Meet Todd Davis

Todd Davis – Sr. Director of Portfolio Management &  Lead Instructor

Todd Davis was one of the first members of Online Trading Academy's global expansion in 2005. Having earned a Bachelor of Science in Business he had spent several years searching for a good fit for his education in Finance, Accounting and Management. He found that fit when given the opportunity to open and lead the daily operations in trader and investor education for the Los Angeles, California center of Online Trading Academy, which he continued to do for nearly a decade.

During his time leading the LA center he became a knowledgeable  equities, forex, futures and options trader and found he also had a passion for educating other traders and investors. This led him to pursue attaining certification as an OTA Instructor. His ability to work directly with traders on a daily basis led to an acute understanding of how to best help students absorb the material.

By 2013, having years of trading, teaching and collaborating experience to aid him, Todd helped Online Trading Academy's growing instructor team expand into more major markets worldwide. Teaching globally in dozens of cities, states and countries has expanded his perspective of different cultures, people and methods of teaching and learning throughout the world.

Todd is currently a Lead Instructor for OTA as well as Senior Director of Portfolio Management. He is a key contributor to trading picks provided to traders around the world, a professional consultant to platform developers and programmers as well as a regular guest in Online Trading Academy's Extended Learning Track online trading and learning rooms and Mastermind Community.


  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Served in various roles, from instructor to Director of Government Programs, at global software education company

Trading Since:  1998

Teaching Since: 1980

Home:  California

The information provided by Todd was extraordinary and presented in a wonderfully comfortable manner with opportunities for questions and confirming analysis.  - Fred H.

Todd Davis a wealth of information, with trading and breaking down the nuances of the futures trading in an easy format class and engaging the class with real life information to use for business sense. - Tonya C

Todd has truly been the best instructor to date for me. I may have said something similar about previous instructors, but Todd raised the bar. - Darryl H

I have had the privilege of working with Todd Davis for almost two decades now. He is a master at what he does which is; teach people how to trade, provide leadership with the direction of our education and services and part of the CliK innovation team. Beyond “what he does”, it’s about “Who he is”. Todd inspires everyone he meets with his passion for the financial markets and the love he has for OTA and their students.  – Steve Albin, VP Education Operations