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“I started with OTA not knowing a thing about trading. I was nervous I'd be overwhelmed. However, OTA breaks their recommended strategy down so well that by the end of the week long class I felt like I was ready to make some trades. The teacher was very patient with everyone. I'd recommend Chris Duhanci to anyone. -Chris Messana”

“Great learning experience. Many exercises to practice what we learn. Excellent teachers. ”

“just believe on yourself and take the course with Online Trading Academy..Best trading school in the country.”

“Excellent educational environment for learning to trade and invest in all markets. Instructors or skilled in their markets and great at mentoring their trading processes.”

“There are many ways to approach trading but Online Trading Academy gives you the best preparation and makes sure you clearly understand what you are doing and how to avoid common mistakes made by novice traders.”


“I am willing to recommend anyone to OTA. First of all, the futuristic method where you can retake your class anytime online or sitting in class... No college in the world does it! And second of all, the class fits you well -- days or nights or anytime... You always have someone in OTA you can lean on... You cannot really have it better than this...”

“Patience is a virtue and Bill as well as Randy offered tons of patience while dealing with students from various levels, backgrounds, and overall experiences. I appreciate the friendly, welcoming, and relaxed nature in which I was able to learn.”

“Online Trading Academy offers an exceptional trading program. I would highly recommend it to everyone who is serious about learning the right way.”

“This program was amazing. I'm much more comfortable understanding and navigating the markets. I have a better understanding of technical analysis; I also know where to look for opportunities and how to identify opportunities when they're starring you in the face... "Let the charts tell you what to do." - John Napolitano”

“My personal feeling towards the whole trading idea was a 0 the morning of Day1. By the end of Day 6, I felt so much more comfortable that my rating is beyond a 10. The pressure of uncertainty is almost gone and I'm looking forward to learning more. John was very informative and very detailed. The program has opened my eyes to so many potential opportunities. My only regret is that I didn't join sooner!”

“The depth of the training is exceptional. Being able to retake courses is the only way to get the value of the depth. Otherwise, it can be overwhelming, but that's to be expected when the subject matter is covered in such great detail. If you're serious and determined, then this is the best training available (but be prepared to work and study hard).”

“II was blown away by Online Trading Academy. It's incredible what kind of a powerful platform you guys have created and how life-changing to the regular Joe it can be. I truly appreciate what you have done and look forward to working with you for a very, very long time!”

“I came from a background that had a buy-and-hold mentality, and I'm glad to be able to have the resources to change, encourage and grow into a mindset where I can feel comfortable thinking about risk versus reward.”

“This is an exciting, fast-paced class with a great group of people that have experience in the field of trading. The instruction is fast-paced, with hands-on interactive learning. Lots of good trade ideas.”

“If you are serious about reaching your goals in life, or looking for income or wealth preservation, then you should seriously consider getting it done with Online Trading Academy.”

“The program is well thought-out. If for some reason you’re not able to sit in on all the classes, or you’re better at self-study, the training books and the online resources are a godsend. They are so easy to read, and you can literally go back to a section or a task and just zero in on it with clear understanding. Plus, there is a plethora of videos pertaining to particular areas that may seem so insignificant, but you will fill that gap of info you lost. Being on-site is best, of course. Our instructor for Core Strategy, Bill Henner, is very knowledgeable, detail-oriented, relatable and funny. He packs jokes LOL. The prior instructors all bring a special quality unique to themselves and reassure all of us that if they can do this, we can too.”

“Learning to trade with OTA was a great experience. The instructors are very knowledgeable, and all staff were extremely accommodating and helpful. I am confident that with the tools provided and continued support from my center, I will have great success as a future professional trader.”

“The knowledge I achieved in class is extremely valuable and worth the price of the course. I would have not been able to do this on my own, without a trader’s background. The instructors’ knowledge and experience is extremely beneficial to my learning…”

“Online Trading Academy has all the tools needed to be a successful professional trader…the absolute best.”

“I have always been interested in investing, but I didn't know where to start. Coming to OTA enabled me to learn all the skills that I wanted to learn in school, but no one could show me. I would recommend OTA to anybody.”

“This is an excellent system to develop skills. All the material is focused perfectly where concepts are most difficult to understand and makes them clear.”

“Ryan Watkins explains concepts in ways that are easily understood. He breaks things down into easy to follow "recipes". OTA is a great program. I was always very intimidated by the idea of trading and investing. Online Trading Academy and its program, which allows for as many retake classes and online retake classes that we have enrolled in, is phenomenal. I learn by repetition and the fact that I can repeat my courses infinitely to learn and reinforce my learning is priceless!”

