Dallas, TX - Student Testimonials

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“I've been trading for about a year and a half, and this class has taught me so many things I didn't know that I didn't know. I'm so grateful for the teaching, program and support from the OTA staff!”

“When I first came to class, I had no expectations about trading. By the 3rd day, I could see why OTA is the preferred school for traders. They made everything very simple in a very complex industry. I can't wait to put into practice what I've learned.”

“I have no experience with trading, but OTA teaches it in way that is really understandable. The guidelines are clear and unambiguous, and all of the strategies are based on reasonable statistics and simple economic theory. Overall, I learned a lot, and I feel confident enough to apply it in the real world.”


“Coming to OTA was a scary, confusing choice to make; it was a gamble for a potential future and life changer. At first, the cost was a concern; and at the same time, it was the learning curve. But with the helpful staff and after taking the Core Strategy class, I feel like it is my destiny and duty to finish OTA and come out a better person than before I discovered OTA.”

“I truly enjoyed the course. What I have found is that throughout the course, my skills were becoming more focused. Now I feel that I see zones more quickly, and they seem to be better and more profitable zones. It does seem that the more I learn, the more resources are available for me to use, and the more I want to dig deeper into the course. The amount of resources is almost overwhelming, but I feel that with each resource I take advantage of, the more confident and more accurate I become in placing my simulated trades at this point.”

“Brock clearly understands Core Strategy and what the novice or struggling trader needs to be successful. Using the CliK platform takes much of the struggle of learning Core Strategy by eliminating the distractions associated with other trading platforms. A great class, great instructor, and a great trading platform!”

“Core Strategy is just that. Even though I need to revisit my weak areas, I got a good overview of the patented trading system which is truly unlike anything I've ever seen! I appreciated the emphasis on trading goals (plans) and good habits regarding using a trade log. Above all, I am grateful that I now have a community of fellow traders who want the best for each other! Thank you very much!”

“This was the most beneficial time I have ever spent in a classroom. I learned valuable procedures to analyze potential trades that I have never seen before. The instructor was very good, and the hands-on training method replicated the real day-to-day life of a trader.”

“Core curriculum has been adjusted to allow students to grasp the OTA philosophy with a better understanding and execution of finding stronger zones. Enough wiggle room for the fact that the markets are not wholly predictable. What a great family to be a part of.”

“Program was supportive and encouraging, even for those with limited skills. Staff was extremely helpful and patient. They really want you to be successful.”

“I was afraid to begin trading because I had no previous experience. I've always been interested, but it was completely foreign to me. I was so excited to learn of your academy and enrolled to begin learning! Now, I feel confident that I will be able to place trades and enjoy continued support from a fabulous group of professionals!”

“Online Trading Academy has opened my eyes to a whole new world of opportunity for earnings. The staff of instructors are beyond helpful. They genuinely care about helping students learn all that is available to them. If you have a problem or concern, someone is immediately available to help. It's great to leave class with a smile on your face and looking forward to the next day's learning activity.”

“OTA has a tremendous amount of training access through their web portal. There is more than enough training for students to access. I was also very impressed with the instructors and student support I have received so far. There is so much more training that I would recommend students take after their initial Core Strategy class online. I am excited to get started on my next asset class.”

“OTA is an excellent program for learning chart trading. The strategy makes sense. The instructors are great.”

“All the instructors and staff are very helpful and always willing to answer questions.”

“A rules-based trading strategy gives me more confidence in making a trading decision. OTA training and community will be an asset for me for the rest of my trading career.”

“This was a great and knowledgeable experience. I could not have wished for a better place (OTA) to get my training done.”

“This program is exactly what I was looking for. In particular, I like the hands on training. I feel very confident in my choice to come here because the courses are thorough and reviewable, teachers are all professional traders who have many years of experience behind them.”

“The people that I have met during my time at OTA were very committed to learning. The instructors were very committed to teaching. When you have two committed groups working on same outcome the power that is generated is awesome.”

“OTA has proven to be a great decision for me in my desire to learn the Trading business. I have seen other companies and instructors and they seem to be a more daring approach, which I didn't feel comfortable with, and who I thought were taking too much risk without much reasoning behind. I like the fact that OTA has given me a LOGICAL and well thoughtout process to follow, so that I can reduce the risk and I can maximize success. The process seemed a little demanding at first, but after some practice and real example analysis, I am finding the process is becoming more natural and intuitive... I just started the demo account as I don't want to risk my money yet, but finally I feel that I may be getting really close to test trading for the first time. In fact, I may get the live account in 2-3 weeks, after some additional heavy trading with the demo. Definitely, I can say now the investment is paying off and although I saw a very remote possibility of making some money in the FOREX market; now I see that it can be a TRUE additional income and long-term wealth building tool. Thanks OTA.. thanks to all the instructors and the staff.”

