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“I love that OTA allows you to retake classes an unlimited amount of time. Plus, XLTs allow me to continue learning from experts who are successful traders, so I feel continually supported— even after the onsite class is complete.”

“It was the best class in trading I have ever had. Looking forward to putting it into action.”

“I learned so much about trading and there's no doubt that anyone who approaches the many learning opportunities (classes, online resources, student support staff etc...) with an open mind will have a great learning experience to kick-start their trading endeavor.”

“Very good learning environment and the teachers are very knowledgeable; they encourage learning!!!!”

“I love the comradery of the students and the employees at the center.”

“Program was presented in a very effective way to understand a complex subject matter.”

“If you are motivated and determined to succeed, this is a great way to do just that no matter what stage of life you're at!”

“OTA has provided a wealth of information, both in theory and a pragmatic sense. There is an abundance of tools available for the student to expand their knowledge and build confidence. The ability to succeed is easily accessible.”

“The Core Strategy class gave me a firm foundation to build my personal trading plan. It was fun to see the patterns form on the charts we looked at in class and see how they give a solid indication of what's happening in the market.”

“Very impressed with the Detroit location and staff. Very nice and friendly and make you feel comfortable. The instructors are real traders with over 20 years' experience. Go out of their way to make you understand the information they are giving to you.”


“Very thorough program. Teachers and staff are very helpful and knowledgeable. They all seem to truly care that you gain the full understanding of the materials and are available to help in the future.”

“This course is rock solid. OTA gives you the knowledge, resources and a plan of action to become successful at trading. The rest is up to you.”

“Absolutely fantastic all around!!! From the content, to the truly expert instructor, to the degree of subject matter emersion and practical simplification for precisely what you need to know to apply immediately to your trading & investing goals.”

“My overall experience with the instructor was excellent. Being 74 years and zero experience with Options, I was a little concerned. Mr. Loren Newman made certain that everyone understood every point that he covered. With OTA as My Partner, the Future in Options Looks Great. I Love the people at the Detroit Location who are always ready to help me in understanding where I need improving and how to get it. Thank You.”

“I was very excited about taking this course and was not disappointed.”

“After a long time of trying to figure out the market on my own through newsletters, internet, books, etc. I decided it was time to get some "real" training. So far I am very pleased with OTA. All the resources, tools & training make me feel confident that I made the right choice. I have been impressed with the teachers and the staff. I made a good decision.”

“I did truly enjoy the Core Strategy Class and highly recommend it for anyone who wants to understand who moves the markets, how, and what triggers their action; the flow of market orders beyond a superficial understanding of supply and demand is fascinating. OTA presents this strategy of market order flow clearly from the foundation to the essence of determining the "foot print" of Wall St. Banks and Institutional buyers.”

“I really like OTA because of the great customer service and care that they offer to all of their students. They take the time (instructors) to answer questions, go through material, and help you fall in love with trading. I especially love the Southfield, MI location because of the great customer support, never-ending stash of goods in the fridge, and candies always on the front desk.”

“They teach you everything you imagined and more. Teachers are very patient and understanding of your education level and teach according. Great for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. The resources you are provided to help with your education are unbelievable.”

“Fantastic learning experience. Learned methods to create an income stream and wealth, regardless what the market is doing. Impressed thoughts on earning your way to bigger trades. Trade plan hints. Use what you see, not hear.”

“I think this class adds a much needed understanding of the financial markets. How they work and how everything you think you know is very off from what really matters to make money consistently and protect what you have.”

“OTA is such a helpful tool because it has a plan for everyone and it is highly individualized.”

“OTA provides a consistent methodology to understand and implement trading strategies. Bob Bolya, owner, and the staff are welcoming and supportive, and the instructors I have experienced have brought a wealth of knowledge and experience, and have managed to make the week-long training fun and inspiring!”

“Long time equity trader, new to Futures. This is truly a world of opportunity and I am glad I was able to get educated in this new and exciting marketplace.”

“OTA teaches the nuts and bolts, starting at the very basic level of trading. Whatever level or platform you want to trade, OTA has you covered. The classes are intense and so valuable if you want to learn about trading. Bottom line, OTA wants you to be successful and gives you all the tools to do just that.”