“The Clik program that the school offers is an awesome tool to facilitate my learning process. I found answers to all my "Why". The teachers are knowledgeable, helpful and very attentive. Very satisfied with the knowledge I have gained from the Core Strategy. Will take Forex and Options classes in a few weeks. I am so glad I found the school!”

“I have traded forex for a while losing a lot of money. Coming to OTA teaches me why I was losing in the past. Thanks to OTA and their core strategy, now I am bold and confident to go back to the market and trade again.”

“Clik is revolutionary when it comes to trading, a big improvement from other trading platforms. It's so user friendly that a 12 yr. old can use it. Very informative.”

“A life changing opportunity that I'm beyond blessed to have in my life.”

“It's an amazing program. Simple enough for you to understand it but complex enough to challenge you and take you to new levels of understanding in trading.”

“I really like the support system that I received from every corner, making sure I become proficient trader.”

“OTA gave me the tools and skill sets to become a successful trader. The unlimited retakes and supplementary online classes show that their primary goal is for me to become a successful trader.”

“I always had an interest in learning about trading. I walked in knowing absolutely nothing about trading. The knowledge and sincere care at OTA is fantastic. This is truly a supportive community. Community is the key word!”

“Online Trading Academy offers a game-changing strategy, designed to mimic what the large financial institutions use when trading, both long-term and short-term. Signing up was one of the best things I could have done because I can control my financial future.”

“The information that I gained for the week was epic to me as a first time into this trading world. Love the support from the entire staff at the academy, very friendly environment for learning.”

“For me, it's about reducing risk, lessening the number of trading mistakes, and finding better entry and exit points. Goal accomplished! I am very happy and truly believe the strategies learned here will have a significant (positive) impact on my investment future. THANK YOU! ”

“The Online Trading Academy is very helpful. The Instructors are knowledgeable and shares readily with students.”

“OTA is amazing! Knowledge was priceless.”

“I came into this course with slight experience in trading and my goal was to merely reassure the knowledge I already had. OTA completely changed the way I think about the markets and gave me the confidence I needed to finally pursue this as my career. I am ready for this next step in my life and it's all thanks to the great people at this company. Everyone here wants to watch you grow, as well as grow with you. OTA changed my life and I'm looking forward to the bright future ahead of me!”

“If you are serious about trading and investing, education is the key to become a pro. OTA delivers.”


“As I sit in my last class of the week, looking back on this journey I am a completely different person than I was prior to the course. As a novice in the markets I can now ID curves, trends, speak and understand the trading lingo. I truly now have the core elements to be a successful trader. The environment at OTA is amazing and I feel like they not only want us to succeed but they are available and willing to help us at every turn which is amazing! ”

“My name is Ray and before joining OTA I had no knowledge of the markets and how they work. After taking the Core Strategy and Forex classes I am now very confident in myself to become a successful trader. OTA provides all the tools needed to become successful and the OTA community is the best when it comes to support. ”

“My first class and I am very motivated to learn more and start trading. I can't believe how many students there are here and how willing everyone is to help each other.”

“Overall, the Online Trading Program appears to be quite comprehensive. The instructors and the associates were very helpful. I was amazed at the unlimited patience and genuine concern for the students displayed by the staff.”

“OTA is definitely the way to go. It's a program that will guide you in changing from a novice trader to an elite. Lesson plan they offer will not disappointed if you are willing and determined to learn.”

“Best life changing opportunity that I've been introduced to.”

“From the very first day I met the staff at OTA, I knew the experience would somehow be a life changer!!! Having just completed the CORE Strategy, I realize that there is strength in knowledge and the belief that my upcoming courses will only make me stronger, effective and more confident when putting a trade strategy together. Look out world, here comes Laurie LaT!!!!”

“I enjoyed my experience with the OTA community. The coursework is very interesting and challenging. The instructors are great and there is a wonderful support system. I truly believe one can be successful with trading if they follow the OTA trading rules.”

“OH YEAH!! Just keep doing what you are doing guys.”

“Online Trading Academy training provides excellent training, tools, and resources!”

“For those who are interested in the 'market' and want to participate but don't know where or how to start - Online Trading Academy is for you. You will learn every aspect of trading and be able to control your own destiny.”

“First day of the program: overwhelming! - new terminology, fast pace, exhausted at the end of the day. Seventh day of the program: love it! Want to keep going and keep learning! Thank you, Scott and thank you, OTA!”

“The instructor was great and it was worth every dollar that I spent for tuition.”

“I was very skeptical about OTA, mainly because of the tuition and because I could not find enough reviews online, but this has been a great decision. I just regret not doing it a few years ago. Would definitely recommend.”

“OTA is a great platform, each instructor gives you their secret sauces in trading category.”

