Norwalk, CT - Student Testimonials

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“Very comprehensive training and hands-on experience. Very friendly and supportive staff and instructors. Sam T”

“I am 70 years old, and I believe that OTA has the best teaching programs to help people like me to become fluent in trading. My instructor, Bobbie Shiels, was the best instructor I have ever had with this Core Strategy program.”


“When I went to Bobbie Shiels-- the instructor-- to ask a question, she looked me in the eye and made me feel that she genuinely wanted me to get the answer one way or another; and that's what it’s all about. I dropped my car key in the elevator shaft, and not only did Ricky Class call the owner (who called the landlord who called the elevator company), but he tried to get the key out himself with a broom handle and double stick tape... He could not reach the key, but he tried. That is above and beyond with extra care and courtesy. He did not tell me that he was going to try; instead just took the initiative and went with it.”

“Joining OTA was the best decision we have made. In one week of Core Strategy, we have learned so much; the instructor was wonderful. We look forward to trading.”

“I have been looking for a program like this for a while. I didn't know that I had such a wonderful place right in my backyard. My only regret is that I didn't discover Online Trading Academy sooner, but it’s never too late to live your dream.”

“What is amazing is the community of assistance available to you; you don't ever have to feel as if you are alone after completion of your course. Forming trading groups is highly recommended by the staff and is preferred by the students. I have no regrets attending OTA.”

“The staff is very friendly and helpful. The instructors each have their own unique experiences that are very helpful in understanding the nature of markets and how to profit in them. Most importantly, how to embrace and manage risk and reward.”

“The Core Strategy program is excellent. I love how everyone here cares for your success and progress. Roger Best was most helpful in his approach and everyone in the center was amazing! Warm, approachable, helpful and caring!”

“The programs are the best way for anyone to understand how to use their money in the most meaningful way. You learn to control and demonstrate mastery of your own financial destiny.”

“I am excited and the money I paid is well worth it. Many things I didn’t know about the financial market were explained. My fears has been alleviated and I am ready to learn more.”

“The instructors and staff here are awesome! I'm grateful for being part of Norwalk OTA!!”

“A lot of great knowledge and a friendly and caring staff. A great school with a lot of opportunity.”

“OTA is the real deal!!! If you always wanted to learn to trade the right way and without fear, this is the place to learn!”

“You walk into class knowing very little and doubt that the money you paid was not worth it; you leave believing that your life will be changed forever.”

“It's like a college course learning something new. You need to dedicate the time and effort but the rewards, especially if you're retiring and want something interesting to do in your spare time while increasing your odds on making additional money, this is the school. They care!”

“From the 1/2 day intro to the 3 day class to the Core Strategy class, the entire OTA Staff is extremely helpful and supportive at every step of the way. They provide an open and inclusive community atmosphere which is very reassuring for the first time trader. If you are interested in a solid rules based system for low risk, high probability trading...I would recommend signing up for Core Strategy!”

“OTA has offered me and my daughter an excellent opportunity to take charge of our future, in reference to their complete educational teaching methods. Not only financial but mentally and emotionally fit to complete any task in a specific way. The discipline we implement in our strategy will help us to be that extraordinary trader in the near future. I would recommend anyone that finds interest in the trading industry to definitely check out OTA.”

“Online Trading Academy was an eye opener! It was the answer I was looking for to the gateway of the Market! Online Trading Academy was and is the complete package that helped me increase my skill level. The community is highly impressive and I look forward to follow up sessions with the OTA community, Norwalk.”

“OTA is a program filled with exceptionally experienced instructors. This past experience brings an extra level of education to the class. Any questions we had were answered and helped to give us the understanding we need to begin trading. The training gives you not only knowledge but the tools and programs needed to begin trading.”

“Love what this center does to train students like me.”

“OTA was an excellent experience. I highly recommend the course. The instructors are very knowledgeable, patient, and invested in the success of the students. I went into the class with no trading experience whatsoever and came out with a much higher level of understanding and inspiration to succeed and continue on with the online trading.”

“Online Trading Academy Norwalk campus is an excellent facility. They have a wonderful support staff that is very welcoming and take pride in helping out their students. I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn in a great and fun environment to check out OTA Norwalk!”

“OTA over delivered for me. After the basic course I have a good understanding of the strategy. Exceeded expectations.”

“Loved this class. Love the instructors . They welcomed me and my mother with open arms.”