“My name is Floyd and WOW this was a fantastic, extremely educational experience... I truly FOUND MY NEW NICHE. Mr. Jon was UNBELIEVABLE and was DEEP AS AN OCEAN... KUDOS TO OTA..U GUYS ROCK.”

“This is a great program to help you become a PRO trader. I have never traded before and this program and the teachers helped me understand what I need to do to be a profitable trader. This was the best thing that I could have done for my life. Thanks, OTA.”

“I waited three years from the time I took my introductory class until I took the study course because I wanted to complete my obligation for paying for my classes, because I felt it gave me a more focused mindset. It was well worth the wait. I am looking forward to moving forward knowing I can accomplish my goals.”

“Be ready to work hard! Learning a new approach is worth your investment. Apply yourself and ask for help when needed. The support system is vast and very deep.”

“I had been looking for a means to preserve the funds I had and to learn how to build them. I had tried a few other systems for learning, but as there was no in class, hands-on work, they did not work for me. This system, Online Trading Academy's, will!”

“If you love numbers and want to master stocks, futures, forex or options trading, OTA is the place for you. I have taken all but one of their classes and this is a top notch organization with outstanding instructors, support and forums.”

“I am, by far, a novice trader, meaning I traded once or twice, lost money and quit. The amount of media hype around how much a person can make in trading is geared towards the news maker, not the novice or seasonal trader like myself. It's not geared toward the educated, but to the uneducated trader. This course is truly about having a "Core", "Solid" and "Foundational" strategy with my trading.. I now can take my new found education and grow my expertise. The training has sparked a new educational path, it's not just the "core" that I need, it's "more" that I need. I made several trades to the positive, but I also was able to identify when "not" to trade; the trade didn't fit my strategy so I dropped it and found trades I was comfortable with, because they fit my trading style and risk/reward guidelines. This trading style is what I determined was best for me in this class, and now I can be more detailed and direct in my style of trading without all the hype or reliance on someone else's opinion. This course taught me this and it's my strategy.”


“Online Trading Academy's teachers have extensive trading experience. This is what they bring to students. For someone like me, with no prior experience, they have enabled me to understand and feel comfortable entering the world of trading. I am given understanding and a strong set of basic tools, I now need to practice a LOT in order to become a successful trader.”

“As a trader, I found where I was making my mistakes; and I now know the things I am going to change.”

“At some point in all our lives, we may want to Retire or be downsized out of our jobs. The knowledge and ability to trade the markets for income to support my family is peace of mind. The step-by-step process that Online Trading Academy teaches is far and above the best way to learn to trade the markets correctly.”

“Comfortable site, pleasant staffing, they go out of their way to assist us in learning. Take home materials and introduction to online materials are very helpful. I'll be able to study and practice at home also.”

“Everyone is very friendly and serious about helping you to succeed at being a successful investor, so that you can control your financial future. The instructors make sure that you know the steps to success.”

“OTA is the place to go if you really want to learn proven trading strategies. I like that the instructors meet you where you're at in your trading experience and teach accordingly. I will be back to participate in the classes and increase my knowledge. ”

“I found the entire experience with OTA to be extremely helpful. As long as you come into the courses with a humble attitude and an open mind there is no reason why anyone can't learn the strategies and techniques that allow for trading success.”

“I consider the education at Online Trading Academy to be one of the most important supplemental lifelong, continuing educational courses I have taken. I recommend the Core Strategy course to anyone who has clear financial goals.”

“Online Trading Academy is the best way to learn how to trade! I would not enter into any market without taking their program first! You learn from seasoned professionals, who are excellent teachers. It is an honor to learn from such expertise.”

“I had been trading with TradeStation twenty-years ago, then came 2008. I would have most likely fared much better had I known then what I know now - things (no doubt) would be much different today. What I have learned in my Core Strategy course has opened my eyes to an entirely different understanding of how little I did know about trading. "You really don't know what you don't know, ... until you know!" I am grateful for the people I have met (and worked with), and am appreciative of the time in class, the knowledge that has been imparted on us by our instructor, and the newly found friendships that have been formed. Online Trading Academy stands far above any other avenue that purports to "teach" people how to trade the financial markets, this center will become my next "clubhouse." Thank You, Thomas Harrigan”

“They will give you the basic strategy and allow you the time to incorporate it into your thinking. Trading has a language all its own and you'll know it before you are let out into this new traders' world on your own. Another good thing is, you can always come back home to OTA.”

