Going Green: E-Waste Recycling Day at OTA!

On March 15th, we kicked off the first annual Go Green Day! Employees, students, and neighbors, cleaned out their closets, garages, trunks, and drawers and dropped off their old computers and other electronics for proper recycling.

As part of our B-Corp Initiative, we partnered with California Electronics Recycler to help our OTA Family and 250 business neighbors get rid of electronic waste in a green and safe way.

We collected over 700 pounds of equipment including TV's, computer monitors, batteries, hard drives and other electronic waste. That is 700 pounds less in the landfills. It also means less heavy metals, plastics and glass in the environment which can pollute the air or seep into our waterways. In addition, recycling e-waste significantly decreases the demand for mining heavy metals, as well as reduces the greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing such materials. All that from a few people getting organized and doing their part.  

Also, California Electronics Recycler never allows your electronics to be shipped to third-world countries. They take the time to dispose of data so that it is securely destroyed and protected from any breaches that could risk your business and/or reputation. They hold four certifications as well as contracts with the Department of Defense.

Here are a few links if you want to learn more: