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“I had never taken a single trade before joining core strategy programme as i was a doctor and i had no idea about market this course gave me fare idea and right mindset to take trade. Student support was excellent. All the staff was pleasant and always ready to help .”

“Learning with OTA is an auwsome feeling. I personally feel that its best decision to learn trading with OTA with best Instructors and best strategy”

“Really a true educational program. Worth an investment. - Rahul”

“Systematic and step by step learning approach for imparting trading techniques in a very simple and clear manner. Combination of theory with real time live market study is unique feature.”

“Core Strategy equips you with strong basics that help you to trade confidently based on core principles. I have been trading for over 10 years but I feel I am far more equipped now to be in control of my trades. It’s a must do for all who are interested in trading.”

“The academy introduced a novel concept in trading and it was very insightful, the staff is courteous and prompt.”

“Before OTA I was just gambling on market, but after OTA now I am very confident about my doing in the market. Today I understand the market how it works. I want to thank the teachers & student support for that. Thank you.”


“Great learning and experience. The instructors are good at teaching and having good practical experience and approaches. Good ambience and facilities. The best part is that one can repeat the course anytime, and students get access to lots of educational videos.”

“The programme was excellent. I am very enthusiastic to implement the strategies learnt.”

“The program is very professionally planned, and the content is practically relevant. The tutors were very good, having years of experience.”

“It was simply brilliant. Concepts are thoroughly taught and perfectly cleared; each and every doubt is taken with same dedication level, An awesome experience.”

“Very systematic, informative and practical training is given.”

“It’s a very professional approach towards the learning of share market & its strategies.”

“Thank you, OTA, for providing a structured curriculum for understanding the mechanics of equity markets and for imparting quality education for a lifetime. The strategies are evolving with the ever-changing market scenarios.”

“Excellent program explained in a very systematic, easy-to-understand way and very inspiring. I am eager to start trading.”

“Studying with OTA taught me to make informed decisions before trading so that I go more by logic rather than emotion. Now I know how to choose a stock and to decide if it will pan out or not. After evaluation, I am now confident in taking trades.”

“I am fully satisfied with this experience.”

“A great experience in learning, especially being a senior citizen not from a financial background. What makes me confident is the fact that I can come back repeatedly and clear my doubts, practice and get help from the mentors and instructors.”

“A very useful programme with all kinds of market players. OTA is the complete solution for any kind of trading market.”

“Truly refreshing and educating. Had a great time learning and hearing about new strategies, as well clearly understanding them. The team as a whole has truly done a good job and made the program truly comfortable and pleasureful.”

“Being an engineering graduate, I just took this course to get a good exposure to the market and how to analyse things. This course really helped me a lot. Our lead instructor Mr. Swapnil Joshi helped us a lot, not only from the curriculum prospective, but also sharing his experience as to how he analyses things and his personal discoveries from the market behavior. As of Online Trading Academy, by providing us with live trading experience, they gave us a good exposure and helped us learning from our mistakes and how do we correct it. With a limited people in batch we get personal attention from the instructor and also the patience with which we got our doubts cleared was commendable. I would personally recommend this course.”

“Online Trading Academy is excellent school for trading.”

“My experience with Core Strategy was absolutely amazing and I have no words to explain about the satisfaction that I got here in these 7 days. My instructor was very helpful and he clarified each and every doubt. Now I gained confidence to trade in markets. Thank you, Online Trading Academy, for providing wonderful support.”

“I have been trading like a novice and losing money as trade decisions were more on emotions without any deep understanding about stock price movements. Now I expect to trade in much more mature and balanced manner. This program has really helped me in learning how to derive meaningful information from charts and use it to plan trades.”

“Before joining OTA, I am big novice trader, simply followed news, calls, advises and lost a lot of money. But always I have strong belief in my mind, trading is not a gambling, I should learn something to succeed. Then I joined in OTA. Now I strongly believe OTA has shown a path with good education to become a professional trader.”

“Before I knew about OTA, trading was a puzzle and I always felt it was a trap and not my cup of tea. Now, I feel very comfortable in trading, and my decision is right. Thanks to OTA and all support given.”

“OTA provides a platform which is very easy to understand and really practicable. The strategy explained really has got a deep meaning. Instructor and mentors are very helpful. I can say it's worth it to devote your time for trading after joining OTA.”

“Online Trading Academy is truly imparting value education in the field which is very unique. Course has benefited me a lot and boosted my confidence. I have lost a lot of money in share trading in past so I feel confident to trade and manage my risk in better manner. The best part of OTA is continuous education in terms of retake and recordings, XLT which is incredible. OTA is highly committed in its approach. Instructors are highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable. One can make their career in trading after attending core strategy & XLT. I feel proud to be associated with OTA.”

“If you talk about learning to trade, then it has to be ONLINE TRADING ACADEMY. The best place where you can add a financial strength to your life. I will be thankful to Mr. Deepak Mishra for guiding me as my counselor in a very positive manner. They have the most helpful staff I ever experienced. The best part is they are helpful even after your course. Last but not the least, I will accept that I was blessed to get trained by Mr. Vishal Subandh. The best leader, teacher, inspiration, motivator, champion. My perspective is completely changed after getting trained by such a great personality. OTA will not only speak, but it will come through all your expectations. Thank you OTA.”

“This is a very thorough program. Cuts across all the technical parameters that you will usually encounter. The knowledge imparted is top class- easy to understand. The trainer/instructors are world class. The follow up action promised is methodical. Overall a 5 star learning experience.”

“It's wrong to say I enjoyed, at 64 years I am still enjoying. I always wanted to learn this art of trading in stocks but was afraid of losing my capital. I am from a business family and though we accept losses we don't do blindfolded business. It's pure learning here with proven technology which made me so confident. I can't say I am a confident trader but I am sure with more practice I will be.”

“Before joining OTA I was completely blank about equity market. After taking Ajit's class I learned a lot and got a confidence that I can go for full time trading. Now after retake class form Swapnil I am confident to take quality trades and make profit.”

“The Demand-Supply strategies taught at OTA work fantastic in the stock markets for any asset class. It helps us to understand the direction where the market is likely to move and also helps to identify the possible turning points of the markets. This helps a trader to get the high probability trade setups.”

“OTA training has been very useful for me, especially as I am not of finance background. I am now able to decide when I have to be investor and when a trader and which strategies to use.”

“Never really thought that knowing about the markets could get so simplified. Crisp knowledge is the best knowledge which is provided here by the instructors who make sure all your queries are answered. I would highly recommend the education offered here. ”

“The Program is very well structured covering from basic to advance. Learned about techniques and tools which really work well. Never ever thought about taking trades in this manner. Swapnil connected very well with the students and shared lot of his personal experiences in trading which was very helpful. OTA training materials, tools, recordings are of very high standards. Overall, very much satisfied with course and feeling confident now.”