“This is an eye opening experience about financial markets, asset classes and how the markets are controlled by institutional investors. It gives you the tools to survive and thrive in the deep waters of the world markets. Great stuff!”

“I have no background in finances. My husband has some. We heard about OTA on the Bob Dutko show. At my husband's suggestion I reluctantly attended the Pro Trader classes. I was pleasantly surprised at what I did understand and that I actually enjoyed them. We then did the futures class. Again, I learned more. Unfortunately, since we were both working we did not do anything with our knowledge. A year later we are both retired and are back retaking Pro Trader 1 and 2. This time we are ready and so much more seems to make sense to us. Our goal at the moment is to use this for living expenses. For me, all the learning has turned me from a reluctant, potential trader to someone who is very excited to trade and make some money and hopefully share our experience with others who could also benefit from online trading.”

“Online Trading Academy has the best, in-depth and focused material around. The instructors are top notch and care about your success as a new student to trading. OTA's community of instructors, new and old students, endeavor to see you excel. If you are willing to put forth the effort, OTA has the tools to bring you to your goals.”

“Financial independence is everyone's dream. The skills you learn at OTA give you the ability to achieve your financial independence. No matter if you are looking for short-term income or long-term wealth accumulation and preservation, there is a class at OTA to meet the need. OTA has been one of the best investments in myself I've ever made.”

“I have been an Online Trading Academy student since 2011, and I have never been disappointed by the quality of the instructors we have, or by the positive, upbeat community the school has created for the students. We have so many wonderful tools at our disposal to help further our education. This has been a great life experience for me, much better than when I was in regular school, and I have met so many wonderful people along the way.”

“This is the best way to learn about trading without actually being in the pit. Experienced very well informed instructor, John Rowland, put together all the information in an understandable and enjoyable fashion, even for an inexperienced trader.”


“Loved what I learned, and the resources provided. I appreciate that there is a defined, simple rule-based path to follow for trades. And I love that they teach you how you can learn to overcome your mental blocks so you can buy low and sell high!”

“I have discovered that I enjoy the trading experience. I chose to take the course because trading is a good fit for my future, but I started out a few weeks ago rather apprehensive about the daunting learning curve. Both instructors and the staff have been very helpful and encouraging.”

“The course was very informative. The student orientation and preparatory learning modules were very helpful since I have no previous trading experience. The recorded learning sessions were also very helpful and I intend to use those daily or at least, whenever I am not actually trading. The Staff and instructors are very friendly, upbeat and supportive. Their personal experiences are something that really helps when trying to understand trading, throughout the learning process.”

“If Brock Pierce is a typical representative of instructors, then I would say the educational experience is excellent. The preparatory tutorials before the class allowed me to assimilate all the info that the instructor covered. Everything was very user-friendly, especially for a person who is a beginner to investing and one who gets easily overwhelmed by new technology. Overall a very pleasant learning experience.”

“The Online Trading Academy has allowed me to break thru the "brass ceiling" of failing to be profitable at trading. Fine tuning my skills at protecting my capital will allow me to become a successful trader. The most valuable thing that I have learned is assessing the risk/reward ratio, and learning when to walk away from trades that do not meet my strict requirements.”

“I would highly recommend Online Trading Academy because I have experienced the highest level of training and support in order to develop my skills as a trader. All of my instructors have been experienced traders and often share a wealth of knowledge learned from their own trading journey. The resources of support and education for students are amazing. I am very happy and grateful to be part of the Online Trading Academy and community.”

“I have been trading Stocks and options for quite a few years and have been very successful at it, but what I learned in the Core Strategy program is absolutely phenomenal. It is going to take me to a whole new level of trading. I will definitely reduce my loss potential considerably and maximize my profits substantially. The people at this location are extremely friendly and very helpful. The Instructor of our course, Tom Joyce, was very knowledgeable and very thorough. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE ONLINE TRADING ACADEMY. It is expensive, but worth every penny of it. The knowledge attained is a real bargain and will be recovered easily in profits in a short time.”