“The Online Trading Academy is really considered the Holy Grail of wealth of Knowledge when it comes to trading! The education here is very thorough and motivates you to take trading very seriously in order for you to become goal oriented and successful.”

“I am so privileged to have this amazing opportunity to be a part of the OTA community. The staff is friendly and maintains a tremendous level of respect. I'm so glad I am a part of this awesome family of Traders and Investors.”

“Online Trading school offers an extensive step by step experience about trading various markets and using effective methods, offered by great instructors. OTA helps their students every step of the way, and provides thorough instructional videos that assist the students with their trading experience.”

“Online Trading Academy is the best when it comes to learning about core strategy, Forex, Futures, Options, and Stocks. I highly recommend this program for anyone who is interested in learning about these things.”

“The program and site provide the support and guidance to help anyone who really wants to be a successful trader become a successful trader. Very satisfied with the company after five years.”

“It is the first time that I have been exposed to trading and I came to class feeling a little intimidated. But the step by step teaching, the visual reinforcement and the instructor's explanations made the journey easier than the one I was expecting, and at the end of the week I was amazed of the knowledge that I acquired and the confidence to accomplish my goals as a trader that I gained.”

“OTA provides an amazing opportunity for people to get an amazing and unusual career off the ground. I am so excited to be part of their program.”

“Great overall experience. Class took me from the complete novice level to the level of the novice with some experience and knowledge of how to continue my education, giving me tools (XLTs, online classes and retakes) to do so. It's only up to my own motivation and determination to continue my education. My instructor, Mr. Dan Sugar over the course of Core Strategy Course helped me to build a solid base of the basic knowledge, I can now build on. I like his way of delivering information and explaining new to me concepts, reinforcing and repeating important info that should be learned forever.”

“I recommend OTA to anyone thinking about getting into the Investment World. The training and the knowledge that you get will far exceed your expectations.”

“I tested out some other trading techniques and systems in the past, OTA's core strategy and financial education are the BEST for me, and I hope it will be for you too.”

“I came into this class thinking about stocks and making money. To my surprise, the technical aspect of the course was mind blowing. Far more educational than I was expecting. OTA are really the pros.”

“From not knowing anything to actually understanding how the market works is great; it's more than I was expecting and the instructor, Mr. Damontre Owens was out of this world.”

“This is the best education about the financial markets you can find anywhere.”

“It was difficult to bring me on board because it is not easy to convince me. Now my big and only regret is, why it took me so long to discover Online Trading Academy. I cannot thank you enough, but I know for sure that this is a life changing place for me. It was difficult to convince me to pay what I paid, but at the end of my class and resources available too, I am surprised that no one asked me to pay more.”

“I truly enjoyed my core strategy class, teacher was wonderful. Also, the staff is very helpful and friendly.”

“It is definitely worth the money!”

“I have been a student of OTA for 3 years and am constantly amazed at the level of support offered. They back up their words with action. Every company which offers a product or service should be run this way.”

“Learning with OTA makes you think "why didn't I do this sooner!" Easy to understand material, presented in a professional setting by qualified instructors. OTA provides all the support necessary for you to implement material into practice. Best trading school out there!”

“I'm truly excited about the opportunity I have been given by joining the Online Trading Academy. After taking Core Strategy, I feel encouraged by the vast amount of support and tools for learning provided by the Academy and the support staff. I look forward to expanding my knowledge as well as my skills in reaching my financial goals. This will certainly be an exciting and stimulating journey.”


“This class was exactly what I was looking for as I am looking forward to retiring within 5 years. Something that can give me an income stream, plus educate and enable me to manage what I have already put away. I will definitely recommend this class to both the young and the not so young. They are a dedicated team including, Mr. Frank Messana and Randy (student liasion) that assist you with your needs. Thank you so much.”

“I believe that quality instructors are provided for, in all OTA classes, and it is amazing. Instructors who know what they are doing and teach from experience. I never believed I would ever do Online Trading but things are changing quickly for me. These instructors have helped change my way of thinking. Risk management as well as making good profits are well addressed in these classes.”

“Before starting the program I was very skeptical of whether or not the strategy could work. The workshops before the full core strategy course were kind of vague, explaining things broadly and not diving too far into what the strategy actually was. After completing the one week course, I can begin to see that the strategy actually works and am excited to continue practicing it in the future. Watching our instructor set up trades at the beginning of the day was extremely helpful to understand where we should be starting to look, and applying the strategy to any asset class. By the end of the week course, I can see that the strategy works and becoming proficient at it is simply a matter of practice. Overall, I'm happy with my experience here at OTA and look forward to continuing to become proficient at trading the way I've been taught this past week.”