“Before OTA I planned on joining another Trading academy, but tried seminar arranged by OTA. I was convinced that I want to do my Trading program from OTA. My main concern was learning from Mentor who is more consistent with Trading and winning at the same. I already knew a few of the patterns but still I was able to get "How do we find more winning Trades". Kartik has made us to understand how accurately a PRO trader and Investor Trades than a novice trader. Today, I know logical and mathematically that How and Which Trade I will take, at what price. Most importantly, how can I be a full time trader with more of a winning chance. I thank Kartik for his pro-active tricks and knowledge that he shared with us.”

“Over and all, the strategy is very much unique and first step in getting towards a professional trader. Moreover, the strategy explains all major differences between a Novice trader and all the professional traders which include the institutions or an individual professional trader...”

“In OTA, I have learnt what trading is. Not just buying and selling whatever is available in market. It was a real good experience to know the science of trading. It completely changed the view towards the markets and I understood what to buy, when to buy, what cost to buy, how many to buy and, of course, when to sell at what cost. Thanks OTA. Expecting a longer association!!”

“Wonderful support system that truly helps you to become a professional.”

“Out of hundreds of coaching classes teaching thousands of strategies on stock trading, OTA core strategy seems the most well set, non-ambiguous and high probability success of all. Its odd enhancers methodology helps pick the best trades and limits the confusion. I have gained immense confidence with OTA and don't need to rely on any outsider tips and recommendations henceforth.”

“OTA has changed my outlook on Trading, not a gamble as a common man looks at it but a very systematic and analytic business plan. Definitely challenging, but the rewards are worth it. In short, we need to be at PAR (Plan, Act and Review) day on day to perfect our scores. The support extended by OTA is really great, especially the fact that we can retake the classes whenever we want and keep ourselves updated with the latest techniques. A big Thanks to OTA and the great trainers like Kapil and Behzad.”

“OTA is a one-stop bona fide destination for all the people aspiring to be professional traders in the markets. The power of their patented Core Strategy Principles for trading have been repeatedly demonstrated to me during my studies at OTA and found to be simple and extremely effective.”

“I have always been curious and interested in stock trading, but being a risk averse person, always feared swimming in this ocean. But thanks to the OTA Core Strategy, I now realise that making consistent profit isn't about luck, but a disciplined strategy. I now realise that analysing markets is more like a data science, which the engineer & economist in me feels very comfortable with. Thanks to Ajit sir's simplified presentation of the strategy, I am eagerly looking forward to aggressively trade the markets.”

“The Program has been structured from basic to experienced traders to learn the techniques of trading. The tool, Trade Tiger, gives us in-epth/advance analysis. Faculty are highly experienced in the domain. Timely guidance was provided on Pros and Cons during trading.”

“Your willingness to support a new trader wherever there is a need is greatly appreciated. It's that kind of flexibility and dedication that will help this company grow to its full potential.”

“In Market Jungle where every individual and institution is there to snatch an opportunity in terms of money. There we look forward to getting empowered by proper education that can help protect us from losing opportunity in terms of money, and OTA is the proper way to trade. Once you are with OTA, they help us stay on the right track with hand holding forever.”

“If learnt and executed piously, a great means to come out of the rut and rat race and achieve financial freedom.”

“I had been trading for years but this course has really opened up my thinking process. Irrespective of whether I make money or not, now I will know what I am doing and my initial tests on real trades have worked out as per your concept. I have realized zones are dynamic and you have to act as per that. This course is highly recommended and I can vouch for it.”


“It was my privilege to get to know about OTA. Before joining I was doing exactly opposite to what is being taught...This is a place where hand holding is there until you achieve the path of success and the instructors are like that, very friendly and ready to deliver anything and everything.”

“I was trading for last many years, but after attending the class I realized my mistake & understood what approach & applications are required to become successful trader. I found that the syllabus included very minute things to change mental approach of a trader & increase the belief of success. Overall it was an excellent & GAME CHANGING experience.”

“OTA has changed my life. Before OTA, the only shares I owned were those bestowed upon me by my parents as legacy. A year back I wouldn't even have imagined I would be a full time trader today. The highly successful OTA instructors teach methodical, strategy based, disciplined trading. Following the plan religiously sets you up for success.”

“I LOVE YOU OTA ; )xxx”

“For a novice like me, stock trading was a gamble and best to stay away. However, it was recommended by my brother to attend the course, and after attending Core Strategy, my opinion has drastically changed. Thanks to OTA team & special thanks to Mr. Kapil Mokashi & Anand Sharma.”

“OTA has excellent trading strategy, excellent because it is easy to understand and follow the Trading steps.”

“For a beginner, it was heartening to know that equity trading was rule based, and not gambling. The curriculum taught the essence of trading in an engaging way. It was a pleasure, not a burden.”

“1st the experience at OTA Mumbai was amazing. The attention given to me regarding education or IT related or food related was good. Kartik Sir was classic. His style of teaching and the patience he had was never seen. He had solutions to all my bad and good questions. Anand was a great support and helped me with all my queries. Overall it was awesome. Looking forward to attend more On Location classes.”

“One of the best decisions I took for myself is to learn and develop equity trading skills by signing for complete course with OTA. OTA has proven methodology and moreover Galaxy of instructors who genuinely put their hearts out to make students successful traders.”

“There is no holy grail in trading. Like all human performance events, excelling at it involves the effort to achieve mastery. OTA provides a structured path to mastery - provided the participant is willing to practice what has been taught. There is no holy grail, but if there were one, it would be called valid practice. The "Core Strategy" course is the beginning of that path to trading mastery.”

“It is one of the best & simplest way to explain the demand & supply trading. If one really follows the rule based trading, then any results are achievable. Feeling very positive to be a full time trader.”

“The OTA is game changer of Life for making money in the Stock Market.”

“The team at Online Training Academy are very prompt and helpful. The instructors are thorough with their knowledge and they practice what they preach. We can see the results right in front of our eyes. The post class sessions are also very helpful in solving all our doubts that may have remained unanswered.”

“OTA is unique and far more worth it than the fees charged for the Core Strategy Course for following reasons. 1) Very logical but at the same time technical learning. 2) The content of Core Strategy sometimes gets tough for a layman to understand and digest. However, the team of coaches are so passionate about teaching, they do not move on with any candidate in the batch with any doubts in the learning. Moreover, almost all of the coaches are full time traders and part time coach. So they can easily explain strategy with very practical and logical examples. 3) It is the only course that I have ever come across in my life with an opportunity to take unlimited retakes for a lifetime.”

