What We Stand For: Being a Force for Inclusiveness in the Financial Markets

What we Stand For.

We have always taken a stand behind “using business as a force for good”.  22 years ago when we started delivering education in 1997. 15 years ago when we adopted Love as our #1 core-value. 2 years ago when we achieved B Corp certification. 

We have always aligned with the movement towards triple and quadruple bottom lines, corporate social responsibility, conscious capitalism and accountable capitalism. 

In particular, we stand for an inclusive economy which is not only stable, sustainable and growing, but also equitable and participatory for all. 

Equitable and Participatory.

Now we’re talking! This is where we really take a stand. We are democratizing financial markets to be more equitable and participatory through trading and investing education, for those who have the financial resources to do so. Investing relentlessly in students, leveling the playing field by lowering the barriers to entry: the educational barriers to entry, the self-confidence barriers to entry, and the technological barriers to entry. 

Lowering the Educational Barriers to Entry.

This is where we started. It is not just about knowledge acquisition (the know-what), it is also crucially about skill building (the know-how), through guided practice, practice and more practice with a rules-based system and discipline, designed to help students progressively achieve mastery and success. Just like learning to drive a car. Knowing-what is one thing. Knowing-how is another. Progressively achieving mastery and success is yet another. We have been investing relentlessly in developing our educational content and process ever since to continue lowering this barrier to entry.

Lowering the Self-Confidence Barriers to Entry.

The biggest barrier to entry is often self-confidence.  Do I have what it takes to acquire the knowledge, to build the skills and to progressively achieve mastery and success?  Am I smart enough?  Am I disciplined enough?  Am I coachable enough?  That’s why our next phase of investments was in extended learning tracks, support and community.  To continue the learning journey, to support and to develop the fellowship of an active community to tap into the power of peers.  We have been investing relentlessly to continue lowering this self-confidence barrier to entry.

Lowering the Technological Barriers to Entry.

The final frontier was the barrier to entry represented by the trading platforms available in the marketplace, , often provided by broker/dealers.  Typically very complex, with confusing user interfaces and overwhelming menus of functionality.  Different asset classes often requiring different trading platforms, not always available in every country.  That’s why our most recent phase of investment has been in our own proprietary education, analysis and trading platform, called CliK, integrating our education and patented Core-Strategy market analysis methodology.  For the first time ever, our students will progressively be able to have a seamless experience, embedding their education, their community and their analysis, from classroom to home, for all asset classes, internationally

We believe that trading and investing education can help to make access to financial markets more equitable and participatory, for those who have the financial resources to do so, when the barriers to entry are lowered to be more inclusive.

That’s what we are investing in relentlessly. That’s what we stand for. That’s what we love. Love is all around.