November 2019 InveStar Winner’s Trip!

On November 4th and 5th, four OTA InveStar winners were flown to Irvine, California for the InveStar Winner’s Trip. As you know, Investar is a student-driven initiative where students are asked to share their stories to inspire other students along their journey, and for a chance to win a trip to Southern California. Each month there is a new topic such as their first winning trade or an instructor that really inspired them. We then pick a monthly winner based on their story.

As part of their winners’ trip, not only did we put them up in a hotel, they got to spend an entire day with the education team and have a really nice lunch with some of our top instructors. Also, as part of their package, they guest-starred on Power Trading Radio with our very own Merlin Rothfeld. And for a really special treat, they went out to dinner with the OTA executive team. Last but not least, each InveStar winner was given access to CliK. They received their own log-in and spent two hours training with our top notch instructor Larry Jacobson. On the last day, we captured each of their very special stories on video. 

The InveStars had a great trip and loved the time spent with the OTA team. These students took time out of their busy day to submit compelling personal stories about their student experiences and out of dozens of candidates, have been duly awarded the honor of being a true InveSTAR!

Meet the winners below


 Ernie Painter from Loughton UK

Ernie is a successful Managing Director of a commercial truck company who wanted to do more with his money. As a Mastermind student, he initially traded from his gut, which often led to unsuccessful results. Once he created and followed his trade plan, his trading consistency improved dramatically, and he is now a trade plan evangelist. Clubhouse name "SPUD".

 Todd Popek from New Jersey

OTA gave him the opportunity to learn the markets and be his own boss. Loves the instructors, online -XLTs and all the support.

 Ricardo Hernandez from Doral, Florida.

His favorite part of the OTA community is the XLT. Helping his young son Arthur to learn about investing to help his financial future.

Terry Galloway from Scottsdale, AZ

"I have been trading stocks and options for over 30 years. Mostly stock and options granted to me by the companies I worked for. I dabbled in a few stocks based on recommendations by others or upgrades by brokers. But, all I did is end up praying the stocks would go up. Then I heard about OTA on a radio talk show. Wow, what an awakening. Taking the classes opened my eyes as to how to time getting into and out of stocks. It taught me to stop listening to the market chatter and start watching what the stock has been doing. Knowing the market trends and the supply/demand zones of a stock, I have been able to make wise investments and have been steadily growing my account value. I now have a plan and its working!"