Lunch with Mike!

Every Friday, OTA's President, Mike Richardson spends one hour with four OTA employees while they ask him anything they want. Well, almost anything.

The employee is in charge of the agenda, not Mike. He is happy to talk about anything they want to talk about and answer any question that they ask to the best of his abilities (if there are confidentially sensitive things he can’t answer, he will let them know).

Mike has already met with quite a few employees these last few months. Here is what some of them have to say about their experience: 

“My experience with Mike was awesome! I felt he was very transparent with his goals in his position and his vision with the company. I would highly recommend having lunch with him. He is very easy to get along with and genuinely enjoyed the time he had with us. It's always good to get to know people in leadership positions within the company and have access to great minds. Iron sharpens iron.”…Erika Morrow

“I absolutely loved the lunch and learn. I think it was a great opportunity to get to know Mike and how he got to where he is today. We came in with questions to ask and he was so open to answering them all and being really authentic and transparent. I definitely recommended the lunch and learns to people, because I found it so valuable with all the tips and tricks he shared on how he manages his time and being productive. It was so cool that he opened his doors to us and allowed us to get to know him and how he plans on taking us to the next level.”…Brandon Rea

“I love spending time with our employees from every level of the company, to get to know each other, to understand more about how we are each wired and, in particular, to listen for their hopes and dreams," says Mike. "I have been lucky enough for many of my dreams to come true professionally and personally and I will move mountains to help that happen for others. We are family here and it is so enriching to both know and be in each other’s stories.”

And as someone who has already had a chance to attend one of the “Lunch with Mike” sessions, I can attest to his love of helping employees reach their dreams. The hour a person will spend with him is what Mastercard’s masterful campaign totes—priceless! They will get an up-close and personal look at his vision, and mission, for not only the company, but for each employee. Mike truly values each and every one of us. He wants to see us grow and succeed. This is a great opportunity for him to get to know each employee as much as they get to know him.

Mike is an agile-facilitator/mentor/coach/trainer, board member/chair, author and keynote-speaker. He has worked with a diverse range of mid-market clients and peer-group members, across the full spectrum of businesses and industries. Whether they are an experienced CEO or are a first-time rookie; whether they are hi-tech or low-tech, new-economy or old economy, a start-up, a roll-up or a corporation; public or private, for-profit or not-for-profit, young or old, local, regional, international or global, Mike has facilitated, mentored, and coached many.