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“Supply and Demand method. Superb, amazing.”

“In my experience so far, only OTA that provides me with a true trading skill that makes a lot of profit. The instructor is the expert in Trading.”


“The class was very good. Everything was explained step by step in detail, very precise and very relatable with real market condition. I was glad I took the 7 days core strategy class, it gave me the real picture of the current financial market.”

“I learned simple facts and formula for a successful Trading. OTA has a lot of excellent talented instructors with years of Trading experience that provide and guided me to become a successful trader.”

“OTA instructors are highly qualified traders and really make my learning experience much faster. ”

“OTA for me, is the way to realize our dreams that ever we dreamt in the past to come true; and we'll get the best and positive environment to grow our knowledge and personality because we'll meet many people around the world, not just the instructor, with the same passion.”

“*The* Best Trading Education in the world.”


“This course was very amazing, and different, i really like the idea of re doing the course as many time as you want till you feel confident at any OTA centers. for instant i never done trading course before and did Core strategy and Future in Singapore last week, the course was bit fast base so this week am doing the same course in OTA Jakarta free of charge that is amazing. whats is more amazing the Trainer I like Todd he is amazing. He is a guy who will do anything for you till you get it right. ”

“If you want to have a deep understanding about trading (forex/index/futures), learn from a best one. ”

“Online Trading Academy Core Strategy takes my trading to a whole new level.”

“Online Trading Academy's method of supply and demand is very methodical. The online XLT also brings a lot of value to the learning process. I personally found the supply and demand method to be logical and a method that fits my trading style. Well worth the money!”


“OTA's patented core strategy is a simple yet very powerful trading strategy that I have never come across before. The instructors and team at the learning centre are very professional and have the best interests of students at heart. I believe OTA will bring me and other students to greater heights in our trading career, being true to the OTA claim: changing lives over 2 decades. Thank you OTA!”

“OTA Core Strategy using institutions/banks supply and demand concepts is amazing. We can anticipate the trade even before the price moving, so we can trade in the low risk, high degree of probability and high reward potential.”


“OTA does not give you a short cut to a success zone, but continuous assistance to the zone.”

“Good teaching and website support.”

“OTA is changing my life step by step. It's not an instant way, I know I would take time to be a professional trader. But with OTA, it's the best shortcut to chase my goals, financial freedom in young age, and I'm on my way with Online Trading Academy!”

“OTA, my right way to financial freedom.”

“This is my first time in OTA forex Class. I met professional traders and gurus in trading. It is interesting to me meeting them and learning the trade from them; and what I like the most is I met people like me, traders.”

“OTA has introduced me into a huge opportunity to make money. I am lucky enough to be introduced to its patent core strategy that become a lifetime education for creating a consistent income and wealth. It's time to take charge of our destiny and live higher expectations. It's not easy, it's simple and doable, as long as we humbly open to be taught.”


“Very good for new students who want to learn to trade.”

“I was depending on indicators and got stressed because of losing much money. But now I can analyze by myself, better than the indicators and I have a community too, to support each other.”

“Your biggest asset is yourself. Invest your money to improve your skills.”


“I always wondered how people can earn money in trading. I thought to make money you must use a very complicated indicator or trust our money to people who are really good in trading. But after joining in Online Trading Academy class, I know it is possible for me to trade by myself and make money one day. The most important thing I like about Online Trading Academy is I can get help from everyone. Instructors are also very helpful and don't mind to share their success techniques for us.”

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