The Power of Community: Celebrating our 25th Anniversary Together

June 1st, 2022, Online Trading Academy celebrates 25 incredible years in business. On this Silver anniversary we take stock of all the great people (who we refer to as family) inclusive of students, instructors, employees, valued business partners and more. This community has come together to grow OTA to become a leader in trading and investing education.  It all started with one man and one vision and has grown to a community of tens of thousands, each with their own goals, but all part of an important movement with a shared mission.  
In 1997, Eyal Shahar had the passionate vision to build a trading floor where students actually learned how to trade, instead of just coming in and renting a seat, as was the case on most floors. This vision came from a desire to help people make smarter trading and investing decisions, after Eyal had lost nearly everything he had in the Israeli stock market collapse years earlier. Eyal committed to himself that if he ever had the opportunity to help investors not make the same mistakes, he would. And that idea and goal sparked the beginning of OTA. 
Over this 25-year journey, over 90,000 students have enrolled in OTA courses, delivered by over 150 instructors. And the single class in 1997 taught on the trading floor has grown to dozens of classes in stocks, futures, Forex, options, digital assets and more, now taught live in-center, live online and on demand. Over the years we continue to invest in creating courses with lifetime education access and world-class support systems, all designed to help our students succeed. We’ve also added new services like OTA Picks, Mastermind Grid and CliK, many of which have been inspired by feedback and ideas coming from the OTA student community. 
We’ve grown together as a global community through highs and lows individually and collectively. Through bear and bull markets. Through recessions and economic expansion. Most recently through a global pandemic that shook our business and the world. And after 25 years, we still believe our best days are ahead of us, because of you, the OTA community. We are commitment to your success. You are the reason we exist and the reason we’re driven to continue to grow and innovate and to deliver on our mission of enriching lives worldwide with exceptional trading and investing education. 
Happy Anniversary to Eyal and the entire Online Trading Academy Community!

Anniversary wishes from our students…

"I am so grateful for OTA, it is the perfect fit in my life at the perfect time!!! Ya I will say like others i wish i would have found OTA sooner but there is a reason I didn't, only God know why I could guess but why. I am know retired and can devote all my time to learning this new craft and new craft it is thank you OTA for my new WHY in mine and my wife's life so we will be able to enjoy our golden year's and giving back too the less fortunate!!!" Tod M.

"Dear Eyal, You have created something very, very special. Thankyou for your dedication and continual striving to improve the tools and education. I am so glad to be apart of it." Lynn G.

"I am so grateful that you turned your vision into reality. OTA is the best decision I have ever made in my life. I look forward to continuing this journey with all the amazing people you have surrounded yourself with to create this incredible community! Happy Birthday OTA and congrats Eyal!" Nicole C.