Forex Basics

Forex History

Discover the origins of the FX market and its evolution throughout history.

Regional Reserve Countries

Along with the global reserve currency (US Dollar), there are also other regional and international reserve countries. Learn about them here.

Forex Risks

The trading of foreign exchange currencies involves risks. An evaluation of the grade or severity of risk should always be taken into account before executing a trade.

Forex Markets

Currency trading is one of the most popular foreign currency instruments in the world, making up 37 percent of the total activity.


With a few exceptions, virtually any tradable currency can be traded against any other in the Forex market.

Online Forex Companies

The Forex industry is growing exponentially every day. Research is vital when choosing which Forex companies are right for you.

Inter-Bank Brokers

The Inter-bank market does not apply to retail clients but it is still important to understand the history to get a well-rounded view of how this market works.

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