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Congratulations to February InveStar winner, Chuck Phillips!

InveStars started off in February with a bang! Chuck Phillips from the Minneapolis center has earned the title of February InveStar with his video on “Tell us about your first winning trade”. Chuck will be heading to Southern California in the summer as the winner of a free trip!

It’s still not too late to help the InveStar in your center tell their story and help other students in their educational journey. 

Shout out to the following centers for driving student entries!

·       UK

·       Charlotte

·       Dubai

·       Kansas City

·       Minneapolis

Each month we will have a new topic:

Our next topic in March is: Tell us about your favorite instructor. How has an instructor helped take your trading to the next level? 

Many of our student’s lives are touched by the care and hard work of our OTA instructors. This can serve as a great way for a student to pay homage to their favorite instructor and share with the community about how OTA is not just about education, we are about people.

And remember, one entry will be chosen for a special trip to OTA Irvine for a 2-day, 3-night stay.  While there, they will enjoy special VIP treatment including: a guest spot on Power Trading Radio, one-on-one time with a top instructor and executive team members, and more.

I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to all centers for driving this program forward and enabling students to “pay it forward” with their stories of inspiration and encouragement! Let’s keep the momentum going!

Where students can go to enter in My OTA:


Questions about the program?

We got you covered with an FAQ here.

Feedback about InveStars? I would sure love to hear it.

Just contact Emily Yamamoto at Emily.yamamoto@tradingacademy.com.