Team Work Did It!

What comes to mind when you first think of Customer Care? Taking care of the customer, of course. But what does taking care of the customer mean exactly? Wendy Pine, Linda Schulte and the OTA Customer Care team know exactly what it means.

“We are here to help our students and our centers be successful in what they are trying to accomplish,” explains Wendy, OTA’s Customer Care Director. When students work with the OTA centers, they go home and try to implement what they are learning. They have questions that they need help with both from a technical standpoint and a trading standpoint. The OTA Customer Care team is there to help them answer these questions.”

And they do not do it alone. The Customer Care team works closely with iSupport who handles trading related content support. Customer Care representatives listen to what the students are calling about and what they need help with. They then determine if they can help them or should this be something that iSupport can help them with.

Customer Care is not just a buzzword. OTA takes the student experience very seriously. We actually care about our students and their success. We listen to their needs, and help to find the right solution for them. In fact, our customer care team goes a step beyond basic customer service by building an emotional bond or connection with the students.

“This is the best team I’ve ever worked with,” Wendy says with pride. “They are so caring about the students and making sure they follow through. We stay with our students and centers until they get the answer they need, and if we can’t answer them right away, we follow up, Google it, whatever it takes.”

The OTA Customer Care team interacts with their students either online, via telephone, or through live chat. They also offer third-party support. If an OTA Center is not sure of an answer, they reach out to Customer Care for help. In other words, the Customer Care team supports our centers in addition to supporting the students.

And not only does the Customer Care team support students and Centers, they support each other.

“They all have really caring hearts,” said Wendy. “The team is living what Eyal, our founder, has in our vision and in our mission. We offer great customer care because of the support we have from all of the executives and the managers, and the directors that we work with. Steve Albin, for example, our VP of Operations, nothing is a problem with him. Instead there are opportunities and chances for us to grow. He shows us the support and kindness we need to support our students and the teams at our centers.”

Customer care is more than just troubleshooting a problem it’s taking care of the students. It is showing that we care.

“It’s a team effort,” says Wendy. To me, whenever I have that kind of interaction with somebody, I always remind them team work. Team work did it!”