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“OTA's educational program is state of the art - classroom setup, instructors, online education and extended learning opportunities. I had no trading understanding before my classes. Now I understand so many aspects and I am ready and excited for the next level.”

“Online Trading Academy is completely professional with an emphasis on systematic learning while making the learning experience engaging and fun. I look forward to continuing my education with them. Thanks OTA.”


“OTA opened my eyes to a new world of finance and risk management in the markets. I finally feel prepared to pursue my trading ambitions without reservation.”

“I came to OTA with no experience in trading. Although I still haven't traded live, I feel better about my chances of being a good trader. It was a great class with a lot of information, and the way Cliff broke it down helped me greatly. I never felt rushed or pressured to be correct. I’ve learned a great deal, as I haven't traded before. I know that I still have a ways to go, but I do feel confident where I am, opposed to where I started.”

“The Core Strategy program truly opened my eyes to trading. Our instructor (Clifton) presented the material in a way that was straightforward. He was readily available to help with practically any questions we had. Everyone at the center was there to help us move forward in our education and goals. I look forward to continuing my education in the coming months with other asset classes.”

“OTA teaches a professional way of trading that really limits risk and provides students with a method to determine acceptable reward-to-risk ratios.”

“I have been overwhelmed at the depth of knowledge I have received. I am totally motivated to succeed and continue to learn. You do not know what you do not know, and everyone needs to know this! Taking control of your financial future is of utmost importance. After looking at many programs, nothing compares to OTA.”

“I have been trading (unsuccessfully) for many years. Then I was fed up. I searched online for a mentor, and OTA was one of the results. They were holding classes not too far from where I live, so I signed up. At the beginning of the orientation, they weren't saying anything I didn't know, but then they showed a curve where they said we can deduce the supply and demand of a stock. I thought, “No way. No one can ever predict the market movement.” Long story short, people, I know when I am wrong, and I was wrong. OTA has spent millions and done their homework. They will teach you not the art of trading, but the SCIENCE of trading. I'm an established scientist, and this is real science. I am very sad that I did not know about OTA 6 years earlier (they need to work on their advertising).”

“I found OTA by accident, in an embedded ad online. I came to OTA for the physical classroom experience and it is a life changer. From the course content to the local counselors, everything is geared towards helping me get maximum success! I am not looking back.”

“Having a life circumstance change and not knowing anything trading, this class saved me. I learned how to trade and how to not only understand my retirement account, but how to grow it. This class was worth every penny I had to sacrifice to take it. If you want to be great at something, learn from people who already are great at it.”

“As a complete novice (meaning I've never traded in the past), I was overwhelmed and enthralled simultaneously. I will be making good use of the additional support available, as well as making 30 trades in 30 days. Today, so far in training, I am in positive territory. It’s been a terrific experience, and I plan to continue with the education offered here at OTA.”

“I just finished the Core Strategy training class. To be honest, it was a tremendous amount of information to work through in 7 days. The information was given in a structured format that was comfortable to work with. From this "Core" class, I now have a good understanding of the concepts used by OTA. To be clear, I am not a master of the concepts, but I now understand the many sides of a trade that need to be looked at and evaluated, and I feel more confident in my ability to master those skills.”

“What a blockbuster of relevant information! Proud to learn Options the OTA way and see that they are neither intimidating nor tricky, but just another straightforward component to building my future.”

“OTA is life changing! It challenges one’s perception about lifelong learning and education in financial markets and taking charge of one’s future! I am better for the experience.”

“I have been wanting to learn how to trade for years. I was very excited to learn about Online Trading Academy. Going through the first session was an eye opener and I was eager to learn more. I have been impressed by the level of support provided to help students become successful. I made so much progress from day one. This has been one of the best investments I have made in my learning and I have three degrees, including 2 master’s degrees.”

“I took a week of vacation to attend the course and I can honestly say that it has been the best vacation in a long time.”

“The progress you make from the beginning to the end of this class is remarkable. At the beginning I was frustrated by not meeting my own personal expectations of where I thought I needed to be, but by about day 3, things just really clicked and came together. I am really excited to learn more and build off the super foundation that this class embodies.”

“Having evaluated so many confusing online trading tutorials/videos, I settled on attending OTA's free presentation and 3-day general session. Glad I came as that was the best introductory class I have ever attended, loaded with relevant info. Now, having concluded the 7-day Core Strategy, I am not looking back and will build on the basics of trading until I succeed. The instructors were very knowledgeable, articulate with a smidgeon of humor and never boring.”

“OTA has the best structured educational plan I've ever seen for trading, along with a deep bench of instructor talent that is very patient with making sure the students are supported throughout the process. The follow-up plan and post-class educational resources are second to none.”

“This instruction will make a decisive difference in your trading knowledge and action as a trader. Do it.”

“OTA is a program to teach you to be in control of your financial future. OTA not only shows you why individuals are at the mercy of those controlling your funds with poor performance, but gives you the guidance to dream again, to control your own assets in making decisions that are for the betterment of your life.”

“I can say, coming into the program I was skeptical at first but after 7 days of learning and practicing I can see the change this course has already made in my trading style and techniques. Stick with it and hard work pays off.”

“The Core Strategy class contains so much valuable information and was a fantastic experience. Even though I was overwhelmed in the beginning, by the end of the week everything was falling into place. It was an honor to be a part of the first Core Strategy class in Nashville.”

“Online Trading Academy is more than just an institution where you get together and trade the financial markets. The program will enlighten your viewpoints, and create the necessary building blocks from a frame work to build upon your skill sets regardless of previous experience. Online Trading Academy will add value to your life on a personal level. The students' success is dependent upon OTA's success.”

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