Calling all Core Strategy XLT students!!

We have some very exciting news to share with you. This month, we are including OTA Picks for every student who is enrolled in the Extended Learning Track (XLT) for Core Strategy. The same Stock picks that are currently provided to students enrolled in the Professional Stock Trading Program are now also provided to our students enrolled in Core Strategy XLT. 
There are approximately five stock trading opportunities provided weekly, representing various trading purposes including day, swing and long-term setups. The tremendous advantages of OTA’s unlimited access to education and services is retaking for education support, automatically receiving new content when courses are upgraded, and, occasionally, receiving a brand-new service, at no additional cost, for simply being an OTA student who is previously enrolled in that program or course! 

Don’t delay. Begin consuming our “education in action” through studying OTA Picks (Stock). To access OTA Picks, log on to My OTA > My Resources Menu and click on OTA Picks. Don’t wait! Take advantage of OTA Picks for Core Strategy XLT, now.