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Updated: December 18, 2018

If you're a trader, you know how important a trader’s workstation is when it comes to focus and overall productivity. Do you ever wonder how others organize their trading desks? We did, so we asked for traders to share photos of their setups. From multiple monitors to creative home trading computer furniture, we saw it all.

Here are a few tips for maximizing your own home trading computer environment, whether you are a day trader, swing trader or self-directed active investor:

  1. Match your monitor setup to your trading style
    Many traders like to have multiple monitors - one commenter said, “you can never have too many screens” - in order to track several tickers or compare correlated and non-correlated information such as the performance of the same stock over different time periods. But we were surprised by the number of people who trade with a single screen or a laptop. “I believe in simplicity and portability,” one of these less-is-more advocates explained.
  2. Be sure you have a fast, rock-solid Internet connection
    Nobody wants to lose a trade because the data takes too long to load, or the connection goes dark at the worst possible time. Until recently we recommended a wired Ethernet link, but the reliability of wireless has improved significantly. If available, consider paying extra for a faster “turbo” speed from your provider.
  3. Minimize distractions
    If you trade from a home office, ideally it is in a separate room that is insulated from the daily activities of other family members. Set a regular schedule for trading each day, or week, or month and let others know you will not be available during that time. When trading time comes, turn off your cell phone and close the door so you can concentrate and implement the trading strategies you learned at Online Trading Academy.
  4. Be comfortable
    One trader sent a picture of himself trading as he kneels on an exercise ball. Another says his setup has a lived-in look because “I live in that chair”.  You may have a state-of-the-art ergonomic chair or a beloved and well-used office chair, or you may even like to trade standing up. Just as everyone has their own trading style, you know better than anyone else how to put yourself at ease so you can concentrate on your trading or investing.

  • Merlin Rothfeld

    Merlin Rothfeld trading at his trader's workstation

    Here's Merlin at one of the trading setups at the Online Trading Academy corporate office. Merlin says: "It's very fun to work with! Especially with the virtual labs!"

  • Tillie Allison

    Tillie Allison's trading desk in her home office

    Laptop, tablet, multiple monitors… Tillie is covering all the bases!

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