“OTA is the best way to learn how to trade.”

“I'm 21 years old. This class is very helpful and all the people that work here are very friendly and want to see you succeed. They prepare you for your future and after retirement to have the most fulfilling life possible.”

“Online Trading Academy is a great asset to have when re-evaluating or establishing a baseline knowledge of trading and how to derive income from it. The 7-day core strategy covers the basics in detail and is immersive with practice labs and instructors monitoring the class at all times to ensure that you receive a quality educational experience.”

“Thank you so much Steve and OTA for all the help and support to learn something so VERY foreign to me!!”

“As the days went on, I found myself becoming more excited about the decision I made. I have always had an interest in trading and this class has sparked a fire in me I have never felt before as it pertains to doing something I truly enjoy!”

“I had been exposed and instructed in several "trading systems" in the past. Online Trading Academy course was FAR AND ABOVE any instruction I've ever had. I am now confident that I will become a successful trader.”

“There was so much information to these courses but Brock was able to bring his knowledge and experience to the table to help me understand the whys and what for. The atmosphere in the classroom was comfortable, and I did not feel intimidated by anyone. It was like we were all in this together. I enjoyed Brock's and Reese's helpful tidbits and knowledge. Thank you to all of you.”

“I enjoyed that there was always someone to answer my questions and also that I have the constant support of Online Trading Academy. ”

“I've taken both core and this futures class within a month and it was very helpful. We were taught many strategies that will be very helpful.”

“I am satisfied with the choice I made to enroll in OTA. I have been given the tools and the training needed as well as the support to be successful if I follow the instructions given. I feel I've received my investment's worth and more.”

“OTA is a worthwhile Investment. Take the plunge.”

“I have been trading for about 4 years now. I had learned a lot from another company before this class. I had already learned more in a few days from Online Trading Academy about how the Stock Market works. It is making a huge impact on me. I now understand why I was making so many mistakes in trading.”

“Having been a stock broker in my early career, I realized I knew nothing about being a "Trader" even though that was the reason I wanted to be a broker in the first place. I also realized most retail Traders lose money and basically gamble. OTA's unique method of trading based on institutional supply and demand verses retail investors was an eye opener, and using their Risk Reward rules it seems impossible for anyone to lose money over time trading at even a 50/50 success rate on each trade. I would recommend OTA to anyone that decides to trade their own money!”

“Online Trading Academy (OTA) provides real world training designed to make anyone a successful trader. I like the fact that all instructors are successful traders themselves and will share tips and methods they use, all of which augment the core strategy of OTA and specific asset trading class material.”

“I wasn't sure prior to the class if the value of the course work and support provided warranted the monies paid for the course and membership in OTA. With an excellent course, an excellent instructor, great design for the approach and the massive amount of ongoing support and educational opportunities, I truly believe the cost of the program and membership was warranted and fair.”

“I really enjoyed; fast paced and informative. It is really worth the value when considering all the precautions and advice regarding asset protection and risk management. The most important topic is looking for profit within a protection umbrella.”

“I love this class. This class taught me so much and I will have zero problems screaming this to anyone who will listen. You should take this class. It teaches you where you're at on the knowledge scale. If you don't know a thing, you will learn a lot. If you know a lot but have been losing more money than your winning, then you should be here because they teach you how to apply real rules to trading. I love this school.”

“OTA is the only real education available that I have found where it is possible to go from a complete novice to a true professional.”


“We thought we were just taking a class on trading. Was surprised to find out that it is a whole support group to help you. Once you enroll, you can call any time and set a meeting, have follow up lessons online, have daily help and how to session live, chat help while your trading and even retake classes as part of your benefit of being a student. I believe we will have a family at OTA trying to help us succeed in trading just like our family helps us succeed in life at home.”

“OTA has opened my eyes to the possibilities available and to the errors I was making in the past. The strategies presented opened up a new playing field.”

“I'm very impressed with all the classes I've taken so far at OTA Dallas, especially the Future class I took this week. There is so much I've learned from the instructor and I'm pretty confident that I will be doing much better on trading than ever before. The strategy that I learned from OTA does work and I'll apply it in all my future trades.”

“Exceptional program! Highly professional. Overwhelmed by the learning resources available and the willingness of all instructors, counselors, and staff to help in any way possible. Brock Pierce was a great instructor for the Core Strategy course. OTA has been a great experience so far!”

“I did not know what exactly I was getting into when I signed up for this course. However, after being in the online version of the Core Strategy with Ryan and attending the onsite class with Brock, I am more than confident that my desire to be a market trader has just been fueled. Now I feel comfortable to face the Forex Market course which is my next step. I am not looking back. Thank you to OTA for at least opening my eyes.”