“Got the detailed insight into not just text book techniques but also practical nuances of trading. It's important to know what to do, but MORE important to know what NOT TO DO. And that is exactly what I got to learn. Being taught by an expert with hands on trading experience of years backing him is what made the all the difference. Intend to be associated with OTA for lifetime coz the learning should never stop. And when you have this practical approach, one shouldn't let go of it.”

“This course (core strategy India) is a true eye opener as to the opportunities that are available to make money by means other than a routine 9-5 job, but strangely, many are not fully aware of it. I first attended this course in 2014, but due to my own inactivity I did not trade, hence lost out on many opportunities to improve upon my learning curve now. After this retake, I have made a firm resolve to move up my learning curve and reap the benefits from the market by strictly adhering to and following the strategies taught by OTA. Thanks for all the support. OTA is a one of a kind institution in the entire world. Best wishes.”

“OTA and team, this was my 1st re take. Thanks for giving me the confidence from day 1 that there is immense earning potential in me for learning systematically the nuances of demand and supply of Stock market for great earnings. It is the immense and excellent support of the student specialist team, mentors and the simplistic style for explaining the intricate concepts of Stock market by our trainers / faculties that makes me want to come back for more. Proud to be a student for one of the best training academy for learning Online Stock Trading. The systematic study helps any novice with all the basic concepts of Demand and Supply of Markets. Look forward to a really, really long and successful relationship with OTA. All the very Best!”

“OTA's method of trading is best in trading. Even a beginner could easily make money in this method without confusion and fear. But one must follow these rules.”

“I feel that I should have taken the retake earlier, nevertheless, it was fruitful. The challenges which I was facing, the issues which I was grappling with, all of them have been addressed and the concepts refreshed.”

“Must take training for every individual passionate about trading & Investing. The OTA trainers are Excellent and this is a sure shot strategy to be successful in the stock markets. Thanks to Mahesh Kamath for helping us to understand the strategy so well. Now, with this training and knowledge gained, feels like I have started my journey of finding the golden mine.”

“Truly motivational, inspiring and education. What I like is it is science based and evidence based. With minimal capital, unlike other business opportunities.”

“They start from the basics and take you to the level of professionals, continuous learning support is available to nurture you for a long period. The best place to start with for stock markets.”

“MYOTA is the best education for trade across India and is known for its excellence. It has all the best facilities under one roof -Instructors are very professional. I am very grateful to be a part of this university.”

“It's always nice to have someone at your back, like OTA is by support and strength. Thanks a lot to everyone for being there.”

“This is Praveen here. Attended the session in July 2018. My Instructor was Kartik Manek. Would like to thank Kartik and OTA for helping me in my plan to become a trader. Course content is very good and Kartik made it more easy. There are two parts to become a trader. First is to be having basic knowledge, and secondly discipline. Both were taught in OTA. Would definitely recommend his course to anyone who wants to start trading as I did. The facilities in Bengaluru centre are very good too. Support staff are very friendly and helpful too. Thank you, once again!”

“OTA, these three words are like the mecca of trading. This is the best class I attended, hands down, and is a must for everyone who is trading financial markets or wants to trade financial markets. Our instructor, Kartik sir was a wonderful teacher who taught us all the concepts in a very easy manner, and he helped us understand the psychology of a good trader. Apart from that, he made us believe that more than using complex method, but doing the simple sound technique again and again, is the secret to success. Finally, thank you, OTA and Kartik sir, for enlightening me with knowledge.”

“There are certain truths, and when a person pursues the truth they are most benefited. I was lucky that OTA revealed the truth for trading. The root causes for turns in the market are revealed and a ready made process is handed over. I have personally benefited and have always found the staff of OTA very friendly. It is because of the process working that I am able to enjoy my family and life. I was confident enough to leave my career as an IT professional and work from home.”

“This program has been an amazing experience. I attended this program with the expectation of becoming a full time trader in a timeframe of 6 - 18 months. I had been an impulsive trader who used to trade based on broker's recommendation or news buzz around me, which resulted in big losses. This program has set the tone right again and given me confidence that I can be a successful trader by following their rule based approach. Next few months are going to be very interesting.”

“I would just like to say one thing. If you want to become a successful trader OTA is the place to be.They understand the business well and the courses have been developed with lots of insight.The education ,support ,infrastructure,instructors,course materials...etc are all so good and one needs to utilize these effectively. Full marks to OTA from my side.I am very happy to be associated with them.”

“Hi I am Jignesh, I have had a great journey with OTA and my trading has improved drastically. The core strategy itself is a master piece ”

“This course is suitable to people from all walks of life as it is designed in an "easy to follow" method. The value that the instructors provide from their experience is invaluable.”

“It was a very good learning experience. Having completed Ignite 6 months back, felt this was the ideal time to take up the Core Strategy class. Every concept has been derived in a structured way and supporting contents were easy to understand. Looking forward to take up the next set of courses and hoping to have a similar learning experience.”

“Education, thy name is Online Trading Academy. Structured, meticulous and classroom is the best way in my opinion for all the rookies and amateurs. Core Strategy is tried, tested by me and I now swear by this strategy for the trading journey. Courteous Staff, Calm and composed instructor (Shyamala Sashikumar). What more can one ask for? Share Khan and Online Trading Academy, keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“As I am new to this space of trading, I really liked the way the course has been designed, the concepts and the way it has been delivered by the instructor. I strongly recommend all those who have certain fears and misconceptions about the stock market and trading, to once give themselves a chance by attending "Core Strategy", applying all that has been taught and then decide. I can assure you that your decision and opinion about the market will not be the same!!! So please, give yourself a chance.”

“After Ignite, I joined Core Strategy and this has given me more insight into deeper analysis before planning a trade. The topics covered in Core Strategy are much more comprehensive and gives one confidence. I would suggest that students who want to do this go through Ignite first as it will be very good for them in trading, as in Ignite we learn the basics which are very much useful and it becomes very easy to grasp Core Strategy. The most important part is practice and take trades after learning, with strictly following the rules taught in the class.”

“OTA is very good platform to begin trading as well as to flourish. Very good team to teach and support us throughout. I would highly recommend joining OTA.”

“This program from OTA is not only a MUST for every trader, but is also a Must for everyone who is even slightly inclined to generate an income or build wealth from the stock market. While the initial exposure definitely excites a person to wet his or her feet into the world of trading, the unlimited free re-takes are the ones which actually reinforce the nuances of trading, builds the confidence and actually helps in building a healthy book balance. Hats off to the concept of Core strategy and, more importantly, the way it is reached out to us. Thank you.”