“I am glad I enrolled. At first I was contemplating if the program would be robust enough to truly teach me how to trade successfully, but I was proved wrong after the 7day class. I will strongly recommend this program for anyone who wants to be an online trader.”

“It was a delight coming to the class every morning in hopes of discovering how much this decision will change my life. I must say that it has been a wonderful experience. ”

“I find the OTA class very refreshing and interesting i had a wonderful experience the help offered to me was priceless and i am definitely recommending this course to others MARLON SHAW”

“Many thanks to an organization that continues to improve its courses and services to stay not just relevant, but anticipatory to the fluid economic and geopolitical environment we live in.”

“I have always been interested in the markets; however, I did not know how to go about it. Now, thanks to OTA, I have the information necessary to form a workable plan that will enable me to be successful in this endeavor.”

“I have been looking at charts for 20 years and never realized how much more could be gleaned from them.”

“The Online Trading Academy program is quite thorough, comprehensive, incredibly informative, illuminating; an incredible resource to build the financial well-being and security that I have always desired. The Entire Staff are an incredible team, dedicated to student success, concerned with every student's complete success. It is the best decision that I have Ever Made.”

“How can't you want to invest in yourself!! OTA gives you the blueprint for reaching your goals.”

“The core class opened my eyes to many possibilities that exist to make money in trading. The center has an excellent atmosphere and a very helpful and friendly staff.”

“The Signature Series is another way that OTA helps students become better traders. I am so grateful to be a student here.”

“An intense program with fantastic resources to help ensure your success as a trader.”

“The OTA program is a great experience. I commend the leaders and managers of this program. The teachings are superb, the professors are a world of knowledge, the management and organizers of the program have set up time to study and provide a professionally based teaching program that I am sure I will use for the rest of my life. The location is ideal and accessible. A beautiful office space with beautiful views. The overall staff is happy and it seems that everyone enjoys their jobs.”

“This is my second class with OTA in class. I took the Pro Trader about three weeks ago. Some aspect of Forex is slightly different from Pro Trader, but Tracy explains very well. I highly recommend OTA to everyone., it's a great school; all the resources you need for trading, very friendly environment. They even provide us with meal all day.”

“The Online Trading Academy offers an environment with the finest instructors available, a helpful support staff, and a motivated student body--of various experience levels. Students, instructors and staff create a mutually beneficial environment.”

“Very good experience overall. Instructor, Michelle Volmering's knowledge is top notch and her instruction skills are unsurpassed. Denver center location and staff was also top notch. Everything about the center is positive. However, the best part of the center was the owner and his willingness to help students and his genuine interest in student success. Thanks OTA.”

“I have enjoyed every class that I've taken so far. Every instructor explains everything extremely well. The idea is for us as students to continue the learning process after the week's class, cause obviously there's a lot of info to retain. This is my third class and I enjoy and learn more and more as I continue my education. It's really up to everyone individually to make the best out of what they learn here. Tom Joyce couldn't be more clear than what he was. Thanks for all the info received in this class.”

“Yes. The Online Trading Academy teaches you a method to trade the markets. They emphasize on minimizing losing money and maximizing your profits. The method is excellent. I come from an institutional money management background and I think the core strategy is great. I also like that most of the instructors come from an institutional background. It is a school with live instructors and live support and all of the classes are recorded on-line as well as updates daily with live trades. ”

“OTA to me feels like a family, this people are really there to help and want you to be successful, on your OTA website you have all the support and information needed, you only have to take the time to use it and be consistent. Jeff Manson was amazing great teaching skills and experience in trading Giuseppe ”

“If you are committed to doing what it takes to improve your life, making more money must be high on your list of priorities. OTA makes that dream a reality by introducing its students to the vast, accessible possibilities of the financial markets. Once I realized that it wasn't a scam or a make-rich-quick scheme, and I saw the great earning potential of trading from home, I was hooked. Simply put, trading will help you, your family and your friends achieve their dreams.”

“Everything in the center is clean and well organized. Personnel has always been pleasant and welcoming. Content is well presented and thoroughly discussed. Opportunities are given for questions. I believe OTA gives many opportunities to grow and learn to become an effective trader in the markets. It all depends however in the individual's commitment and diligence to follow and apply the steps taught in all of the asset classes. The instructors are very knowledgeable and supportive.”


“I believe financial and market literacy is much needed and OTA is providing a great service in helping people to improve their financial prospects. The investment in the courses is well worth it. Everything is great, very professional atmosphere, and a helpful and caring staff.”

“Dear OTA, I am very grateful I came across OTA. Since the first conversation I had with Carol the day before to confirm until now, the entire OTA team has been very warm welcoming. I have decided to invest in myself and join the MasterMind Team with no regret. Thank you OTA, for opening the doors for a new start, moving forward on the best investment I have made so far. I have always been a money maker, now I will be on the right track having found direction! Special thanks to Frank, Amy, Britney, Steve and the whole OTA team in Brooklyn New York.”

