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XLT – ProActive Investing India:

3 sessions a month with the ability to retake the class for life.

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The Extended Learning Track (XLT) - ProActive Investing is an advanced active investment course that builds on the strategies delivered in ProActive Investor. Students learn advanced strategies to protect, manage and grow their investments like a professional. Investing alongside their instructors and fellow classmates, students gain the ability to apply the combination of fundamental analysis and market timing strategy for cash and options market to live, real-world opportunities. XLT - ProActive Investing is specifically designed to arm students with an active investment solution. The two-hour online session consists of live advanced skill building lessons and strategy application. The advanced skill building lessons give you the tools needed master the art of active investing. During the strategy application portion of the sessions, professional Online Trading Academy certified instructors will lead XLT members through a hands-on experience of using a combination of fundamental analysis, market timing strategy and inter-market analysis along with options strategy to invest and grow their wealth.

Prerequisite: ProActive Investor

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What You Will Learn

  • How To Plan Your Active Investment

    Invest like a pro, using a combination of fundamental analysis, market timing strategy and inter-market analysis to enter and exit the stocks and maximize your rate of return.

  • How to Generate Long-term Wealth Through Options

    Learn various options strategies to manage and protect your stock investment positions and earn long term wealth as you share a virtual desktop with an expert options instructor.

  • Market Overview

    Understand big picture market trends, current economic and sector events, market news headlines, seasonal earnings and other factors that affect stocks and options price movement.

Who You Will Learn From

Our staff of professional instructors is composed of the most dedicated people you will ever meet. They will teach you investing fundamentals and advanced market timing techniques like no one else. Each has a unique personality that will keep you on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next "golden nugget" of investing information.

What Students Are Saying

“As a new trader, combination of class with hand-on, plus XLT and other resources, provides better opportunity to become more profitable on a shorter time frame. Well designed and presented.”

, September 2017

“Alex was a great teacher for the Proactive Investor. He was very systematic at going through the steps to create and maintain your own Portfolio for your Retirement account. He also kept the class interesting with his wit and humor. I feel equipped with the basics to begin to successfully manage my retirement account knowing that further help is available in the XLT learning component.”

, April 2017

“I love that OTA allows for in classroom retakes because this is my second time and I understand so much more even after doing a partial online retake and some XLTs. I feel confident to begin my PAI portfolio again on my own!!”

, March 2017

“I highly recommend ProActive Investor. It's liberating to fire your professional adviser and take control of your own portfolio. This class teaches you how to manage your money and feel confident that you can protect your account from the flawed "buy and hold" strategy. Plus the weekly XLT's give you continuing guidance so you have on-going support. ”

, November 2016

“The live classes are very good, and I feel you get more from the additional online classes, especially XLT. They are worth it, in gold.”

, June 2016

“The weekly XLT's do an excellent job of reinforcing the material.”

, May 2014
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