New Features On OTA’s Mobile App Rolls-Out This Month!

We are excited to announce that the new updated version of the OTA Mobile App is in the final development stages and will be officially rolled out this month.

As you know, the Mobile App is a companion to MyOTA and has changed the way students engage in the OTA education experience. This innovative technology not only helps keep students in the loop, they have access to online sessions, support resources, documents, and more right from their cell phones. Now with the new added features—push notifications and the Mastermind supply and demand grid—students will be even more engaged than ever before.

First, through a push notification feature, the app will alert students of their up-coming class, when recordings are available, and when a session is about to start - "Hey, you have a session starting in 10 minutes, just a heads up."

The app will also allow students to customize these notifications. This will be especially helpful for the Mastermind student, who may have a clubhouse session in Forex, another one in futures, and then an XLT online class, all within a few hours of each other. This way they won’t find their phone buzzing more frequently than they would like.

Another exciting new feature is the ability for students to view the Mastermind supply and demand grid from their phone, which up to this point was only available on MyOTA. This is an exciting new capability since:

  1. the supply and demand grid is one of the most popular features within the Mastermind community
  2. and up until now it was only available on the website.

Putting the supply and demand grid in mobile, while also replicating the functionality that allows you to customize it, took some creativity on the design side. There is a lot of information on there, even for a web screen, but Senior Software Architect, Gabriel Gerson, along with our talented IT team made it happen.

The new updated features on Mobile App is yet another OTA technological advancement that will not only increase the level of accessibility for our students, the new features will help improve their overall education experience keeping them connected and engaged, making this a valuable tool for everyone.