“I have taken the OTA Professional Futures class several times, and each time learned new strategies and important information regarding trading Futures. This training and practice has been critical in my evolution to becoming a consistently profitable trader. In addition, the communities of traders/students, both from attending the face to face classes and the online classes and Mastermind Clubhouse sessions are not only incredibly helpful, but really fun. It's great to be part of the OTA family.”

“I think that the academy does a terrific job and so far the instructors are very knowledgeable and resourceful.”

“The Norwalk center provides instructors with high standards and extensive experience to teach 1st time and retake students the basic principles of online trading at a pace that is informative and comprehendible.”

“I am a new trader. OTA has provided me with the skills, knowledge, information and blue print to potentially become a master trader. I am blown away by the level of continuous support that the Academy offers; And, IT'S FOR A LIFETIME!!! Once a student, you become family.”

“I had been looking for trading academies for quite some time and almost signed up with a course that was solely taught online. After just one week at OTA I am so thankful that I didn't! OTA is beyond anything out there. The education and ongoing training are second to none and it is the BEST investment I have ever made.”

“The school is great... filled with great people who want to see you succeed and will do everything they can to aid in your efforts. I would recommend anyone I know who is looking for a trading school to learn how to interact with the markets to come to OTA. This is truly a family environment.”

“Online Trading Academy is an EXCELLENT training ground to learn the Markets and understand Supply and Demand. The instructors are extremely helpful and patient to ensure you understand how it all works.”


“The OTA system streamlines investing to a clear and concise process. It would take years of reading books to compile the info that is given in a week.”

“This is the most worthy course I have taken in a long time. The content, the instructors, the facility, the student coordinators are all just A+. It will never occur to you how much you spent on the course after you have taken it, because it's really time and money so well spent.”

“Great experience. The student support and the individual coaches are outstanding. Always willing to help. Tom Jenkins was a great instructor. I was very excited to start these classes and the Norwalk facility did not let me down.”

“I walked into class at the beginning of the week feeling uncertain and unsure about trading. However, by the end of the week, I placed my first live trade with confidence and I know I will be successful in the future!!!”

“Wow- very thorough and great support system as well- OTA has our success in mind! ”

“This is the best trading educational program that I have taken. They teach you how the market moves and the mechanics for actually trading. If you follow the program, you have no choice but to be successful!”

“This program gave me way more than I expected when I decided to give it a try. I had absolutely no experience AT ALL but after just a short time with all the material they have not only taught me, but all the material they have made available to me. Plus, the complete support I have received from EVERYONE at the Academy has made me thankful in my decision. It has already started changing my life.”

“This OTA training was very informative and it is not a get rich scheme. You will be trained on following the pre-defined strategy and you will need to be disciplined on following that strategy to be successful.”

“I truly enjoyed the program because it is set up to facilitate everyone. In other words, slow learner and fast learner, and it makes it hard to fail once there is the will to learn.”

“I didn't know anything about trading until I joined OTA about a year ago. As a full time trader now, I can say that they provide all the tools needed to become a successful trader.”

“OTA does everything, I mean everything, possible to ensure every student's success. Tech support, online help, free re-takes, online recorded classes, help from real face to face student support specialists, etc., etc.”

“The staff at OTA Norwalk are extremely nice and very helpful. Within my first couple weeks I knew this was a great environment with a great group of people. I wouldn't have wanted to start my education anywhere else.”

“This is truly life changing! By adopting OTA core strategy and following the rules of your trading plan, even an inexperienced trader can be successful! ”

“Online Trading Academy has patented a scientific method for trading and profiting in financial markets. The strategy applies to all markets. Rarely am I impressed with technology, whether it is an iPhone or a 'smart weapon' for the military or a rocket into space. There are two impressive technologies which I see now: the Online Trading Academy patented methodology, and nano-robots for curing complex diseases. With practice and discipline, Online Trading Academy offers you the opportunity to be a successful trader, and to be a member of the Online Trading Community. The Online Trading Community is thoroughly supportive of its students. The whole program is not easy, but it can be learned, and it is a super winner, and it is amazing.”

“I have found OTA to be the BEST stock trading education anyone can have. The assistance provided by instructors and staff make the education feel like a family affair. I've always felt welcome and have always been greeted with a smile and positive attitude.”

“I love the general program structure and support available for the students. The people are incredible.”

“If you've been trading and having more losses than winnings, you are a perfect fit for OTA! You'll learn how to maximize your trades.”

“The classes at OTA are very useful and address problems I usually have at trading. Teachers have a lot of experience and knowledge to share and guide you to get better results at trading.”

