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“If you truly want financial freedom and flexibility in your life - Do this - Join OTA.”


“This is a life changing experience”

“Do not pass "CORE", do not collect $200.00! I cannot see how anyone can be a consistently successful trader without taking and understanding the Core strategy before their asset class. Great foundation!”

“I love all the different instructors. They all have little "nuggets" for us from past experience, which help us understand the concept even better. I love the fact that they have all been in the industry for many years and bring to us their knowledge combined with the curriculum set by OTA.”

“If you are seeking to improve your standard of living and/or preserve your wealth with more surety, Online Trading Academy is the way to go to begin climbing that ladder of success, with a blueprint of the ladder. I recommend OTA as the path to follow to understand the trading arena.”

“My time and journey through The Core Strategy with OTA has superseded my expectations. I can safely and confidently say that I came into this class with no understanding of trading. However, the instructor and OTA provide you with all of the necessary tools you need to understand Core Strategy and how to become a responsible speculator (trader). The Program and Curriculum could have not been any more comprehensive. With that said, I look forward to expanding my journey with OTA and the community of investors that come with it.”

“It has become clear to me through my training and self-practice, that the Core Strategy , once honed, is effective and can be profitable. The instructors are truly focused on their students' learning the material and how to use it to set strong trades. All of the OTA website online materials are invaluable.”

“I love the positive energy that emanates from the people and employees of the Orlando office. I always leave there feeling uplifted and energized mentally and emotionally. Being surrounded by others with a positive attitude allows us all to shine light upon each other and the world around us. I love these people and every opportunity to be around them.”

“I've been looking for a program like Online Trading Academy and I have not been disappointed.”

“I have been trading for years, making little progress. My knowledge was a mish-mash of different sources and ideas. I didn't have a coherent plan that could be implemented consistently. Online Trading Academy has given me a step by step system from start to finish that is repeatable for every trade. I learned to only take high probability, high profit trades. I learned how to run my trading like a business, with daily/monthly profit targets, and how to reach those targets even if my win ratio is only 40 or 50 percent. I now feel like I know what I was missing.”

“We truly enjoyed ourselves. We were introduced to concepts we didn't know existed. We are excited to get started. The platform emersion was a tremendous bonus for a quick start into core strategies. We are excited to start trading but more importantly, we feel confident to start managing our own financial futures.”

“This has been a unique experience that has brought unexpected riches to my life.”

“Online Trading Academy's trading philosophy is precise and concise. They get to the point and stick to it. I really appreciated it as I was taking this class for a second time. Still, I learned something new that was advantageous to me. Thank you guys. You are awesome...”

“Online Trading Academy opened my eyes to the true potential of what a person is capable of when provided with the proper training and support, as long you have the will and drive to want to succeed. I spent many solo hours studying and watching videos online to understand the trading experience and what it would take to become successful, and none of that came even close to what I was able to gain from joining this program.”

“OTA has and is changing my life!”

“Class experience in Orlando OTA exceeded my expectations. All the educators here truly worked hard to make sure I understood what I struggled to understand previously and also fine tune what I already knew but didn't feel 100% confident with.”

“If you want to take control of your destiny, then you need to learn from the pros. Every one of the instructors at OTA are true professionals. With their guidance and some serious studying, anyone can learn to properly trade the markets.”

“There is NO bad instructor in this academy. On the contrary, they are all knowledgeable and very willing to share all their experiences with us to enhance our knowledge and make the trading experience a very positive and profitable one. I admire Sean for all he has accomplished and for his great character. He is one to follow close and learn from!”

“If you really want to learn how to trade this is the place to come. The class was detailed, there was always time for questions. Our instructor, Chris Manson, always took time to answer our questions and made you feel like your question was important. There was a lot of one on one help during the practice times too. I feel the way the class was run encouraged to help each other made us a group rather than individuals learning. An A+ to both OTA and instructor Chris Manson!!”

“We are new into trading and this program has all the information we need to be successful. Everybody is so friendly and helpful. We have been at the center many times and there has not been a time when anybody made us feel uncomfortable. There is plenty of parking and the place is very easy to find.”

“So far OTA has met my expectations and has been everything I could of hoped for. From the office staff to the instructors they have all been both courteous and professional. ”

“When I started the course my vision was very narrow. As I progress, I realize that I was not utilizing my assets wisely and this course is an eye opener for me. Everything from day one is so Excellent, informative and built up my confidence level. I gain much knowledge and much to learn from XLT--All staff and Instructor are friendly -and still I have a lot to learn. I am really excited.”


“If you want to improve your financial position in life and want to 'fire' your current employer, and believe in investing some time, effort and a little money into learning a proven system that can make this a reality, then this is the opportunity you have been searching for.”

“OTA has changed my life by giving me the opportunity to make money from home and have most of the day to enjoy my life. Every instructor goes above and beyond to answer my questions.”

“I feel that I now have enough energy to practice successfully and to know enough to be able to ask the right questions. Everything at this center was first class. Bradley, Dan Sugar, Heidi and the classmates. It was all a wonderful experience. So many questions answered. So much direction given.”

“Each experience with OTA reaffirms their commitment to excellence by providing the best Instructors, classroom setting/options (in-person & online) and overall resources (XLTs, Hour with Pros, etc.). Matt Gildea was an expert Instructor that used OTA Core Strategy, logic and real world examples (loved the white board/paint checklists & notes) to a complicated topic in Options.”

“Great program, new computers, great instructors. Staff is always friendly and very helpful, very clean, parking is good but facility is small. Haydee was Great, keeps things running smoothly.”

“I love the fact that everyone in the Academy wants to see you succeed, and the fact that they make themselves available to help out in the process. Everyone is very knowledgeable and has had many years in the industry, which is an added value to students.”

“This training is a life changing factor for good!”

“Hands down, very beneficial financial knowledge, no matter what your finances are, or what stage in life you are in.”


“OTA has a wealth of courses and information that you can submerge yourself into to understand how to trade with less risk - both in classroom and online. I personally love the classroom environment because the exchange of information between questions and answers is priceless. ”

“All facilities were excellent. Parking was good. Food was superior. Training was great.”

“OTA is a great place to start, to get the basics and a good foundation that will make your odds of success and satisfaction much greater. OTA Orlando is a very nice facility. Centrally located, easy access to main roads and highways.”

“Have been taking classes for years and as all professionals continuing education is always valuable and in this case profitable. All things change so it is only a fool who thinks they know it all and fail to take advantage of the retraining and updating OTA offers. Glad I made the commitment numerous years ago and had enough sense to readdress and use the courses and resources I paid for.”

“This is a very good foundation for anyone who wants to have control over their own stock investments and wants to do it profitably.”

“I was rather skeptical about joining the program at first. I thought that it would just be another sales pitch for a trading program that I would have to go at it alone. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered this wasn't the case. I just finished my Part 1 of Pro Trader and I cannot wait to start the Futures courses.”

“Online Trading Academy is giving me the skills to effectively trade in any market conditions.”

“I came into this class and unfortunately had to miss the first 3/5 days of this class. The instructors are so helpful and knowledgeable of the material, they made it very easy for someone who has never traded to catch on and know what they're doing. I really learned a lot and am very excited for an ongoing learning experience. ”


“Attending OTA has been the best decision of my life. Trading is a comprehensive and complex subject that OTA has a way of breaking down with a core strategy that is easy to understand. This is a skill and a decision that I wish I would have decided to learn about and take advantage of years ago. Thank You OTA instructors and staff!!”

“What I liked best: It is for anyone who is looking to supplement income for retirement. The support of new friends to help you along as well as being able to contact someone for help when needed. This is a great support system.”

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