“A great training ground for the most demanding program. The attention and the materials are superb. A lot put into training in order to be successful.”

“I would recommend to any family or close friend. However, I would warn them it is not a "Walk in the park" and they have to be able to focus on the classes the full time duration. This is serious business! The environment is conducive to learning and takes away the worries of going out to eat breakfast and lunch. The food is "healthy" and good and you have a wide variety of choices. I must say too, that I am impressed with the entire facility including to even the restroom!”

“The training is intense, but the Staff at Online Training Academy has learned several ways to help the training that goes beyond the classroom. Some examples are the instructions in the Online Training Academy website that explain specific core functions, drawing the supply and demand zones, and others.”

“Depending on the foundation is how big you can build. OTA gives you this never ending, strengthening foundation so you can keep building higher and higher.”

“The class, professional trader, was very informative about the true market apparatus to direct one in the correct direction and avoid the common pitfalls of the novices. My experience at the OTA center was very relaxed and much consideration was given to the students' needs which I found to be very refreshing.”

“My instructor, Stephen Hanahoe, is amazing! He explained the process in an easy to understand format and also offered wonderful insight to the world of trading. OTA gave me the vital information and dramatically changed the way I will forever trade. I am looking forward to a whole new world of opportunities! I am extremely happy about my decision to join the OTA community!”

“I think the strategies, principles and processes developed by OTA make a lot of sense. In particular, they are not really involved in attempting to predict the future of markets. Instead, they have a process that attempts to determine the basis of price fluctuations (supply and demand) and then procedures to take advantage of these forces. It makes more sense than any other strategy I've seen, and seems to work.”

“Online Trading Academy is my new home! I feel so welcomed, supported and overall happy. Happy that I have finally made a decision in my life to actually do something different to get different results that will transform my life and my future forever. I'm looking forward to seeing my vision and goals being successfully accomplished through learning and practicing the art of trading with OTA. I appreciate greatly their sincere interest in me and their passion in educating. I'm so grateful.”

“Love this trading school. I've been in the school for over a year. Instructors and everybody here are very supportive. They make you feel at home. The best thing I like about it is that you can retake the courses as often as you want (without having to pay extra.). Watching the video lessons online is also very helpful; they reinforce what you already learned in class. I highly recommend Online Trading Academy.”

“What I love about OTA is the well rounded curriculum they offer, including psychology; which I agree from what the instructor and Dr. Woody said on his presentation, that trading is almost 100% mental and psychological. At OTA they offer retake classes online and physical classes as much as the student wants until they are comfortable to trade on their own. They also have websites to submit questions to instructors and XLT lessons that support the growth of the student. I have met fellow traders to hang out with.”

“I'm glad I went to OTA, it really opened my eyes to the world of stock trading. I wish I would have done it sooner, The staff, instructors, etc... excellent. Everything is guided towards you learning and grasping the topics, always reassured that this is a community and that OTA will always be there for you. The center is awesome, very large open the views; well you have to see them yourself. AWESOME!!!! The staff is equally as awesome (I use that word a lot). Calm, clean, breakfast, lunch' you almost don't want to leave everyone as they are very personable. If you're serious, then you should seriously consider OTA.”

“Online Trading Academy is an incredible resource for people who want to learn trading. The website is filled with educational videos, and the live classes are a wonderful experience.”

“Awesome environment... very friendly and accommodating aura of learning, especially to a total stranger (beginner) like me. Thanks to the General, Evan, and classmates.”

“The program offered by OTA is very beneficial for trading beginners like me. Thanks to their very well structured programs, theory and trading practice, I can be operational and profitable very fast. This is all what I needed and wanted.”

“Online Trading Academy is the best and clearest explanation I have seen yet. They also appear to have the very best ETHICAL values system in finance. I have learned volumes in a short timeframe. I will be a lifelong member, and am advocating this school/training to family and friends.”

“OTA is the best school that teaches how to be a professional trader. The teachers know their materiel and take in consideration every detail. They also take time to explain everything clearly.”

“I am glad that I took the course... This experience is a life changing experience. The teachers are amazingly great and the supporting staff is excellent.”

“I came to see if I can learn about trading. When I got here I realized this was like being with family. I had a great teacher who worked with me and helped me comprehend something I knew nothing about and I left out of here with understanding the foundation of learning how to trade, and I will continue to grow with my education and new family.”

“The learning experience that was given made my confidence level improve significantly. I felt so comfortable I feel like I could start trading immediately, but I won't. I will take time to go through more and practice so that I may become a better trader.”