“Shortly after I paid, I had a bit of initial regret in dropping down so much money for this course. However, after the first day of Core Strategy, any and all concerns I had were gone. This class is the real deal and I believe that one can become a highly successful trader while solely relying on the materials taught at OTA. This was money well spent for me.”

“I really went from knowing absolutely nothing about the market to wanting to learn about it more, and now I feel confident with the idea of becoming a trader.”

“OTA is a great organization with lots of resources available and super-helpful staff!”

“Great community feeling, lots of help around you where ever you look.”

“OTA is the best place to learn financial trading... Instructors are awesome, coming from diversified backgrounds from the world of financial trading and providing students with the best learning possibilities. I am appreciative that OTA cares enough about my progress that they are providing mentors, career coaches and educational support. Particularly in the Norwalk campus, they really go out of their way to help you… so I am very grateful for being part of it.”


“I am inspired to continue to develop my trading skills, adding Options as an asset class to my trading arsenal. Each day, OTA is helping me to get closer to realizing my ultimate goal to become a professional trader, allowing for financial stability in my future and freedom in my life.... to live as I please. Thank you, Steve, for contributing to this goal. You are an awesome and inspiring Educator.”

“The trading opportunities that are presented and taught by Online Trading Academy's instructors while using OTA's patented methodology and core strategy are endless. - WOW, INCREDIBLE!”

“As a Mastermind student who is planning to retire this next year, I am planning a change in my trading plan to begin trading during the day and as a full time endeavor. I took the Pro Trader class many years ago, and found this Core Strategy class to be an excellent review and chance to reflect on my trading practice. I was particularly happy to be able to tighten up my understanding of some basic concepts which were never quite clear. Craig Weil is an awesome instructor. He listens carefully to student questions and provides answers that directly address the student's question while providing more context for understanding the content. He covered the content, providing personal anecdotes that really engage the class. Even though I've covered core strategy material in various classes and XLs, this class was enjoyable and tremendously useful.”

“I have been wanting to connect with OTA for a very long time. I always enjoyed trading on my own but lacked the background and knowledge to do it right. what I experienced was much more than my expectations and I was really thrilled and excited to meet such dynamic nice people at OTA. It is a life changing experience for me. I wholly recommend it. L. Leute”

“My name is Roxanna Reyes and my experience with OTA has never been anything but great. From the welcoming as a new trader to not being left behind because learning pace is a little different form other students and making this trading community feel like a big extended family. I'm very excited and anxious to see what great peeks ill reach in the trading lifestyle with my effort and OTS resources. THANK YOU TO AN AMAZING TEAM.”

“These classes make astonishingly powerful knowledge available to students! I have studied shelves of books on investing and economics, and the core strategy presented at the Online Trading Academy is more than just top drawer, it is uniquely insightful into how markets work and how we can turn this knowledge to our advantage in the course of trading.”

“Talk about a place that makes you feel at home, OTA has helped tremendously with not only to understand my education but also provide a meticulous environment and great personalities around to network. I recommend everyone to Online Trading Academy in Norwalk, CT.”

“I heard about OTA thru a friend, I must say that at first I hesitated. I didn't think this was for me so I waited a little while before I even considered, but when I decided to inquire about it, I made up my mind quicker than I had anticipated. Now that I finished my first curriculum, I will definitely tell friends and relatives about it.”

“Online Trading Academy is the place to go if one is serious about trading for a life changing purpose. The center staff are professional. They exhibit the patience and politeness towards each who are inexperience when it come to the financial market.”

“Options trading is a complex subject and requires a special type of instructor whom can blend the theory with real world experience. Norwalk OTA brought the perfect instructor in for us. Norwalk is an exceptional center with a great staff and very motivated students whom become part of your family. I had a great experience. I will travel back here in the future.”

“I'm so glad I stumbled upon OTA. It opened up my eyes to a whole new way of looking at the market and the advantage and the edge this class will provide you with. ”

“The program was amazing if you are looking to expand your knowledge and how you can trade correctly I would suggest coming to Trading Academy.”

“Amazing experience. Instructor was great. Really helpful learning from someone who has worked directly in the industry. Staff is very helpful and supportive and there is always someone available to answer any questions you may have.”

“To everyone I know.... get to OTA... NOW!!”

“This class was very helpful and Bob Dunn is the real deal. The Norwalk OTA and their staff run a very professional and clean center and pay attention to each student. Anyone who is serious about learning professional trading, this is the place.”