“Of all of your instructors, Brock is absolutely the best. Methodical, meticulous, expert knowledge, experienced, and always in control. I wish Brock would begin teaching the Options class. That would be the perfect complement to the Dallas curriculum. Additionally, I really appreciate all of Lily's assistance. She is very personable, perfect as the general manager of the Dallas facility, and knows the courses in depth. A delight to work with her. The Dallas office is truly top drawer and exceeds expectations.”

“OTA has been a fantastic learning and confidence building program. The strategies and concepts they teach are completely unique and I haven't seen another program this well developed anywhere else. They have turned trading into a science, but as with all sciences, there remains some art aspect to it that makes it unique and special. This is what they teach you, and teach you well.”

“Regardless of your experience level, I truly believe there is valuable information taught in these classes that can greatly impact your present and future financial reality if you follow their plan and believe in your whys. Thank you Brock, Lily, & Shawn! Thank you OTA! I am a student/fan for life!”

“The OTA body of knowledge includes actionable best practices and enthusiastic instructors who speak with professional acumen and heart felt desire to see you achieve success as well.”

“My experience with OTA has convinced me that the key to becoming a successful trader is to adhere to a system that is reliable, repeatable, and reasonable. Core Strategy will give anyone who wants to be a trader the process, tools and techniques to attain their goals.”

“Highly recommended to strengthen anyone's ability to generate income and create wealth. I have been trading since 1996, and for the first time feel I've learned how to protect gains, preserve capital and decrease risk. It's great to know that when the market is falling, I now have the ability to take advantage of that opportunity, whereas prior to OTA, all I'd have from a market fall would be less money and high blood pressure. Love OTA!”

“This class was exceptional. I am 60 years old and I learned more in 7 days about Trading and Investing, than I have ever learned in my life. The best part was the instructor was patient enough to teach at a level, and a pace that a 60 year old man could grasp as well as understand. I cannot begin to thank OTA enough for the service they have provided. I don't feel that I have ever purchased anything else that has provided more value for your investment than this has done. Thank you again, Brock, you were GREAT!!!!”

“My experience thus far with Online Trading Academy & its instructors is absolutely superb. Each is very knowledgeable, can teach in an easy going manner, & has great care about our success. I wonder why I waited until age 76 to seek education? Looking forward to the near future & some wonderful trading experiences. ”

“This program really is the life-changing type of program. Truly opening my eyes to view this world differently. Frisco center is the best!!”

“I loved the course and had a lot of fun learning core strategies. I am very excited to continue to my next level, forex. The material is complex but not too difficult to understand. I came here with zero experience in trading. I feel that I have the foundation I need to progress into the next courses, and to begin to improve my future financially. There are a lot of scam programs out there, but this is not one of them. They really teach you fundamental skills and information about trading in the markets and give you a great foundation of learning.”

“There's so many things that have been offered in this curriculum, that it's so many things that I would like to discuss; but in a brief summary, I got all that was to be given to me by the program... Very pleased.”

“You can get YouTube videos, you can view free webinars, but then getting coached by experts who have worked on the trading floor is just something extraordinary. OTA does a great job with their course material, faculty quality and the practice sessions.”

“I'm learning a lot from these instructors and their vast knowledge of the markets. I will continue to come back and take more classes.”

“The class was extremely helpful, and cleared a lot of things up. It opened my eyes to all of the resources available to be successful. I am very confident in my abilities to take the next step into futures class. They have taken all of the guesswork away so that if you follow the plan, you will be successful at trading any asset class.”

“Online Trading Academy provides the education and commitment to their students to enable them to be successful. ”

“I am very pleased that the OTA is doing everything to make it easier for students to continue learning after class with the XLT, from home. It shows that they care for the students' success.”

“OTA classes are very thorough and in-depth. I learned a lot. And, the follow-up exercises and support materials are excellent.”

“The Forex Trading class put into perspective everything I knew, or thought I knew, about trading. Our instructor was exceptional, and in-class demos proved that it isn't just a discussion about how to make it work, but a demo of it working. I am very appreciative that we have access to this type and level of training without having to work for a major financial institution for several years. They score A+ from me.”

“I've always been interested in learning the financial markets, but after signing up for another online course I realized I need a better foundation than John Doe's $399 Intro to Stocks class. Thank God I found OTA! I was hesitant at first, thinking it was a multi-level marketing ploy, but after enrolling I realized quickly this was the best thing for me to get a true foundation in becoming a successful trader.”