“Online Trading Academy has access to highly professional, knowledgeable and experienced teachers who know how to impart their knowledge very well.”

“I really enjoyed the class. The information and the style of the instructor are very informative and captures the interest. The center is very friendly, helpful, enjoyable and conducive to learning and sharing the knowledge.”

“I am grateful to have the opportunity to participate in learning a new life skill and develop understanding about the multiple asset classes and systematically profiting from these markets.”

“OTA is a fantastic school! The teachers are very knowledgeable and passionate about trading. It blows me away that I can talk to a trading pro and get my questions answered. I highly recommend Online Trading Academy to anyone who desires to learn how to be a consistently profitable trader. ”

“Everything about OTA's NYC center is official. So conveniently located just a block or two away from the train station. The administrative staff is pleasant, friendly and helpful. The instructors have all been very exciting and thorough... and quite interestingly they've all had a great sense of humor. Coffee is always fresh and lunch is always presented with a touch of class. The kitchen is very kempt even with so much traffic in and out. OTA apparently attracts people with a high sense of self-awareness or OTA simply develops it in their students.”

“I am grateful for the depth and breadth to which OTA aspires to produce top quality traders. I appreciate that we have taken a whole day to delve into personality type along with financial goals. ”

“Prior to this school, I had no knowledge of investments and the market. I can say, with just this short period I have learned so much.”


“I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in trading. This class gave me more knowledge about trading than I expected. The environment in the center is just perfect for learning. The personnel are very friendly. The center is very clean and ohhh, great food.”

“Throughout the past 10 years, I have attended many seminars in NYC regarding how to become an active trader and how to take control over my income and wealth, but none of them were convincing for me personally. OTA is the first to convince me to take the first step of becoming an active trader based on the fact that I would be an educated active trader, and not just a trading software user. I have been very skeptical about trading online because I never knew that I could get that level of educations in such short time. The price of this education is not cheap, but after just the first couple of days; I now can say it is definitely worth it.”

“This program is so magnificent that when you start your education you think are they tricking you, then you start trading and the system which OTA teaches proves itself. I can definitely say that this money is worth this program.”

“The center is spacious, clean and overall a very comfortable environment in which you have the opportunity to focus and excel as a student. The quality of instruction, the experience level of the instructor, and the excellent support of OTA staff made it a worthwhile investment! I highly recommend it!”

“Best academy with amazing instructors to guide you every step of the way and with full support to financial success for an amazing future. Online Trading Academy is the place to be!!!”

“The classes are very informational and pleasant to take. It is a good introduction to the trading industry. ”

“The truth of the markets is just in front of you, you just need to know how to read it... Thanks OTA. It is amazing to set examples in class during the week and see those examples become true at the end of the class. Mind blowing.”

“These guys don't just bait you in for you to pay for the course, they follow through and teach you the core strategies to your success. Price is high but if I didn't see the value in what they were doing I wouldn't be here. Learned a lot, they give you the tools to change your lifestyle.”

“The center is located at a very convenient location. It is very easy to access. The staff at OTA NY is extremely helpful, friendly. Each time, I am visiting this location, I feel like I am coming to see family :) Thank you!”

“I have taken the course a few times and lost money in the past; but after having a few teachers and understanding what I was doing wrong I have learnt the way I was trading and the mistakes I was doing. Now I look at the market in a whole new way. Thanks to Jeff Manson who has taken the time to change my thought proses of what I was doing wrong to what I should be doing right. I recommend anyone who is trying to build a life for themselves or family and would like to take this serious to learn from the best at Online Trading Academy. Thank you.”

“Good facility, good learning environment, world class education.”

“Learning to trade/invest and become able to manage his/her own financial matters effectively is probably a skill that everyone should learn, hopefully early in his/her life. While there are many online programs that claim to teach trading/investing, OTA is a true institution where comprehensive, professional education in those areas can be had and added as a set of very valuable life-long skills. OTA's life-long commitment to train its students is well worth the cost. ”

“I have been trading in the Forex market for the last three years. After not realizing much success, I decided that becoming better educated about my trading would help me to become a more methodical and strategic trader. This is when I began looking for a mentor and teacher. I came across several options but choosing to enroll with OTA was clearly the best choice and I have not had any regrets since. ”

“This is the real deal. After spending thousands of dollars on inferior programs I am elated and fortunate to have found OTA--a program that's both thorough and advanced in their education program. I mean how can you fail if you follow the well taught lessons properly and take advantage of the lifetime of free retakes of the classes you pay for just one time? And there's more. A Godsend.”

“OTA has already had a great impact in my life because it has brought the best out of me through discipline, work ethic, and passion for learning and accomplishing my goals step by step.”