“OTA Norwalk is stepping it up for the advanced traders; what a great instructor Greg was and great learning curve with tons of fun this past week. Feel I have all the pieces now to begin trading options. That was time very well spent.”

“As a new OTA student. I really enjoyed the Core Strategy program. The Core Strategy program was a big help to my process with my goals and dreams to being a successful trader. My overall learning experience would not have been the same without the student support and faculty. They really treated me as if I were part of a family which made the learning process much easier.”

“OTA is well structured, very organized and very informative. All of the instructors are very helpful and I really enjoyed the environment. My biggest regret is that the week ended and I had to go home.”

“I really enjoyed the class. I did learn a lot.”

“Everyone working at the center is extremely friendly and kind. They want to see you succeed and do everything they can to help you become a more advanced trader.”

“I have really enjoyed the core strategy program so far. It's my first time going through it, and it has given me lots of information to process while also getting me on the live markets placing trades. Personally, the hands on training is ideal for my learning style, and is why I was willing to try the program. I have enjoyed that my expectations of getting to make actual trades and see the process have been met. Also, the class hasn't been a big sales pitch like the free and three day classes were. It's been all learning and training which is enjoyable in my mind. Got the General for an instructor, and he has kept it interesting, funny, and very useful guidance through the information.”

“The class was enlightening and thorough. OTA continues to have a great sense of community. The Academy shows that they are very thoughtful of their students by providing them with invaluable resources, revealing insights, & professional life experiences that increase learning curves and cut down the time a student would need to gather the professional knowledge on their own. Very realistic approach to trading currencies.”

“I loved the class. What I love about the Online Trading Academy - all of their teachers are fantastic. I mean everyone in the class got special attention, hands on and I needed it.”

“I found the instructors and the material here to be not just outstanding, but singularly wonderful, in my experience. The knowledge offered here can give one a mind-blowing epiphany, particularly for somebody who, like me, has had academic exposure to such conventional ideas as the belief that the Efficient Market Hypothesis makes the price movement of equities a "random walk down Wall Street" (as the title of a best-selling book puts it.) The patented body of knowledge taught here shows that one can profitably, closely, and accurately FOLLOW the markets. Not least of the facility's virtues is their staff, who all display a friendliness, deep knowledge of the subject, and eagerness to please. I should also praise the convenience, attractiveness, ease of parking and access... everything was wonderful!”

“OTA presents students with a vast arsenal of trading knowledge. What I have learned has helped equip me to achieve my income goals.”


“Awesome program that keeps us students on learning the same methodology, core strategy with different points of view. So far my three class instructors, Roger Best, Ed Ponsi and Alex Perna, are incredible instructors. And obviously Steve Flege from Norwalk, Connecticut, the OTA base is real professional and friendly in his organization. Congratulations to all OTA team.”

“Every one of the OTA instructors has a different and unique perspective of markets they are active in. As a student, this enables you to choose the right trading strategy that better aligns with your personality. There is a great emphasis on risk management and ensuring that the students get whatever they need to meet their financial goals. Highly, highly recommend and also caution about the steep learning curve & time commitment.”

“I came into OTA with no knowledge of trading, and in only a couple of sessions I feel that I have an almost complete understanding of trading. The personnel are extremely friendly and go out of their job titles to help you understand trading.”

“Attending Online Trading Academy's live classes at their training center as well as online classes has turned out to be one of the most important and decisive things I have done for myself and my family. I am no longer afraid about how to control my financial destiny. I would tell anyone to pursue this program. It will change your life.”

“I have learned a great deal about the way trading works, and the way markets work -- and about possibilities for making money of which I had not previously been aware. Techniques are straightforward, but it takes a while to get comfortable thinking about them... I am impressed with the consistently high standards of instruction.”

“I enjoyed the classes. Learning the core strategy will be key to future trading. This is truly a community of experienced individuals who demonstrate professionalism and a relaxed atmosphere.”

“I love OTA! I recommend it to any and everyone!”

“This is my first formal class in trading. My recommendation is to start with a formal learning platform like Online Trading Academy, because you develop a trading plan and habit that protects your investment. Remember step number One, Do not lose money. OTA will help you achieve that goal.”

“Options trading could change your life financially. This is an excellent Centre. It is a nice place to attend these classes. The service is great and the food excellent.”

“It has been a great week. The way the program is set up is amazing. The instructor and the staff are very supportive. Trading is real, and OTA makes it possible for you to learn.”

“OTA has opened many doors to opportunities that I would never have realized without them.”