“Excellent training, very detailed, and very much promoted the success of the students! ”

“If you have any interest in learning how to have your best chance at making money on any type of trade (stocks, futures, forex, etc), then attending OTA is a MUST! You will have all the tools necessary to earn money.”

“Reading a chart looked so intimidating a week ago. However, after taking Core Strategy, I am excited about my future. I am eager to share my knowledge with everyone I come in contact with. I never thought I would actually know how to read charts - let alone, speak the "market language". But, I am. ”

“The OTA is the true definition of taking advantage of every hour and every day. ”

“Initially it was overwhelming with so much information, but going through the class with Brock and my team, it turned out to be very informative and most of my concerns were addressed. I love the fact that everybody's ready to help at all times. I'm more confident than ever. Thank you.”

“It's a great introduction to trading for both experienced and novice, like myself. Working together in groups is a perfect learning tool in understanding the ins and outs of trading. Be prepared to work, the training is fast paced but re-enforced during live trading days. Once completed, there are plenty of other resources that are available on-line and in-person.”


“This is still the best decision I believe I have ever made.”

“Loved it, I have been trading since 1996 and now finally have the tools I need to truly be successful. So excited to take the next level of classes in continuing education.”

“Very well constructed and professional program. OTA provides powerful tools to expand your knowledge beyond the classroom which I love.”

“This was my best experience yet at OTA. The core strategy fits right in with futures and it works!”

“OTA is an efficient way to build a lifestyle worth living.”

“I truly enjoyed the class and got a lot of information amounting to a semester in a college. The best part is the instructor is always available to answer any questions even after you finish your class. That is you will never be left alone on your own. Samuel Daffa”

“I truly believe that I was led to this class. It was like God answered my prayers on how to learn wisely and invest my money and make it grow. I searched the web for weeks and then one day I found this website and it was like a light went on and I knew in my heart that this was what I had been searching for. I will be forever grateful. The whole experience was unforgettable. Theresa (Mama T) Griffin”

“I came to this class without any knowledge about trading and it's great to see how much I learned during the classes and after that. I really recommend this program. It's very complete and all the tools to use at home and the support in the center are excellent.”

“Great place to study everything you want to about the market. Very organized and great instructors that will help you with anything you need to know to improve yourself as a trader!!!”

“If you are seriously considering the use of the markets to manage and enhance your income and/or retirement, then this is the program you need to attend. The professional instructors at OTA have the knowledge and expertise needed to be successful in the market, while being able to break down that information into easy understandable terms and concepts. A definite must to the novice to expert investor.”

“My experience so far with OTA has been amazing. From my coach, Crystal, setting up a plan for my success to my first Core Strategy class with "The General" Scott Chrisan, I have learned so much and am excited about this new chapter in my life.”

“Since enrolling in the Online Trading Academy I have doubled my trade earning potential. I find the material and strategy to be presented in a simple straight forward approach, and the lab reinforcement with the simulator to be a confidence builder. The rules of engagement are simple and easy to understand, keeping the art of trading safer.”

“All the misconceptions I had entering the program were clearly and thoroughly dispelled. The knowledge base, skills, and strategies that I have acquired are empowering me to embark on a successful journey that otherwise would have been shaky at best. I gained the confidence to trade like a professional and provide myself with a stable and very promising career change.”

“Not a day passed where I didn't have eye-opening moments. Everything was as clear as day and the best thing I got out of it was the explanation of how markets move through real life events. No more second guessing at what appears to be a game of randomness. Understanding the order of trading has enhanced my confidence. Thank you to all the staff for the assistance and education you guys provide. Online Trading Academy is second to no one. I highly recommend this school to anybody who's serious about trading.”

“I'm really thankful that I found out about Online Trade Academy, and I really recommend Online Trade Academy for everyone. I took the class and I learned a lot. Online Trade Academy, was more that I was expecting.”

“I enjoy taking classes at OTA. This is the best place to learn how to trade because they allow you to retake classes when needed. This is good because it allows you to get different perspectives of other instructors. It's the best place to be!”

“The Core Strategy Class really set the foundation, helped me understand how important my trading purpose is to successful trading. Taking this class helped me know my purpose, the type of trading I will do and the plan I am creating to be successful. Brock Pierce, our instructor, made the topics come alive with real examples from his experience as a trader. Now, I understand why the OTA core strategy is so important. It applies to all types of trading. This class is dynamic with a high level of interaction as a group, balanced with individual feedback. I learned how to read charts, identify supply zones, and how to score trades. Now I can recognize high probability, high profitability trade. This class clarifies and simplifies trading giving me a rules based approach to apply with discipline. I've begun to experience the OTA support team and look forward to a lifelong learning, growing income and wealth. Thank you Brock Pierce and OTA!!”

