Extended Learning Track (XLT) Instructors India

The instructional staff for the Extended Learning Track program is an expert team of traders with decades of combined experience in real-world trading. Our instructors are gifted educators who are passionate about making sure our students understand what it takes to be successful in the markets. The team is specifically trained to deliver engaging sessions in an online classroom environment.

  • Rahul Ghose

    Rahul Ghose started his trading journey at the early age of seventeen. Over 10 years he gained experience and hands-on expertise in Equities, Derivative Strategies and solutions for building sustained income and wealth.

    He tells his students that an ounce of practice is worth much more than tons of preaching, which is why he took such a strong liking to the Online Trading Academy methodology of placing real orders in the live markets. The business of trading requires learning certain skills to be successful; money is simply a by-product of these skills.

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  • Kartik Manek

    After earning his double Master’s degree, Kartik Manek began investing in the equity markets with the goal of mixing fundamentals with technical analysis. Then he came to Online Trading Academy and discovered the power of a simple, rules-based strategy focused solely on price action.

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  • Kapil Mokashi

    Kapil Mokashi worked as an Equity Advisor and then a Market Analyst responsible for finding high probability trade recommendations at Sharekhan Ltd. He became increasingly aware of the limitations of conventional technical analysis and realized our core strategy was a better way to time the markets. He then made a career switch to become an Online Trading Academy Instructor.

    Kapil advises students that markets are smart at finding your inherent weakness. To become a successful trader, you need a simple, rules-based approach and the discipline to stick to your approach and avoid temptation.

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  • Aalap Shah

    Aalap Shah started his investing career at age 12, assisting his father who was also an investor. He later worked as a teacher and saw many investors lose heavily because of lack of proper knowledge about the markets. His desire to share his own experience led him to become an Online Trading Academy Instructor.

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  • Viral Shah

    After earning his master’s degree in the U.S., Viral came to Mumbai to pursue his dream career as an equity analyst in stock markets. He worked with the research teams of several brokerage houses, rising through the ranks to Senior Equity Analyst. He tells his students to think of the successful stock market investor as a bottle of water rather than a soda. The soft drink fizzes out when shaken while the water bottle remains calm. Likewise, an investor should be guided by patience, passion and practice, which can increase the possibility of profits.

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  • Vishal Subandh

    Vishal Subandh has trading the Indian and Global Markets since 2008. He quit his job in 2010 to become a full time professional trader after joining Online Trading Academy. His passion towards trading led him to become an instructor and senior trading mentor at Online Trading Academy. Vishal specializes in trading equities, futures, options, commodities and currencies markets. To become a successful trader one has to abide by a simple strategy and follow a rules based approach, and that is his main focus when delivering a class to students.

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