“For learning technical analysis, I had gone to many institutes before coming to Online Trading Academy. After coming here, I have realized that Online Trading Academy is the complete training institute for beginners and experienced traders. Just did the retake and it feels so refreshing and enjoyed it to the fullest.”

“Best course in India for those who are willing to make stock market as source of their fulltime income. The rare concept of demand and supply is not learnt anywhere else. From now on, I would like to remain in OTA fold for my lifetime.”

“Yes, I Enjoyed the program. It really seems the scientific approach to do proper trading. Our course Instructor, Riayan Banaji's, teaching methods were really very good. It was a practical base approach rather than the theoretical approach, which is really very good for the fresh students like me. It has made me look at the trading with a quite different approach. Really a very helpful programs for those who really want to do trading seriously.”

“I've been trading in the USA and India markets for some time. After taking the class, I realized the importance of supply and demand and many other unique concepts... It has been an eye-opener for me.”

“From novice investor to trader, it takes a lot of effort and discipline. If there is one place you can get guidance throughout the process, it is OTA. I got post training support and help in designing my first Trade Plan. I suggest for anyone who is seriously interested in making trading as a source of income. Hands on training and ample support is what we need to become pro traders.”

“This training is a real eye opener for the novices who intend to become professional traders and wish to take trading as an income making career and also create wealth. Excellent faculty, wonderful ambiance, great infrastructure and 24x7 student support is what makes this training a great experience.”

“Online Trading Academy is a one of a kind institution, imparting great education in how to be a successful trader. I personally feel that anyone who already trades or wants to trade in the future should take up a course with Online Trading academy [OTA]. Keep up the good work OTA.”

“I did enjoy the program, and strongly felt that had I taken it long back, then I would have not made gross errors. Such a well planned structured program was in fact not available in the earlier days. I did speak to the instructor and intend to send my children post their schooling. Appreciate the fact that it's available now for the future generations. Thanks OTA, regards.”

“This is the career I am passionate about. I know it's my life purpose. OTA is amazing and my mentor keeps me on track. Well designed and presented in a very professional manner. Thanks for everything.”

“OTA is everything that they advertise to be. most times you go to seminars, and people claim to be able to help you see or learn things, but it sounds too good to be true. OTA however, I have found them to be able to deliver to their promise. I have a great overall view of the material taught to us. I understand that most of the market moves according to supply and demand, and Raiyan our instructor has been able to show us this in real time. When we get to setup and then execute our own trades in real time, it feels really good to realise that the things taught to us are working, as long as you stay within the rules of the course.”

“This is the only tuition, in which my every question was answered up to my entire satisfaction.”

“Superb!! Every aspect of trading is covered, from technical perspective to psychological. Raiyan is really good at teaching about demand and supply. He taught me that we are price action readers, not a colour candle readers. I think that is a take away for me from this whole course. I enjoyed the whole core strategy course.”

“Yes, I liked it very much as it showed the path for trading in a very disciplined manner, rather than gambling in air.”

“I strongly believe that one should not enter in a Trading Business until having knowledge of core strategy for stock market. So, attending such classes is really important.”

“The OTA program creates a safe environment to trade stocks with a good rate of success. Worthwhile for anyone who wants to trade /invest actively.”


“After being in investing for 25+ years, finally I found my holy grail! There are 100s of places offering stock market related training. Most of them forget the basic principle of making profit - that is, buy low and sell high. At all other training places, what is taught is momentum trading - buy high and sell higher. It is inherently more risky and less rewarding. Glad that I joined OTA and learnt the Buy Low, Sell High method.”

“I indeed have enjoyed the program .. there is lot more to learn.. the faculty attached to OTA are excellent. They try to put things in layman's perspective. We had privilege to ask many stupid questions and all were sorted out. The student/teacher comfort zone was created immediately by our faculty. Definitely this online classroom session will be missed henceforth as we are concluding today. I used to look forward to come to the sessions not just because I paid but because of all these factors. Thanks a lot for this overwhelming experience.”

“Yes, proper step by step teachings were there, with directly on practical to take trades. There is great support and resources for making any person to get expertise in trading, just required is to do hard work and success is yours.”

“It's a really fantastic experience in OTA class. Lots of new learning. If you want to add trading in your daily routing, please attend this class to get the best knowledge and it will definitely add in your experience and income too.”

“The sessions have really added value, changed the perception about trading and brought a new dimension about approach to trading with a lot of new concepts, trading rules, processes with clear systems and steps, which will go a long way in ensuring successful trading with high probability and profitability with all the confidence and clarity.”

“OTA is running a super training program & I recommend that anyone who wishes to trade in the market should undergo this training.”

“Trading is a vast and mostly scattered subject of study and practice. OTA has done a brilliant job of organizing and presenting it in a way that is comprehensible and useful to a newcomer like me. More importantly they have perfected a rule based trading strategy that actually works with a great deal of accuracy. I strongly recommend OTA to anyone who wants to begin their trading career or improve their trading skills. - Arnave Baruah”

“Classes are nice and you will get new insight of the market and its dynamics,faculty is great and help you out in understanding and also staff is also very friendly -Nikhil Samant”

“Do not trade without getting knowledge as it is taught in OTA.”

“OTA brought a new perspective to my trading thought process. The method taught is very logical, based on experience and does not require any prior knowledge of trading or financial markets.”

“I liked the interactive way of teaching by Mr. Mahesh Kamath sir with many real life examples. People are very helpful here and supportive. A great place to make career.”

“I have done the Pro Trader, options and futures programme. Our foundation was strengthened during the Pro Trader class with Vishal where he meticulously explained the core strategy, Options with Ajit was very informative, and icing on the cake was futures with Kapil. What I found on all three was that theory was well backed by practicals which made learning very interesting and easy. Thanks a ton OTA.”

“Before joining OTA I was bit skeptical but now I feel much confidence. But it is not only completing the course that is important. After OTA Pro Trader Core Strategy one must follow rules with patience and needs to have lots of practice to get profit in your hand. If you do it with dedication then the sky is the limit for earnings. Staff is very co-operative and punctual to help, especially IT staff. Ambience and cleanliness is well maintained.”

“The approach to trading by OTA is way above the rest. It gives great confidence to a trader as trading is made mechanical and emotions are eliminated. It was a great and life transforming exercise for me.”

“OTA office at Lower Parel, Mumbai is a pleasant location for any student to enter for on-location class. All the support staff, colleagues and other personnel at OTA is fully oriented towards their business goal and cater to student demands as and when required.”

