Grand Opening: Third Location Open in Phoenix Area

The greater Phoenix area is known to locals as “The Valley “and has a population of 4.7 million people over 14,500 square miles.  Aaron Warby, one of the owners of the Arizona franchise, has opened their third OTA center in Arizona in the Glendale/Peoria area. The other two centers are in Chandler, which opened December 2019, and Scottsdale, the original center. When we asked Aaron why he was opening another center, in the same metroplex, his answer was simple, my relentless commitment to our students. 

Arizona has relaxed restrictions on gatherings as it relates to COVID-19, which allowed Aaron and his team to plan for the center opening June 2020. They started this month by having half-day classes, and asset classes will be scheduled at the new location shortly.  They are following all local, state and federal guidelines to ensure students' safety.

Aaron was so complimentary of his team during these difficult times and their commitment to supporting the centers, the students, and each other.  “My employees have never lost sight of the commitment we made to our students and the community we serve.”

Congratulations, Aaron, and team, and our “Valley of the Sun” students.