Best Kept Secret

The best kept secret at Online Trading Academy has been hiding in plain sight!

  • Worried about market volatility? 
  • Don’t want to unduly risk your most important asset…retirement funds? 
  • Interested in knowing strategies to reduce portfolio volatility while still safely working towards your future financial goals?
  • Worried about inflation eating up your purchasing power while your money is in savings account making nothing?

  OTA’s Strategic Investor Program (SI for short) might have the answer for you.

Learn by Doing.  We educate our students to manage an entire portfolio by managing a Model Portfolio in real time.  Trade your own model portfolio in real market conditions alongside your instructor.  Learn by doing!

Reduce your Portfolio Anxiety.  Concerned about market volatility?  Last year, our model portfolio had lower volatility than Government Bonds while outperforming the market by almost 30%. 

Get Back Some Time. Stop feeling like you need to watch the markets all day every day.   Meet twice a week for 90 minutes with our Model Portfolio instructors adjusting the Model Portfolio as is needed.  Sessions are always recorded so that you can watch them anytime it is convenient for you.  Then adjust your model portfolio accordingly.  

SI is IDEAL education for all experience levels and optimal for those managing $50,000 or more.

Ask your Enrollment Specialist today about how to make this program part of your education portfolio!  Or click here to get started today!

The Model Portfolio is tracked and based on real market conditions and prices using hypothetical trading accounts.  Actual outcomes will vary by student according to their chosen trade plan goals, style, risk management and proficiency.