Online Trading Academy Highlights Student Success with the Launch of InveStars

Student Success Has Always Been Top Priority for Online Trading Academy and now they have a way to spotlight and celebrate students’ hard work through a new program called InveStars.

Irvine, CA, January 13, 2019 – From their earliest beginnings in 1997, Online Trading Academy, a leader in investing and trading education, has been committed to the success of their students. This can be seen not only in their life-time retake policy but in their continued innovations in technology such as online course offerings and the soon to be released educational trading platform, CliK. Now, InveStars gives the company a chance to celebrate the success of their students in a special way.

Each month students will be asked to share their story as it relates to a given theme via pre-recorded video, live video or written testimonial. One student will be selected as InveStar of the Month, earning them a trip to OTA Irvine and a guest spot on Power Trading Radio, one-on-one time with a top instructor and executive team members and more.

“Our students are like family, and we are so inspired by their stories that we created InveStars as a place to recognize their accomplishments and celebrate their journeys,” says Jeremy Nosek, Chief Marketing Officer of Online Trading Academy. “Learning to trade and invest is a process that takes time and dedication and our students love being in community with one another and sharing their stories to inspire one another as they are progress on their path to mastery. InveStars is a great platform to highlight some of these great stories students enjoy sharing with us and each other. “

Students can look for their first opportunity to submit their story in early February. All students who have completed an Online Trading Academy course are eligible to participate and can find program rules and details in MyOTA (Online Trading Academy’s student-only portal).


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