“Well organised Training Program to learn online Trading and develop trading skills in a methodical way. Strongly recommend to do the Ignite course first to get a feel of online trading. This should be followed by Core Strategy classroom course and XLT program to hone your skills. Excellent teaching methods.”

“I enjoyed the way my Instructor took every single topic concerning analysis, made it simple and very illustrative as well as easy to grasp. The core strategy thought is very sound and precise. All Instructors at OTA are very knowledgeable and provide the right education relative to trading. The staff at OTA are very supportive and friendly.”

“OTA is the third institute I have enrolled in for my trading education. It is by far the BEST. I have already unsubscribed from the other 2 institutes. I don't think I'll be looking anywhere else for further education. If you have a trading capital of 5 lakhs or over, you must enroll with OTA. OTA fees are on the higher side compared to other institutes in India, but it's worth the extra cost. As they say, you get what you pay for. OTA is the ROLEX in trading education, you pay more initially but it's well worth it!”

“I would suggest taking this program, as it teaches and trains you very well. You come to know about the essential features of trading. It has taught me a lot about my weaknesses and strengths in trading. My experience was very satisfactory. You come to know people from different walks of life and that is the best thing about this program!”

“If you are a trader, trading is a skill which can be best learnt from OTA. Core Strategy, Risk Management, Positive Mindset have been key learning for me.”

“The course covered a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical and effective. Faculty is also superb and very sincere to share their experience in trading along with syllabus. OTA class has enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to trade.”

“Nicely structured curriculum and program. Instructor teaching and support is excellent.”

“I have been a stock investor for the last 25 years. I wish OTA had started at that time! I have been involved with them over 18 months. The interest in teaching students is genuine & without hidden agendas. Personally, I have gained tremendously and the world of finance which was the preserve of a few has been thrown open to all. My congratulations to OTA for doing a great job & a big thank you to the OTA team.”

“Online Trading Academy makes you feel confident to plan your trades and take them. The strategy is great and rule based.”

“I was already a student of OTA with the ignite Course, and after completing the Ignite course I came to know how much the Staff is helpful to make us understand the mistakes we are doing and giving us guidance to sort them out. As I am moving forward with the OTA, I am delighted with their overall teaching methodology. This is the best classroom/learning environment I have come across my whole life. I would also like to thank 3 people I have come across; Mr. Behzad, Mr. Anand and Mr. Rahul as a faculty for providing such a wonderful learning experience.”

“OTA is professional institute for trading training, An organized institution which has trained,energetic, professional staff and mentors. Highly recommended!”

“I joined OTA as I did not have any background or knowledge about markets, trading or investments in stocks. I am glad to have a clear picture about the basic concepts on the way markets move and the concept of investing in stocks. Will put the theory learnt to use and will know the outcome. Thanks to OTA for the wonderful setup.”

“The best for trade learning in India. Come and attend the class; you know as per new market condition how to take trade mechanically. Stop loss to save from big loss, excellently explained.”

“If anyone is thinking to get practical knowledge and skill on Share market then this is it. It really can help anyone willing to make money out of Share market be it short term or for long term wealth creation. It will also clear lot of misconceptions.”

“Truly fantastic programme to transform even a novice into a professional equity trader and help realize every individual's dream of economic & time freedom. The topics coverage was exhaustive. While in the beginning I was not sure about whether the course would deliver what it promised to or was expected to deliver. But after having gone through the rigour of 7 days and under the guidance of experienced instructor, Mr Ajit Mahuli, I am more than satisfied. Full marks to the instructor for having gone beyond the course contents and shared his personal experiences at relevant points in time. Infrastructure, administrative support, catering & hospitality were very good.”

“On searching on Sharekhan website, I came to know about Online Trading Academy. I just attended pro-session arranged by the Academy and got admission and I really tell you I got more than my expectation what I assumed. The way of presentation about each aspect about trading is very nice and utmost at the satisfaction of each student. I am definitely sure about my success in Trading field after getting course from Online Trading Academy. Thanks to Academy team.”

“Very good faculty. Answering all questions patiently. Good.”

“The centre is very well maintained. Cleanliness 10/10. Very polite staff including the EC, the non-teaching staff, the reception staff and the pantry staff. Well trained and well mannered. Parking available but outside the mall. It's OK, not a big issue. Everything is good about this academy; presentation slides, course content, course manuals and support materials are very illustrative and good to understand.”

“OTA is a platform where you become a professional trader. I found the experience overall quite exciting as I am able to trade now on demand and supply. And looking forward to do it from now onward. Furthermore, I would like to go for XLT in future. I am overwhelmed to have an instructor like Mr. Vishal Subandh. His attributes enthralled me. Thank you so much.”

“OTA has conducted a course very well. The instructor boost our confidence level and now I feel that with supply and demand zones I will do better in stock market and will gain a desired profit. It's good and enjoyed the atmosphere in class as well as in Academy. The Staff is also very cooperative. Done lots of equity market practice and boost our confidence. Very Nice and clean premises, staff is very friendly. Instructor, Mr. Vishal, conducted the classes in absolutely wonderful manner. In all, enjoyed the Training week.”

“I am very happy with the instructors and Online Trading Academy. I recommend that anyone who wants to do stock trading must join Online Trading Academy. Now I am a confident trader.”

“This OTA's 7 day basic trading program is something that every person who has passion for trading or wants to pursue trading as a serious profession should go through. I believe, the concepts taught in here are really basic to all types of trading assets. Also, whether you want to trade for short term or invest for long term, this is helpful in all the cases.”


“I am very much thankful to Sharekhan for the Ignite course and now to OTA for the XLT programme. I found this concept of demand and supply the most powerful and realistic over other concepts in the market.”

“Excellent program which will derail you from your existing view of the markets. Have been trying to understand the markets to predict movements. The course has changed my thought process to understand how a trader looks at things.”

“I used to be a trader...and in OTA terms a Novice trader. I used to watch news, follow punter calls and various means to trade but failed every time. I accidentally happen to see the OTA flashing on one of the browsers while I was on my PC; don't ask me why but I pressed the call button for the half day seminar. Maybe it was my inner craving to learn the art of making money from trading as I happen to see many do make a good chunk. After attending the half day class I got myself enrolled to the pro-trading course, and I would like to say that it was a big bright flash light inside the dark tunnel. It was so clear and things started to drill into my head "that this is how I need to trade". I would like to thank the complete OTA team for their help and support, they are all great people and you can seek help anytime from them. OTA guys and gals great job. I am also enrolling myself to more courses by OTA. It is a big pound of intense knowledge and "that is the wealth which will make more wealth".”

