Core Strategy Course ClicKs with OTA Employees

After years of development, Online Trading Academy’s groundbreaking new trading platform CliK is set to revolutionize the way our students learn to master their trading skills. While CliK is making an epic splash with students and traders, OTA employees had a chance to help test the waters of the External Production server with the Employee Core Strategy Clik course. Not only was it a great opportunity for instructors to fine tune their presentations and polish class integration with CliK, but the participating OTA employees were provided the same invaluable education and classroom experience our students receive—all at no cost. It was a bona fide hit for employees, and a win-win for everyone.

Approximately 60 OTA employees attended classes from 4:30-8 pm, four evenings each week for two weeks. Instructors Kayla Christine and Todd Davis combined basic Core Strategy with CliK’s Classroom Mode, providing a hands-on experience with the platform. Participants received the same instruction as Core Strategy students, as well as a course manual and lab book.


It made for long, exhausting days but employees loved it! Here’s what one employee took away from the course: “I discovered that it’s possible to learn a new skill and that trading, even though it seems intimidating, can be understood with the right strategy and a step by step process.”

Debi Knable, Director of Operations, had this to say: “Overall, the class experience was fantastic! The Core Strategy comes together in a very cohesive way and CLiK helps stitch all the pieces together!” 

The immersive course was an opportunity for many employees to better understand the very heart of OTA: the student experience and our patented Core Strategy. And what greater benefit could a company offer to their employees than the tools and resources to take control of their financial futures. Said one employee: “I am very thankful for this class. Now we know what we are offering to students and what they are going through. I feel CliK is a game changer in our industry.” And another: “This was yet another amazing opportunity afforded to us by OTA. I'm grateful we have access to the same powerful resources and tools our students do and it's indicative of how much leadership here cares about its staff.

Was the course easy? Henry Ayati, Event Coordinator, summed it up this way: “It was do-able…I will fully get it!”