Whole LOTA Love

Living Our Core Values Everyday

Our OTA core values—love, passion, collaboration, innovation, respect and trustworthiness—were not chosen randomly. They mean something. Because when we live by these six principles, we enrich not only our own lives, we enrich the lives of others.

In fact, studies show that companies and their employees who are driven by core values flourish. Employees are not only more engaged, for example, employees report feelings of purpose and meaning, overall performance is better, and customers are happier.

This is not pop psychology or simple feel good psychobabble. When we are able to identify and then live by certain values, in other words when we walk the talk, we are more able to build greater happiness for our employees, students and franchises, lead more meaningful and fulfilling lives, and become the best versions of ourselves. This in turn allows us to build better love, work, and life experiences for ourselves and others; all of which are embedded in our mission:

Enriching lives worldwide with exceptional financial education.


  • It all starts with love. We are kind. We accepts each other with unconditional positive regard. We foster warmth and belonging and extend a helping hand to our fellow co-workers, students and franchises.
  • We are passionate about our purpose. We strive! We go about our jobs with purpose, determination and grit. We are relentless in our commitment and positive and enthusiastic in out endeavors.
  • Collaboration is the key. Teamwork is essential. We cooperate and work towards the same end. We offer support and grow and learn together. We share ideas and help build confidence worldwide.
  • Innovation is relentless. We encourage curiosity, new ideas and broadening horizons. We value originality, ingenuity and resourcefulness. We learn and evolve. We help lead the way in all areas of growth and transformation.
  • Respect is a must. We adhere to professional and personal principles. We choose honor, integrity and inclusiveness. We enact fairness and treat everyone with dignity, courtesy, and civility.
  • Trustworthiness is the bottom line. We are honest, reliable, and accountable. We are confident in our abilities. We take responsibility. And we believe in our education and each other.