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“I being a core strategy student with OTA can feel that OTA has the best learning opportunity for trading in stock market. Everything is well prepared and systematically designed for better understanding; also, the instructors are very keen to make students understand the strategy and to do well with their trading part. Thanks & regards.”

“For people who really want to take trading as a career…this program can definitely form a good foundation.”

“I love to come here and enjoyed learning how the real share market works in real time. Also, the course is going to help me a lot in my course of journey to success and financial freedom through the share market. I would like to recommend taking this course before starting to trade in the share market to my friends and colleagues, if they want to come to share market for either trading or investment. Thanks OTA, THANKS.”

“Enjoyed the program thoroughly & all doubts were cleared in the class.”

“7 days Core Strategy journey was mind-blowing for me. I was totally new to the trading world and it provided me full confidence to trade every day. Vishal's way of explaining concepts and systematic approach to make us trade without any hand-holding is phenomenal. Everyone must undergo this training to trade independently with confidence. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH OTA & VISHAL.”

“I am in market since last 15 year. but after training i feel myself at new level and able to manage my trade with more conviction.”

“The trading for me before this class was an accidental game without any headway. After this class I feel I have a definite actionable plan to achieve my goals. Thanks to my instructor who imparted his rich experience of trading. It was truly enjoyable.”

“OTA has changed my life path. Thanks to OTA.”

“Trading in stock market is not a game of probability. If entering the market after attending core strategy classes, and if the process is followed strictly, one can make this as a full time business.”

“Thank you, OTA, for opening up window to the financial world. The amazingly designed course has been really thoughtfully designed which shows that professional attitude of the academy. Passion and excellence are the two words that I would use to define the program. Thank you OTA.”

“Yes, I enjoyed the program. It's very eye opening about the way we deal in markets, and the right way to do so. ”

“This class is an eye opener for traders/investors. Program is excellent and trading techniques given by OTA are at par and remarkable. ”

“A very helpful program that is a must for everyone who trades, want to trade, looking to his/her niche in life and also to gain knowledge about a new aspect. Everyone is a part of trading by one way or the other, and taking this program makes one more aware about it. The course structure is amazing as you get to start with bare basic, which is good for a person who doesn't even know anything about stocks or anything. The course was taught by Mr. Swapnil, who is amazingly talented and is immensely knowledgeable. He was patient throughout class and made sure to answer all question. I would thank Mr. Swapnil and the academy for imparting knowledge and also for the new financial path.”

“This is one of the Best Trading Programs I have attended. All modules are very logical and am able to see the change in my trading results immediately. The trainers are world class and they have a firm grip over predicting market levels. The entire program is well structured and am pretty confident will be able to change the course of my trading journey.”

“Teaching methodology was superior ever experienced in education and focused to fit knowledge in the real world. That's what is better and would give lead to others to follow the way of OTA, so as to enable real education to the masses.”

“The Core Strategy Course is really useful and it eliminates the big losses one incurs before joining the course for a beginner. Recordings are very helpful to learn at our own pace and time.”

“I have been with OTA since last 6 months and could practically see that this strategy worked well, that's why I opted for XLT course. Though the course is very expensive and before the core strategy class I was in dilemma whether I did right or not, after Swapnil's session and looking practically that with proper knowledge and dedication one can surely get success into the stock market and can achieve such milestones which are difficult through any other task. Thanks to OTA team.”

“The fundamentals are excellent and OTA's vision of lifetime assistance in our endeavor to achieving financial freedom is highly appreciated.”

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