“The Norwalk OTA Center is run in a professional manner, with attention to detail to make you feel comfortable. I truly enjoyed the past 10 days here and feel I learned something really important that I will be able to apply for the rest of my life. A whole new paradigm shift occurred when it comes to trading - who would have thought!!!”


“The facility was great, smiling faces from friendly people made it a great experience. I enjoyed this facility. I would recommend it for people who don't mind the travel and enjoy small interactive class.”

“I'm 18 years old and I had a great experience, all the instructors spoke to me like we were equals and whenever I needed help I got it promptly and in a clear easy to understand way.”

“Everyone should learn how to trade their own money and be their own personal financial guide. Online Trading Academy is a must for everyone!!! The community of staff and faculty are extremely accommodating in every way, and want you to succeed. Although it takes time to be an effective and profitable trader, the people at Online Trading Academy are there for their students 100% of the time. I highly recommend this school to anyone and everyone!!!”

“What makes a company great is the staff. OTA has succeeded in instilling a level of ability and dedication.”

“OTA provides a truly accelerated learning experience for beginning traders. I am happy I took the courses provided and recommend them to everyone interested in becoming a trader or who wants to expand his/her investment knowledge and experience.”

“It is rare that you can enroll in such a rewarding program. It has been a life-changing experience for both my wife and myself. I would urge anyone who wants to take control of their financial destiny to take this program. Run, don't walk! It is a deal of a lifetime.”

“I signed up for several other trading schools/programs/black boxes before finding OTA. OTA is the best by far! Consider yourself lucky if this is the first place you encounter in the pursuit of learning to trade the markets. Worth every cent.”

“OTA has opened my eyes to a whole new world that I knew existed but wasn't confident I could be successful in. I left my very 1st class on the edge of my seat eager to learn more. I feel so blessed to be here. The staff is great and the information is life changing.”

“The data presented is very revealing as to the true nature of the markets' functionalities. A lot of revealing information to better make and retain wealth with presentation of various paradigm changes we need to apply. I am so eager to move forward so that I can apply more of this 1st class life changing details to my life and those I love and care for. Prayer changes things but the revelation of "money being a TOOL" is an answer to prayer! ”

“OTA has been the most valuable and memorable experience in my life. I have met so many people that have helped me, both instructors, staff, and fellow students. This experience has changed my life.”

“I came to OTA with barely any knowledge of the market or how many assets it included. Between January 2015 when I attended the Market Timing class, and now May 1st post Forex, my knowledge has grown at an awesome rate. I personally don't think you can acquire knowledge this fast and in-depth anywhere else.”

“Well worth your time if you really want to immerse yourself in understanding how to trade.”

“People at OTA are terrific. Very helpful and understanding of needs.”

“This program is like opening the door to see a brand new world. OTA shows us how trading is truly done successfully. It is a way of looking at the financial markets that is not taught anywhere else. Both staff and students are extremely helpful and team spirited.”

“This was the tremendous experience I needed. Lot of things I struggled on before became clear. My confidence grew 10 fold. This instructor (Sunil) is perfect instructor for my engineering personality and way of thinking. Classes like this one build confidence in the ability to use OTA strategy by any new trader in the house. I was lacking very much exactly that what I gained from this class.”

“The OTA Norwalk group are true professionals. They encourage all types of effective learning practices and are considered partners in my on-going education.”

“OTA is a great opportunity to prepare oneself for their financial future and receive the educational experience of a lifetime with mutual support among both instructors and fellow students, both physically and online. ”


“The Norwalk center is great and the people are friendly and extremely helpful and accommodating.”

“Excellent center with great follow up support. Student camaraderie. Meet up groups.”

“A learning experience where you feel the instructor is truly concerned and in touch with the students. The ability to implement on the computer, from the first day, what was taught in the class provided each student with instant feedback as to whether or not they understood what was presented. Whereupon, if necessary, the instructor would eagerly review the material for greater clarification.”

“The instructors have real world experience. All of them trade the financial markets themselves and they are carefully selected for their ability to communicate well.”

“When trading, there is a method to apply like in any other profession. When people think of trading as gambling, it is because they obviously do not know and probably they have gone in a trade with no appropriate education. It is the same as if you want to become a doctor or an engineer, you have to go to school and get the proper knowledge and apply it.”

“The course totally met my needs as a novice trader looking to expand and enhance their skills. I felt totally comfortable within this environment.”

