What Does “Relentless Commitment” Mean to OTA?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines commitment as “an agreement or pledge to do something in the future.” To us at Online Trading Academy, commitment reflects a singular dedication to fulfilling our mission: empower students worldwide with exceptional financial education. This innate commitment is manifested in everything we do – our love of students; our community; our education; our products; our culture; everything.  We are relentlessly committed to delivering on our promises.

In the business world, commitment is a rather tenuous concept that lacks action. Often, it toggles  between, “do we under promise and over deliver", or the opposite?  Commitment in business consists of two areas: Culture, which describes a commitment to acting on our words as a team, an organization and in the working environment we provide. The second is brand, which describes our commitment to acting on our words with our products and services.

We believe that “relentless commitment” is a higher expression of culture and brand. The core-values of your culture become the design criteria for your products and services, and ultimately, your brand.  Apple exemplifies relentless commitment. With its product design, Apple is relentlessly committed to finding the balance of engineering functionality and artful beauty. It does this by combining product design into something that is intuitive and cool. Customers love it. This process reflects culture and brand melding together.

At OTA, we are relentlessly committed to the same integration of culture and brand. No product better expresses this than our latest investment in CliK, our newest and most revolutionary product. CliK is a unique and first of its kind education, analysis and trading platform designed with unrelenting value to our students. A little more about the design values of CliK:

  • Risk management and Skill Development.  CliK begins with helping our students learn to manage risk and progress up the learning curve of building skills, from beginner to intermediate to advanced. Managing risk is crucial when trading during volatile times.  
  • Practice, Practice, Practice.  The platform embeds the strategies we teach into a step by step approach and helps students practice.
  • Plan and Learn.  CliK helps students determine their trade plan and provides guard rails to build confidence.

These three features were designed with the student at the heart of this innovation and reflects our dedication to risk management.

CliK is the embodiment and expression of our culture, mission and values at OTA. It’s all about being on the leading edge of innovation to fulfill our relentless commitment to students. That’s a promise that will be reflected and reinforced in our products and education for years to come. You can count on our relentless commitment to that.


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