“A simple but highly effective way to trade and analyze the markets. It helps to get rid of all the market noise and zero down on identifying high probability trades. Doing this course was an eye-opener for me and I recommend it to anyone who wants to adopt a simple and methodical approach to trading. The instructors were excellent, and since they are traders they gave practical insights instead of fancy theories.”

“Ajit was very professional in the class. He had thorough knowledge of the subject and did his best to explain the topics and content to the students. I am thoroughly impressed with his knowledge and experience and his passion to share it with fellow traders. I have been associated with OTA since two years. As days pass with the learning that I have from the classes, from XLT and from interactions with the mentors, I feel I am getting better and better at my trades. The depth of knowledge demonstrated by all the mentors and training faculty is amazing. Though each one of them have a different style and strength, overall, I feel that OTA has the best of the faculty and OTA takes utmost care to ensure that all the students succeed in their mission to become a successful trader. I am happy to have joined OTA and the investments I have made in my education with OTA.”

“The class atmosphere and the teaching techniques used were unique. The instructors are well trained as they are professional traders themselves. The institute is worthy of getting educated from.”

“This is a life changing experience. This programme of OTA's has changed the perception of gambling and uncertainty to knowledge based action. Uncertainty in the markets do exist but now we can plan our move accordingly.”

“Online Trading Academy is an education center where a newcomer who has no knowledge of the stock market is taught how to enter and trade like the professional trader in an ethical way, provided the student complies with all the rules as stated by his instructors during his tenure of learning. All the instructors are polite and highly experienced and helpful.”

“OTA has a tradition of delivering thorough and high class knowledge. I found OTA curriculum/strategies based on strong technical support. I always observe OTA instructors as SMEs in their respective subject and I appreciate them for sharing their knowledge and expertise.”

“Online Trading Academy is a great school to start your trading career. It grounds you in the basics with written and tutored instruction. Small class sizes help each student get individual attention. It is worth the price of the course.”

“OTA provides base to your Trading Career. It has cleared my concepts. Anxiety has completely gone. And I view share trading as a means of investment opportunity rather than money eating monster...”

“I had done IGNITE and thereafter I joined OTA's Total Solutions Course after a period of one and a half year's time span, wherein I had been well armed and well informed on the stock market. I had been so delighted to learn the course from the academy. I am very much thankful to the academy to part with me the knowledge on the stock market.”

“I have done the professional trader course in August. It was a great experience which I got from this course. The instructor was very much knowledgeable and patient in teaching. OTA's core strategy is pretty cool and seems it will work for me. Live exposure to the market was given. I was glad to be a part of OTA as a student. This will be my lifelong learning. Thank you so much.”

“This course has changed my fear of markets. Earlier I thought this activity was gambling!! Now I realise that the OTA core strategy is a methodical approach to tackling these markets. Coupled with the mentoring they provide, I strongly recommend this program to anyone who wants to be involved with the stock or derivative markets. Vishal is a BIG asset to your course. He is up to date with ground realty and problems faced. Thus he connects instantly with students. Many finer & hidden aspects not covered in the books are also discussed, along with live examples make the students realise the depth & spread of this subject - making them respect this subject & your Core strategy . Best wishes to all of you, Keep it up!!”

“It is a course with a practical approach. Instructor, IT Team, platform, material; every thing is perfect and highly appreciable.”

“OTA has a world class faculty and amazing course structure. Even after the course is complete XLT provides lifelong support. ”

“Great learning experience.... the atmosphere was very conducive for friendly learning and the interactive sessions in the class, quite informative. The instructors (Kapil and Rahul) plus my EC - Hiral were absolute delights in terms of approach and problem solving. I actually feel I have upgraded my skills of forecasting the equity markets with the strategies as taught in the class. It has brought in greater levels of confidence, feeling of security when I consider using these practices to protect my hard earned money.”

“In the past, I have gotten crushed in this fight of Bulls vs. the bear for so long that more than money I had lost confidence and worth of being successful. This program... Oh boy!!! An eye opener! An enlightenment! The strategy is powerful and gives you the tools to put yourself in a far better position. The right thinking of decision making is what they imbibe you with the most. I already know that I am going to be successful.”

“Programme is designed very perfectly. Useful for beginners as well as professionals. Every query is attended & solved till satisfied. Very trained, knowledgeable & nice instructor I came across.”

“I had been trading for a couple of months and I had no clue about my trades. I was using some fundamental and technical analysis but it did not work very well for me. After OTA I am really happy learning how to actually trade in the stock market and would love to take the advance courses too.”

“Until I attended the OTA classes, I had never realised nor appreciated that trading could be so scientific and complex to a fresher and yet could be made so simple. The subject is quite intimidating, but loved the way the instructor instilled confidence in our abilities and his repeated adivice of keeping emotions in check that are usually the bane of the trade. I'm still miles away from being a good trader, but OTA has enabled me to overcome my fears and emotions, which I believe is a step away from being a good trader.”

“I have never had anything to do with the stock/financial markets. When I decided to get into the financial markets, I decided to get myself educated first before I do anything. I discovered OTA and took up the Professional Trader Course. The whole concept and methodology was an eye opener. It has given me the necessary tools and methodology to get into the financial markets. This is definitely a scientific approach. Thank you OTA for helping me learn. I believe you will hold my hands till I become a successful trader. All the best in your fantastic work of Educating Novices and making them professional.”

“I joined OTA based on a recommendation from my brother-in-law. I did this since I was not comfortable investing, without knowing what I am doing. Training at OTA has given me a vision as to what I can do and how I can make my money work for me. OTA cautioned me on the risks to be taken and has given me the skills I need to trade. The opportunity OTA has given to retake courses is beneficial as I know when I get back home and start trading in case of any difficulty I can always retake the class. This way OTA has not only given me skills but also built a long term relationship with me. Above all the Instructor Surjeet was very patient & answered ALL questions even if they were repeated. He took care of each student ensuring everyone understood the concepts at each step before proceeding.”

“Online Trading Academy fills the gap between a novice and a professional. At OTA we learn how to do Professional Trading with Very Simple Strategy.”

“If you are serious about becoming consistently profitable trading, this is the place. They are like Sachin for your batting coach.”

“I was a novice in trading. I had undertaken the Portfolio Management Services of three topmost broking firms in India. However, their performance was not satisfactory. The returns were lesser than bank returns and one of the firms even eroded some of my capital. After taking Voluntary Retirement, I decided to handle my investments myself. Before doing that I felt that I should have the requisite knowledge and skills for trading. The Professional Trader Course fit into my requirements and, by the end of the course, I am quite confident that I can handle my investments myself.”

