Online Trading Academy Launches On Demand Curriculum

Irvine, CA, September 23, 2019 - Online Trading Academy has launched their flagship fundamentals course Core Strategy as an all-new self-paced curriculum titled Core Strategy On Demand. Loaded with interactivity from video recordings, audio clips and quizzes to skill-based learning labs, Core Strategy On Demand serves as a comprehensive online educational package for students to experience Online Trading Academy’s education in a new and improved setting: anytime, anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection. With convenience and accessibility in mind, the new course format will kick off a series of On Demand courses as a contemporary addition to the current traditional education.

“Core Strategy On Demand introduces a whole new level of innovation in OTA’s curriculum,” says Steve Albin, Vice President of Product Operations. “It offers all the educational content our students love about Core Strategy at the convenience they need, as long as internet connection is available. We at OTA understand that life can get in the way of accomplishing our goals; whether that means lack of time, too many responsibilities at work, or family duties. That’s why enhancing the accessibility of our education is one of our top priorities.”

OTA’s Core Strategy lays the groundwork for students who are new to the world of investments. It introduces the basics of supply and demand and a methodical step-by-step process built to identify and score trades. Its new On Demand course continues to exercise the use of learning labs, an interactive learning experience where students practice making trades using real time financial data under the guidance of a skilled instructor.

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