“I cannot imagine a better use of time and money than learning to trade like a pro, nor can I imagine a better place to learn it. Seems so many things in life aren't quite what you expected, or fall short of expectations. My OTA experience FAR exceeded even my elevated expectations. ”

“I am grateful for the education that I received from OTA. Without the knowledge that I received, I'd be at the mercy of the market. Now I control my investment destiny and it's very empowering.”

“Staff have ALL been friendly, helpful and considerate as well as knowledgeable. Parking has been good, the site and facilities have been clean and well maintained. It has been a good experience! I've been "retired" for almost 13 years. I came into the program with virtually no knowledge about trading other than the old mantra "by low, sell high". Had no idea how to do that. I had trusted my financial adviser company (in another state) to protect the limited savings I had. Between 2001, 2008&9 and the current time I'd lost about 75% of my savings. Health cost issues had used some of that. I fund several missionaries and mission projects. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME! Now I hope to regain at least some of the losses, and generate additional income to cover current expenses. These programs are giving me the knowledge I need to achieve these goals. I believe I'm on the way to achieving these goals.”

“It makes sense to manage your hard earned money yourself. For that you need the knowledge which you get from these courses. No one is as concerned about your money as you are. It may take some time but so does everything.”

“My time with OTA has been very enjoyable from the standpoint of the financial education I have received. Prior to my 1st classes, I had no idea how economics worked, or how the financial markets worked. I also enjoy the positive, constructive environment that the school has set up with the student community. My previous work experience was nothing like this. My decision to join OTA has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

“What I appreciate most about OTA is the quality of trainers, their expertise and the way they try to meet the needs of all the students in the classes, no matter their trading experience! The center location was very easy to locate and parking and facility were very good. All of the staff at the center were kind and helpful. The food was delicious!! I really want to thank Danielle for all the time and effort she put into getting us delicious meals!!!”

“The Program was well presented and is a very well thought out structured plan for trading. It integrates a disciplined methodology and structure into a clear trading plan.”

“I am extremely happy that I signed up for the Online Trading Academy, and would recommend it to anyone looking to take control of their investing future. Being a novice in any endeavor is risky, and a guiding hand is crucial for success. I believe that Online Trading Academy can provide that guidance. As with anything, effort and sacrifice are required, but the rewards will be fantastic when that effort is realized. Come prepared to learn, work and put in serious effort, and I truly feel the sky will be the limit! -Austin from Michigan”

“The team at OTA is always available to assist the students for them to be successful. I am happy to be involved with a great team to help me achieve my goals.”

“Wow, I finally feel equipped to start trading. Maybe simulation for a bit but excited to go to the next step.”

“Online trading has changed my life from being a stay at home Mom to a professional woman. I like that, now that my kids are at school I can be my own boss at home and still meet their needs when they get home from school.”

“I wish I had taken these classes as a youngster. I would have had a lot more time and energy to hone any skills I will learn from this academy. I love the professional teachers showing us how to do what they love and live by.”


“I've spent 10 years being injured, mostly bed ridden, and life just felt over. I only knew how to work hard, but OTA is giving me a fresh start to build a new life working smart not hard. I'm that little engine that could...I think I can, I think I can....and IF you think YOU can...YOU CAN...and I would recommend this to EVERYONE who wants a better life, who is teachable, wants more family time and even if you are a challenged learner or you feel slow. You only lose if you quit. I loved Tom Joyce's teaching style. I'm a challenged learner....slow....but he brought it right to my level and helped me learn. Made it very exciting!”

“I'm a very slow learner and it was very tough but doable. The only way I see you lose is IF you QUIT, and quitting is NOT an option. Take the class as much as you need to til you master it.”

“This training that one receives here at OTA is from top-notch instructors that are very good at translating the course material into real world solutions. If one stays with the techniques provided, there is no reason they can't be successful.”

“OTA has the best preparation program for Novice Traders as well as experienced Traders.”

