Monday Market Must-Knows: February 6, 2023

Why should traders tune in to Jerome Powell's speech on Tuesday? 

The upcoming trading week will focus on earnings with 726 companies reporting, including Activision, Tyson Foods, BP, CBS, Disney, Philip Morris, Duke Energy, and Enbridge. No major names like Google, Apple, Amazon or Facebook are expected to report, but some of these might be in your portfolio and carry some weight.

Central banks will also be in focus specifically with the Reserve Bank of Australia expected to increase interest rates by 25 basis points, but there are also rumors surrounding which way this will go. Also, Jerome Powell, head of the U.S Central Bank, will speak at the Economic Club of Washington. This may not contain any groundbreaking announcement, but it could still create big swings in the market due to its timing and any light he may shed on the Fed’s policy on interest rates. These events may impact your portfolio and add volatility to the market. Stay Informed, Start Knowing Today!

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