“After 3 years of inconsistent trading, learning a structured approach zeroed in on all of my past mistakes and highlighted how they would have been managed or eliminated altogether.”

“Online Trading Academy's program will not allow you to fail to learn to trade successfully unless you don't utilize all the ongoing support available to you after you take the classes.”

“This class has truly changed my approach to trading and helped me overcome the fear I had when trading. I am more confident that by following the instructions I can make high quality trades and obtain a profitable outcome, even if my winning percentage is below 50%.”

“I enjoyed the Information rich environment and intensive learning experience. It built up my confidence in trading. ”

“Environment is about perfect, very people friendly with professional class of educators, staff is proficient and eager to be helpful.”

“I have not only studied the market since 1994, but successfully traded the market overall. However, I did not win with the kind of strength that I wished, though I multiplied my starting money (a small account) at least five fold over time. I have lived on some of my winnings. So then, when I say that OTA is the finest system of trade I have ever encountered I am saying it after long experience and much private study. They found the Key I could never find. I'm just glad that I can now share in it. Everything about OTA Dallas has exceeded my expectations: parking, cleanliness, friendliness, helpfulness, quality of fellow students, and more. Proud to now be a part of the OTA family. Oh yeah: did I mention SUPPORT beyond belief?”

“I joined OTA in 2013, but life and circumstances occurred and I was not able to take the Futures class. The great thing about OTA is that they are industry leaders with longevity. This means that even if you are not able to complete your training, they will be there for you in the future. I recently completed the futures class and have sat in on several XLTs. This was by far the best training that I have had. I was guilty of trading without education and a plan. However, this time I am focused on trading the plan I have created. I have the confidence that I can be successful. Thank you.”

“I have been a student at Online Trading Academy for over ten years. Every course has been valuable in furthering my trading and financial education. Highly recommend the programs which allows one to find the asset class which they prefer to trade, using the knowledge gained from the highly skilled instructors at OTA.”

“Online Trading Academy is a comprehensive program to help students understand how to be successful traders. The classes are full of excellent material for learning how to time the markets for entering and exiting trades. There is a tremendous amount of extra material available to enhance learning on an ongoing basis and support for students is always readily available.”

“The OTA program is well thought out and presented in a fashion that even a novice trader can understand. If you are interested in learning trading, I highly recommend the program. It will pay for itself by preventing you from making costly trading mistakes.”

“Scott offered great explanations to real trading performed in class. He reinforced the reason for risk management and the need to not be so emotionally tied up in any single given trade. Emotion and fear should be minimized with proper risk management as taught at OTA. Thank you so much for this next step in my trading education.”

“If you want to learn to trade effectively, you've found the right place. No need to look any further and waste time and money elsewhere. If you're on the fence and not sure, my advice to you would be, "Just Do It!" You'll be glad you did. It's an investment, not an expense. Then put in the time to learn and internalize the concepts you learn here and you'll be amazed.”

“Beautiful facility and now that we moved closer to the center, I appreciate it even more. Lily is very professional and I also appreciated Adeeb's technical assistance. I also love Mike (co-owner) and how he takes time to sit with me to see how I'm doing, not limited to trading even and how he showed genuine concern to see me succeed.”

“This program has given me a better understanding of the markets and I feel very empowered in becoming a successful professional trader. Thanks OTA. The OTA Center is very clean and well organized. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly. They truly make you feel important and your success is important to them.”

“Everyone is very friendly and wanting you to succeed. The ability to take classes over for free is added benefit.”

“This is the best self-investment gift for my life. No doubt!!”


“The Forex class taught by David Warner was wonderful! He is a knowledgeable, patient teacher. He made the week enjoyable and worthwhile. The OTA center in Frisco is very nice. It is sparkling clean. The covered parking is close. The staff is friendly and helpful. The food was great. Thanks to everyone.”

“One of the great benefits of OTA is the ability to repeat courses. Every instructor brings slightly different nuances to the material. This allows you to glean helpful nuggets and develop your own style within the system.”

“I absolutely enjoyed the program. It was extremely helpful and enlightening both on techniques and dangers of the market. Everyone very professional and helpful from the top down.”

“The Professional Trader Part 2 class has provided me with an understanding of trading that I have never experienced before... and I have been trading for 20 years! Scott McCormick is an outstanding Instructor. I now have the knowledge to create a more successful Trading Plan. Thank you, OTA!”

“OTA - Dallas has a nice office and they keep it very clean with great equipment and learning tools. The staff are professional, knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to answering questions to best satisfy your trading goals.”

“Everyone at OTA was always ready to assist me any way they could. The professional courtesy of the staff was wonderful. Also, it was a wonderful educational operation with the latest equipment and, in all, a wonderful facility.”