“I realized the power of coming to a live classroom with an instructor and students. It really cements my reality of trading since I have no friends/acquaintances who are into trading like I am. ”

“I like the fact that all the staff is very helpful and supportive.”

“I feel this class is a necessity in our times. I am no longer saving money for my daughter’s college. I am saving for her OTA tuition. I like the fact that we buy the courses and recourses for life. Our system is designed for us to manage our money well. If we don't we will struggle our whole life.”


“This is an excellent center to obtain the first class education to help you in trading at the right entry and exit points with the objective of maximizing your rewards and minimizing your losses.”

“Coming to OTA has elevated my level of skill and given me much confidence for my future plans as a trader. Thanks to all the instructors and entire staff for making my learning experience so exciting and rewarding.”

“The staff and instructors know their material, AND they know how to teach it! Thanks for another great class! ”

“Have to thank OTA for improving my life. After my business collapsed in 2009 it gave me the tools to go ahead in a new profession. It has effectively changed my life.”

“Great lunches. Positive atmosphere from everyone, willingness to help/assist. I feel at home here. I am very happy to be part of the Online Trading Academy family.”

“Highly recommend OTA for financial freedom and more control of your life.”

“The school provides a very thorough platform for students and a lot of support. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to learn at this Academy.”

“Great team you have running the New York office and great OTA instructor - Jeff Manson! Thank you.”

“We find the entire staff at Online Trading Academy to be the most caring bunch of people! They are genuinely concerned that each student become a successful trader. The support from all of them has just been the best. We would whole-heartedly recommend this school to anyone wanting to succeed as a trader.”

“Online Trading Academy has been an investment which is priceless. Their teaching methods are very user friendly and the support to help us to be successful traders is tremendous. I would and do recommend Online Trading Academy to anyone I feel will seriously consider trading for themselves.”

“Online Trading Academy is the place where the teaching level is as great as their trading level. Besides the concept of supply and demand zones specific to Online Trading Academy, every teacher shares their own experience. You want to be here every day. Thanks.”

“Since my time here I have more profitable trades than losses, and gradually improving more and more. Love to learn more from other instructors.”

“I learned so much about myself as a trader. This class really gave me the confidence that I need. Now I KNOW that I can be SUCCESSFUL at trading. When I followed the Online Trading Academy system I made money, not when I tried to deviate from the system, so now I know to JUST FOLLOW THE SYSTEM.”

“Had an amazing experience on the Online Trading Academy location. You can really obtain so much knowledge in so little time. Everything is straight forward, nothing is in sugar coated, you just have to follow the set of rules and you will reach your goals faster than you think.”

“The instructor was very good and the subject covered was very useful. I am extremely confident that I will succeed. I would recommend Online Trading Academy to my friends.”

“I have taken many courses from different schools, but this was beyond fun. This is way better than college or trade schools because the main focus is making money now and for the rest of your trading Career. This is not Theory; these Instructors are great and the courses are based on a PROVEN-UNDENIABLE-SUCCEsSFUL-STRATEGY. You can take that to the bank!”

“Having worked on the Administration side of Investment Banking for 18 years and including the Trading Floor, I always wondered what it would be like to trade. Now I no longer have to wonder! Registering w/ Online Trading Academy and their (Total Solution Program), I am well on my way to be able to handle my own destiny as well as my short-term and long-term wealth! Learning the correct trading techniques to get me there is crucial in today's market. Online Trading Academy has what it takes and then some!!!”

“Online Trading Academy was a great setup. We learned how to set up a trading plan, then we were able to practice with instructor's help at your fingertips. They will not let you walk away until you say that you understood it all, and if you need any more explanation they will patiently walk you through it again.”

“All of the courses offered at Online Trading Academy are wonderful and give "the real deal" as to how the markets work! Keep it up, continue to expand and offer more resources/sessions and market related materials.”

“Wow! A giant step forward into the real world!”

“The educational experience met and exceeded my expectations of learning to trade the markets. I can now become a better, professional and disciplined trader, instead of a retail trader.”

“Online Trading Academy is an excellent school with the best forum of instructors who trade for a living, so you get the real deal of real life materials.”

“Everyone I have met here talks about how Reinhardt has changed their lives. What a gift it is to have learned these wealth management strategies this week. I only wish I could have learned them 30 years ago. ProActive Investor is a great foundation to everything else I will do in my Online Trading Academy journey.”

“WOW! Now I can plan my future myself!”

