Risk Management

Treat Trading Like It Is a Business

Whether a trader is trading part-time or full-time, trading should be treated like it is a business, which includes producing a written trading plan.

Rules to Live By

The concept of a systematic approach to trading is considered risk management. Risk management involves two basic controls – discipline and capital preservation.

Are Stop Loss Orders Useless?

Competent use of stop loss orders is of paramount importance in controlling the potential loss that could be accrued on a trade.

Trading Psychology

The market has built in to it the challenges of both individual and crowd psychology that traders must learn to deal with as they advance from novice to expert.

Preparing to Trade Live

Prior to trading in the live market, you are encouraged to trade on paper, to get comfortable with what is happening on the screen without risking capital.

Beginner's Mistakes

Learn the top trading/investing mistakes and how to avoid them or, if they do occur, how to handle them. Make sure you know what to do if a trade doesn't go as planned.

Penny Stocks Are Risky Investments

Penny stock trading can have dramatic swings and should be seen as a wildly speculative venture. Traders should be aware of the extreme risks of trading an unknown security.

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