Trading Essentials

History of Trading

Discover where and how the securities markets got their start and how it evolved into the global system known as the stock market of today.

Stock Trade

Ready to begin investing in the stock market? Before you start, see our guide on how a stock trade works and learn what happens when you buy or sell a stock.

Direct Access Trading and Level II

Learn about Direct Access Trading, a method of trading through direct access brokers, which eliminates many of the problems associated with traditional brokerages.


Electronic Communication Networks (ECNs) enable institutions, investors (small and big), and traders a means to electronically transmit their current best buying and selling prices.

Market Makers

The primary function of market makers is to make a market in a stock by always being willing to buy and sell that equity at all times during regular market hours.

Order Routing

With the emergence of Direct Access Trading in the market, there are now a multitude of ways to "route" or execute your order to buy or sell stock.

Order Types

Knowing the different types of orders that can be placed when trading could help limit risk and improve trading results.


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