First CliK Core Strategy Beta Class in Denver a Huge Success!

OTA is excited to announce that the first CliK Core Strategy Beta Class in Denver last week was a huge success. With Instructor Nikki Sitze leading the way, students not only got a glimpse of the new front-end trading platform, they were trading within minutes instead of hours!

The week started out on Monday with Nikki teaching Core Strategy to a blend of 28 new and seasoned students. On Tuesday, Nikki gave them the Zone Drawing Tool to trade using the 6-step process that we follow in every Core Strategy class.

“They loved it,” says Nikki. “The energy in the room was AMAZING.”

At the end of the day, Nikki demonstrated the Trade Builder and sent them home. In fact, all of the work that they did in the class went home with them every night so that they could study it, adjust it, look at it, see if they can redraw their line, and practice for the first time outside of class.

“It was incredible to be able to send our students home on the first day of Core Strategy with a practice account they could log into, and all of their work that day transferred with them,” shares Nikki.

Early Wednesday, the students were buzzing about the fact that they had a chart that they could look at. By the afternoon, Nikki paired up the students and played Give the Teacher a Trade. Students got to pick the symbol and time frame and give her Stop, Entry and Target(s). The first group gave Nikki a trade within the first 15 minutes. Others followed shortly. In fact, every group gave her a trade, and half gave her multiple trades. That doesn’t happen in a beginner class!



The amazing thing about CliK is that this proprietary, educational, analysis and trading interface enables OTA students to focus on skill building, instead of having to learn overly complex platform technology. It is simple for the new student, but powerful for the advanced user. And CliK is smart. It is linked to MY OTA and grows with each student along their educational path.

Our Chief Technology Officer, Eyal Marmareli says, “We have invested an enormous amount of resources, time, and effort including gathering feedback from instructors, students, everyone at corporate headquarters, and the franchise network to make sure that by the time CliK is ready for prime time, it’s as good as it can be!”

Here are what some of the students said about CliK after completing the Beta class:

  • A logical progression from new knowledge to practical application.
  • User friendly, easy to follow.
  • I have never traded, now I can.
  • CliK allows the OTA strategy to be automated while we can concentrate on our trades and how to make them better.
  • CliK ROCKS!
“This is entirely game-changing,” says Nikki. “Everything has been done in a concerted effort to help students learn to trade and to follow the rules, so they don’t deviate from them. No other software trading platform helps you with your risk management and keeps you from blowing up your account or breaking your rules with regards to position size or risk.”

“This is because CliK is designed to foster trading success,” says Ryan Kiick, OTA’s VP of Strategy. “A platform that cares about how you are doing. Imagine That!”

The future is only a CliK away. More Beta Test Classes are planned for this coming Saturday, January 26th online and Saturday, February 16th in Irvine.

Thank you to the Denver Center, Nikki Sitze, and our astounding students for being a part of this groundbreaking event.