“I have been with Online Trading Academy for a little over a year. After going through the introductory classes and talking with Sean Manning for a few days, I could see the immense value of becoming a part of the OTA family. With no reservations I joined at the MasterMind level. Since then I have gained invaluable Knowledge and Discipline to launch my trading career and the confidence to surpass the goals I have set!!”

“I did not think I was going to get so much information of such great value in so little time from two individuals that appear to be so ordinary. These people Know their business to the utmost degree. They were not once challenged by a question from a student. Everyone I conferred with was an absolute professional. I recommend this academy to anyone without reservation.”

“One thing I took out of this class, besides the incredible information and knowledge we were given, is to see how much the instructor and the whole staff care that we succeed and kept reminding us on the resources available to us.”

“The Trading Academy is truly a place where a person can excel in learning how to trade the markets and make a living at it. It's not a quick turnaround, but anything that is worthwhile takes time, study and persistence. The training, knowledge and support are all there at the Academy. I am very happy to have become a student and plan on taking every course they offer. There is no doubt that I will be a very successful trader in the markets.”

“I am diving into the homework of learning and familiarizing myself in the terminology, navigation, and techniques of OTA. While I am eager to move through the training, I am finding it more important to move at a pace that ensures my understanding and comfort are at a high level to be prepared and ready to buy or sell in a trade. For me this is key, because I am a risk taker and this provides the right balance. OTA saw this from the start with me, so when they say they want their training to be a fit for both them and the student, they aren't kidding. If you listen and have discipline, then you will learn; and I see they truly care about my success.”

“Despite being at the ripe age of seventeen, this program has proven to be insightful, informative, and inordinately incredible. Regardless of your age or status, the Online Trading Academy is the place to be.”

“ The material presented is outstanding and was presented very well and professionally. The staff at OTA is very nice and supportive. I now feel like I have the tools to trade with confidence toward a goal of greater reward with less risk. Thank you OTA staff, and particularly Brock for his great teaching and patience.”

“Online Trading Academy is intentionally transparent in their teaching methods. Great instructors who teach in an integral manner the absolute best method of investing in the markets. OTA Frisco is a beautiful facility. It's brand new! I can see the intentional design of the facility. It is a joy to arrive at it.”

“The education provided by OTA is more than I ever anticipated! The instructors who lead the classes are not just teachers, but are successful traders in their own right and have the practical depth of knowledge of how market systems work. The ongoing assistance offered by the staff is an essential part of the education to ensure student success. How awesome is that? They offer actual classroom time, which is a great way to practice the technicalities of the trading platform and strategies that OTA teaches. They also offer self-paced, online instruction which students can watch at home anytime as many times as they want. Good job! I like the new OTA Dallas home a lot. No glare on the whiteboards, good computers, and plenty of tables and chairs for lunches. Parking is convenient and the place is spanking new and sparkling clean. I feel very comfortable with all the personnel and appreciate their helpfulness very, very much. Thanks, OTA!”

“I learned a lot from the class and I am looking forward to trading in the near future. Very friendly, knowledgeable, helpful staff and instructors. ”

“Online Trading Academy has been a huge blessing. The people, the support, the knowledge, the training is awesome. There is a lot to learn but OTA makes it easy.”

“This is an excellent training for people wanting to learn the most effective (lowest risk/highest potential profits) way to trade all aspects of the market.”

“The supply and demand, rules based concept of trading takes all the guess work out. It moves it from the realm of speculation to producing concrete positive results. We are so excited to have found OTA.”

“The program is not cheap obviously, but what is more obvious is the commitment to making sure that your money is well spent. The program is revolving and changing and each change there is more benefit realized. Never have I started with so little and finished with so much.”

“I traded futures in the past and initially had excellent results. I traded with profits. My success was over 100% returns in six months of active trading .. Two months later I found my account balance was only 5% profits then zero profits. I wasted eight months of my time and way too much stress. OTA has made me realize I needed a plan like any other business. Manage risk and use stops!”

“I am impressed by the organization of OTA and the resources available to the students. It is also obvious that the priority of instructors and staff is to help the students to be successful. OTA is a winner!”

“There's no other place this can be acquired. It's worth a college degree to spend this time in active learning with a progressive architecture of learning. The instructor is a true professional and the content is digestible, progressive and exciting. I couldn't get enough and watching it all come together was amazing.”

“The OTA education programs are invaluable. The ability to Retake classes is one of the outstanding benefits of OTA, in addition to the quality of instruction. Having taken several retakes of classes in different asset classes I find that each retake brings an additional level of understanding and new understanding with each class. Awesome quality of time spent!!!”

