I gave my all to, and the program gave me their all. I am lost for words and forever grateful. The whole OTA team is amazing, friendly and other worldly, thank you.”

“This was my first retake of the Forex course and I feel like I have developed a deeper sense of how to take more profitable trades using the core strategy. ”

“I was completely lost in the market until Online Trading Academy educators, counselors, and administrators were nice enough to take me in as one of their students. I am on my way to learning much more about the stock market than I ever thought possible from the classes I have taken and am scheduled to take. By doing so, my passion and enthusiasm has grown and I am eager and motivated to take my learning and apply it day by day and week by week as you teach me the ways to trade the market. Thank you, my OTA Family!”

“Online Trading Academy provided a great way of preparing me for a career change. What other method of study could give me a quick way of starting a new profession at a very reasonable cost. ”

“Best education in the industry; unbiased and objective, truly interested in your investment success.”

“This is my second class. The instructors for both classes provided expert instruction with real world examples. They also, which is very important, stressed the risk involved with trading. We entered good and bad trades which lets you know that trading can be profitable but you can also lose money. If you develop and follow a plan and stick to it, you plan for small losses and large wins. This is not an easy get rich program, it is a program that will teach you a skill and strategy to invest in the stock market and become successful. Time invested equals skill set development.”

“OTA IS the best financial decision that I have made in my life. It provides REAL education. I feel 100% more confident to handle my financial future. I no longer completely fear retirement (which occurs in twenty years). Now I have time to build the financial future for my family. Ed is a super instructor. He really explains in details and takes the time for each student if they need additional assistance. I would take his class again and suggest it to others.”


“An entirely new way of looking at something that is considered by so many as unknown, dangerous, a place where you only lose money. Finishing just the core strategy class gives you such a different perspective about trading overall, understanding of the way that the market works, and how with proper training, trading on the market is an absolutely phenomenal opportunity.”

“OTA taught me that I have control of my own financial future, but it's really going to take a lot of time, commitment & effort to develop the skill necessary to become a winning trader. OTA is giving me the tools to do that. ”

“I was trading stocks before I came to Online Trading Academy and thought I knew what I was doing. I was wrong. I had no idea how much leverage was allowed in the Futures and Forex markets, along with the tax benefits. Also, I was trading based on Quarterly and Annual news, along with company reports and although I was profitable I had no idea how to trade supply and demand. Online Trading Academy not only taught me how to trade in different ways, it opened up my mind to many other trading strategies and markets where I can invest my money.”

“I was approached by many people in the field trying to sell me tutorials and videos that they claimed were the best way to get into trading the market, after I tried some I was disappointed, none of them offered me the professional training and education that I received in the OTA. The quality of the instructors Is Superb and the use of the technical support and education planning is great. Mastermind and XLTs are also exceptional. Thanks OTA.”

“The facility is good and the staffs are excellent, a good learning experience.”

“OTA provides quality education in trading online. Everyone at the school seems to be interested in my success. The learning experience was superb. Try it and see for yourself.”

“OTA provides peoples of all backgrounds with the tools and knowledge to become successful traders.”

“This class has been very informative and has given me the confidence in believing that I can become a full time forex trader, achieving my goals of making this my new profession. I have enjoyed the entire week and am happy to be a part of this new community.”

“OTA really, really helps you learn. The amount of support OTA provides and offers is incredible. OTA does NOT just take your money and then forget about you---OTA really goes above and beyond to help you learn and make money. I truly wish I had joined OTA 10 years ago. I am blown away at breadth and depth of knowledge of the financial markets that Sam Evans has. ALL of the OTA instructors are extremely intelligent. No matter what the market, every single OTA instructor is brilliant. I am very, very happy to have taken this FUTURES course with Sam Evans. I really, really learned a lot and I can't wait to begin trading FUTURES. I would love to take another FOREX course with Sam Evans or Keith Gibson.”

“A very informative hands on learning experience, with knowledgeable personnel on site who are polite and friendly, and easy to relate with. Thanks much.”

“I have enjoyed the program and have seen it working. It is very effective.”

“This is my first course with OTA. I was very apprehensive in regards to signing up. I was not sure this was real and/or that it could help me in my trading. Having completed this first course, I now realize that I should have taken this course years ago! I see clearly how trading using the OTA techniques will enhance my trading and help me to improve as a trader. I look forward to increasing my learning through using the XLT and participating in both live and online courses. Thank you, and especially thanks to Scott M., my first instructor.”

“Everyone at the Philadelphia (KOP) facility is very accommodating and easily approachable. They all make you feel relaxed and at home. The instructors are top-notch and the facility is clean and modern. I couldn't have asked for a better learning environment or a better instructor than Ed Ponsi. His ability to transcend his real-world experience and knowledge to a classroom environment is very effective and I am confident that I will continue to progress...”

“Online Trading Academy is affording me the ability to be able to maintain my current life style at a time when I am leaving my current job. I don't have to deal with the rat race any longer.”