“Online Trading Academy, in my opinion, is very clean and organized. The front desk is friendly, I love them! not to mention helpful. I think that the teachers and staff overall are great people, always willing to help you no matter the question or concern and direct you in the path of the answer if they don't have it. They also are always willing to listen, even if you just want to vent. The food is great! It really helps for us to be timely with our breaks and saves us some money!!! The rooms are a little cold but bearable and I can't really complain because you guys do warn us bring a sweater!!! Overall, I loved the experience. The best I had so far in comparison to Better Trades and Investools. Definitely worth the money seeing that with the other programs I've done I paid about the same, if not more, for only two days in a hotel with a huge class size, little opportunity for one on one attention, no live trading and no refreshments; we had to find our own!!!!”

“What's really great about Online Trading Academy is that you can retake the class or classes. You eventually do "get it" despite initially being overwhelmed by material. The book is excellent. The instructor was very good.”

“The material is interesting and I can see light at the end of the tunnel, i.e. making money.”

“You need to turn the light on when you trade, this is the switch!”


“I cannot imagine trading without Online Trading Academy training and, most importantly, becoming part of this amazing community of professional, rules based, disciplined traders. Traders get actual trades designed to teach the core principals while you learn, because learning is a lifelong process. Trading without Online Trading Academy is like white sticks tapping walls. As a reformed trend trader, Online Trading Academy has already increased my odds from 50/50 to something well north of that.”

“Online Trading Academy has provided me with tremendous support, knowledge and hands-on experience to take my trading/investing to another level.”

“There is no organization or community out there that will provide you with the information and skills required to trade the markets effectively. If you have the will, Online Trading Academy has the way.”

“I am really impressed with the quality of your teachers.”

“Online Trading Academy has become very helpful with my trading journey.”

“I joined Online Trading Academy to make Trading my career, with very little knowledge in trading. I've never looked back. After my first course I quickly experienced the immense knowledge everyone had - the staff and the instructors. I soon bought more courses and the XLT, which is an amazing educational medium. Soon, I learned the (trading) ropes, made money, joined the Mastermind Community and never looked back. Along with great education, Online Trading Academy is awesome in their service - especially the New York office staff. As a resident New Yorker I demand more, and everyone in the Online Trading Academy school, from the administration staff, to the education counselor and ultimately to the director, all have a real "open-door" policy and help the student in every way they can, and actually go beyond their reach to help out. I am extremely pleased I joined Online Trading Academy and would recommend this school to everyone who is serious, not bargain hunting, in making Trading their career.”

“I came to the Online Trading Academy after suffering a tremendous loss due to hurricane and, to make matters worse, during the recovery effort I suffered a major back injury. I'm a professional race car/fabricator technician specializing in high end super cars. My business was destroyed, and more damaging was that I would no longer be able to earn the nice living I had been accustomed to because of my injury. My father one day was in the mall and just so happen to sign up for a market class, knowing that I have always liked the market and when I was 18 started to study for my series 7 test but drifted away and went on to pro racing. At that time I was home, basically nursing an injury and at the same time depressed that I had lost everything I had known and loved for so long. My father called me and said, "I'm taking a class, I have a plus one and think you should attend." I attended and instantly knew this school was the real deal. At that time I did not have the money to purchase a package, so my father put it on a credit card in good faith that I would comprehend the course material and be able to pay him back. Long story short, I started with Pro Trader, then went on to futures classes. I have all asset classes since I bought the total solution but my main focus is the futures at this time. My teachers have been phenomenal, starting with my coaches Gabi, Jeff and Eric, along with my Pro Trader teacher being Chris. My future teachers have been Bob, Craig and Josip. These guy have changed my life, along with watching videos of Sam. I recommend this program to anyone that has an interest in the markets and is willing to put the time in to learn the strategy and curriculum.”

“Online Trading Academy's strategy provides all the tools you need to be a successful trader. If you take the time in to complete the curriculum and use the training tools available on the web site, you will make money. Online Trading Academy classes can change the way you think about working and making money. It can change your life.”

“Online Trading Academy gave me a very practical and insightful view into actual trading. It is a very good combination of education and practical experience during the course, for me to establish a base to begin trading and continue my education.”

“I was really blown away by Online Trading Academy! The level of professionalism, support, the extent of their curriculum were all remarkable. The coaches and instructors were awesome. Had the opportunity to meet like minded individuals at various levels providing me with knowledge and inspiration. Very grateful for Online Trading Academy and the springboard they provide for individuals wishing to trade for income as well as wealth management/growth.”

“The staff was extremely helpful, especially Evan. I always enjoy speaking to him and picking his brain. He is a big asset to the New York campus of Online Trading Academy.”

“I've been hesitating or procrastinating learning trading because not knowing how and where to start. Taking Online Trading Academy class helps me to be on a faster track to start my learning, and hopefully sooner to start trading with confidence.”

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