Back to the Basics! Need a refresher? Hear what students are saying!

When learning something new, its important to understand that building a solid foundation is key! That is where Core Strategy comes in. Understanding the 6 steps in building a trade at the heart of what we teach. As you continue to learn the different trading vehicles and the nuances of trading the different assets, you may find you need a refresher. 

Do you find yourself struggling with any of the foundational concepts of Core? If you do, we recommend you contact your Student Support to get into the next class either at your local center or online. If you are not able to take time off, no problem. Core Strategy – On Demand gives you the flexibility you need to move through your education at your own pace!  OR, join us in the next Flex class held nights and weekends.  Next class starts August 6th.

Did you know you can request a class with a click of a button? Visit My OTA > My Education > My Courses > select the course you want to retake > Class Dates > Select the Date> Request Now


Learning anything new takes time and persistence! So, keep going and don’t forget to reach out to your support team to assist you along the way!

Hear what the students are saying about their Core Strategy Experience: 


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