Monday Market Must-Knows: January 23, 2023

There will be a release ofmanufacturing and services data from countries such as France, Germany, Europe,the UK, and the US. This data is significant as it can indicate a potentialslowdown in the economy if demand for manufactured goods and services decreases. 

Additionally, the upcoming trading week is expected to be volatile due to ahigh number of companies reporting their earnings across all sectors, includingSynchrony Financial, Logitech, Baker Hughes, Microsoft, GE, Verizon, Johnson& Johnson, Lockheed Martin, and Tesla. 

Furthermore, the GDP numbers for the US are also expected to decline, whichcould put pressure on the Federal Reserve to adjust their interest rate policy.The Core PCE Price Index will also be released this week with an anticipationof an increase. Overall, traders should be aware of these data releases as theymay cause significant market fluctuations.

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