“Everyone in Online Trading Academy took efforts to provide a helpful and friendly environment while training. What I like most about this course is, it takes a complicated subject like trading in the stock market, makes it simple to a level where anyone can understand it and then present it to the students. I will definitely recommend this course to my friends and family.”

“Online Trading Academy is best in its class. Easy to understand big picture of share market and how we can earn huge money in life. Thanks.”

“I really loved what you guys taught during the course. Vishal Subhand was an excellent instructor during my first class and Surjeet Kakkar just took it one notch upwards for me. I am on the correct path on my education and enhancement of skills to being a successful trader. Rules based Trading has made my life so much easier by helping me reduce my risk and ensure a higher profit. Thank you Online Trading Academy.”

“Whoever wants to be a professional trader, be it as a primary or secondary source of income must enroll at OTA. The Sharekhan platform is also superb.”

“Before joining OTA, I had absolutely no knowledge whatsoever about the share market, and that scared me. But after leaving OTA, I now feel much more confident since I have found proper strategies to help me buy and sell. I now look forward to trading.”

“It was a very satisfying learning experience in a perfect environment. The core strategy is perfect and the instructors are extremely good with a very helpful attitude and a deep knowledge of the subject matter. I have gained a lot from the Online Trading Academy. ”

“To say matter of fact I did not enjoy the program, actually seven days is to short a period and with so many analyses being bombarded into your head, on the fourth day I was confused, but slowly when I started understanding I am more enthusiastic and am looking forward to more retakes and even go for XLT.”


“I am honored to be a part of OTA community and would sincerely want to appreciate the dedication put by the institute for enlighting us. Our professor, Vishal Subandh Sir, is one of the most dynamic instructors I have seen, who primarily takes a great effort in teaching us and hence makes sure we apply the core strategies and, in turn, earn money out of it. My EC, Madhu Koli Ma'am, has been very supportive and considerate. Overall it was a great experience which has helped me to have a direction in my pro trading career. Thanks.”

“OTA has provided me with a clear understanding of the markets which I could not fathom before. I would recommend their program to all who wish to learn more about the markets.”

“Online Trading Academy programme is a very realistic programme. We are told not to have dreams of having a profit in all trades; we are taught how to accept the loss in trading and how to balance our profit and loss.”

“One of the best training institutes for future traders to become expert.”

“It's an amazing place to gain knowledge about the market. Everyone around us is very helpful and instructors are having amazing skills and knowledge and he share with us everything.”

“I am a Spanish citizen migrated to India. I was always looking for a different line of business which would relieve me from working as an employee under somebody. Last year I entered in the stock market and I was recommended to visit a session in OTA which changed my life and my life and my search. After completing this course, it has given me the confidence to enter the stock market without any discomfort. Today I am working as a free lancer and has completely changed my life. Now I get more time to be with my family, take vacations. I really appreciate the whole team of OTA for enlightening us.”

“It is rare that you can enroll in such a rewarding program. It has been a life-changing experience. I would urge anyone who wants to take control of their financial destiny and Personal Management to take this program.”

“The good thing about this programme that the instructor teaches with the pace the students required and, practices which really help to gain the confidence in live market. Now I can feel and trade confidently and with proper knowledge. Thank you OTA.”

“My knowledge about how to invest in share market has increased considerably. I thank OTA for the knowledge they imparted in given amount of time that can be used to trade effectively in share market. Keep up the good work!”

“I have been trading for some time. Using OTA core strategy has helped me in reducing my trading losses to a very great extent. Moreover, each profitable trade adds to my confidence level. OTA's Trade Management and Risk management strategies indeed add another dimension to my trading style.”

“Great Experience, all I can say. I started with 0 knowledge and now I trade on my own confidently.”

“I learned the Skills which are followed by BIG BOYS and YES one can buy and sell Stocks at Days HIGHS and LOWS. OTA not only teach us how to Catch a fish a for living BUT they also also ensure that every one is TRAINED to catch fish daily.”

“From a complete novice who has never traded, to a level where I feel confident to take control of my own trades in seven day is a big drop in my learning curve. Thanks to Surjeet and OTA. Looking forward to extend my relationship with OTA, and to add to my skills to become a successful trader.”

“Before OTA I didn't even know about the types of markets like Forex, FnO's, etc. 7 Days later I'm planning my trades to become a full time trader with the knowledge and confidence I gained through this class. Thank You, OTA.”

“It's nice to be part of Online Trading Academy, unlearning and learning to become a Professional Trader. I could understand what the mistakes I am doing in trading or investing which I was doing since 1989. The training has cleared all my doubts and I am confident that I will become a Professional Trader with the help and education received or to be received from OTA. Thanks to Mr. Ajit.”

“In a single word, just "Awesome." The course is designed very much scientifically which helped me to come out from my earlier errors that I used to make in my trading with conventional TA knowledge. The course helped me to know better the price action before it happens. Hats off, OTA and, obviously, Hitesh sir.”

“I recommend OTA to every person who wants to get a first-hand knowledge of trading. I was almost a new comer to trading, and on completing the course I now have the confidence of trading on my own and hope to make it my primary source of income. I will be back for sure to learn about the other courses that OTA has to offer. Keep it up, OTA.”

“This is certainly the best program of its kind in the country.”

“Education is a personal commitment and ongoing process which Online Trading Academy has provided in a very professional manner.”

“Overall a nice learning experience that will increase my confidence to trade in the market and help me to become a full-time professional trader.”


“Online Trading Academy has far exceeded my expectations. It has not only taught me trading, but I'm now even able to see what the markets are about and how to take a trading position that is logical and less risky. I'm very happy with my decision to join OTA.”

“Overall a nice learning that will increase your confidence to trade in the market, giving you confidence that you are now going to be a winner at the end of the game.”

“Online Trading Academy!!! Thumbs up to you!!! I am a qualified Chartered Accountant and pursuing CFA course based in USA. I have conceptual knowledge about stocks, derivatives and forex markets. What was lacking was the practical understanding of these concepts that I have learnt in my curriculum. I joined OTA with the objective of learning what was lacking in me. I have not only learnt a lot, but I got a new insight. Well, about the Instructor, Surjeet Sir is simply awesome. Past 7 days might change my life. The kind of confidence and learning I have got in past week was amazing. I thank Online Trading Academy to provide a wonderful faculty like him.”

“OTA has the ultimate trading strategy of Supply & Demand.”