“We become more impressed with OTA with each successive experience. The instructors, the support staff and the facilities are all first class. The instructors are all not only knowledgeable, but are sincerely concerned about our progression and ultimate success as traders.”

“OTA provides an outstanding program to help anyone looking for personal financial independence to secure their retirements and invest in markets swings. Their educational resources are seemingly limitless and provide a number of different presentations on the same subject to give the student multiple viewpoints of the many topics associated with successful market trading. OTA's strategic approach is perfectly suited for anyone looking to taking advantage of broad market turns during drastic uptrends and the inevitable downtrends. I look forward to attending many more of their varied and diverse courses in the pursuit of my personal finances.”

“I wasn't sure if it would work. My husband was skeptical also. I gave it a chance and I am SO GLAD I did it. Totally worth every cent.”

“Now, I never think about filling the time in my retirement after discovering this new, stimulating and often challenging new profession of "trading" for gainful fun.”

“This takes a lot of practice, but it can be done and it works! OTA provides the tools and continuous support to make it happen.”

“The instructors at OTA are all professional and helpful to any students that wanted to trade proactively.”

“This course (and program as a whole) has been a real eye opener relative to what trading in the markets is all about. The instructors have obviously "been there, done that" which gives them tremendous credibility. This is the most intense and thorough training regimen on trading I've seen bar none. The plan is consistent across trading classes and the plan is simple - follow the recipe and the plan will work. Larry Hoke”


“I enjoy the overall instructions that I receive from OTA and the ongoing learning experience that I receive because of the commitment that OTA has made to their students. Each time I attend I become a much better trader. Thanks OTA.”

“OTA has provided a great learning system that is well worth the cost to benefit ratio. I find that having my wife, son and daughter all trained at OTA is a real blessing as we become more and more financially independent.”

“OTA provides an unmatched value for money in the financial education field. The ability to retake the classes is the most important differentiator and provides OTA students with a lifetime of learning in the most dynamic set of markets in the world.”

“As a retired individual that wanted to increase discretionary income, I have found that the Professional Trader course, and working with Futures even before taking the Futures course, is definitely providing me the opportunity to reach my desired result. Material is well presented and use of internet access enhances opportunities to expand knowledge and refresh course material.”

“What stands out most is that the concepts are complicated enough that I can see why everyone isn't doing it, but simple enough that they are able to be taught to anyone willing to learn and disciplined enough to consistently follow.”

“Everybody there is awesome. Melinda does a great job taking care of everyone, especially getting us lunch so we don't have to leave and wander around. Always something good. Brock has a no nonsense approach and keeps it simple too. Even explains to us the mistakes he made early on in his trading. I still have a lot to learn, hardest part is just getting there.”

“I have taken courses before on stock trading, but the Online Trading Academy is unlike any other I have seen. All their teachers are very knowledgeable and go above and beyond to help students learn their core strategy. They also all trade using this same strategy. I am completely satisfied with the whole experience. Thanks.”

“If you truly want to be a successful trader, OTA provides invaluable instruction and strategy to help you do exactly that. ”

“OTA instructors are truly outstanding and their knowledge of the market/material truly shows. All of this has helped me to become a more effective trader.”

“Online Trading Academy is dedicated to the success of their student community in every aspect of trading.”

“The information, course material and hands-on training was invaluable. The instructors were experienced and knowledgeable. I would recommend this course to anyone that is serious about investing and creating an income in the stock market; forex, futures, options and any vehicle using the market.”

“Online Trading Academy is the most Professional training academy that I have ever been associated with. Its clear and unique approach to teaching is the best. Anyone can come to OTA and learn the correct way to trade in the markets. The cost is worth the success you will have in your future trading.”


“Best school to give you an education of the markets.”

“A Great business to be in and this is the right vehicle to get you started. OTA will get you there.”

“The OTA facility is nice and always clean. The breakfast and lunch are always great. The staff is helpful and friendly. I love coming here. Thank you!”

“Scot's friendly demeanor and straight forward, easy-to-follow teaching methodology combined with his patience and heartfelt rapport with the students made this class a true joy to attend. OTA delivers a powerful and effective learning experience through the world-class expertise of their Instructors. I would highly recommend this class to anyone that wants to take control of their financial future.”

“I started trading early this year, 2014. With the training I have received at Online Trading Academy, I am confident that I can meet my financial goals of a comfortable retirement and still be able to provide financial help to my children and grandchildren in getting their educations and lives started.”

“This is the first and only trading education company that truly has delivered to my expectations. I needed a comprehensive education, from start to finish, and OTA delivered. I tell all my friends about OTA and highly recommend it to them. For their sakes, I truly hope they listened and will make use of OTA's services.”