“When I signed up for the class I was concerned that I might be wasting my time and money. I would have been satisfied if 50% of my time was fruitful. 100% of my time was well spent. I have used XLT enough that I know I will enthusiastically be using it for the foreseeable future. I will be giving my friends who are interested in investing, information about OTA.”

“I have children that are in their 30's, these classes have reconnected us to a whole new level.”

“OTA offers a very well structured curriculum designed to educate those who have very little knowledge or experience in the trading world. The atmosphere and staff are very welcoming and make you feel at home. The learning environment is very positive and rewarding. The instructors and staff are extremely encouraging and make certain that your questions are thoroughly addressed. At first, I was skeptical, this was a big investment for my future. I am very satisfied in the education provided. I went in with very little knowledge and fear on trading in the open market and I now feel more confident in my abilities to begin my trading for wealth and income. I am super excited to begin my next course!! Thank you OTA Team!!”

“I have been an OTA student for 4 years now and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with OTA, either in class or in the online classrooms. I am very much impressed with the quality and passion of my instructors. I also very much enjoyed the constructive, positive environment that OTA has developed for the students, and the community that has been created among the students.”

“Our schools do not teach us how to manage and protect our long-term investments. This lack of financial knowledge can be devastating. The trading and investing knowledge I've obtained from Online Trading Academy has given me the tools to protect my long-term investments and generate monthly income. ”

“OTA is a no non-sense school that will teach you how to effectively trade from zero.”

“OTA Detroit has been very impressive to me in the classes that I have taken so far. The instructors have been EXTREMELY knowledgeable about the subject matter. The facility lends itself to a quality education environment. The staff is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable with regards to the education process. When you enroll in the school, the online platform is well engineered and very resourceful to further your education outside of the classroom. I am very impressed with the overall program, and the changes in life that the education can bring to me!”

“My classes had excellent instructors, great concepts, good materials and great tech support. I have yet to meet or talk on the phone to any people without good positive attitudes and friendliness. These are helpful and very patient people. OTA has a great learning environment.”

“I learned how to trade using a lot of technical analysis in the past, about 10 years ago. However, I constantly tackled a what-if question about certain signs in the chart. The supply-demand concept cleared up the guess work. The instructor explained fundamental analysis and technical analysis very well, and the concept of supply-and-demand closed the gaps in my learning.”

“Detroit OTA is the place to learn how you can take control of your financial future. By being teachable and patient you can understand how to apply their patented, repeatable process to make money in the market for you and your family. Thank You.”


“OTA Detroit staff always does a great job supporting the students during class week! They are the best!”

“The receptionist is very nice and helpful. The manager is very positive and on spot for the School. The advisers are super nice and helpful.”

“The atmosphere and attitude of staff is wonderful. Tillie is amazing.”

“I've been a student at Online Trading Academy for five years. During that time I have grown to understand market behavior and how I should deal with it. I've managed to apply that knowledge to allow me to generate retirement income while growing my asset base. Thanks to Online Trading Academy, I'm in possession of strategies and tactics that have allowed me to take advantage of market gains while avoiding catastrophic losses.”

“Online Trading Academy has an excellent program for those wanting more in life but haven't found what they're looking for in the common vocational venues. Online Trading Academy offers opportunity to anyone determined to improve their lifestyle and discover greater fulfillment in life.”

“Prior to taking this class, I was lost in how to begin Trading. Now I am excited to complete my trade plan and begin my job as a trader. This is coming from someone who has never traded. ”

“Dynamic presentation for beginning traders like me. Knowing nothing about the stock market, I feel more confident about being a successful trader following the educational path that Online Trading Academy provides. ”

“All of the courses have been great.”

“Online Trading Academy truly gives you a chance to totally control your financial situation. At 65 years of age - this has given me a new career! Thanks!”

“Online Trading Academy provides the most thorough training opportunities for developing a new skill that I have experienced. To be successful in trading securities requires both quality information coupled with multiple opportunities to learn, relearn and continually improve your trading skills.”

“The perfect retirement endeavor!”


“Enjoyed and can't wait to do the next.”

“The examination of triggers was worth the price of admission.”

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