“I am based in Mumbai-India. My profession as a Boeing 777 Pilot takes me to countries from USA, UK to JAPAN across several time zones. Most of the time we get 2 days layover at the destination. I have completed Pro Trader, Options, commodity and Forex courses from OTA. Courses in OTA gave me the confidence and strategies to trade. These strategies are in tune with my lifestyle. You have variety of choices to suit to your liking and personal traits. It is like going to sweet shop, testing different sweets and then choosing the one which you like most! Thanks to OTA for choosing the instructors who are really, really good and who are results oriented. The financial freedom anyone is looking for, OTA is the answer; but be ready to learn, be dedicated and practice consciously with an equanimous mind!!”

“After attending this class I felt that I should have attended it much earlier. I feel no one should venture out in the field of trading without getting a solid education, which OTA has been providing. I must also admire the passion and commitment of the instructor, who was never tired of explaining and re-explaining the concepts.”

“One of the best educational institutes teaching trading in India is OTA.”

“This class is a remarkable program. It is changing the way I trade. Thank you all, Online Trading Academy teachers.”

“Great location. Excellent facilities. Right study materials. Great and fully informed Instructors. Friendly staff.”

“Online Trading Academy is the best academy for any fresher like me who wants to enter into stock market. I was bit afraid to put a step in this market since it's huge money gamble. But this course has increased my confidence so high and has changed all my views into positive. So now I am totally prepared to enter live stock market thanks to Online Trading Academy.”

“Coming from an economics background and learning about markets being "efficient", I was very skeptical on whether a successful trading strategy really existed. But the course is making me change my thinking. The OTA Core Strategy was very well delivered and is completely logical. -Jay”

“I was in the share investment for last 30 years. Now I realized my short comings and hope to maximize my profit tension free.”

“Online Trading Academy has changed my perspective towards trading from the time I was trading based on various materials like news papers, News, Magazines. However, Surjeect has taught us that trading is nothing more than just finding Demand and Supply. Thanks, Online Trading Academy, for giving us Surjeet as a faculty.”

“Get confidence from Online Trading Academy to move ahead.”

“In fact, when some of my friends informed they earned good money in stock markets I too jumped into trading without knowing what it is. Sometimes made good money, but many times lost. Same my friends did. But after taking Online Trading Academy course I came to know if we know the real depth of the techniques and sincerely apply that we can even make money in casino also. In short, if we follow basic rules and discipline we can earn money. Thanks to Online Trading Academy.”

“Trading goes a long way with respect to investments. The education done here will keep my money safe and on course with good returns.”

“It has a really good curriculum. The instructors are just too good. There is a very high probability that the outcome turns out to be really really good. I look forward to come to Online Trading Academy and learn more about trading.”

“Overall, found the training very good and in a friendly atmosphere.”

“The perfect trading education, to have learned trading in a professional way at Online Trading Academy is by far the best. Had a wonderful instructor, Surjeet Kakkar, who has totally given me a BIG reason to not give up on trading. Thanks, Online Trading Academy and Surjeet.”

“People who had been trading for several years who participated in this course were shocked to know that they were nowhere close to making and executing trading decisions correctly. It was a humbling (and enlightening) experience for them. The rest of us are very fortunate that we have started our trading experience with learning the correct way - with minimum risk and a maximising probability.”

“The Online Trading Academy reveals every day the new things which are important for the trading. In the end you will have all the required things, like flowers to make a proper bouquet, which suit you for trading.”

“Online Trading Academy has opened my view to the world of trading. I'm very eager to start working on the strategy and apply it to the real world experience. The core concept makes complete logical sense, especially since the conventional outlook to trading is often complicated. The Online Trading Academy has tailored a simple and understandable way to participate in the markets. Kudos!”

“It will soon be two months since completing my First Pro Trader class in Mumbai, and I can't say enough how beautifully the core strategy has worked for me. My losses have reduced and my gains have increased considerably; and I am sure they will continue in their respective new "trends."Trading has started to become a joyous pursuit. I now look forward to trading more and am eager to know what the next trading session has to offer. Thank you, Online Trading Academy. God Bless!”

“Online Trading Academy's Pro Trader policy of class retake definitely helps Pro Trader graduates to refresh their overall knowledge.”

“Magnificent practical training received.”

“This is the correct way to trade with the help of technology; what Online Trading Academy is coaching.”

“Online Trading Academy has got the best instructors on their panel. You always get amazing value for your money...I would recommend everyone to Go for it!!”

“As I beginner to the trading world, I was looking for some solid method/platform which will help to become as a winner in the stock market, I feel this is right place to start with.”

“I was trading as a Novice; Online Trading Academy has highlighted my weakness and reasons why I was not making money in the Trading. It has given me opportunity to polish my skills and move towards profitable trading.”

“State of the art education and built confidence in me to trade of my own.”

“What I liked best: The fact that as a trader, Online Trading Academy focuses on making the roots strong and not spoon feeding.”

“Though it is far from the place where I stay, I don't mind driving to this place. Staff is superb and very helpful in terms of helping the trainees.”

“The best part of the Online Trading Academy is their Instructors and courteous staff.”


“Online Trading Academy changed my life! I will forever be grateful for making it a memorable experience and getting me focused in life! Keep up the good work! Thank You!”

“I had been trading with help of some books and YouTube videos. It was not going good, more than that I was unsure about the trade I was taking. Not a moment's peace once I had taken a position due to lack of clarity, skill and confidence. Online Trading Academy's course has helped me learn the art of skilled trading, learning the why and the how of trading. During the week of class I was sitting comfortably during my intraday positions since now I know why I took those positions. Highly recommended for people serious to get into trading!!”

“Thank you very much for providing the wonderful strategy to relearning in a way to resharpen the skill set to be a pro trader.”

“All the staff, from highest to the lowest rung of hierarchy, are very supportive. I really appreciate their support.”

“An excellent programme. Even people who do not have basic knowledge will also get an insight about the markets and online trading.”

“I completed my Online Trading Academy session in Sept 2013. It was a great help for me to know my trades better. Now am more organised, use my stop losses and am making money. Thanks to my Mentor, with his help I am very clear on my trading and selection of stocks.”

“I entered as a novice and came out with new vision to become a pro with the help of Online Trading Academy. That is the best thing one can get in present condition. Special thanks to Mr. Surjeet Kakkar.”

“Online Trading Academy is the best! Having dealt with another trading platform and trying to get help when needed from them, Online Trading Academy is night and day from them. You can always get an answer for your question. Being able to come to a live class, instead of just online learning, is what made me choose Online Trading Academy!”

“Traders' dreams come true at Online Trading Academy.”

“I have had a very good learning experience and I will definitely continue to learn and be a good trader.”

“Online Trading Academy core strategy is so simple and practically workable. And the live trading experience that it gives is really value for money.”

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