“I am genuinely surprised at how much I have learned by the end of my Pro Trader class with Chris Muldoon in Norwalk. I was concerned I was going to walk away without the confidence and knowledge to get started (by doing simulated trading), but I couldn't have been more wrong. I know I have a lot more to learn, but I am excited to continue learning after this course. I credit OTA, Chris Muldoon and the Norwalk location with an overall fantastic experience!”

“Clear, concise, simple steps towards profit and success!”

“Just do yourself a favor and take these courses. They will change your life!”

“The class helped me gain more confidence in trading and get a better understanding of the mistakes that novice traders make. Great staff, everyone seemed to genuinely have an interest in your success and making it enjoyable.”

“Love the center! Everyone is willing to explain and help the system.”

“I fell that choosing Online Trading Academy was a smart choice for me. The classes are more then what is promised, the knowledge that I received in the last 6 months is worth gold.”

“I was lost and struggling. So I decided to go back to basics. I was happy with my decision. This Pro Trader's course gave me the confidence I have misplaced and set me back on track. Jon Arginteanu took the time to make sure that my trades made sense and helped me with the reasoning why it succeeded and failed. ”

“If you want to learn how to trade and are not afraid of hard work during immersive learning, then the Online Trading Academy curriculum is for you. Furthermore, their Supply/Demand methodology provides the best way of identifying low risk/high reward/high probability trades that I have encountered. Too bad I didn't find them sooner - I want to get back all the money spent on other training so I can utilize it as trading capital for the Online Trading Academy approach.”

“I now have taken Professional Forex class, Professional Futures trader class and Professional trader class. I feel like my trading level exponentially grows with each class and instructor I attend. I more and more feel that this is the best choice I have made, to become a member of the Online Trading Academy community!!! Worth every penny!!!”

“I want to retire as a truck driver, and now I can thanks to Norwalk, CT staff.”

“This experience was a great one. The knowledge that I left with is priceless. The instructors, the people, just all around great.”

“I have always had a great experience at Online Trading Academy, my home away from home. Thank you for moving closer!!!!! It will make attending meet-up groups easier.”

“The classes are very useful; My personal plan is to take them a few times each with different instructors. But I strongly recommend for others to take the classes.”

“Very happy with the Pro Trader class and all the support the staff in Stamford has given me so far. Can't sign up for the other classes (Forex, Futures, TradeStation platform) fast enough!”

“Online Trading Academy makes the puzzle of successful trading easier to understand around Online Trading Academy core trading strategy taught in accessible, caring ways by their experienced instructors and staff.”

“All the staff is great!”


“Hey, compared to the way I traded before, I am eons ahead of the game. I wish that I had the opportunity to take the course earlier than I did. However, I am sharing the experience with my son who came along for the ride, and I can always explain things to other members of the family. For anyone with an IRA, it is the way to go.”

“Great program because we got to live trade. ”

“Highly informative and excellent delivery of materials by the instructor. Support staff were great and catered to all our needs.”

“Online Trading Academy is the right choice to learn how to trade. If one has the desire and is willing to work, Online Trading Academy teaches the material so that one can learn to trade successfully.”

“I'm having a ball learning about the so many mistakes I made during trading. I always felt like there was something that I was doing wrong, and I was! I was trading like a retail trader, but thanks to Online Trading Academy, I can turn the tide a little my way.”

“The course (Professional Trader) gave me both the strategic and tactical approach I was looking for, when it came to investing and trading.”

“Steve runs an excellent facility and program. His support staff, though few in number, are also excellent. I have moved to Manhattan and will miss the Stamford experience (I commuted 1.5 hours each way to take Forex in Stamford and plan to try New York next).”

“Online Trading Academy is the place to be if you are looking for trading education that will ensure your success at trading, training is not just coming to class and going home. As a student of Online Trading Academy, you become a part of a community of traders, over 70 instructors and hundreds of traders around the world. All the life time XLTs allow you to always be with this community of traders expressing and sharing their knowledge and their opinion on the various securities trading. At Online Trading Academy your success is guaranteed, as long as you do your part.”

“Online Trading Academy changed my life forever, not just the way I see all financial markets, but the way I live now. Online Trading Academy gave me a new way to see a better future. I always wanted to do trading but, unfortunately, I was lost because I didn't know where to start. Well, no better place on earth than Online Trading Academy for trading. I'm so happy now. Thank you, Steve, Alan and especially Mark. Love you guys.”

“Every one of the Online Trading Academy staff were very helpful and friendly.”

“I enjoyed the opportunity to trade which helped me apply what I learned during the course. I enjoyed the pre-market morning XLT live course, morning market talks, radio show with Merlin was fun.”

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