“To me, the opportunity to be a student at Online Trading Academy is a dream come true. Through a coworker in Liberia who had taken a Forex course in Singapore, I became acquainted with Online Trading Academy, not believing that I would have the opportunity to be a student myself. However, when time and that opportunity serendipitously presented itself, I seized it! ”

“OTA exceeded my expectations and I'm thrilled about it.”

“I have been in multiple different courses over the years and feel that OTA has, overall, been the best. OTA is a well-oiled machine. I really enjoyed my time spent at the facility, along with feeling that my educational trading has been enhanced. I am looking forward to attending more courses. Thank you for the experience!”

“This has exceeded my expectations. The environment was conducive to learning. The food was excellent and the people friendly. Amazing how everyone gets to know our names so quickly. The real benefit was Brandon. He not only covered the material but shared his personal tips and tricks with many examples to help fortify his points.”

“OTA Philly is an excellent learning environment. The facility is quiet and peaceful, no noise or confusion outside the classroom to distract you. The staff could not be more friendly or helpful. The owner, Bruce, is right there too, talking with the students and making sure everything is going smoothly. He is very active in assuring student satisfaction. The counselors get to know everyone; I would feel comfortable talking to any of them. Of course, Sydney coordinates all of it and she does a great job too!”


“If you have lost money trading -- stop immediately and come to OTA.”

“The class gave me the tools and techniques needed to become a successful trader. ”

“So much excellent information and the instructors are amazing. They are simply wonderful teachers who love, love, love trading. That really helped to give me the confidence I needed to continue to pursue trading.”

“Of all the trading education I've taken, OTA is the most useful, practical...and it works!”

“This class was a true eye opener on what the market has to offer. Opportunities are endless, regardless of the market conditions. I now feel equipped and ready to go.”

“Before coming to OTA I was involved in another trading school, the experience and hands on education I got at OTA was BY FAR better than what I have ever received in the past. I highly recommend that if you want to take control of your financial future, enroll and embrace the education that you receive at OTA. It is second to none.”

“It certainly increased my skills and confidence in trading.”

“By learning OTA core strategy, even a novice trader can see opportunities in all markets to increase their probability of making a successful trade. OTA staff always friendly and helpful.”

“You never know what you are missing until you experience it. This truly expresses what you find out about trading when you attend Online Trading Academy's classes. The knowledge taught and the insight resulting goes farther than I could have imagined.”

“It was a great experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning how to trade, and in particular for a senior citizen.”

“If you want to be a serious trader, take classes at Online Trading Academy.”

“The teachers and staff at Phila. office were wonderful. I learned many profitable strategies to use when trading. I'm looking VERY forward to my futures class later this month.”

“I didn't know ANYTHING about trading before I started here. Now, I feel confident about trading! I've learned so much in a small period of time. This was truly worth the investment!”

“I am totally impressed with the professionalism of Online Trading Academy. It is one of the most professional organizations. They are committed to the success of the student. The fact that I can go online and review any of the archives and also get on live sessions is pretty impressive. The quality of the material and instructors knowledge is great. Wish I knew about you earlier instead of "figuring" this out myself. I could have paid for this course twenty times over with what I could have made (and not lost) using Online Trading Academy rules.”

“I enjoyed my class here, in Online Trading Academy Philly again! It was an honor to meet Sam. His approach on trading Futures was very clear for me and I had light bulbs going on all the time. I would say it was more a Light Show.”

“All the staff was great and more than helpful... They were always concerned everyone was getting what they need.”

“I figured out real quick how important the chart is compared to the fundamental analysis of a company.”

“The Philadelphia Online Trading Academy has the friendliest staff, cleanest facility and best instructors I've encountered; this coming from an MBA student. I'm so happy with the Forex instruction that I've received, and I feel very confident that, with a little practice, patience, and dedication, I will be able to trade professionally in the near future. I'm so happy to have found Online Trading Academy. They helped me decipher all the clutter and noise that I've been overwhelmed with during my internet "trading" research and explained it thorougly to this novice.”

“If you were ever curious about online trading, this is the place to be.”

“Very nice training facility, nice staff, and the food and snacks are a nice touch. No complaints what so ever.”


“Very well done program, will send others.”

“If you are a trader that is frustrated by not making money, this is the course for you.”

“This superb training opened my eyes to what the REAL driving forces are in the market and how to skillfully engage in market timing. If I had known this material before the 2008-2009 crash, I would have been spared the agony of being in the market.”

“The Online Trading Academy program is well worth the investment.”

“One word... 'life changing.'”

“This is the best place I have ever attended classes. Bruce and his team have made this a top notch facility. I came in trading with the novices and left trading like the institutions.”

“All staff members at this Online Trading Academy center in King of Prussia are very friendly and helpful and enhance the experience. Of special mention are Mario and Sean, both were extremely helpful and have a gentle presence and demeanor. They make you feel comfortable, even when you ask obvious questions.”

“My brother has taken all of the Online Trading Academy classes. Our goal is to share trading duties for day to day income and to grow our investment accounts. As I took this class for the first time, he also took it with me. We both appreciated Dan's concise style. My brother, as well as other, retakers in the class highly recommended retaking the class with various instructors as all have their own rich experiences and outlooks to impart to the students.”

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