Holiday Message from Eyal Shahar

Dear OTA Students,

This year, we will celebrate our 25th anniversary.  It’s hard to believe, but we have been helping everyday investors navigate the markets for a quarter of a century.  This year has been an eventful one.

As a result of COVID, we saw a significant increase in students accessing their education from home.  We were pleased to have the majority of our courses available live online as well as on-demand for a time such as this.  We know many of you are juggling busy schedules and are using these flexible learning options to access your education and reinforce what you’re learning in center or live on-line. We have also seen an increase in activity among our XLT and Mastermind members.

For those of you who are attending classes in-center, we have some terrific developments.  We have introduced more connected classes.  That way you can enjoy the support of an in-person Lab Instructor and your fellow students, and still learn from one of your favorite instructors more often.  We are so fortunate to have more than 65 talented instructors dedicated to helping you grow.

We have also introduced exciting tools in our recent CliK releases including the upgrades to the Mastermind Grid with proximity alerts, education videos embedded in CliK, and new futures studies.

One new technology, in particular, that we have started introducing and I am very excited about is what we call “Stratos”. Stratos is a tool that we’ve designed to better the student experience by giving our instructors the ability to simultaneously control the student screen (in classroom-mode) and remotely offer support to each student individually or all students together. It also features several capabilities to make our education sessions more engaging by allowing the instructor to highlight items on the screen, push interactive media and more. Think of it as a driver’s education with a double steering wheel, one for you and one for the instructor. Stratos innovation helps to take your learning experience to another level.

Finally, in 2021, we introduced our Cryptocurrency and Digital Asset program.   When I started this company in 1997, the dot com boom was taking off.  And everyday investors were coming to the markets uneducated and unprepared.  This new era of digital currency is no different.  If you’re dipping your toe into crypto or have a real plan, you need to make sure you have the tools to understand and participate in the markets responsibly. We are here and dedicated to your needs.

I am very thankful to have an incredible team who is passionate about helping you.  But, most of all, I am thankful for each of you.  Our students give us purpose. 

I wish you and your family happy holidays and wonderful new year!

Warm wishes,

Eyal, President & CEO