“OTA is a fantastic place for beginners to learn trading from Professionals who care about your success. Great experience and comfortable learning environment! I have enjoyed success in trading after only a couple months and look forward to taking more classes.”

“There is no better value in the financial education market than Online Trading Academy. The ongoing availability of resources for students is without peer.”

“Learning was made easy by all of the staff, and the emphasis on returning when needed for additional help is something I will take advantage of. All schools of learning do not want you to return for tune-ups, much less for as many returns as it takes. Brock made himself available whenever we may need help in the future. This has made my experience here seem like Online Trading Academy wants me to be a member of their family for as long as I need them. They are concerned about my future.”

“Online Trading Academy has been great since my first class in April 2012. The classes and instructors have trained me to be an effective trader and investor of my own monies. It has been a unique experience that I have been involved with in all my training.”

“Every time I take a class I learn so much more than I knew before. I feel armed with a lot of material I can go home and use. ”

“The entire staff made the experience very comfortable, friendly and enjoyable. It was well planned other than maybe having an assistant help during trading to answer questions.”

“This course taught me the principles of trading the Online Trading Academy way. It was fun, but at the same time we learned. Overall, an excellent experience.”

“This is a great class. Instructor is an experienced and active trader who is eager to share his knowledge and experience and is well able to teach a great class. Facility has everything we need to learn to be professional traders. Very professional and friendly environment. ”

“I tell anyone who asks that Online Trading Academy is the best value for the money of any company in the financial education arena. The totality of the resources is unmatched.”

“The Online Trading Academy curriculum has been developed over a number of years and is obviously very developed and rich. The instructors have a deep and practical experience in the course material. If you want to be prepared for the markets and save painful trial-and-error learning, take this course!”

“This is my fourth retake of the Options course. This feature of unlimited retakes at Online Trading Academy is quite valuable, for I always pick up a few new important techniques and facts every time I do a retake.”

“Taking this course is like saving a fortune by not making bad decisions in the market and losing a fortune. The knowledge to learn here is, if you lose little. No webinar or other institute explains this so specifically and clearly. This lesson will stay with me the rest of my life.”

“Volume of information was exceptional.”

“Online Trading Academy is a great place to learn to trade.”

“Outstanding schooling for the dollars spent.”

“Online Trading Academy provides an absolutely intense week of learning and trading immersion that is exhausting, but so worth it. I came in completely new at everything and I will be walking out with a great foundation for my future financial endeavors. This class turned out to be so much more than I expected. I feel very privileged for the opportunity I have had to learn how to trade at such a young age and plan to use the resources Online Trading Academy provides throughout my life. ”

“This was an invaluable experience with real live trading. No one should try to trade without some guidance during the first live trading tried. The instructors are very experienced and are great guides.”

“I've just recently retired from a very demanding job. Although I've always enjoyed trading and investing, my schedule only allowed me to take one course per year. Since my first course (Pro Trader in 2010), the whole technical matter has changed for the better. The concepts of continuous drilling on the "fundamentals" of Supply and Demand you will not see elsewhere. I didn't have them in 2010. I fully believe - after seeing it work this week - this is what I MUST MASTER- to make the needle move on my trading ability. I have the time to practice now - so I'm excited to get going. Thanks Irfan and Online Trading Academy Team!”


“Online Trading Academy is, by far, the best trading class I have ever taken. There is no doubt I will succeed from what I have learned in taking this training. Thank you very much.”

“Anyone who is trading with formal knowledge and without any training must take these courses to improve profitability and risk management. These courses have more worth than the money we spent.”

“I am truly impressed with the knowledge and skills of the Online Trading Academy Pro Trader course materials, and also the instructor, Scott McCormick's, mastery of them and his approach to teaching. It was a very enjoyable and rewarding experience and I am looking forward to applying the methods I learned in the markets.”

“I have been self directing my investments since 2009, after taking it away from an investment firm. I have been picking up whatever investing information I could since then. I have learned more about the stock market with this course and Part 1, but more importantly how much more I need to learn. I am so happy I have joined Online Trading Academy.”

“The Online Trading Academy courses put the tools you need to be a successful trader in your hands, all you have to do is be present and pay attention.”

“This was an amazing week, learned so many things and, most importantly, how to apply them in live trading. It boosted my confidence level that I can definitely do this!”

“Once again, after all the classes I have taken in the last 18 months, this was once again a very good learning lesson about the subject of Forex trading. The material was great and the Instructor was fantastic. Learning was a great experience and confidence builder for my trading level.”

“Do not miss the opportunity to learn how to trade the markets properly while being taught by a professional trader. The instructors are great at teaching hands-on and theoretical knowledge.”

“I have referred my family to the course and they are already sold. We are starting a family business and I want them all to attend. This will give them a great start in life.”

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